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10 Food Shortages You Need To Stock

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Based on my own shopping experiences lately, I recently wrote a post about some of the grocery items I noticed were in short supply on local store shelves. I was pleased but surprised at the comments and questions that came from the article, so today I want to expand on that subject and share 10 food shortages you need to stock.

I don’t drink a lot of soda and no beer, but I do like a few cans of soda to use when cooking some meat recipes in the slow cooker. Anyway, here is a discussion about those beverages are a few more food items I have researched about.

Yesterday when I went to pick up a gallon of milk, they had “restrictions” on buying only one gallon of milk. The egg shelf was nearly empty, and no buttermilk was to be found. The pasta shelves had about 5-6 packages on a 12-foot shelf. I’m hoping they were waiting for a shipment to fill those shelves. I’m not going back to find out since I’ve already purchased what I need.

We are all aware of the shortages in many industries that are a result of manufacturing cutbacks relating to the pandemic, supply chain bottlenecks, labor shortages, the conflict in Ukraine, and the climate change effects of drought and floods. All those may be contributing factors to the food shortages we’ll discuss, and I’ll try to provide some details so you can plan your own strategy when filling your fridge or pantry.

In case you missed this post, 10 Grocery Items You May Have Trouble Finding

10 Food Shortages You Need To Stock

10 Food Shortages

1. Peanut Butter

Peanut consumption has seen a significant increase over the past few years, as reflected in an increase in per-capita use. I didn’t realize that over 50% of that consumption comes from the population eating peanut butter. With the increase in meat prices, many of us have turned to peanut butter as a great source of the protein we want, along with other nutritional benefits. This food item is also popular among our Vegan friends.

There are a number of companies that make peanut butter, including J.M. Smucker Co. which makes the most popular brand, Jif. Many retailers also have their own store brands, but Jif leads the pack by a very wide margin. In the early part of the summer, there was announced a recall for Jif due to a “potential Salmonella contamination” of the product. Note that you can make a claim for a refund for your purchases through the manufacturer.

There was a double whammy from this recall since many groceries we buy include products that have been made from the same peanut butter Jif is made from. That could include treats like fudge. It is also reported that many peanut butter product options sold by Amazon are in short supply, but when I looked it appears you can still find a fairly good assortment.

You may find that there will be a shortage of Halloween-related treats made with peanut butter. The makers of Jif say they have worked through the recall issues and hope to be back to full production quotas soon. As per comments from economists at large, the supply and demand for this product could prompt price increases just like we’ve seen with prices in other food system sources.

Peanut Butter

2. Mustard

You may not be aware, but most of the mustard seed production we benefit from comes from western Canada and the northern states. All of this region has been affected by severe drought conditions, making it difficult to grow the mustard plants that produce the seeds. Since fewer acres have been planted in mustard plants, the trend for shortages in the resulting mustard for the near future and beyond is pretty high.

Reports from Wisconsin Spice, are that production could be off by 50% since Canada produces about 75% of the global imports and 90% of what American producers need. Many European countries account for a significant supply of mustard seed, including Ukraine and Russia, so the saga is repeated there.

No one is going to experience hunger without mustard, but we sure enjoy the flavor. Those of us who love Dijon Mustard, much of which is made in France, will really miss it if the shortage continues for a longer than expected timeframe.


3. Milk

Milk production and the related cost and income have certainly been affected by the cost of livestock feed, product transportation, packaging, and other influences seen by food manufacturers and producers. I don’t view the situation with milk and milk-related products to constitute a food crisis, but it certainly is cause for some concern due to the number of people and products that rely on a consistent supply.

There are a number of “staples” we eat that come from milk production, including butter, cream, and cheese. All these products are competing for the milk that is the basis they each are made from. The decisions regarding how to allocate reduced milk production due to higher logistical costs, agricultural production, labor shortages, and other factors will be difficult.

