15 Surprising Uses for Eggshells for Your Home and Garden

15 Surprising Uses for Eggshells

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The next time you make breakfast or bake a cake, I’d encourage you to hold onto your eggshells instead of throwing them out. As it turns out, an eggshell has many other amazing uses besides the container for an egg yolk. These are 15 surprising uses for eggshells for your home and garden. 

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15 Surprising Uses for Eggshells for Your Home and Garden

1. Eat Your Eggshells 

If you’re anything like me, then you probably don’t enjoy it that much when you crunch down on a small unexpected eggshell while you’re eating a hearty breakfast. Yuck! But as it turns out, eating the entire egg does have several health benefits that you may want to know about. Besides providing you with more than enough calcium for the day, eggshells also improve bone density and also help to remineralize your teeth. 

It’s even speculated that they can be taken by people who often suffer from inflammation and joint pain. The best way to eat your eggshells is by crunching them up into a fine powder and adding it to smoothies, juices, soups, or stews. Just remember to wash them first.  

2. Create an Eggshell Facemask 

It may surprise you, but you most-certainly can nourish your facial skin by using an eggshell. You will need to crush the shell into a fine powder. Next, take an egg white and whisk it for a while and then add it to the eggshell. Spread the mixture over your face and wait for it to dry. Once it does, wash it off with cool water and experience younger looking skin.     

3. Eggshell Powdered Toothpaste 

There are hundreds of different ingredients that you can use to make your own natural toothpaste, but eggshells will also do the trick to keep your teeth looking good. This homemade powdered toothpaste will save you money too.  

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4. Whiten Your Laundry

For those of you who want to try something other than bleach to whiten your clothing, check this one out. By adding egg shells and a few lemon slices into an old sock that’s then tied at the end, you’ll have a cheap and effective (and natural) way to keep your socks and undies white.    

5. Combine with Apple Cider Vinegar 

The next time you’re having to deal with acid reflux or a minor skin irritation, give this next one a try for quick relief. Simply add a few dried egg shells in with some apple cider vinegar (with the mother). It can be taken orally, or applied directly to the irritated skin.   

6. Add Eggshells to Your Bone Broth or Stock Pot 

Wanting to make dinner even more healthy for your family? By throwing several eggshells into your pot of bone broth or stockpot, you’ll be adding several different minerals to your meal besides calcium, including traces of zinc, iron, magnesium, fluoride, phosphorus, and selenium.  Unless you added them as a powder, but sure to screen them out before serving. You can make an eggshell powder using a Magic Bullet or by placing the shells in a bag and using a rolling pin to make them even smaller.

7. Gets Rid of Bitter Tasting Coffee 

For all my coffee-drinking readers out there, pay close attention. Instead of having to throw out that disgustingly bitter pot of coffee that sat far too long on the burner, try adding eggshells to lessen the acidity. One single eggshell that’s ground up into a fine powder is enough to handle 4 cups of bitter coffee.  

8. Scrub Your Stubbornly-dirty Pots and Pans 

Eggshells happen to be a great abrasive to help you get all the gunk and stickiness out of your dishes when you’re cleaning them by hand. Just break an eggshell into smaller pieces and add them to your soap and hot water. 

9. Feed Your Chickens 

If you want to continue to enjoy eating healthier eggs from your chickens, don’t feel uncomfortable about throwing their eggs right back at them alongside their feed. When hens are busy laying eggs, that’s when they need extra calcium in their diet, which eggshells certainly have. 

Go ahead and crush the dried-out shells and place them scattered out on a baking sheet. Have your oven set to 275 and bake them for roughly 10 minutes. Then, continue to crush once more and then feed it to your hens in small amounts.   

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10. Sprinkle in With Your Bird Feed 

The wild birds in your backyard can also benefit from eggshells, especially during the spring when they’re laying eggs. Follow the steps that are mentioned above and then add it to their usual bird feed.  

11. Start Seedlings Indoors 

You can start your seedlings a few weeks earlier by planting them in eggshell pots. Fill about half of each eggshell with dirt, plant your seeds, and then place them back in the original egg carton. Once they are ready to be transplanted, place the plant along with the egg into the ground. The eggshell will eventually break, providing calcium and other nutrients for your new plants.     

12. Fertilize Your Garden 

It may come as a surprise, but your garden could also benefit from what you had for breakfast this morning. Go ahead and save your eggshells and allow them to dry out in a sealed container over a period of time. Mash them into tiny pieces, and then once springtime rolls around, sprinkle them into your garden’s soil. They’ll provide your garden with a couple of benefits, including less soil acidity, while adding more calcium carbonate.   

