Canned Meat I Recommend

11 Canned Meat Ideas I Recommend

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Today I want to share 11 canned meat ideas I recommend. Now, I love filet mignon, prime rib, hamburgers, and hot dogs, particularly at this time of year when the BBQ gets used a lot. Here’s the deal, we still need some shelf-stable meat that is not fresh or frozen.

When it comes to stocking up our pantry for the times when we need food during an emergency, or just to have items handy for a quick meal, we should be thinking of meat as a great protein source. Sure we need canned fruits and veggies, but meat is a great staple for any family’s storage inventory.

This post may give you ideas on how to stock some canned meat and how to use it. Most of these products have a 2-year shelf life, as far as I can tell, based on the dates I can see on each can.

I realize that several of these canned meats are not that healthy for us, and I get it. But, we won’t be eating these cans of meat day after day for an extended period. Some of them are actually fairly healthy unless of course you are a vegetarian and think otherwise.

Some of us have pressure canned our own meat, and that is awesome. But so many people don’t have a pressure canner or the desire or strength to do it. I just want to give you some options for canned meat to put in your pantry. Please stock a can opener or two, okay three! Small Can Opener or Large (#10 Can-Size) Can Opener

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Canned Meat I Recommend

Canned Meat I Recommend:

Please be aware that I’m shortening the list of the ingredients for these canned products since the cans list a bunch of items. I’m just showing the major ingredients. Also, please do your own research to be sure the ingredients agree with any health issues you may have.

1. Pork Chile Verde

  • Ingredients: Green Chile Puree, Water, Onions, Tomatillos, Salt, Corn Oil, Chicken Broth, Dried Soy Sauce, and other ingredients
  • Shelf-Life: This can is best used by March 2025

How Can I Use Pork Chile Verde?

You can scoop it over cooked white rice and you can make enchiladas with it. I love Mexican food, so this would be a good choice for my pantry.

2. Cooked/Canned Ham

  • Ingredients: Ham, Cured with Water, Salt, Sugar, Sodium, Phosphates, Carrageenan, Sodium Erythorbate, Sodium Nitrate, and Smoke Flavoring
  • Shelf-Life: This can is best used by April 2027
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How Can I Use Cooked/Canned Ham?

The possibilities are so long with this one. We could make ham sandwiches, ham salad, ham fried rice, or ham with bean soup. In case you missed this post, Fried Rice Recipes, or this one, Ham and Bean Soup


  • Ingredients: Pork with Ham, Salt, Water, Modified Potato Starch, Sugar, Sodium Nitrate
  • Shelf-Life: This can is best used by March 2025

How Can I Use SPAM?

I don’t know about you, but SPAM fried rice comes to my mind instantly! I grew up with fried SPAM slices and SPAM sandwiches. It may sound strange, but SPAM fried rice is the best! It’s funny how sliced SPAM fits so well on a standard slice of bread as luncheon meat. I took them to school for lunch much of the time. Mark doesn’t particularly like the texture of SPAM, especially right out of the can.

4. Roast Beef (smaller can)

  • Ingredients: Beef, Beef Broth, Salt, Modified Food Starch, Sodium Phosphate
  • Shelf-Life: This can is best used by March 2024

How Can I Use Canned Roast Beef?

You can add some mayonnaise to the roast beef and make a few sandwiches. It’s perfect to add to soups, stews, and casseroles. Don’t forget shredded beef tacos or enchiladas. Add some spices or sauces for that favorite beef flavor you like.

5. Chicken Chunks (Costco Brand)

  • Ingredients: Chicken Breast Meat, Water, Seasonings
  • Shelf-Life: This can is best used by September 2024

How Can I Use Canned Chicken Chunks?

I love this chicken for chicken sandwiches on homemade bread, or crackers when I make chicken salad. It works great in Chicken Noodle Soup as well.

6. Vienna Sausage

  • Ingredients: Mechanically separated Chicken, Chicken Broth, Water, Salt, Spices, Beef, Pork, Sugar, Sodium Phosphate, Sodium Erythorbate, Sodium Nitrate, and Garlic Powder
  • Shelf-Life: This can is best used by August 2024

How Can I Use Vienna Sausages?

I confess, from time to time I’ve fed these to my dogs because they can smell them a mile away, I swear! They can’t have too much, but they sure do love them! I grew up eating these for lunch with homemade bread and cheese. Are they healthy? Probably not, but they are great in a pinch for a quick snack.

