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Why You Should Make Homemade Bread

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There is just something special about making your own homemade bread that just feels right. Yes, There have been seasons of life when I bought bread, but I have always gone back to making my bread homemade. There are many reasons why you should make homemade bread and I wanted to share those reasons with you.

I have been making my own bread for over 50 years. I even bought all of my daughters their very own bread-making machine, so that they could learn how to make bread and spoil their families! Bread Machine Bread-How To Make It

Bread just Out Of The Oven

Why should I make homemade bread?

I think at this point making your own bread is just the smartest thing you can do. Stock up on all of the ingredients and keep them stored in your pantry ready to use. When a snowstorm, pandemic, or even a hurricane hits, you can be prepared to make the base for a great meal without running to the store. Here’s the deal, get prepared now, so you are ready for whatever comes your way. That means particularly being prepared to help feed your family by knowing how to make bread.

You never know when things will get dicey and the local grocery store will be closed or out of bread on their shelves. When things get tough, it seems like the grocery stores are the first to be overrun with people who haven’t planned ahead and stored food and water. Don’t be one of those, have ingredients on hand so you can feed your family a loaf of bread, and make that bread healthier bread too.

1. Fresh and Flavorful

Homemade bread offers the unbeatable advantage of being fresh out of the oven. The aroma and taste of warm bread straight from your kitchen can’t be compared. I’ve been told that my bread is a hit with little ones and older folks. Everyone seems to enjoy a good slice of homemade bread. Easy To Make Bread For One

When they were growing up, our girls looked forward to a slice of homemade bread when they got home from school. Put a little butter and honey on top and they were all smiles.

2. Control over Ingredients

When you make bread at home, you have complete control over the ingredients. You can choose high-quality flour, organic whole grains, and add-ons like seeds or herbs, ensuring a healthier and more nutritious loaf. Making White Bread Ingredient Bags Many of us have to watch our sodium intake. While making your own bread, you can adjust the salt added as you strive for lower sodium levels to make it more healthy for you, understanding it may change the flavor slightly.

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3. Custom Make the Bread

Making homemade bread allows you to personalize it according to your preferences. You can experiment with different flavor additions, textures, and shapes, making each loaf a unique creation. One of my favorite bread varieties to make is The Best Banana Bread & Muffins You can also make cinnamon buns, zucchini bread, various nut breads, sourdough bread, and for those affected by gluten, make some gluten-free bread using slightly different ingredients.

4. Health Benefits

Commercial bread often contains additives, preservatives, and artificial ingredients. By making bread at home, you eliminate these unnecessary and potentially harmful elements, which means healthier food for you and your family. French Bread In One Hour Having fewer additives to me means sticking with the basic items you need for a healthy loaf of bread, but feel free to add items that enrich the flavor, texture, and nutrition value.

Note that homemade bread won’t have preservatives to lengthen its shelf life, so plan to consume the bread in the next few days to keep it fresh and wholesome.

5. Economical

Baking your own bread is cost-effective in the long run. The basic ingredients required to make bread, such as flour, yeast, and water, are inexpensive and widely available. 20 Staple Pantry Items for Making Cheap Meals By adding things like eggs, dairy products, spices, and flavorful toppings, you can make it more like artisan bread, but the cost per loaf will increase.

6. Therapeutic and Relaxing

When you knead bread dough it can be therapeutic and stress-relieving. The process of making bread allows you to slow down, focus on the task at hand, and enjoy the mindfulness of creating something with your own hands. How To Make Bread In A Thermal Cooker

A stand mixer can mix things up very quickly and turn the project into short work. But kneading the dough at least part of the time brings joy to my heart.

7. Creative Outlet

Homemade bread offers endless opportunities for creativity. From shaping intricate designs to incorporating various flavors, you can summon your inner artist and have fun while baking. How To Make A Sourdough Starter + Bread Using different flours like white flour, whole grain flours, including whole wheat flour, certainly changes the texture of bread varieties, but still maintains the quality fiber content we need

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8. Family Bonding

Baking bread together can be a wonderful activity for the whole family. It provides an opportunity for bonding, collaboration, and shared joy as everyone gets involved in the process.

9. Reduced Waste

By making your own bread, you can reduce packaging waste associated with store-bought bread. You can also avoid buying bread that goes stale quickly, resulting in less food waste. Food Storage Tips for Your Groceries and Leftovers

10. Impressive and Rewarding

Serving homemade bread to friends and family is a surefire way to impress them. The sense of accomplishment and pride you feel when you present a delicious loaf you made from scratch is truly rewarding. Soda Bread: Step By Step How To Make It

What’s the secret to making homemade bread?

Allow the dough to rise in a warm environment for the recommended time. The ideal temperature for proofing is around 75°F (24°C). Proper proofing allows the yeast to work its magic, resulting in a lighter and fluffier loaf. I have noticed that if you live in a place with a lot of humidity, it can be difficult to make bread, but I just add a little extra flour.

What can I use for topping my homemade bread?

