25 Christmas Gift Ideas

25 Christmas Gift Ideas You Need

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I have 25 Christmas gift ideas you may want to consider. My family tends to give things that are actually needed by each family member. We’ve had college students in school, newly married couples, and little grandkids. We have 17 grandchildren, so you can imagine how fun Christmas is, yes, it may be a little loud when we all get together.

I know it seems early to talk about Christmas before Thanksgiving has come and gone but some things are in short supply or unable to get right now.

Not every family member lives in the same state, so we don’t often get to have the holidays with everyone. Plus, some of the kids have their in-laws to trade off each year. We get it, and we are thankful when we have even a few we can get together with, it’s truly a blessing.

This year will be different because of the state of affairs in our country, including the high price of gas if traveling by car, the cost of an airline ticket, the price of food, and so much more. This year I highly recommend getting emergency preparedness and cooking items.

I know a lot of you already do that, and I commend you for doing so. I’m sure some of you think this is a unique gift idea, but I’m always thinking of ways to get my readers to consider practical and helpful things, even if it is a practical Christmas gift or a unique Christmas gift.

Please do not go into debt for gifts or anything else right now. I hope I’m wrong but I believe things are going to get much worse.

Kitchen Prep

Have you ever been in someone’s kitchen as you help prepare a meal, and you need a measuring cup and you open the drawer and you can’t read the measurement size numbers on them? This happened when I visited my daughter, actually a few of my daughter’s homes.

It’s nice to replace old unreadable items with others that make their lives easier. Doing so brings much joy to you and them when they open the Christmas present.

Most have been married for over 20 years now, and they haven’t replaced the cracked Tupperware containers in recent years. They used to replace them if cracked or broken as their kids were going up since they needed the reliability of the best products they could afford.

Maybe they need a little encouragement to keep their kitchen well-stocked and ready to go. I just heard they are going to start selling that brand at Target! Even though it’s fairly expensive compared to other brands, they last for years.

Let’s talk about some things I think qualify as a perfect gift when shopping for loved ones, or that special best friend on your gift list.

25 Christmas Gift Ideas

25 Christmas Gift Ideas

The name for my website, www.foodstoragemoms.com, was chosen so I could attract and help people who were interested in learning about being prepared for emergencies of all kinds. Of course, food storage is a vital part of being properly prepared, but you also need water, unique cooking devices, items for your kitchen, products to keep you warm if the power is out, and so much more.

If you are a loyal reader, you have heard about and possibly purchased some of the items listed below, but this list of recommendations might prompt you to reconsider what constitutes the best Christmas gift ideas as you plan your holiday shopping.

Treat this post as a “Holiday Gift Guide” and go forward with the best gifts a mom, dad, friend, or coworker and buy for those they care about this holiday season.

1. Water Containers

I’ve stressed for years that water is something you can’t go without. A rule of thumb is, you can survive for only about three days without water. The most important consideration is having water to drink and staying hydrated.

You also need water to cook, do laundry, and maintain proper personal hygiene. Water storage presents some issues when it comes to space available and the cost involved when it comes to buying the containers.

I have some large storage tanks, but for holiday gift-giving, smaller containers probably make more sense. Below are some links to some products I have and highly recommend. They are not very expensive, can be stacked, are easy to use, and move from place to place.

They won’t do much for the gift recipient regarding taking a shower in an emergency but can provide water to stay alive until help comes or the emergency is over.

Read More of My Articles  Food Safety Tips During an Emergency

WaterBricks and WaterBricks Spigot

Saratoga Farms 5-Gallon Stackable

Blue Cans (my favorite water available at Brownells the cheapest place). You buy a case of 24 cans for every family member. I would suggest you tell them it’s for emergencies only, but you can sleep at night knowing they have some cases of water in their homes.

2. Water Preserver

Storing water for longer periods requires you to consider the quality of that water when it comes time to use it. A standard for some families is to use unscented bleach to treat their stored water and make it fit for consumption.

The challenge with bleach is it is only good for about six months, so the stored water has to be dumped and replaced. The product in the link below is good for water treatment lasting five years, boy what a difference!

H2O ResQ Water Storage

This is the one I use now, H2O ResQ Water Storage. Yes, it’s good for 5 years, so you don’t have to rotate it as often as other products. You can treat small containers or very large ones, just follow the directions on the bottle. If you decide to use unscented bleach, as mentioned, you’ll want to rotate the water every 6 months which is much too often for me.

3. Water Filters

You may find yourself in a situation where, for some reason, your stored water has gone bad, or the more likely scenario, the water source has become contaminated. It’s sad, but we hear all the time about municipal water systems that have experienced a breach, or their pumps don’t work when the power is out. You’re then forced to find a backup water source like a pond, stream, lake, etc.

Being put in that situation means you’ll need to filter your water, if even for just a few days. There are some larger volume solutions for water filtration, but the links below are for products that have a fairly low price point, have been used and tested for years, and I highly recommend them as a good Christmas gift.

