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Matches: A Versatile Tool for Prepping

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When it comes to prepping, it’s important to have tools and supplies that can help you in different situations. Matches are one such tool that is versatile and has multiple uses. Matches are such a good tool to have on hand when you’re prepping but they are an excellent tool to have when things do go wrong.

There have been many times when I just needed a quick match to help me get a small job done. It’s one of those items that you don’t really think you’ll need until you need it. I’m hoping that talking about using matches as a versatile tool for prepping will encourage others to do the same! Matches and Water Proof Case

Matches: A Versatile Tool for Prepping

Using Matches for Prepping

When it comes to using matches for prepping, something to keep in mind is that you need them in a survival situation. You can use matches for simple things like fire starters, melting candle wax, or even in first aid situations! 

1. Starting a Fire

Starting a fire is one of the primary reasons why people carry matches with them during camping trips or other outdoor activities. A fire can provide warmth, and light, and can be used for cooking. Matches make starting a fire quick and easy, especially when using dry kindling and fuel.

2. Lighting Candles

Another common use for matches is lighting candles. Candles can provide light, and heat, and can be used for decorations. Matches are necessary to light candles since most candle wicks are too deep for a lighter to reach. The best survival matches are perfect for lighting candles. 

3. Sterilizing Equipment

Matches can also be used to sterilize equipment in the field. Simply light the end of the match and hold it close to the equipment to kill any bacteria. This technique is particularly useful when there aren’t any other means of sterilization, such as boiling water. Which Methods of Food Storage are Correct?

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4. Signaling for Help

In an emergency situation, matches can be used to signal for help. Simply light a match and hold it up high to create a visible flame. This technique is particularly useful at night when visibility is low. Keep the matches in a waterproof container that you can pull out when you need them! Is Prepping Pointless? 6 Tips to Help You Understand

5. Repelling Bugs

Bugs can be a nuisance when spending time outdoors. However, matches can be used to repel bugs, particularly mosquitoes. Simply light a match and blow it out. The smoke produced repels mosquitoes and other flying insects. Keeping Pests Away from Food Storage

6. Cooking Food

As mentioned earlier, matches can be used to start a fire which can then be used for cooking food. Whether it’s roasting marshmallows or cooking a full meal, matches make cooking food in the great outdoors possible.

7. Drying Clothes

If you’re caught in a rainstorm while camping or hiking, matches can be used to dry wet clothes. Simply light a fire and hang the clothes near the fire to dry them out. This technique is particularly useful when there aren’t any other means of drying clothes.

8. Lighting Stoves

Matches are also necessary for lighting stoves in the field. Whether you’re using a gas stove or a camp stove, matches make lighting the stove quick and easy. It can be hard to avoid strong wind when you are trying to light a stove. Regular matches work just fine, but make sure you are out of the wind. 

9. Starting a Signal Fire

In an emergency situation, matches can be used to start a signal fire. The smoke produced by the fire can be seen from a distance and can signal for help. This technique is particularly useful when trying to attract the attention of rescue personnel. What is the Best Firewood for Home Heating?

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10. Heating Water

If you need to heat water for drinking or cooking, matches can be used to start a fire under a pot or pan. Once the fire is going, you can place the pot on top and wait for the water to heat up.

11. Sealing Wounds

In a pinch, matches can be used to seal small wounds. Simply light the match and let it burn for a few seconds until the end glows red. Then blow out the match and press the glowing end onto the wound to cauterize it. This technique is not ideal and can cause burns, but it can be a life-saving measure in an emergency situation. Uses for Bandaids: Beyond Covering Cuts and Scrapes

12. Marking Trails

Matches can also be used to mark a trail if you’re venturing off the beaten path. Simply break off the heads of the matches and drop them along the trail to create markers. This can be especially useful if you need to backtrack your steps or find your way back to camp. If bad weather hits, you can still use long matches for this! 

13. Repairing Gear

If you need to repair gear while in the field, matches can be used to melt and fix certain materials. For example, if the sole of your hiking boot comes loose, you can use a match to melt the glue and reattach the sole. One of the top picks for why people use matches is for repairing gear. 

Things to Consider When Stocking Up On Matches

  • Consider a stormproof match kit
  • Strike-anywhere matches work really well
  • Emergency preparedness calls for stocking up on matches
  • Match lights work better than butane lighters in an emergency 
  • Ordinary matches are just fine for putting in survival backpacks
  • You can use the entire match for prepping 
  • Add matches to your survival kit

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Final Word

Matches are an indispensable tool for preppers and outdoor enthusiasts. They can be used to start fires, light candles, sterilize equipment, signal for help, repel bugs, cook food, dry clothes, and perform many other useful tasks. By carrying matches with you and knowing how to use them in different situations, you can increase your chances of survival and stay safe while venturing off the beaten path. May God Bless this World, Linda

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  1. Watch your soot residue when using a match to sterilize. You’ll definitely want antibiotics

    1. Hi Matt, oh great reminder, I had a way to stockpile for several years but now my prepper doctor has Alzheimers. I am going to try the ones you and Harry told me about. Linda

  2. I found that having extra sheets of match ‘strike pads’ is important. The pads that come on the boxes do wear down, and it is even difficult to keep strike anywhere matches able to ‘strike anywhere’… but they will strike on the pads, even when old. Sheets of strike pads can be ordered through Amazon.

  3. Hi Linda, if you have a loose screw in wood or other soft material, you can break or cut off a piece of the wood shaft and put it in the hole, then screw the screw back in and it should hold tightly. A drop of wood glue can make this even stronger, if needed. Thanks and God bless!

  4. The best, and by that I mean most reliable, matches I’ve ever used are Zippo Typhoon Waterproof/Windproof matches. Walmart has them cheaper than anyone else, selling the kit for just $9.95. While that’s expensive for matches, if you are desperate for a fire they will get the job done. They burn for 25 seconds and have a long enough staff so you don’t burn your fingers using them. You can practically light a fire underwater with them. Yeah, I know, hyperbole, but I’ve started cooking fires in high wind conditions with them.

    Here’s a link.

    Another good fire starter is a firesteel.

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