7. Tuna (Starkist Brand-in Water)

  • Ingredients: White Tuna, Water, Vegetable Broth, Salt, Pyrophosphate
  • Shelf-Life: This can is best used by January 2026

How Can I Use Canned Tuna?

We make tuna sandwiches, creamed tuna on toast, and tuna noodle casserole. And don’t forget tuna salad!! I love tuna in macaroni salads!

8. Beef (Keystone Brand)

  • Ingredients: Beef, Sea Salt
  • Shelf-Life: This can is best used by April 2027
  • Keystone Website

How Can I Use Canned Keystone Beef?

I highly recommend Keystone beef. Look at the ingredients, beef, and sea salt. Keystone makes a lot of different canned meats, but when I went to Walmart this was the only kind they had. I have seen Keystone pork, turkey, ground beef, and chicken before, but not this week. The possibilities are endless with these meats. They last about 5 years, depending on the can, of course. This can show 5 years!

You can make shredded beef tacos, enchiladas, beef stew, beef pot pie, or vegetable beef soup. I love this brand!

9. Dried/Chipped Beef

  • Ingredients: Beef, Salt, Sugar, Sodium Erythorbate, Sodium Nitrate
  • Shelf-Life: This can is best used by March 2023
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How Can I Use Dried/Chipped Beef?

My family loves chipped beef and we make it about once a month in the form of Cream Chipped Beef on Toast with frozen peas. We love it. In case you missed this post, Cream Chipped Beef. I grew up eating it on toast or homemade biscuits.

10. Kipper Snacks

  • Ingredients: Kippered Herring and Salt
  • Shelf-Life: This can is best used by April 2027

How Can I Use Kipper Snacks?

I’m not very fond of fish, but Mark loves these. He eats them right out of the can with sliced bread and butter or crackers and cheese. It may sound too good to be true, but when we first got married we could find the small cans of Kipper Snacks priced at 10 cans for $1.00. Of course, that’s been over 50 years ago. Mark was in heaven!

11. Sardines

  • Ingredients: Sardines, Tomato Sauce, and Salt
  • Shelf-Life: This can is best used by January 2025

How Can I Use Canned Sardines?

I’m not fond of sardines, but my husband loves them. He eats them right out of the can with crackers or cheese on the side.

Condiments You Need To Stock

Here’s the deal, we need condiments to go along with so many meals. Please stock up on the ones your family will eat. I will always have ten bottles of taco sauce and only two bottles of mustard. Can you tell I love salsa and taco sauce?

All of these condiments shown below can be used with all of the canned meat options above. Mark and I no longer buy huge jars of anything because I firmly believe, fresh is best. This means fresher condiments and less waste.


The Emergency Food Assistance Program

What is the advantage of canned meat?

Whether commercially canned or done at home, canned meat has the advantage of being able to be eaten right out of the can. I can eat most of the items listed and discussed above that way. If you like yours to be heated, that shouldn’t be a problem, unless your power is out and you haven’t planned ahead with other cooking options besides your stove.

Another advantage of canned meat is its health benefits. They are a very protein-rich food, and as an excellent source of protein, it helps build muscle. Depending on your personal preferences regarding taste, canned meat is flavorful and good tasting for almost all of us.

Is beef in a can healthy?

As mentioned, most meats have proteins we all need. As it relates to beef, some cuts contain more fat than others. The leaner the meat you purchase the less fat. Some cuts of beef have very little fat. Check the fat content on the packaging as you make your purchase decisions. Since beef tends to have more fat, if you are looking for more fat-free canned meat options you may want to consider poultry products. Note that if you’re concerned about fatty meats, salmon is known to have a fairly high-fat content.

Can canned meat cause an upset stomach?

We each have our different tolerances for food types. I’ve never had a problem with meats of any kind. If you have an allergy to shellfish, then stay away from canning any variety of that product since it could cause a whole lot of challenges besides just an upset stomach. My experience is, seasonings can be the culprit of stomach problems. Mark doesn’t deal well with raw onions or garlic in his meals.

If you are relying on commercially canned meats, check the list of ingredients. Make sure the list doesn’t include items that may cause your problems based on the chemical process used by that manufacturer.

