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What to Ask for Christmas for Emergency Preparedness

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The holiday season is a time of joy and celebration, but it’s also essential to consider the unexpected. Being prepared for emergencies is so important. This Christmas, why not ask for gifts that can contribute to your emergency preparedness plan? So, if you’re on the fence about what to ask for Christmas for emergency preparedness, I have you covered! Emergency Preparedness Gift Guide

What to Ask for Christmas for Emergency Preparedness

What are emergency preparedness tools?

Emergency preparedness tools are items or equipment that help individuals and households to be ready for unexpected emergencies or disasters. These tools can include survival kits, portable power sources, water filtration systems, weather radios, first aid kits, and multi-purpose tools, cooking devices, among others.

1. Emergency Survival Kit

An emergency survival kit, or family emergency kits for each family member, are a must-have great gift for every household. It includes essential supplies such as food, water, first aid items, flashlights, batteries, a multi-tool, and a radio. Asking for a pre-packaged survival kit or individual components can ensure you have the essentials during an emergency. Be sure to check for reputable brands and kits that meet your specific needs. Flashlights with Batteries and Solar Flashlights

2. Portable Power Bank

During emergencies, power outages are common. A portable power bank can keep your electronic devices charged, allowing you to stay connected with loved ones and access important information. Look for power banks with high capacity and multiple charging ports to accommodate various devices simultaneously. Power Outage: What to do Next

3. Water Filtration System and Water Storage Containers

Clean drinking water is vital during an emergency. Requesting a water filtration system, such as a portable water filter or purification tablets, ensures you have access to safe drinking water when regular sources may be compromised. Look for filters that are easy to use, durable, and remove common contaminants. How to Barter with Food and Water

Some systems are designed to rid the water of bacteria and viruses. I like the products from Big Berkey and PortaWell. I’ve written some posts about both options since each approach has advantages. Check my archive above for more information. Having enough water to stay hydrated, cook, do limited laundry, and do some simple personal hygiene tasks is so important. Water storage is critical and having extra water just makes sense.

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Storing water can take you on a special preparedness journey. From some cases of bottled water to large storage tanks, planning and having the right containers for your family is vital.

4. Emergency Weather Radio

Staying informed about weather conditions is crucial during emergencies. An emergency weather radio can provide real-time updates on severe weather alerts, evacuation notices, and other critical information. Opt for radios that have multiple power sources (e.g., solar, hand crank, or battery-powered) and include NOAA weather bands. 30 Ways to Stay Warm When It’s Cold Outside

I like having multiple options for power. The hand crank option may sound unique, but you know you can get information whether you have a power outage or not. If you do choose battery power, be sure to stock extra batteries and test them from time to time.

5. Emergency Food Supplies

Having a stockpile of non-perishable food items can sustain you during an emergency when access to fresh food may be limited. Ask for long-lasting food supplies like canned goods, freeze-dried meals, energy bars, and snacks. Ensure you rotate the food periodically to maintain freshness. How To Be Prepared For Extreme Cold Weather

Double-check your inventory from time to time and look for any expired or damaged cans and packages. Your emergency plan regarding food should take into account any support needs of family members, and having extra food never hurts.

6. First Aid Kit

A comprehensive first aid kit is essential in any emergency preparedness plan. Request a well-stocked kit that includes bandages, antiseptics, gauze pads, medical tape, gloves, hand sanitizer, and medications. Consider adding any necessary personal medications or specific medical supplies for individuals with pre-existing conditions. Types of Medicines You Need for a First Aid Kit

7. Emergency Cash and Documents

In emergencies, ATMs may be non-functional, and access to digital payment methods may be limited. Asking for emergency cash in small denominations can help you purchase necessary supplies when credit and debit cards aren’t working. Include a waterproof container for important documents like identification, insurance policies, medical records, and emergency contact information.

8. Multi-Purpose Tools

Having reliable multi-purpose tools can be invaluable during emergencies. Requesting items like a Swiss Army knife, a sturdy multi-tool, or a versatile pocket knife can assist with various tasks such as opening cans, cutting ropes, or repairing equipment. Ensure the tools are of good quality and have multiple functionalities. Invaluable Tools Necessary for Transporting Emergency Supplies

9. Cooking Equipment and Supplies

We all need to eat even after an earthquake, tornado, hurricane, or severe storm. The challenge comes when trying to feed your family and the power is out. I have multiple options based on the situation. If it’s sunny outside, I can use my Sun Oven to cook just about anything. I have a butane stove, a propane stove, and a BBQ.

