Water Storage-How Much Do You Really Need

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Today, it’s all about water storage, how much do you really need? The American Red Cross states one gallon per person per day. I get thirsty just typing that statement. I have to disagree with them. I strongly suggest you have four gallons of water storage per person per day. Here’s the deal, I can almost bet you we will need to share our water storage with a few neighbors, friends, or family that didn’t store quite enough for their family.

I received a comment from someone a few years ago from Puerto Rico by the name of Maritza. I have to tell you her comment melted my heart. I just have to share it: “Hi I am from Puerto Rico and thanks to your advice I started both a food and water storage that allowed us as a family of 6 to endure Hurricane Maria’s aftermath. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge!!!”

I have never met her, but I admire her tenacity to be prepared for the unexpected. I was answering her comment and the Ellen DeGeneres show was on the TV featuring Ricky Martin who is also from Puerto Rico, showing the world how much the people that live there are in need of so many items! What are the odds, I would have that show on at the very minute I was answering Maritza’s comment? If I ever have the chance to go there, I want to hug this amazing woman, Maritza!

Please Store Water

Sometimes I get on the bandwagon, so to speak, about water storage. I feel strongly that I need to share my ideas of how to store water and lots of it. The other day I was looking on the Internet at the single 3.5-gallon blue WaterBricks and it said they are currently unavailable. I’m assuming maybe people are now aware how quickly water can’t be purchased in grocery stores once they hear about a pending storm or soon after it has passed by. They have the tan WaterBricks available today anyway, but they also have the 8-pack blue WaterBricks product now.

WaterBricks for Water Storage

I have several of these stored, even some under my guest bedroom queen bed. This gives you an idea of how to store some,  and they also stack like as well. Guest Bedroom Post by Linda
Each WaterBrick holds 3.5 gallons (the larger ones) and they weigh about 27 pounds each when filled with water. If you think about these they hold 3.5 gallons which is almost enough water storage for one person for the day. If you have four people in your family, you need four of these for four days. If you want seven days worth of water storage for four people you need 28 WaterBricks.

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Please remember to fill your containers with a lead-free hose if you fill them outside with your house faucet. Lead-Free Hose and use Water Preserver so you only have to rotate the water every five years. If you use bleach you need to rotate every six months. One 3.5 gallon WaterBricks needs 1/2 teaspoon of Water Preserver for each container.

Barrels for Water Storage

I just saw some 55-gallon water barrels at a store in Hurricane, Utah for just under $40.00. That’s cheaper than I have seen in years. These need a bung to close the cap and a pump to pump the water out when water is needed. BUNG and WATER PUMP

You can get some of these barrels at Walmart sometimes. You’ll also find them at Emergency Preparedness/Be Prepared, and Amazon. They are expensive online. Typically the bungs and pumps are right next to the barrels. You would use one full container of Water Preserver in each of these units.

Water Storage in Bottles

We can buy cases of water at the grocery store that come 24 bottles to a case. These are fine as long as you rotate them. Please keep them stored out of direct sunlight. You would need to calculate how many ounces are in the brand you buy and decide how many cases your family needs for each day. Any clean water stored is better than no water at all. Please remember to buy a little at a time and keep adding it to it. Before long you will have 30 days or more worth of water.

Water Storage-Blue Cans

These are by far one of my favorite ways to store water. They last 50 years and they taste better than any water anywhere. If you live near a distributor you don’t have to pay the shipping. Almost everytime I talk about these I get a few remarks how expensive they are. Yes, they are expensive, but they are worth every penny to me. I have 18 cases stored behind a dresser in my bedroom. I can set and forget them and sleep at night knowing I have water for Mark and me.

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water storage

Blue Can Water

I recently took a 24-pack case to a subdivision that asked me to talk about food and water storage. The people were in awe over the BlueCans of water. I don’t sell them, although I would like to buy a pallet and have it sent here and have a few families split the cost. I couldn’t get anyone in my neighborhood to go in on a pallet, but this other subdivision is trying to figure out how many to order. If you live near any of these distributors, you may want to set and forget a few cases, you won’t be sorry, I promise.

I found one place that sells for less than anywhere else: Brownells

Please start with my book if you haven’t purchased it yet: “Prepare Your Family For Survival” by Linda Loosli.

If you really want to get serious about water storage there are storage tanks you can buy that hold large quantities of water. The challenge is finding a place to store the tanks and having a way to treat the water (see Water Preserver above). We have a 160-gallon tank in one corner of the garage and a 250-gallon unit in another corner. I really feel prepared with these large tanks full ready to dispense water when needed, and with the Water Preserver, I only have to empty and refill the tanks every five years.

Final Word

Thanks again for being prepared for the unexpected. Please get your water storage to the level you feel necessary so you will not have to stand in line and wait for the government or another group to hand out cases of water. We are so used to being able to just turn the water faucet on and off. Please think again. May God bless this world, Linda

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4 thoughts on “Water Storage-How Much Do You Really Need

  • July 22, 2019 at 7:18 am

    I live in the desert….storing water in the garage is not really an option…same with food storage…do you have suggestions other than under the bed? And what water do I put into water storage jugs? Tap? Filtered? help!!!! and thanks

    • July 22, 2019 at 7:30 am

      Hi Karin, I live in Southern Utah which is in the desert as well. I store water in my garage in high capacity tanks, not the inexpensive barrels, they are stored outside with UV barrel bags on top of 2 by 4’s. I use city tap water with Water Preserver via a lead-free hose. I realize the Blue Cans are expensive but start buying one case a month or when Brownells has free shipping. You will not regret it. Store water in good containers (which will not leak) in closets and cupboards, behind couches, or under the coffee table. This is why I love the Blue Cans, I now have 18 cases stored behind a dresser. I did not buy them all at once. I did buy a 250-gallon tank and it’s stored in my garage on top of 2 by 4’s to keep them off the concrete. I hope this helps. Linda

  • July 22, 2019 at 1:49 pm

    I’ve got 600gl in medium to large containers stored outside of smaller stuff like bottled and camelbacks.
    I’m looking at about 10 initial arrivals.
    It’s great to hear feedback like that! Be proud

    • July 22, 2019 at 3:26 pm

      Hi Matt, you are always so kind, I hope you know how grateful I am to you for sharing your kind words and thoughts!!! Linda


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