Final Word

Please let me know if you have any of these 11 canned meat products on your pantry shelves. They are fairly cheap and we can stretch a meal with these, rice, pasta, or whatever your family likes to eat. It’s all about teaching our kids and grandkids how to cook from scratch, one meal at a time. May God Bless this world, Linda

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  1. I have a lot of canned tuna in my can rotation rack, a dozen cans of chicken and a dozen cans of Yoder’s Bacon (yum!) I also have a few flats of spam on my storage shelves. I used to keep small canned hams (DAK brand) but I never used them in normal times, so I’ve stopped buying them and rely on other meats.
    Tuna is great to make sandwiches with or to use in cooking – I love a good tuna noodle casserole…. Same for the canned chicken.
    As for the bacon, doesn’t it make everything taste better?
    The SPAM I plan to use with rice during a long duration emergency, so I can have a more varied diet other than just rice and lentils day in and day out….And even though SPAM has a high sodium level, that lets me mix it into rice which I normally salt to give it flavor, but with the SPAM I don’t have to add salt separately! 🙂
    Of course I have cans of freeze dried meats, but those are quite a bit more expensive than these supermarket canned meats. And I have a decent supply of steaks in the freezer (thanks FoodSaver!) and a bunch of chicken breasts and thighs in the freezer as well. As long as my generator holds out they’ll be fine, but I have enough canning jars and propane to have a canning party if the grid is down too long….
    Sure, if I was just starting out again there is no way I’d have this much in the way of supplies, but this was built up slowly and I just keep rotating out (aka eating) the older stuff as I add more new stuff. Over time it’s surprising how much you can end up with. 😉
    Thanks for these articles Linda!

        1. We like corned beef hash too. Just brown it a little in the skillet and you can add a couple , if you like, also. Campfire cookin’.

    1. Hi DMWalsh, oh my gosh, I know exactly what you’re saying we are not just starting out. I LOVE Yoder’s bacon, yes everything is better with bacon!! LOL! I have a few cans of Yoder’s bacon in my storage unit so I couldn’t place a can of that in the picture!! Luckily you and I started our freeze-dried food journey years ago, I will use those last as well. I will use short-term first. FoodSavers are awesome!! I LOVE your comment, thank you, Linda

  2. Good morning, Linda. Walmart Great Value brand canned Pulled Pork is another really good option to stock. Another item I have in my pantry is Chicken A La King. It’s great over toast, mashed potatoes, rice, or pasta. Canned Country Sausage Gravy is another good one to have for a quick and simple breakfast to serve over biscuits or toast. I totally agree with you on the canned roast beef. Canned tamale’s are very good. Then there’s always Dinty Moore Beef Stew, corned beef hash, canned salmon, and canned spaghetti and meatballs. These are just a few of the items I have in my pantry. Hope this helps some of your readers too.

    1. Hi Pam, oh my gosh, I didn’t know you could buy Chicken A La King or tamales in a can!! Thank you! I have never seen Canned Country Sausage Gravy! I grew on corned beef hash with fried eggs! It sounds like I need to write a post on canned meals! My girls grew up on Spaghettio’s and green beans! I need to get out more and check out the canned meals!! Great ideas! Thank you, Linda

  3. I’ve got a lot of these. I’m stocked.
    Spam singles have been out of stock for few years now. There are some online for ridiculous prices but they’ve not recovered from covid.
    Right now these cans of meat are an investment, a hedge, against what’s coming. You won’t see it till after fall harvest and spring livestock sales unless your watching and/or actively in it now. It’s bad. Way worse than Carter years. And even then they tried to fix it. No one’s trying now. The attention is focused elsewhere on current money making.
    I’m prepared up to my eyeballs and I’m worried

    1. Hi Matt, I had to Google SPAM singles, I had no idea! I’m so glad you’re stocked! I’m with you Matt, I’m prepared up to my eyeballs and I’m worried too. Keystone Canned Meat is available at at least right now. There are no words except stock what you can. Linda