Yes, there are some substitutes for regular milk, like milk from soy and various nuts like cashews and almonds. The challenge for regular milk drinkers is those options tend to cost a great deal more, and for milk purists, they don’t taste the same.

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As we approach the holiday season and all the special meals, parties, and treats we look forward to during this memorable and fun time of year, don’t be surprised if you find some of your favorites in short supply. You may want to stock up on Augason Farms Instant Milk, I have Thrive Life and love it. But I have heard good things about this brand. Augason Farms states it lasts 20 years.

Milk Refrigerator

4. Tampons

This is one product that has worldwide ramifications. Tampon availability is being influenced by the same factors troubling our global economy, high costs for raw materials used to make them, higher fuel costs affecting distribution, and supply chain challenges. Many female-related products qualify for some government assistance and insurance support, but menstrual products don’t.

Even if families can locate what they need, they are forced to pay more for them, and that increase in price has adversely affected millions of families.

Some of the inventory challenges are a result of the rising cost of the cotton, rayon, and plastic products used to make the tampons. The pandemic tended to redirect many of these materials to make other medical essential products, putting a real squeeze on tampon production. Some family support groups are trying to supply these items, but they are having to ration what they have so each family receives at least some supply.

The Food and Drug Administration is putting out the word that tampons are designed to be used only once, and then thrown away, so don’t ever try to reuse them. Also, don’t be tempted to extend their use by waiting an extended period to remove them. Trying to expand their use can possibly lead to infection.

Rather than being tempted to hoard tampons for your own personal inventory, if you’re having difficulty finding what you need, consider checking out my post in which I suggest women consider homemade cloth pads that may not be as comfortable and convenient but prove to be very cost-effective when put to use. You may also want to check out Dignity Period’s organic, reusable cotton pads, they come well recommended.


5. Baby Formula

Since early this year the U.S. has experienced a shortage of baby formula. Baby formula availability was already being influenced by pandemic-related supply chain issues when an Abbott Laboratories plant was shut down when a federal investigation determined the manufacturer may be providing a product that caused bacterial infections in infants being fed the formula. Although the problem wasn’t widespread with four babies being infected and two of whom died, it was considered a significant risk, those the closure.

This closure particularly affected low-income families since nearly 50% of the formula purchased in the U.S. is bought with federal funds under a program called WIC. Many of the women under WIC assistance are more likely to use formula since they come from low-income families where the women have to return to work soon after the baby arrives since their income is needed to support the family.

The company did begin manufacturing the formula, but it takes a while to catch up due to the downtime. There may be another recall due to a recent test of the formula and some issues from those tests. We’ll have to see.

There are other manufacturers of formula, so if you’re waiting for the Abbott product, you may want to consider another brand. There are pressures being applied to allow more foreign-produced products to be sold in the U.S., but if successful, that could take a while.

If you are able to produce your own breastmilk, you might consider seeing a lactation consultant or breastfeeding physician see if your production could be increased. If you do need to use formula, make an effort to not waste formula by monitoring how much the baby typically eats and filling the bottle to the appropriate level. Be sure not to dilute the formula since that could compromise the nutrients your baby needs to thrive.

Baby Formula

6. Sriracha Sauce

This is a hot sauce made from chili peppers, with the largest manufacturer, Huy Fong, Inc., stating that due to challenging weather conditions in regions where the chili peppers are grown, there would definitely be a shortage this fall and through the winter. Apparently, there was a large crop failure from severe weather that caused a reduced spring harvest, but many of the chilis that did survive didn’t meet the quality standards needed.

If this is one of your favorite sauces, you’ll probably need to look for a substitute, and if you do have a source, please don’t be tempted to hoard what’s available so as many aficionados as possible can enjoy some too.

I had to go to two stores to get a picture of these FOUR bottles, just giving you the heads-up!

