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Why Quail Eggs Are Good for You

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You may not have realized it, but quail eggs are considered to be a superfood that contains several different disease-fighting properties. And although a much smaller size than chicken eggs, quail eggs, based on their weight contain more protein, fat, iron, and vitamin B12. 

But besides these nutrients, these eggs have other health benefits that other eggs don’t. Are you curious about what some of them are? Keep reading to find out why quail eggs are good for you, along with the many health benefits that they provide.  Raising Quail: What You Need to Know

Why Quail Eggs Are Good for You

What Are the Nutrition Facts of Quail Eggs?

Even though it takes about 3 to 4 of these eggs just to equal one chicken egg, they come very densely packed with nutrients, minerals, and antioxidants. Besides having more protein and vitamin B12 compared to chicken eggs, they also contain more omega-3 fatty acids, iron, and niacin. In addition to all of this, quail eggs are also a good source of calcium, riboflavin, magnesium, selenium, and phosphorus. The daily value (dv) of these nutrients means you’re really getting a head start on overall body health.

Health Benefits of Quail Eggs 

Due to the key nutrients that I briefly mentioned above, eggs from quail may provide you with several health benefits that may even be visible over time. Quail eggs are known to be high in Vitamin B, Vitamin D, and Vitamin E, be an excellent protein source, and so much more!  Let’s take a quick look at a few of them, shall we? 

Excellent Source of Protein

Since these eggs have a higher protein content than chicken eggs, they can help to keep your energy levels up and make it easier for you to build muscle. Furthermore, the protein in quail eggs also helps to enhance immunity, improve digestion, and maintain healthy hair, nails, and skin health.

Weight Loss

Eggs from quail are filled with proteins and lower amounts of fat compared to other types of eggs. This makes them great for those trying to lose weight. Because these nutrients help the body feel fuller longer while providing the necessary energy needed for daily activities. They also help to boost metabolism in the process.

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Help with Detoxing Your Body

The high iron and amino acid content in quail eggs helps to detoxify the body. Removing toxins from the organs then leads to an overall healthier you.

Helps Regulate Sugar Levels

The combination of protein, fat, and other nutrients in quail eggs helps to regulate blood sugar levels. This helps to reduce the risk of diabetes. This is because these elements help to slow down the rate of sugar entering the bloodstream after a meal has been consumed.

Good for Digestive Health

Eggs from quail are a good source of choline which is an essential nutrient that helps to promote digestive health. Choline aids in maintaining regular bowel movements as well as improving liver function by helping the body to break down fat molecules more efficiently. By consuming choline-rich foods such as quail eggs, including quail egg yolk, you can reduce inflammation in the gut. That helps improve digestion and fewer gastro issues. Quail eggs have a high nutritional value, even for their small size. 

Improve Your Overall Heart Health

The high amount of omega-3 fatty acids that can be found in quail eggs helps reduce inflammation throughout the body which can lead to a healthier heart. Omega-3s also help to reduce bad cholesterol levels and blood pressure which can further improve heart health. If you’re looking for a way to get even more important nutrients, then quail eggs are for you!  Fitness for Survival

May Provide Some Respiratory Relief

For those that struggle with asthma and other respiratory issues like bronchitis, quail eggs may help provide some relief. The high amount of vitamin A present in these tiny eggs helps to reduce inflammation in the lungs and strengthen the immune system. These benefits can make it easier for people with breathing difficulties to function better. Give 3-4 quail eggs a day a try and see if that helps with your respiratory relief and you’re overall health! 

Anti-aging Properties

I wish I had known about this one a bit sooner in life. Oh well! Anyway, quail eggs have various nutrients and antioxidants that reduce free radicals that can help with regenerating damaged cells along with reducing wrinkles and other signs of aging. 

Help Treat Acne

Acne is a type of skin condition that millions of people struggle with, especially teenagers. The antioxidants in these eggs not only help reduce damaged skin but can also help limit the amount of oil secretion, which is known to be one of the main reasons people struggle with acne.

Helps Speed Up the Recovery Process

Whether you’re dealing with a wound or a small cut, the minerals, nutrients, and antioxidants in eggs from quail will help speed up the healing process while also helping prevent you from getting any infections.

May Help with Depression

Believe it or not, quail eggs contain antidepressants that may bring some improvement for those that struggle with depression and anxiety. One of the compounds present in quail eggs is called Hormone P, a crucial component that has been known to limit the effects of depression.

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Improve Concentration

Who doesn’t need help in this area? The vitamins and minerals in these eggs are believed to help with improving cognitive functions, especially when it comes to concentration. The antioxidants in these eggs may also reduce the risk for certain neurological diseases like dementia, Parkinson’s, and Alzheimer’s.  If you’re looking for a dietary supplement that can do some major good, then quail eggs are for you! 

Reduce Hair Loss

The zinc, iron, and biotin content in quail eggs work together to help promote healthy hair growth. Therefore, consuming these eggs can help reduce hair loss while making the scalp healthier as well. A single quail egg can do so much for your body, hair, and skin! 

What are the other benefits of the consumption of these eggs?

  • You get access to essential amino acids!
  • There is a higher yolk-to-white ratio in these eggs versus regular eggs.
  • There are tons of healthy fats in quail eggs. 
  • Raw eggs from quail are great for baking!
  • Hard-boiled eggs of quail can be used in salads or you can devil them. The egg yolks have a pleasant taste. 
  • Aside from regular chicken eggs, they may be cheaper to get your hands on! 
  • If you have allergy symptoms from regular eggs, then giving eggs from quail a try is a good idea.
  • They tend to be fairly low in calories with one egg weighing 9 grams will have approximately 14 calories.
  • Since quail eggs have a high content of iron they can help those suffering from the risk of anemia. They are a natural way to get iron rather than taking an iron supplement.

Can pregnant women eat quail eggs?

Generally speaking, pregnant women can eat quail eggs, but since they aren’t typically pasteurized, they should be completely cooked before they’re eaten. Also, if you have a weakened immune system you probably should shy away from these eggs. Check with your health professional first.

Can you eat too many quail eggs?

As with most all foods, you’re better off eating them in reasonable moderation. With too many, you might be subject to the side effects of quail eggs. Too many quail eggs may bring on hypertension, more commonly called high blood pressure. Antioxidants are also good for us, but too many eggs and related antioxidants have been shown to increase your risk for certain cancers. Quail eggs can help reduce the risk of diabetes, but too many may prompt your body to be more prone to hypoglycemia.

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Final Word 

If you are looking for an egg alternative that is packed with nutrients and offers a variety of health benefits, then consider the consumption of quail eggs as an important addition to your diet! Whether you eat them boiled or cooked in other dishes, these tiny dietary powerhouses are sure to give your body the boost it needs.  What surprised you the most about these eggs and their extraordinary health benefits? I’d love to hear from you! May God Bless this world, Linda 

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  1. Very interesting article! I am in the beginning stages of an elimination diet through a wellness & regenerative doctor due to decades long health problems, possibly caused by mold exposure as a child. Have learned that eating anything several times a week can cause food sensitivities! Will be looking for these at farmers’ market since I cannot eat our own chicken eggs for the next 3 months! Having to change our garden enormously to bring in more variety!

    1. Hi Marilynne, I’m sorry you were exposed to mold as a child. It’s so dangerous from what I have read. This will be quite the project to eliminate foods one by one. You have a great doctor to guide you through the process. I will pray for your healthy recovery, my friend, Linda

  2. Very interesting! My daughter just started raising quail and brought some quail deviled eggs to our last get together.

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