    2. Agree, with extreme lack we will be seeing… and no one IS trying to fix the lack we will experience.I have been at putting by , a little while and am concerned as well. Many are still not awake and they will not only be in want, but in NEED.. I am hopeful it is late fall before we see the the oncoming train, it will give many who are now becoming awake to put back enough resources to go thru the dark winter…ie no /limited crops.. cold,limited resources – what ever manufactured difficulties can be thrown at us… Many food connected, fuel connected things are being impacted by sudden damages. Plants that are closed for the weekend- completely destroyed with nothing on and no one present….Huuummm. Some places dates on cans are going backwards. I have purchased some food with dates of late 24 and early 25. recently everything is late 22 and 23. I am not AS concerned about the dates on cans, as I am Eating!. When one has been down to not knowing where the next days meals are coming from- it makes one more careful, how we use limited resources. everything in stores is limited, some is just a fronting, and some items have even had tags removed(indicating no replacement. Items with good dates suddenly placed on clearance, means whse is empty of those and no restock is possible…. JIT shipping is not working anymore.because of the disruptions.
      I saw several posts in last few days. watch foods with backwards dates- they may have been stored in those containers behind certain stores- @not very temp stable. Some cat food and other meats opened have been reported as stinky./inedible by animals or man.
      i have begun purchasing as many small packaged meats as possible for single/or 2 serv. meals vienna,Yes the 4 legged ones can smell them a mile away,:>)…5 oz chicken and turkey, tuna in oil( keeps longer), deviled ham, for times i do not desire leftovers. I have 24 oz cans of turkey, chicken, beef and proportion to how we use each meat. have canned own chicken roasts and dehydrated veggies- for sides to go with them… Okra, sliced green tomatoes. ,sweetpotatoes and russet potatoes…canned wild greens,..If others don’t like them all the better…
      Many of the “meals in a can” ideas others use- we will not normally and can’t rotate thru.many use seasonings we don’t like/tolerate..The whole meal-soups in a can.. soup mix bags-YUCK. we would have to be starving before we would touch.I bought some and as long as anything else available -a big fat NO.
      Instead i have planned for making creamed meats, stir fry’s with rice base or noodle base. We have gone to using the intermittent fasting meal style of eating.. eating all meals in a bief window of time… coffee when we get up.. a late breakfast of eggs between 11-2p, and a second meal between 5-7p. heavy in protein.. It is supposed to boost immune system, and promote weight loss, fat burning. Hubs has lost 30+ pounds in 3+ months.. If you are in an area where raising quail or rabbit could be an option they are some of the quickest producing critters… temp control nice for rabbits.. in extreme temp areas..
      Oils are not being shipped, so be sure to salvage all fats from any home processed meats.Bacon grease, chicken fat, fats off roasts, or sausage, even beef tallow…. all can be used for something..
      .. canned chili w/o beans is a better buy(more meat) to get and add a can of beans.Always be aware of canned meats and fresh meats and add to what you can everywhere you are able.. info I am seeing suggest this lack coming could last for several years. find your answers… Investigate how long to produce a cow from conception to harvest? a pig? rabbit? a turkey? chicken? once breed stock is gone/destroyed..what we have will be all there is.

      1. Dead on target Denise. We raised 2 gardens this year. One at the house and a combined family garden. Bought 2 cattle for butcher, have incubated 15 meat chicks and have a dozen more in the oven that I’ll be pulling the hens from as layers. Roosters get eaten. That’s on top of the 25 layers we have in place at 2 places. If the rain slows down we will be building a duck coop today. I’ll be starting my mulberry jelly soon and finished my red bud jelly.
        Foot on the gas pedal cause the world light is on yellow

    3. Hey, Matt,
      Sorry for the late reply, but Spam singles are certainly out there here in Texas. I just picked up a dozen at our local Brookshire Brothers grocery for $1.15 each. And, they are all dated in late 2025. They are also available at our local Lowe’s Market for $1.29 each. We keep some of those in our EDC so we always have some protein with us when leaving the house.
      Not sure why you can’t find them in OK. Might have to shop around. I saw them a week or so ago at our closest WalMart but did not buy them there. Good luck on finding some.

      1. Hi Harry, that’s a great idea to put them in your EDC (Everyday Carry ) bag in your car! I just saw some at Walmart, thanks to Matt for telling me about them. I’m going to go back and pick some up. Love it! Linda

  4. I have many canned meats, Keystone, Yoders bacon, pork and chicken, most of them are well over 10 yrs. I opened a can of bacon last week and still good and tasty. I have used ground beef from Keystone that was over 10 yrs. for sloppy joes great and still safe. I have sea rations from Vietnam that are still safe and edible go figure.