Sriracha Sauce

7. Hershey’s Chocolate

Although it’s one of my favorite treats, we don’t need chocolate to survive. Still, this is one food treat we look forward to this time of year, particularly right around Halloween. Hershey’s told CNN that they have been gearing up for a robust holiday season, but as per CEO Michele Buck, the company “will not be able to fully meet consumer demand” for Halloween candy.

Candy Display for Halloween

What’s being said is that consumers from all quarters are demanding more candy, including chocolate. The company reported double-digit growth in sales in the last quarter as compared to last year’s numbers. They speculate that we are all trying to make up for all the challenges brought on by the pandemic, inflation, high gas prices, and other distractions. We like to spoil ourselves, and chocolate is a good “pain reliever.”

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If you haven’t done so already, you should get to your local store and buy some candy so you can spoil the trick-or-treaters headed your way later this month.

Hersheys Chocolate

8. Beer and Soda

Both beer and soda companies have been affected by the supply chain issues caused by the pandemic. Many are still trying to get back up to full capacity from the time they had to cut back on essential staff.

The biggest challenge right now is a shortage of C02, and carbon dioxide. This is the ingredient in both beer and soda that give it the bubbles and tangy texture. It also helps to keep the beer fresh. C02 is a byproduct of ethanol production, and ethanol wasn’t as needed when fewer people weren’t using their vehicles as much during the pandemic, so more than half of the ethanol plants were closed during the pandemic. Those plants are gearing up, but it may take a while to achieve desired production levels.

Another source of C02 is a large reservoir in the Jackson, Mississippi area, called Jackson Dome. This extinct volcano put out a gas that contaminated the reservoir during the summer, making the C02 unusable.

The big breweries are working on backup options for their C02, but the small microbreweries will be more drastically affected since they don’t have the financial resources to purchase new C02-generating machinery.

Another challenge to beer production is poor recent barley harvests. Back in 2021, barley which is a key ingredient in the beer-making process had a less stellar harvest. The high heat and dry conditions in the Northern Plains and Pacific Northwest where most of the barley is grown caused the barley to get scorched.

The USDA indicated that “We’re seeing the lowest crop conditions of the century, which is only two decades old, but still the lowest crop conditions of the century, for spring wheat for barley across the Northern Plains.”

Another contributor to the shortage is the high demand for aluminum cans. Many consumers did more at-home drinking, prompting the need for canned drinks. If people are drinking in groups it’s usually done in draft form in bars and restaurants. Yes, beer does come in bottles, but cans are easier to stack and store, making them preferable for many drinkers.

Soda Shelves

9. Tomato Products

Fresh tomatoes and tomato products, like ketchup and salsa, could prove harder to find at your local grocery store. California, which produces 90% of the domestic tomatoes in the U.S., according to CNET, is suffering through a severe drought that makes it very difficult to grow this American favorite. CNN reports that nearly 37% of the farmers in California are killing existing crops due to the very dry situation.

This is very ironic since the Washington Post reports that back in 2015 and 2016 American farmers cut back on planting tomatoes because there was an oversupply due to the other countries reducing their imports of canned tomatoes from the U.S. because they cost more than people were willing to pay.

With a drought that is the worst, it’s been since the year 800, who knows how long the shortage may last, prompting the farmers to shift to other crops that don’t require as much water to survive and thrive.

This may be enough to influence some families to consider growing their own garden, and to include tomatoes as part of their garden plan,

Tomato Products

10. Olive Oil

The U.S., and particularly California, aren’t the only country and region experiencing severe droughts that are dragging down agricultural businesses. According to Olive Oil Times, Spain accounts for nearly 50% of the world’s olive oil supplies.

Spain has been experiencing a series of massive heat waves, with more on the horizon every month. When temperatures approach 100 degrees and stay there for days at a time, the olive trees go into distress and the olives simply aren’t as prolific.

Italy is another country the world relies on for olive oil. That country is also experiencing its worst drought in the past 70 years. They are expecting to see a 20% – 30% reduction in olive oil production this harvest year. I went to the store the other day to purchase some olive oil for my pantry since we had recently cooked a few meals in the oil and I needed to replace what I had used.