It will give you comfort to know that this substitute for tech gifts or teens who may hike, young women family members off at college, or family members stuck bugging in during an emergency.

Berkey Sports Bottle

Sawyer Water Filter Bottle

4. Food

As of today, I struggle to recommend #10 cans of freeze-dried food. The price of food, in general, is so expensive right now, and so long-term storage food is expensive as well. I’m glad I started purchasing Thrive Life #10 cans many years ago. I couldn’t afford the prices being charged today.

Luckily they sell pantry-size cans which are a little cheaper and a good size for Mark and me. If you sign up for a monthly delivery service you get the food cheaper, just so you know.

If you’re just starting out, I recommend canned goods. Yes, they have a shorter shelf life, but it’s food that your family may need after a disaster or unforeseen emergency. Check out some of my posts below for a nice list of canned food ideas, that not only make sense as a gift set if you buy multiple items, but are truly a nice list of things you should consider for your own food storage needs.

5. Food Storage Containers

Food storage containers come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, they aren’t “one size fits all.” I did a post a while ago in which I discuss the various ramifications of proper food storage and the types to be considered. One thing is for sure, they need to be BPA-free if a plastic container so you don’t have the plastic chemicals seep into your food. Click the link below and read all about it.

In case you missed this post, Food Storage Containers I Recommend

6. Canning Supplies

The best place to get canning supplies is Walmart or Amish stores. If you have access to Farmer’s Markets or can grow your own food, be ready to preserve it by freezing it, dehydrating it, or canning it.

I can only recommend the Ball Canning Book or the USDA Canning Guides. Ball Canning Book or USDA Canning Guide. Please follow their instructions to have a safe canning experience. Having a family garden can be fun educational, and rewarding as you watch your food “backup plan” take shape as you look forward to a good harvest and the canning steps that follow. Want to learn about gardening, check out my archive for some real in-depth information.

7. 5-Gallon Storage Buckets with Gamma Lids

I realize a lot of people use Mylar bags, I highly recommend putting those bags inside 5-gallon buckets or any heavy-duty BPA buckets. I found these on Amazon, they are sturdy and the lids went on easily. Hudson 5-Gallon Buckets with Gamma Lids

The cost of buckets has gone up, like so many things these days, yet they are great for storage and last a long time.

8. Bread Pans

These are my favorite bread pans, they make a one-pound loaf. It’s critical we teach our family to make bread, biscuits, and tortillas. Fat Daddio Bread Pans. Making bread is a skill we all should know. I have taught classes and try to prompt families everywhere through my posts to learn how. Again, check out my archive and learn how you can learn how to make no-fail bread every time.

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9. Measuring Cups and Spoons

These are my favorite Measuring Cups and Measuring Spoons. I mentioned in my intro above, it’s frustrating to have measuring cups where you can’t read the size. If you don’t know what someone wants, consider getting them a gift card with a note suggesting they upgrade their measuring tools during December, for a birthday, or any time they want their kitchen to move up a notch.

The two links above will take you to sources with a nice list of options.

10. Mixing Bowls

If you have several stainless steel mixing bowls, you can make bread in the large one or squeeze lemons in the small ones. Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls

11. Saucepans

These would have to be my most used saucepans, a 4-Quart Saucepan, a 6-Quart Saucepan, and an 8-Quart Saucepan.

12. Dutch Oven

I prefer the 6-quart Dutch oven for me because the weight is about all I can personally handle. 6-Quart Lodge Dutch Oven. In case you missed my Dutch Oven Template for Temperatures, here it is again. Dutch Oven Temperature Guide

13. Cast Iron Pans

I don’t know why but the food tastes better in cast iron pans, am I right? You can find gently used cast iron pans at garage sales and thrift stores. You can start collecting a few here and there. Before you know it, you will have all of the sizes you may desire. Cast Iron Pans and Pizza Cast Iron Pan

14. Can Openers

My motto is “one is one, and two is one”. Please have more than one can opener, it’s a backup for when the first one breaks. Small can opener and larger can opener for #10 cans. Small Can Opener and Larger Can Opener. I have many can openers that are non-powered but right now I use this one. Electric Can Opener

15. Rolling Pin/Biscuit Cutter

Rolling pins are needed in every kitchen for making bread, biscuits, tortillas, and cookies to name a few. Biscuit cutters can be used of course for biscuits, or cookies. Rolling Pin and Biscuit Cutters. You can fill the belly if you know how to make biscuits.

16. Flashlights/Batteries

Please be prepared for blackouts, there will be some for sure. I hope they are short-lived, but no one ever knows how long they will last.

Smaller Olight Flashlights and Larger Olight Flashlights

Bushnell Lantern/Flashlight

17. Solar Flashlights/Lanterns

Please stock some of these and place them in your sun-facing windows, you will always have a light source.