    1. Hi Chris, thanks for the heads up on Keystone ground beef! Yoders bacon is the best ever!! You have sea rations from Vietnam! Oh my gosh, I love this! Linda

    2. I had not seen Keystone Ground Beef, so just looked it up on Walmart. A 28oz can is listed for ordering for $47.00.

        1. Thanks Linda, I checked their site and the two sizes of Ground Beef are both sold out. This must be why someone is gouging the price by charging $47.

          Most long term foods, canned meats and freeze dried fruits are in short supply. I have a gut feeling these all aren’t being purchased just by the general public, but government type groups as well. You and I can guess why this could be happening. It’s all in the Lord’s hands from here.

          1. Hi My. Grammy, I will not cave to the gouged prices, nope! I feel confident I can get through the mess our country is in but not sure a few others will make it with issues. As in riots, I hope I’m wrong. It is in God’s hand! Linda

  5. While the price of canned chicken chunks have gone up they are still one of my favorite meats to stock. Spam of course is a no brainer for us that grew up on it. I use my chicken chunks to make the best chicken salad, chicken and yellow rice, good chunky chicken soup, and my favorite chicken pot pie. Chicken Alfredo over spaghetti is good too or just chicken and broccoli. There are so many possibilities. I would love to hear how other people use their canned meats.

      1. Uses for canned meat’s depending on the flavor… BBQ,, stews, caldo…(beef w/potato and onion), stir fry , taco’s ANY recipe one would used cooked meat in, ..(and i don’t eat raw meat)Having canned bacon in small amounts to add to recipes’ adds a whole new dimension to bla recipes or a change- for a second go at a stew.. .goes well with pork and chicken dishes..
        Polish sausage. i can for uses in stir frys- shelf stable. don’t like the texture but added with diced chicken gives complexity of flavor and seasonings..used in small amounts.i use half pints for this…. instead of dry goods… ..

        1. Hi Denise, I totally agree if you can cook from scratch you can make literally hundreds of recipes with canned meats. Linda P.S. I love freezing my own cooked bacon in small bags for reasons you shared!!

  6. Creamed chipped beef was my all time fav growing up and, honestly, the only thing I was willing to learn to cook while at home (long story; I was the childcare/housekeeper!). Haven’t had in yrs due to dairy allergy:( Chinese/Taiwanese SIL introduced us to spam fried rice! Now, a regular and on my prepper menu list!

    Question, someone posted on another site that tuna, if kept too long, basically dissolves into the water in the can Thoughts? Anyone? FYI, if you have someone who is salt restricted do to health (3 yr old grand) Costco tuna is as low as the StarKist low salt and a better value and taste!

    Grocery today to find some of these I had not thought to get. Prepped for 2 plus 6, but concerned. Thanks, Linda, I think you were the first I started following. Never a bare pantry person in almost 50 yrs, now short term and long term!

    1. Marilyn, what ever you need in lower salt…you can wash that .. things like tuna.. i would put in cheesecloth in a strainer and wash well with hot water. squeeze out excess water/allow to drain..I have seen video’s of ppl opening and consuming tuna in oil as long as 10 years past date.Just watch cans for damage, key to storage dates is maintenance of temp control.
      dehydrate your own ground beef. can do it from a n oven at 160 degree. cook completely first in skillet and drain.. wash, drain… in crumbles… use strainer and cheesecloth to retain all small bits. …it should be like little rocks when dry…store in dry sterilized jar with oxygen absorber… ( i turn mine upside down and put paper towel in neck to get any residual fats out… for several days, then remove paper towel. and apply lid. seal with food saver and oxy absorber for size jar.. i save the fats separately for beef /hamburger gravy or beef based soups- to make rue and thicken.

      1. Denise, I just read your instructions to reduce the salt…..thank you so much for your wisdom.


    2. Hi Marilynne, great comment, my friend! I posted that TUNA goes mushy but does not dissolve in the water. It’s just a mushy mess. I only buy tuna at Costco except for today I got all of these from Walmart if I didn’t have them in my stash. I love that statement, never a bare pantry person! Good job! I would rinse the items with water to get rid of some of the salt. Linda

    3. Marilyn, you can still cream beef without dairy.! for milk substitute use for one cup milk, one cup cold water+2 tablespoons corn or potato, or rice starch/flour and a teaspoon of sugar, few grains of salt..

  7. Linda,

    I have every single one of the items you listed in addition to the ones Pam thought of and my own home canned meats. I only get Albacore tuna in water though. I use canned chicken with Rice a Roni Herb and Butter Rice to make what Jane calls, Ray’s Chicken Rice. It’s yummy. I also sometimes use cooked chicken things for that dish.