I found a variety of olive oil brands but did notice I was paying more than I expected based on previous olive oil shopping trips. I hope your experience proves to be different, but if you can find what you want, expect to pay more.

Olive Oil

Final Word

I hope you look over this list I have of 10 food shortages, some you may use and some you never buy. No worries, but if some are critical to your family’s needs, please stock up on what you can. Check dates because nothing is worse than getting home and realizing the food expired last month.

I know we all have our own opinion on “best-by dates” or “expired dates” but let’s be real here when stocking the pantry. Since these items are experiencing some shortages, I would expect the inventory to be pretty recently delivered. May God Bless this world, Linda

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  1. Thank you for this vital help and information, Linda. I can see from the list that I need to store up on a few of them!!

    1. Hi Janet, you are so welcome. I’m picking up some peanut butter today, I love peanut butter sandwiches on homemade bread! I just ordered two cases of instant milk from Thrive Life. Hopefully, the prices will be reasonable for those items you need. Linda

  2. We have stocked up on the items listed that we use. Some we don’t use. Great post as usual, Linda. Thank you.

    1. Hi Ray, oh my gosh, me too! Peanut butter is at the top of my list. I ordered some instant milk (it lasts 20-25 years) from Thrive Life yesterday. I also ordered a lot of garden seeds, but I think I told you that. We may have to move to another location if the city of South Jordan, Utah won’t give us a permit. I think the left hand is not talking to the right hand or whatever. We have been here 364 days now but who is counting, right??? LOL! ME!! Linda

      1. Dear Linda, That’s terrible that you’re having permit problems. You do so much for others that you deserve all the breaks the world can give you. Going through another move, ugh! Perish the thought. This is definitely something I’ll add to my prayer list. God Bless you, Mark, and this world. Aloha, Carol

  3. Thanks for this list Linda. At my local Walmart, the baby formula is in a locked cabinet now. There aren’t any signs that limit the amount bought, however. I’m glad I’m beyond that stage of life!

    1. Hi Paula, I saw some behind some locked cubicles. I don’t need baby formula but I know some young mothers who may. It’s pretty bad when the baby formula is locked up like diamonds in a jewelry display. Wow, just wow. Linda

    2. Hey, Paula: I can tell you exactly why the Baby Formula is locked up. My daughter works for a large Walmart in our area, and she chases thieves around and catches them daily. Thieves tend to steal and hoard everything that they think they will not be able to get later on! Sometimes, they even raid the meat counter and fill and entire cart with steaks, pork loins, hamburger, bacon and chicken, if you can believe that. Well, at least that makes them stand out when a person is watching to see who is stealing! In our area, they have had to lock up every, single “razor” scooter, cause thieves were stealing those en masse, sneaking out through the garden center door closest to where their car was parked. Those scooters are very expensive, too, so the stores were losing a LOT of money on theft!! Baby formula that was stolen may have even been used to go to a black market of sorts. No, I am not kidding. Things are getting crazy in this country, the more fear people experience!

      1. HI Joyce, this does not surprise me about people trying to sell it on the black market. This may seem trivial but I was looking for a certain brand of dog leash, I used to buy for $12.00. On Amazon, they are now $59.00, and even more on eBay. Well, I will not cave to those prices. I bought a cheaper one. The meat, the scooter, wow, will this ever end? In Europe, some places take drastic measures against thieves. I can’t write it here. Stealing and lying there are no words. WOW! Linda

  4. Hi Linda, another brand of reusable sanitary supplies is GladRags. They have been making them since 1993. I think I still have some of the very early ones, they last a long time! Just a shout out for a company that was very early in saving waste to landfills!