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You need to think about the types of meals you more than likely can fix, based on your emergency food supply, the climate where you live, and the fuel required. I used a butane stove in my kitchen for a few weeks when we were waiting for a gas line to be run to our new gas stove. Of course, I kept all the windows open for proper ventilation. I could have cooked on the patio table, but having it on the kitchen counter made it so convenient.

How often should I update and maintain my emergency preparedness tools?

It is important to review and update your emergency preparedness tools regularly. Check the expiration dates of food, water, and medications in your survival kit. Test and replace batteries in radios and flashlights. Ensure that your water filtration system is in good working condition. Regularly inspect and replenish the items in your first aid kit. It is recommended to review and update your emergency preparedness tools at least once a year.

Can multi-purpose tools be helpful in emergencies?

Yes, multi-purpose tools can be incredibly helpful in emergencies. They are super easy to use and can assist with various tasks such as opening cans, cutting ropes, repairing equipment, or conducting minor repairs. Swiss Army knives, multi-tools, and pocket knives are examples of tools that offer multiple functionalities in a compact design.

If you expect to face a time when your natural gas valve and meter need to be shut off, that takes a special tool. Check with your utility provider and find out what’s necessary in your area. Be aware that the gass company will want to come to your home to turn things back on properly.

You need to be aware of how to turn off the water coming into your house and also where your electrical panel box is so you can shut down those utility provided services if necessary.

More Tips

Final Word

This holiday season, prioritize your family’s safety and well-being by requesting prepper gifts that contribute to emergency preparedness. Remember, being prepared is a gift that keeps on giving, providing peace of mind throughout the year. If you’re not sure what others might need or don’t want your gift givers to stress about what to buy, getting a gift certificate works well too. There are so many great choices for gifts for preppers. What are your ideas when it comes to gifts this time of year?

Now that you know what to ask for Christmas for emergency preparedness, you’ll appreciate having this list and know what to ask for this year! May God Bless this World, Linda

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  1. I sent my dad a 30’ kinetic recovery rope and soft shackles kit. Much safer than pulling with a chain like he normally does. It’s also a softer pull without the hard snap.

  2. A place in the country with a good well, good soil, and a basement or storm cellar. And if wishes were fishes it would also come with an off grid power system. Don’t want much, do I? 🙂

    I’m settling for the latest Lee Child and Michael Connelly novels.

  3. Over the years, I have accumulated a lot of my disaster-related supplies through gifts for birthday, Christmas, and Mothers Day. I have gotten cast iron cookware, a lot of HOW TO books, a spotlight, an analog alarm clock, restaurant size pots and long ladles and spoons, a candle making set, a candleabra, solar lights, manual chopping/slicing thingys, galvanized raised garden beds and potting soil.
    This year on my Christmas list is a bigger, better First Aid Kit. I have used a lot of supplies out of my old one.

    1. HI Angela, oh you have done well, my friend! Having a bigger first aid kit will be awesome! I love the items you have accumulated. Keyword, accumulated over time. This is what we must all do, get a few items when we see those that we need. Linda

  4. I want a generator but I have no where to keep it safe!! But, I told my daughter that a larger solar generator than I already have would be great!! Unfortunately, they are so expensive and out of both my budget and my daughter’s budget that I will need to wish for something else!! Perhaps the car charger for my little Jackery – only $16 on Amazon!!

    1. Hi Leanne, I’m in the same boat, a large generator is way out of my budget, it is what is, I can only do so much. I do have a Goal Zero solar generator, with solar panels. It can be used for my Bosch mixer, my electric wheat grinder, a 32 inch TV (to use with DVD’s) and space heater and fans. It will not power my frig, or freezer, nope can’t afford it. We will fire up the grill and feed the neighborhood if it comes to that. That $16.00 charger sounds mighty fine to me! Linda

  5. Last year this grandma gave extra warm blankets and comforters. They were given days late because for the Christmas Blizzard. This year my girls are getting Cuddle Duds leggings and my youngest three grandsons are getting super flashlights that convert to lanterns……great for reading in bed!!! Grandpa and Grandma will also be providing special requests.

  6. from Lehman’s online store out of Ohio. i bought large capacity kerosene lanterns. 32 ounces. most others are much smaller. also i got a kerosene lantern that you can set a pot on. it uses the heat rising from the lantern to heat your food.

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