    1. Hi Ray, oh my gosh, I just bought 20 packages of Rice A Roni (several flavors) just add water and oil! Smith’s had them 10 for $10.00! I need to make Ray’s Chicken Rice, love it! Linda

  8. Linda,

    I open each box of Herb and Butter Rice a Roni and pour each one into a 1/2 pint mason jar, dump in the spice package (unopened), then add O2 absorbers for long term storage. Seems to work quite well.

    1. Ray , if you use several boxes in same time frame.( within a few weeks) can pack in larger jars. Measure amount of box ingredient in portion to the seasoning packet. post it on jar.. 3/4 cup to one seasoning packet..with directions to make on the jar… that way you will have smaller jars for other needs.

      1. Denise,

        I’d do that if we ever used more than two boxes at a time, but we don’t. Also, I had a lot of 1/2 pt jars I don’t use for anything else.

  9. Not a Spam fan but I always have canned corned beef on hand for making corned beef hash. I’ve tried a few brands but Hereford is my favourite. No “icky bits” like some have. I also keep the larger cans of salmon to make salmon loaf, which is nice sliced for sandwiches the next day, or salmon patties. Some of the tuna in single serving cans already mixed for sandwich spread are a nice treat. If you get them on sale they’re not too horribly expensive and there are various flavours. Sometimes you can get them in a little package with crackers.

    1. Hi Alice, I grew up on corned beef sandwiches, I couldn’t find a can that I wanted for the pictures!!! I will look for Hereford next time. I think my mom made something with salmon, I will have to think about it. Great ideas, thank you, Linda

  10. I realize that we fall short when it come to any form of canned meat. We do have 40 pouches of Starkist tuna and chicken. My husband has had a heart condition since he was 32, and we both have high blood pressure, so we have never become familiar with canned meats because of the high salt content. Our freezer is connected to our natural gas powered generator, which should help if we have a power outage. I have stocked up on chuck roasts (the price be damned), ham steaks, chicken breasts, turkey, all vacuum sealed, to extend their life and avoid freezer burn. I have frozen dinner size quantities of tomato sauce with ground beef for pasta and rice dishes. Does anyone recommend a specific brand of canned that taste good while being low in salt?

    1. Hi Chris, let’s see if someone knows about a can of low sodium tomato sauce that tastes good. High blood pressure isn’t anything to mess around with, for sure. Thank goodness you have your freezer stocked. And a natural gas-powered generator. Linda

  11. Great article and so much great advice from everyone! I have most of the meats you’ve listed, Linda. Today I’m pressure canning ground beef that I got a good deal on. It will be mostly cooked first following the instructions in Rose Red’s YouTube video. She’s a PhD. in food science and I’m confident that I can do this. Wish me luck!

    1. Hi Paula, you can do it. I have pressured cooked ground beef as well. Canning meat is easy if you follow the USDA or Ball guidelines. I do not know the Rose Red’s lady, but if she follows the USDA guidelines you will be fine. Linda

  12. I have purchased several of those, and have pressure canned chicken and ground beef. The chicken was delicious, and the ground beef was just ok. The chili recipe in the USDA home canning book is the best. I need to make some more this summer. Yum.

      1. I’m with you on the texture of home canned ground beef. It just doesn’t make a decent cheeseburger at all. Home canned chili is excellent though.

        1. Hi Ray, I know, right? We cooked the ground beef in my Master Canner Preserver classes and canned cooked patties (yucky) and then canned the plain crumbled ground beef. Yucky too! I agree that canned chili is yummy! Linda

  13. Thank you!! A great heads up on what is good to store. We need to have protein stored . We don’t need a lot per day, bu we do need it for our continued good health. I will look at Walmart in our town when I go the next time.

    1. Hi Cheryl, I could only find the beef (one can only) at my local Walmart in Sandy, South Jordan, Utah. But online you can order chicken, beef, and turkey for $5-10.00 for the large 28-ounce cans. Skip the ground beef, at $47.00 that’s a ripoff. Linda

  14. Thanks. My Uncle used to make stew with corned beef with potatoes , carrots and onions. He did it in a cast iron pot and let is simmer in the campfire coals. He then roasted corn along the side of the coals. It was wonderful!!! I may not do this in the coals, but the stew still turns out good. All meat is getting expensive! Shop wisely!!