  5. One other comment: I know we all need to have our chocolate “fix” periodically, but try to avoid Hershey’s chocolate. Their products have been proven to contain a relatively significant amt. of LEAD! The lead comes off of the lead solder of old machinery that processes the cacao in 3rd world countries; and Hersheys will buy that product and not check on contamination. Just a heads up. Don’t get me wrong, I love Hershey’s chocolates, but our family ditched them a long time ago, because of the lead. Well, I think I snuck ONE Hershey’s Kiss from a bowl of candy at the hair dresser last week, but that was it! Also, if you choose a chocolate that is 70% or higher and eat it in moderation, you can eat chocolates without much danger of getting diabetes! That percentage (or higher) is also great for keeping a waistline. 🙂

    1. Hi Joyce, well, I will look at Hershey’s chocolate a whole lot differently now. I love chocolate, I need to look for 70% and higher now. I not only want chocolate I NEED chocolate! LOL! Linda

  6. Good list, I read and am trying to find the site I read it on, that you can put the olive oil (real stuff not with added oils) into your freezer for about 5 years with out harming it. Haven’t tried it yet, has anyone tried freezing the olive oil?

    1. Kathy,
      i had some olive oil i pulled from freezer after 2 years, it did great, could not tell it had been frozen. I would not doubt it extending life of oil by time in freezer…ie still being good for a year past removal. …be sure to remove several hours ahead of need.
      Can also freeze sunflower, grapeseed , corn oils, plus others. Coconut oil has longest shelf life,w/o doing anything to it. and can be substituted for butter in recipes. (use less than butter-2/3rds less, use water-and or corn starch w/water, if need liquid for volume.

      1. Denise, Thank you for the information on the olive oil, sorry it took me so long to respond. I have been wondering about storing it for any length of time. Unfortunately, I have weird allergies, I am allergic to coconuts, pineapples, bananas, (Thanks Mom and Dad LOL). So storing and using coconut oil, anything with coconuts for that matter, are a no go for me. And as I understand it the other oils can’t be stored past a year or two without them breaking down. Thank you again for the information. I love this site as I can get help without the “snarkie” comments I have seen on other sites. Thank you Linda, everybody for all your help and information.I just wish I had paid more attention when I was growing up to my grandparents and their generation.

        1. Hi Kathy, thank you for your kind words. Here is my thought on Olive oil. I buy smaller bottles and one of the ones I bought last year (still unopened) is good through (Best By Date) 3-29-2024. I bought six bottles at the time on the same day as that date. Yes, they cost a little more but no waste. They. are Davinci Premium’s first cold-pressed and 100% authentic Extra Virgin Olive oil. I can use up smaller bottles before they go rancid. Just my 2 cents. Linda

          1. Thanks Linda, I will have to look for that brand, Right now I can get Bertolli’s (real olive oil) in the small bottles, 16 oz size for the same reason, can use up before they turn. However I read that I can use the “turned bad” bottles of pure olive oil in my Oil Lamps. Supposedly there is little or no smell as opposed to using other(cooking) oils as some sites suggest using in oil lamps.. I haven’t tried it yet but IF and WHEN I do I’ll let you all know how it went (and how stinky it really was LOL).

          2. Hi Kathy, I just went and bought 8 more bottles. They are more expensive but I looked for Non-GMO brands. I bought some Bertolli and some other brands. I dug through the best-by dates, literally. All were in June or July 2024. Yay! I Have heard about bad oil in oil lamps. I have so many solar lights, I’m good for light. Linda

        2. Kathy,
          Don’t we all wish we had paid more attention to parents and grandparents.!
          I also have a skin allergy to pineapple and tomato, when fresh, if purchased.. canned do not bother me.Nor home raised tomato,… guessing is something treated with somewhere along the line.
          There are months i go without purchasing any oils, and i use other oils/fats heavily.For me it is not “about ” having a certain amount stored, but to have what i want as we need it. Olive oil , by it being virgin, cold pressed with longest dates is what i have chosen..
          We are rural and the freshest of anything does not come here first.. Olive oil is purchased in big city where they have a better turn over of product and thus better dates.Driving 70 or more miles total, for one item just does not happen.It has to wait til i make the trip..
          Most Olive oil bottles are stronger structurally, than other oil bottles. I have frozen grapeseed oil- we use it only cold.- do not cook with it. and i have not rotated it out yet.
          Sunflower oil freezes well and tastes/preforms well fine when thawed.I did some about 4 years ago in 48 oz bottles.I kept it in freezer abt 2 years, needed the freezer space, took it out and used the several bottles over a year. The bottles were thin and easily punctured by sharp corners in freezer.I transferred one to another bottle when i found that it thawed.