Small Goal Zero Solar Lanterns

Solar Flashlights

18. Wool Socks/Gloves

Please be prepared with good socks if you are a hunter or go hiking. We need to protect our feet and hands. Lok for some good solid gloves. You can never have too many

Men’s Merino Wool Socks

Women’s Merino Wool Socks

19. Sewing Supplies

I love to sew and oh, how I wish the schools still taught Home Economics. It’s a skill everyone needs. Please take sewing lessons if you can, you will never regret it.

Singer Sewing Kit

20. OTC Medications

I’m very worried about our supply chain right now, I recently heard that Amoxicillin is hard to get, what’s next? We need some items in our home to help our families get through any illnesses this year. Please stock up now, if you see what you need, buy it. Always check the dates on all over-the-counter medications.

I’ve started buying smaller containers even though they may be a bit more expensive per pill (for instance) but if I never use the bottle and it’s expired I will save money in the long run. Please remember to rotate, toss, and replenish those items your family uses on a regular basis.

In case you missed this post, 35 OTC Medications You Should Store. This post has a FREE printable list for you to check off what you need.

21. Propane Tanks Filled

When in doubt get your tanks filled. Please check them and don’t get caught without any propane. Yes, the tanks have been in short supply, and propane was scarce a year ago.

Propane Tanks

22. Charcoal

Please stock some charcoal, it may be on clearance still. Place the charcoal without chemicals to light in airtight containers. They will last indefinitely.

Kingsford Charcoal

23. Butane Stove/Kelly Kettle

In case you missed this post, you really need to see how it works. How To Use A Kelly Kettle

Butane Stove with Extra Canisters of Fuel

Kelly Kettle

24. Pocket Knives/Ammo/Tools for Protection

You know what you need and I feel confident you can protect yourself.

Smith & Wesson Extreme

25. Family Recipes

In case you missed my post on family recipes, How to Organize Your Favorite Recipes. If your parents and grandparents are still alive, please ask for their recipes now. We all realize that most recipes are memories by them, but could they please write them down? We all want their recipes or at least the ones we enjoyed eating! LOL!

Final Word

I hope you enjoyed my post on 25 Christmas gift ideas. It worries me how high prices are going up on everything. I doubt they will be going down, so please stock up on what you can. Please teach your kids and grandkids to cook from scratch, one lesson a week or a month will work. May God Bless this world, Linda

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  1. Great list Linda! Last year I gave solar lights to friends who just don’t prep. This year I’m making and giving them all elderberry syrup. With cold and flu season upon us I hope they’ll find it useful.

  2. Folks,
    Just don’t go into debt to buy any Christmas gifts. With a depression looming, the last thing you want to do is increase your debt load and, if possible, you want to eliminate all debt. Sorry, I see so many people just going their merry way buying on credit never thinking what they will do when they can’t make the payments on an enormous debt load. Okay, getting off my soap box now. Have a great weekend. Stay warm and stay dry.

  3. I prefer to give handmade gifts. I also prefer to receive them. I feel that love is included in each handmade gift I give or receive. Just my opinion. One year, I gave aprons as gifts to the ladies. The men got baked goods. I make my husband beef jerky almost every Christmas.

  4. One year I gave all my children car emergency kits I had put together myself. They were in their 20’s then so not something any of them had. They have since shared the numerous times they used some of these items. I felt much better know they all were covered on this essential.

  5. Great ideas! Our youngest daughter has asked for practical items every year for Christmas since her kids were born. Over the years she has sold “wedding” gifts she had registered for, replacing with many of the more useful items I have used for decades in our kitchen. Wedding registries are such a waste when you’ve never cooked or lived in your own for any length of time.

    1. Hi Marilynne, I LOVE LOVE LOVE your comment! You are so right, some kids have never cooked or lived on their own. It’s a rude awakening when they have to go grocery shopping and figure out a budget to live within. They soon learn to “turn off the lights” to save money! LOL! Life is good! Linda

  6. Last year I gave my daughter-in-law a Kitchen Aid mixer with bread hooks, now she makes her own bread. This year everyone is getting cozy robes and blankets.

    We gave our son a freezer and he stockeditwith 1/2 a cow.. I also have provided cash for the express purpose of stocking pantries.

    1. Hi Chris, I LOVE what you did for your kids, what a blessing you were able to do that. Then they took the gifts and were able to make such good use of the items they were given! You know I love this! Linda

  7. Some other ideas would be:
    Solar chargers for phones
    “Packable” blankets for the car https://amzn.to/3Ojwovo
    Self Made 72 hour food kit (I used a cooler and items from grocery store… instant oat meal, canned chicken/tuna, the dried soup mixes, etc; I included a can opener, salt & pepper shakers,
    A battery jumper/air compressor machine. (These are used a lot)

    Stocking Stuffers
    Flashlights (I like a small solar or crank charged one that easily fits in the glove compartment)
    Gas and Water shut off tool
    Silverware kit for go bags https://amzn.to/3AsUKgg (I was able to fold a bandana in ours so we always have a napkin. My kids LOVED the chopsticks in the kits I got.)

  8. Linda:

    This is a good list to start with. There are a lot of other things I can think of but for now for my daughter and daughter and daughter in love it will do.

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