  15. Off topic, but may be important:
    I decided to make strawberry jam, my first at age 71, and checked amazon for pectin because gas here is $4.23.
    I would be charged $5 for the box and $5 for sh & hand. I’m Prime so I was shocked.
    AND…..I don’t order one of anything and I was only allowed one!!

    Went to DG, 2/$5 –stock up!!! Most here already know this but this is my first jam so I didn’t even think of a scarce pectin.

    Oh, and stop cursing the darkness; light a candle!!!

    1. Hi JayJay, I picked up ten boxes in January so I could make raspberry freezer jam!! I think it was $2.59 a box. Then the second I looked it was over $5.00 a box. Now, I’m waiting for the raspberries!!! Last year we couldn’t get pectin so I stocked up early. I’m so glad you found some at a reasonable price! Linda

    2. JayJay, I just saw it is strawberry jam you made. I am SO jealous!! Next you should try Raspberry Jam. I love them both. …… Although apple butter is great on my husband’s spice cake

  16. Hi Linda:

    I have some spam, tuna, chicken, and I plan on putting mackerel on my list because we are getting low. I also buy shell fish to have it for my daughter who can’t eat regular fish.
    My brother in love recommend the Hormel compleats which they say can be heated in 60 seconds but I think if the power goes out and you have to use a substitute heat source it might take a little bit more. The package before me is Meatloaf & Gravy with mashed potatoes. It also says it is a complete meal but there are no veggies in it. They have about a 2 year lifespan. It will be good if you can’t get meat and just add a can of veggies from your canned food and you will be good to go. They are inexpensive also at $1 a package. They are 9 oz. each little bowl but like I said you can add a can or jar of veggies I have my daughter get 5 bowls of each kind they have every time she goes to the store. We will be well stocked if anything happens and we can’t go shopping.

  17. When we were on vacation, I realized that the bird ‘flu in flocks of chickens and turkeys causing millions to be euthanized isn’t covered on the East Coast as it is in the midwest. In a nutshell, it’s bad in both commerical flocks and backyard flocks. I’m trying to stock up on chicken and keeping non-turkey plans for Thanksgiving. Here is an article from Iowa State University.

    I’m stocking up on frozen chicken when I can find it and also canned chicken.

  18. For those that are Lactose intolerant, Lactaid makes whole, 2%, 1%, skim milk, sour cream, cottage cheese and chocolate milk. I have seen other companies (Target) have lactose free products. I can vouch for Lactaid because that’s what I use. I have baked with it and it doesn’t change the flavor or texture of the baked goods.

  19. I am a big fan of canned corned beef. I make with fried potatoes and onions. One of my families favorites!

  20. Greetings Linda!! Thank you for the many ideas for using canned meats. I bought a few freeze dried meats before the price went sky high, so those will be our long term back up, and will be used sparingly since I didn’t buy a bunch of them.