          and for others who may read this i have never found a need to freeze coconut oil unopened it stores in a cool cupboard for more than 5 years. Smaller qt or so containers work better for my family of this since it is so economical.
          I would suggest you place any oils you decide to freeze in a paper bag that covers entire…and label that with the best by date . and the date you put it in. Even other oils… Oils should be extended by the amount of time you choose to freeze,as long as they remain frozen. They are processed!
          I have never done avocado oil, but know it freezes well because avocado can be frozen and used.

  7. I need to get some peanut butter and tomato products. I’m going to assume since there will be a shortage of peanut butter that also means a shortage of the PB2 peanut butter powder. I add that to smoothies to bump up the protein level and also add flavor. I’ll have to hit the after Halloween sales to stock up on chocolate. I read somewhere (was it on your blog??) where if you put the chocolate in 1/2 gallon canning jars and use the sealer attachment on a vacuum sealer that the chocolate will stay fresh for a very long time.

    1. Hi Topaz, I store chocolate candy (after Halloween) in pint and quart jars and use my FoodSaver. I try to eat the M & M peanuts throughout the year because nuts go rancid quickly. It’s so fun to have a Milky Way 12 months later. And Snickers. And M & M’s. Need I say more!!! LOL! I would guess PB2 would be in short supply once the peanut butter jars become more scarce. Linda

  8. Thanks, Linda ~ I, too have seen some shortages. Guess I am fortunate that I live alone and only use milk in cooking! So, I have a good stash of instant milk but think I’ll order some from Thrive. I don’t eat peanut butter but I passed this blog on to my daughter who keeps a supply on hand for the kiddos!

    Think I will try to get some PB2 though just to keep on hand in case!

    Went to pick up a few things at my local grocer. There were things that were missing altogether: ice cream, tomato products, some paper products. I didn’t “need” the other things on the list so didn’t go down those aisles.

    The prices of the things I did purchase, however, were nail biting!! Only thing that I thought had not gone up in price was potatoes! Russet/bakers $0.79/pound.

    My food storage may get eaten if my social security doesn’t go up much but the prices of things go through the roof!

    1. Hi Leanne, great idea. The Augason peanut butter has a shelf life of 5 years so don’t overstock it. No ice cream??? Wow, that hurts for sure! I don’t buy a lot but I sure love it! I’ve heard paper products are going to be in short supply as well. I’m sure you have seen short supplies of tomato products. The Thrive Life Instant milk ran out last year. I think it’s still on sale, not sure. Nail biting prices for sure. Linda

  9. I will only use 7 items that you mentioned but I would suggest people stock up on Tuna fish, Mackerel, Shell fish like shrimp or clams or any canned meat you can find. I don’t and my girls are at the age of no return so they don’t use a lot of them. My daughter was given some years ago and she still has a bunch left but they are good for using as bandages for large cuts. pads can be used for a lot of things. As for baby food I might stock up on some of that because my Daughter in Love has a niece who just had a baby and she might need the diapers sometime.

    I am stocking up on The Hormel Dinty More Ready in 60 seconds beef meals and the Hormel Compleats which are usually poultry of some sort. Each week I have my daughter get 5 of each kind they have at the grocery store and we are able to fill up a big Plastic tub each month with good meals that only need a can of vegetables and some homemade bread with it.

