How To Dehydrate Kale For Your Food Storage Stash

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Do you know How To Dehydrate Kale? Today I am going to show you how easy it is to dehydrate it and leave the Kale dried or make Kale powder. Here’s the deal, I can only freeze so many food items and place them in my freezer to store them. I love glass mason jars to store my Kale and Kale powder. You can add the Kale to soups, smoothies, lasagna, taco meat and the list goes on and on. I realize a lot of people really like it baked, stir-fried and in smoothies. This is just one more way to preserve the extra Kale we have when we have a bumper crop. There are times when we purchase too much Kale and we want to preserve, but maybe not freeze it.

This wide mouth pint jar has three sheets/racks of fresh Kale dehydrated, then pulverized down to this amount. Approximately  1/4 cup so far….I am not done dehydrating yet.

dehydrate kale

The picture below shows you how I chopped the Kale to place it on the racks to dehydrate.

How To Dehydrate Kale
Here is what the dehydrated Kale will look like when finished drying. It will crumble when touched. Have you tried dehydrating pineapple? It’s my favorite!

How To Dehydrate Kale
Benefits of Kale:

1. High in Vitamin K

2. Filled with powerful antioxidants

3. High in iron

4. Great anti-inflammatory  food

5.High in Vitamins A & C

How To Dehydrate Kale


Fresh Kale, washed and chopped

  1. Place the Kale on dehydrator racks. I dehydrated this Kale in an Excalibur Dehydrator at 125 degrees for about three hours. The time will always depend on the humidity of the room where you are drying the food item. Place in mason jars to store.
  2. *Please note you can also make Kale powder by pulverizing the dehydrated Kale in a blender or Magic Bullet type machine. Use ½ teaspoon powdered Kale per smoothie, depending on the amount desired.
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PRINTABLE recipe: Recipe by Food Storage Moms

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  1. This is great – thanks so much! I still have some kale in my garden and will pull the leaves to do just this.

    • Rebecca!!! I am so glad to hear this! I love making the powder because it takes up so much less room! Hugs! Linda

  2. Linda, great idea and post! We eat kale at least once a week around our place. I think this would be a great way to take this vitamin rich food on outings to the woods. Add it to camp stews, etc. Thanks for the tutorial!

    • Hi Todd, thanks so much for commenting! I was amazed how little space this much Kale would condense down to after dehydrating and pulverizing it! It would be great to add to soups or stews! Thanks again, Linda

  3. Stevie woods says:

    what about in my oven?

    • Hi Stevie, I know people dehydrate a lot of foods in the oven. I would Google Kale and see what it says. You can even dehydrate outside in the natural sun, just keep the bugs away from it. Linda

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