13. Deter Pests in Your Garden

Not only are broken-up eggshells a great fertilizer and mulch for your garden plants, they can also work as a pest repellant too. All you need to do is break your eggshells up into tiny pieces and scatter them all around your plants. This brilliant tactic will keep snails, slugs, and even deer from munching on what you’ve worked so hard to grow. Here are other natural ways that you can deter pests in your garden.  

14. Nourish Tomato Plants 

You can place eggshells beneath your tomato plants to provide them with an extra calcium boost. Nourish other vegetable plants in your garden this way, including peppers, squash, broccoli, and cabbage. Now, this is one of the most surprising uses for eggshells.

15. Add to Your Compost Pile 

A compost pile thrives when a host of different biodegradable matter is added to it, eggshells included. With an extra boost of calcium, you can add it to your garden instead of tossing them out.  

Final Word

These are 15 surprising uses for eggshells that could benefit you around your home and garden. So the next time that you make eggs for breakfast, make it a habit to hold on to the eggshells instead of throwing them out with the trash. Which of these surprising uses for eggshells did you find most surprising and useful? May God Bless this world, Linda

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  1. WOW! Who would’ve thought you could do so many things with egg shells. We don’t eat or use that many eggs anymore, but I will wash and start keeping them. Another awesome post, by my favorite poster.

      1. I know this will sound kinda weird, but I read/heard that eggshells are great for garbage disposals. They keep your blades sharp. Of course, w/o power who’s gonna need it. Take care

        1. O my No! The eggshells get broken down to small, sharp, jagged pieces. Those pieces then catch food fragments. Great way to jame a disposal or create plumbing issues from clogged pipes. Was told that some time ago by a plumber. Haven’t put eggshells down a sink since.

    1. That sounds like a big step, but I understand. I would like to start a garden outside in the small backyard I’ve got, and start some herb containers inside. It’s gotten very warm here in DC and haven’t gotten to it yet. Things are going slow, but thats okay; so am I. It’ll happen. Goid luck with finding somewhere you really like.

  2. I am speechless, i have learned a lot from your articles, but eating eggshells is at the top of the “unusual”
    list. I will have to try that. You are amazing Linda, keep up the great work, i for one, and I’m sure there are many, many people that appreciate every thing you do.
    I have a nick name for you, i call you “wonder woman” Smile Please…..

    1. Hi Hearl, oh my gosh, wonder woman!! You made my day! Life is so fun when we can learn from each other. I’m so thankful for my internet friends!! Thank you, Linda

  3. I was just told about giving my egg shells to my chickens. I have found that crushing the shells and then baking them on a cookie sheet for 30 min. at 325 deg. works better. I crush them, more in my food processor(just a little smaller than the oyster shells I give them for strong shells). They do very well and the chickens have no trouble with them . With all the eggs we get I was happy to be able to use the extra shells especially since oyster shell have gotten expensive due to the red tide that keeps them from being used for chickens. It seems to work great!!

  4. I save my eggshells for my daughters chickens too. I rinse them and throw them in the bottom of my dehydrator tray. This dries them out while dehydrating vegetables. Once dried I leave them on my solid dehydrator tray, cover with a paper towel, and roll them into a powder with my rolling pin. I then save them in a mason jar until full.

  5. Great article, can’t wait to try some of the suggestions. What is the best way you have found to reduce egg shells to powder? John

    1. Hi John, I just added it to the post, thanks for asking. You can use a Magic Bullet type blender, or use the idea shared by Carolyn. She puts the shells in a bag and rolls them with a rolling pin. Linda

      1. Sorry it’s been a while, just getting to my emails. That’s good to know, never went in that direction; seems logical though. Haven’t done it in while. Thank you

          1. Linda, thanks so much for the info in this article. I never realized that you could do so many things with eggshells. I download just about all your emails if I think they’ll help me when I get myself together in my new apt. You have wonderful ideas and advice for all the projects I want to start. You are awesome!!!

          2. Hi Pam, oh, you are so nice, thank you for your kind words. Moving is HARD!! We are trying to decide if we should move or find a bigger place to grow more food. Crazy times and we aren’t getting any younger! LOL! Linda

  6. Eggshells really do help remineralize teeth! A year ago I started using this method combined with drinking raw cow’s milk. I started using this combined method after realizing that I ground my teeth down so much in my sleep. A year later my dentist is amazed at the improvement, plus it has helped reduce inflammation in my joints.

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