    I was encouraging my sister to buy some of the pork chili verde, so she has ended up using one of hers before I could try what I bought….she said it has quite a bit of liquid so she wasn’t able to use ”As Is” for burritos. I suggest adding a can of hominy for making posole.
    I am still using bottled deer in beef broth that we canned in 2013, it is still excellent. There is never much fat in bottled deer, but I do spoon off what little is there and throw it away. One way besides using it like beef in soup or stew or tacos or chili: make a meat gravy to serve over mashed potatoes.
    We are also still using bottled chicken breast chunks we canned in 2013, no liquids added, just the chicken chunks. We make a one dish meal of chicken/alfredo/broccoli/pasta, and we also make sweet n’ sour chicken over rice (our own bottled sweet n’ sour sauce). I think both of those meals could be made with the Costco chicken.
    I use the Costco chicken for a ‘creamy chicken enchilada bake’: make a sauce with cream of chicken soup, canned diced green chilis, garlic powder or granules, sour cream, the liquid from canned chicken plus water to dilute the sauce so it’s on the thin side. Cut up the canned chicken or shred. Layer in buttered casserole dish with thin layer of sauce first, then corn tortillas torn to fit, sauce, chicken, colby jack cheese and repeat. Bake covered until hot and bubbly about 30 minutes, then take off tin foil and bake another 5 to 10 minutes.
    How we use ONE large can of Keystone ground beef (after taking off most of the fat to save in freezer): 1/4 can in spaghetti sauce for 6 servings, 1/4 can in red bean chili which makes 8 servings, and 1/2 can to make 6 sloppy joes. I keep our sloppy joe mix simple: just tomato sauce, garlic salt, and worcestershire sauce, plus some dried chopped onions. The texture of the canned ground beef isn’t the greatest but these 3 ways are acceptable to us.
    Keystone meats are good!! and I always save/freeze the fats from it if I am not using it in gravy or soup/stew, etc.
    We tried the walmart pork but like the Costco pulled pork best. With bbq sauce, on buns. And either cole slaw on side or added on the bun/ sandwich.
    We also like to make Spam fried rice, I like to add pineapple tidbits to it. And once in a while: Spam sliced thin and baked a bit crsipy as a sub for bacon.
    I buy tuna in water and in oil. The oil kind can be stored longer, but we try to rotate tuna on a 3 or so year basis for best texture and taste. Tuna pot pie. And tuna chowder. Tuna patties with side of buttery mashed potatoes and canned green beans. Of course, tuna noodle casserole. And tuna stroganoff over rice or noodles. We also like tuna mac salad (tuna, macaroni, green onions. halved small olives, chopped celery, mayo, a bit of milk). Tuna sandwiches. Some people like to add cheese to tuna, but I am not a big fan of that.
    We used to bottle our own salmon. It stored for 7 to 10 years. Haven’t done that in quite a while. Salmon patties, as well as salmon chowder.
    I found some Hormel Mary’s Kitchen sausage hash on Amazon: one can cooked up with 4 eggs was quite tasty.
    Swanson’s canned chicken ala king over **canned chow mein noodles is a quick meal for one. I used to get it at the dollar store for $1, but now it’s $1.25 ……but that said, it is about $1.50 per can at walmart and on amazon. **If we don’t use all of the canned chow mein noodles, we just put it in the fridge to store it longer.
    For ham, we decided to buy the chopped canned kind, Hormel I think. We use it in split pea soup, ham n’ beans of many variety, ham and potato soup, creamy ham and cauliflower stew, ham n’ noodle casserole.
    My dear husband introduced me to vienna sausage sandwiches on whole wheat bread with some mayo when we would go fishing together. So we have some we store and rotate. Been hunting for other ways to use it??? Maybe sliced and add to pork n’ beans??

    1. Hi Janet, oh my gosh, this comment will help so many people, thank you!! I’m with you, I’m glad we bought our freeze-dried meat years ago when it was a LOT cheaper! There are so many ways to use “canned meat” we can get at the local grocery store. Yes, we need to know how to cook from scratch, but it’s quite easy. I’m writing a post now with “meals in a can”! I got so many ideas from everyone, I’m sure others will benefit from more ideas with cheaper cans of food storage. The Vienna sausage is a great idea to add to pork and beans! Linda

  21. Oh, yes, about the tuna patties: I save the tuna water and make a creamy dill sauce to spoon over the tuna patties.
    (Trying to never waste anything edible, I dislike having to throw any food away).

  22. One thing I haven’t seen too much about is adding TVP to ground beef or other ground meats to stretch things. I have a few bags of the Bob’s Red Mill TVP for that purpose. (the unflavored kind) It’s been years since I used it (not keen on eating much of soy products), but I remember it was best when soaked and well-seasoned before adding to ground meat recipes. A thought for ‘bulking up’ ground meat if extra veggies are being used elsewhere!

    1. Hi Marcy, great idea, I think we are going to need several ways to bulk up our meals very soon. I remember when TVP first came out, I bet it’s better now. I couldn’t stand the smell of it about 35 years ago! Maybe I should have soaked it. I threw it all out. I remember buying flavored, but it’s been many years ago. Linda

  23. We stock all but kippers and sardines. I agree that these are good short-term storage items to have. We also store an extensive amount of freeze-dried whole muscle meats with a 20-year shelf life. They have roast beef, rib-eye steaks, pork chops, breakfast sausages, chicken breasts, chicken thighs, meatballs, cod, salmon, catfish, shrimp, and many others. While expensive, you get 4-10 servings from each bag. It is worth exploring. Keep up your great work, Linda!


    1. Hi Charles, oh my gosh, I have not heard of “uncooked freeze-dried meats”. I agree that we need more than short-term canned goods. Thank you for your kind words! I will check out this company for sure!! Thank you, Linda

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