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What You Need To Survive A Disaster

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What you need to survive a disaster can be many items or things to consider. Of course, it depends on the disaster or unforeseen emergency. If your home is still standing and you and your family are able to stay at home you will have several of these items available for your use. My concern and focus are the families who are not prepared and think the government will come by and take care of them.

That is NOT going to happen, at least in the short term. Depending on the disaster, pandemic, or emergency we will be on our own. Literally on our own. There should be no fear if we are prepared with supplies such as the ones I have posted today. These are the bare necessities. I have helped people pack their homes to move and so many could not survive more than three days. Trust me, the stores will be empty in 24 hours, maybe 36 hours.

38 Items Needed to Survive a Disaster

Let’s pretend we have zero electricity, natural gas, or water for a minimum of two weeks, are you prepared? Are your neighbors prepared? The banks are closed and direct deposit paychecks, retirement checks and other types of income cannot be accessed. We must be prepared for this, not just terrorist attacks, or wars. Mother nature can hit our cities with a vengeance, often times when we least expect it.

  1. Hand beater
  2. Whisk
  3. Can opener
  4. Hot pads
  5. Dish soap, wash rags and hand towels
  6. Paper plates, cups, and silverware
  7. Pancake turner
  8. Slotted spoon
  9. Bowls-several sizes
  10. Fry pans and sauce pans
  11. Griddle
  12. Water purifier
  13. Danish whisk
  14. Dutch oven/charcoal
  15. Matches/fire starter
  16. Butane stove with butane canisters
  17. Flashlights
  18. Charger for phones/laptops
  19. Radio
  20. Walkie-talkies (channel programmed before you need them)
  21. First aid supplies
  22. Water, plus water purifier
  23. 2 weeks of planned meals (minimum)
  24. If there are fires you need to know how to turn off the gas line to your home (only turn off the gas if fire is imminent-caution)
  25. Water lines: if you are aware that the water service in your neighborhood is contaminated you need to know where and how to turn it off
  26. Emergency portable toilet, complete with toilet paper, garbage bags and hand sanitizer Food Storage Moms Portable Toilet
  27. Portable laundry unit with detergent
  28. Clothesline
  29. Cloth diapers and plastic pants. Diapers are one of the first things that will disappear in stores
  30. Condoms
  31. Monthly menstrual items
  32. Cash, be sure and have some small bills like ones and fives on hand
  33. Berkey Stainless Steel Water Filtration System
  34. Dixie HD Paper Plates, 10 1/16 Inches, 44 Count (Pack of 5)
  35. Dixie Cold 9oz Cup, 360 Count
  36. Kirkland Signature Crystal Clear Cutlery
  37. Blue Can – Premium Emergency Drinking Water
  38. The Survival Medicine Handbook: A Guide for When Help is Not on the Way
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Final Word

Please start with just a few of these and you will sleep at night knowing you can take care of your family without government assistance. Start with a little at a time. If you have a little it’s better than nothing at all. May God bless you for making the effort to be self-reliant. I thank you for purchasing my book: Prepare Your Family for Survival: How to Be Ready for Any Emergency or Disaster Situation My book is also available at Barnes and Noble, Indie Book, Books-a-Million, Target, Walmart, and many other stores. May God Bless this World, Linda

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