    1. I forgot to say it would be a nice thing to can any meal like soup or stew or meats that have been cooked and left over for your own Meals . or if you can get the meat and veggies you can make your own Homemade meals.

    2. Hi Jackie, things are so uncertain right now, please follow your gut. Stock what your heart and gut tell you to fill your pantry. I never in my life thought I would see such a mess in our country as far as the food chain. I feel bad for the farmers, the producers, the pickers, the canners, and of course the truck drivers. It affects everything. Linda. P.S. if I missed someone it was not intentional.

  10. Linda, I have been blessed to have great neighbors. One of my neighbors had a huge amount of tomatoes this summer and sold them for $1.00 a pound so I bought and canned whole tomatoes and tomato juice. Today my other neighbor brought me 25 maybe 30 pounds of green tomatoes. I might make a pie and them maybe pickles. I will probably let some ripen for a up coming Thanksgiving meal at the beginning of November.
    You know one thing I was thinking about that we might look for and buy if they aren’t crazy priced is
    canning flats. It is pretty much pasted canning season and they might have come down in price but if not
    if we can find them now and through the winter by next Spring or summer who knows if we can find them.

    1. Hi June K., I totally agree with you. I was shocked to see wide-mouth canning lids at the grocery store the other day. The good ones Ball/Kerr! I’m seeing cases of quart and pint jars, I say stock up on those as well. Great reminder. What a blessing to get tomatoes at a very good price! Oh, I love canned tomatoes and homemade tomato juice, YUMMY!! Linda

  11. We have to take advantage of any deals we find, of what’s available right now and to try and grow some edibles or raise some chickens or rabbits.

    I’ve been thinking of making hardtack and rock sugar and rock salt. Converting flour into hardtack will allow me to store flour without buying wheat berries. And the salt and sugar are said to be easier to store in rock form. Of course the actual shape is not important as long as the pieces fit into a jar or container and use the space efficiently. So now, I see hardtack not only as a food, but as a flour source or a version of flour that anyone can make and then use with an indefinite shelf life.

    These articles are helpful to remind and inform people of all their options and things they can do to be prepared.

    I’m also think, despite the demand, if seeds for sprouting are available I’m going to put them on our food list as well as seeds to grow microgreens. My father had a few things growing outside and hardly put any effort in cultivating them. So, logically, with a little more effort and attention I know we can have a garden, but I was thinking of concentrating on the easiest food to grow thinking primarily of survival gardening. Also, some veggies can be grown from cut parts and the seeds of the fresh produce we buy in grocery stores.

    Like many others, I am looking for specific things, but also willing to use vegetable oil if I can’t get Canola oil and maybe want to save on olive oil. We have to be flexible and strategic. I have even began o purchase things like Ramen noodles or Knorr side dishes in the little pouches, Bisquick all purpose mix and I have salt even though we are kind of a low sodium household.

    1. Hi Frank, you nailed it, my friend! We must be flexible, I have purchased ramen noodles and Knorr side dishes, and even packets of Idaho Instant potatoes. Hardtack is a great one to make ahead and add to soups to fill the belly. We must do what we can with what is going on around us. Some of these items can stretch our food budget. Great comment, Linda