  • Butter – A classic choice, spreading a pat of butter on warm bread enhances its flavor and adds a rich, creamy touch.
  • Jam or Jelly Sweet fruit preserves like strawberry, raspberry, or apricot add a burst of sweetness to your bread.
  • Nut Butter Peanut butter, almond butter, or cashew butter are fantastic options for adding a creamy and protein-packed spread to your bread.
  • Cheese – From sliced cheddar to creamy brie, cheese is a good option that pairs well with different types of bread.
  • Avocado – Mashed avocado seasoned with salt, pepper, and a squeeze of lemon juice creates a fresh and healthy spread for your bread.
  • Hummus – A popular dip made from chickpeas, tahini, garlic, and lemon juice, hummus adds a savory and creamy element to bread.
  • Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar – Drizzling extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar over a slice of bread adds a tangy and flavorful touch.
  • Pesto – Whether it’s classic basil pesto or a variation like sun-dried tomato or spinach pesto, these spreads bring a burst of herb flavor to the bread.
  • Sliced Ham, Turkey, or Chicken – Create a tasty sandwich by layering your bread with your favorite deli meats and adding additional toppings like lettuce, tomato, and mayonnaise.

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Final Word

The next time you’re wondering why you should make homemade bread, remember these reasons. Learning how to make homemade bread is one thing, but we must also teach our kids and grandkids. Knowing what’s in your bread is a big deal and you will know when you make your own. I’ve always stressed to my readers that they need to learn to make more meals from scratch. Learning to make your own homemade bread is a great start. May God Bless this World, Linda

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  1. I love making my own bread. I know what is in it. It costs less, is better for us, and I don’t have to go out to get it. I can’t imagine not making my own bread. Bread makers make it simple, but it isn’t that hard without it. I have even baked it over my wood stove, with a camping oven.

    1. Hi Janet, oh I love hearing you love making your own bread! I made bread in a bowl before I purchased my first Bosch, and I kept handing down my old ones to my daughters. Then I tried a bread maker, it’s perfect for the two of us. The recipe does not need eggs for the white bread, that was my goal, no eggs. Easy peasy. My wheat grinder is still in the storage unit, so I haven’e made wheat bread now for almost 2 years since we moved up north. They started the framing today on our little home, it’s taken forever. I would love a wood stove, I have baked a lot of bread in my Solar Oven. It’s all good, when you smell that bread baking in the oven! Linda

        1. Hi Chris, I hope to write a post about it, we sold our home almost 2 years ago. We are building an ADU (Accessory Dwelling Unit). The city has been tough to get the plans through, its so new to them. It’s basically a small home in our daughters backyard. It will be about 1000-1100 square feet. It will have a second floor for family use and a shop for our son-in-law. Linda

  2. I made two loaves last week when my grandson and his family were here. One loaf I sliced and served with softened butter with our meal. The second loaf I made into a cinnamon swirl. The great-grands enjoyed the treat.

  3. I love making bread too. Have started making sourdough sandwich loaves, coffee cake, focaccia, and made my first boule last week. They have all turned out beautifully and taste so good!

    1. Hi Paula, oh my gosh, I love hearing this!! There is something about the feel of bread dough in my hands that brings me so much joy! I have never made Focaccia, I need to work on that, great idea! Linda

      1. Linda, I bought a sourdough cookbook that is wonderful. Easy instructions and I forgot to mention that my husband loves the sourdough discard waffles I make. He thinks they are the best he’s ever eaten.

        1. Paula – I was raised on sourdough! My mother had a 100+ year old starter that her mother gave a start to all of her 7 daughters. Grandmother got her start from her mother! Anyway, my mom said there is nothing called sourdough discard! It was all used for something! Mom lost her starter when our house burned when I was 12. She was probably more upset about losing the starter than losing everything else. Fortunately, several of her sisters lived close enough and shared their starter with my mom.

          1. Leanne, yes I know there is no such thing as sourdough discard. I use all of mine! There are people who actually throw away the “discard” when they feed the sourdough! So wasteful, in my opinion.

  4. Hi Linda. Who doesn’t like home made bread! I just make a simple artisan white bread with flour,water,yeast salt and pepper. Yes it has a chewy crust but what the heck, my teeth are still good!

  5. Linda –
    I am going to have to say that making homemade bread is WHY I am the weight I am!! LOL! I just cannot resist a hot out of the oven loaf of bread with lots of creamy butter. I could eat that all day long! I am thankful for your bread for one recipe! I am afraid that if I made 2 loaves at a time, well, there goes any hope of not gaining weight!! One thing I noticed about the bread for one recipe is that it only has one rise???
    When I got married back in 1983, one of my aunts was making ceramic things and had her own kiln. She made a bread pan that is just the right size for the loaf for one!! Hard to believe that in all the moves I’ve made over the last 40 years that this ceramic bread pan (with a lid!!) has not even gotten one chip in it. I do treasure it though.

    1. Hi Leanne, I just fixed the recipe for the one loaf. It really only needs one rise. You could put the dough into a bowl, let it rise, then punch down and make it into a loaf. It will work either way. In the olden days we always had to let our dough rise twice but now we have SAF Instant yeast which requires only one rise. But I’m an old dog and still keep letting my bread rise twice! LOL! I made the recipe card a little easier to read. You having that ceramic bread dish is a treasure for sure! Linda

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