  12. Linda,
    Coconut oil has the longest shelf life, unopened of any of the oils except for possibly Ghee. Meat fats , bacon grease, fat from a batch of chicken leg quarters, and off Boston Pork Butts can all also be processed and saved for later use- with minimal equipment.
    Have already stocked olive, sunflower and coconut… in amounts needed for family.
    I’ll keep my salt and sugar in granular ,Thank you. I have enough work to do to keep it – so can use smaller amounts. salt can be mixed with seasonings and used in granular form to secure meats. got Crocks?
    Fats packed in sterilized/dry jars /w sterilized and dry lids.after cooking to purify yields and excellent product which has kept 6 years on shelf unopened.Any moisture in jars will crack jars. I sterilize jars, sit them upright in a pan kept hot on stove top..with hot water in that pan.
    Make sure you rotate the ramen(can go rancid-is fried) and knorr sides, each can be useful even to those with limited diets.(ramen seasoning pack is loaded with msg, can use own broth to make the noodles and use alternate seasonings. and /or use them as a basis for a meal by adding in sweet peas, onion, mixed veggies – or eggs, bacon bits and other seasonings for a breakfast bowl.
    Knorr sides can add a 5-7 oz can of meat, and a can of sweet peas, or diced carrots( or freeze dried) to it as preparing for a one pot complete meal.
    Plain flour will keep longer than mixes which may have fats added, This causes spoiling of mixes..Look at dates and rotate baking mixes ahead of their expiration dates- pancake mix, bisquick etc.
    I have a friend in SWTexas, it main mainstream news this am that Tomato growers in California are NOT some places. (90% tomatoes are produced in Calif./and crops were down 14% this years harvest). One farmer who has been planting 2000acres of tomatoes is planting- ZERO- this coming year.( this was in Calif.) Yes i have diced tomatoes,found on discount.) commercially jarred salsa- in jars i re use., generic rotel .. spaghetti sauce..
    Last week, I heard a report RICE growers in Calif have sold their water allotment to olive growers this year, so those crops harvest will be nil THIS crop year. Under same report in comment section,a rice processor worker- night shift worker reports long lags in night shift receiving -NOW-and crop in Ar. down by 50% at his facility.
    Those who are watching weather reports and crop planting- say will be at least 2024- OR LONGER before a return to meet need for rice….adapt2030 etc.
    Some areas of drought did not produce corn this year. Other areas are not able to get to market… low river levels.
    Fruit canned fruit of all kinds your family likes commercial or fresh fruit apples just coming in/ dehydrate, or make apple butter and jelly.
    Canned meats of every size and type your family will and can eat.
    Variety in every product you will sometimes use… pastas, couscous, quinoa,wheat, milo,sunflower seed..just to start you.

    Make sure if you are in an area that has chronic wasting disease(CWD) in large animals- deer, elk, your kill is legal so you can get that critter tested before consuming. Double glove,use protective gloves to keep from knicking self w/ all sharp things. process using extreme care. Excise all nerves, bury any contaminated meat at least 6 feet down. Prion can not migrate in soil, are viable-disease causative for more than 100years. CWD is in our area and our deer population is down in some areas of county by 80%. CWD is passed from animal to animal/man in ALL body fluids and nerve contaminations.including slobber, urine feces, It is a PRION disease and can activate up to 20 years after you consume the meat, there is NO treatment for man or beast. It 100% FATAL. I have a friend who watched a family member die with it… was dying with it and knew/helpless. Horrid death.! Similar to aids in hemophiliac population who received contaminated clotting factors.
    Your list of must buys- are most of my can not eats…nuts, milk, preprocessed meal kits,( are good if one can eat them). Hershey’s has started using GMO ingredients…and advertised they were going to do so. I took them off our regular purchase list and buy other branded cocoa in concentrated form. we do not eat candy regularly, I think i have had 3 pcs since they went woke. same for cola companies. switched to water and teas- herbal etc. (i can make a good chocolate pie from ingredients i can have.)
    some stores close out canning flats as soon as it is time for berries to come in and make jelly… The critters making decisions do not understand it is just getting time to can meats , process the things we had in an overabundance for shelf stability..make jellies, jams .
    . Canning season is 12 months a year. If you do not have 4-5 dz flats for every dozen jars you are behind.
    One tablespoon of sprouting seed can yield a whole qt of sprouts. If you like them and can use. Wheat can be sprouted , then dehydrated, used for making bread.
    GREEN TOMAToes can be sliced and dehydrated, stored dry in a jar with oxygen absorber or food saver-ed for fried green tomatoes later. use large mouth jar and stack those babies. just have to soak them til tender in slightly warm water… maybe 30-45 min depending on thickness. coat with breading of choice and fry.

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