10 Affordable Ways to Spread Kindness


Kindness is one of the greatest virtues you can display. I recently shared a post, 30 Acts of Kindness You Can Start Today. Many of those acts of kindness are free, or very low cost, but a few can have some cost (such as paying extra on the tip for your server who did a great job, or paying for a stranger’s meal). However, you don’t have to spend a dime to be kind. Here are some affordable ways to spread kindness.

Affordable Ways To Spread Kindness

1. Make Friendly Conversation

I am by nature a talker, so it’s second nature to make pleasant conversation with people in the grocery store line or servers at a restaurant. Simply asking someone how their day is, telling them you noticed the great job they are doing, or making small talk about the weather can let someone know that you appreciate their presence. A smile and a simple chat go a long way in spreading kindness.

2. Visit A Retirement Community

There are people at homes for the elderly that get zero visitors. Can you imagine living in a home where the only interaction comes from workers and others that live there? Even if all of those people you come across are kind, it’s not the same as having family members and friends come and sit with you to read, talk, and maybe go for a walk.

Be that family or friend for someone in your own life or even a stranger. Visit a retirement community. Ask the staff if it would be possible to bring cards or read to someone who doesn’t get regular visitors. If you or your children or grandchildren play a musical instrument or sing, consider sharing one of those talents with the community. Sharing your special talents and companionship with someone in need is a free way to show kindness.

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3. Leave Notes In Books

One of the best things about spreading kindness is that you can do it in a way where it’s entirely unexpected. Go to a bookstore or the library and put sticky notes in books with positive messages. You may choose popular self-help titles, young adult novels, or picture books with messages for young people. Slip notes in the pages for others to find when they need the words of kindness the most.

4. Help Someone w/o Being Asked

There are so many little random acts of kindness you can do without any planning or preparation. Hold the door for a stranger. Help a grocery clerk (or customer at self-checkout) bag groceries. Offer to help someone to the car with their bags at the store. Help a family with children or an elderly couple clear their table at a fast food restaurant. If you work outside the home, help a co-worker with a task they don’t necessarily love to do. Doing these random acts of kindness not only will help others feel the effects of your kindness, but they’ll also make you feel great as well.

5. Shopping Carts

Grab a shopping cart from someone who is taking their cart back up to store. It will save them a few steps and make both of you smile.

6. Standing In Line

If you aren’t in a hurry and you can see someone has only a few items to “check out” ask them if they would like to go ahead of you. It’s another way to make someone smile.

7. Mother Nature

Do you sometimes see trash blowing in your neighborhood or locations that just happen to have trash on the ground? Place the trash in the container. Mother Nature can’t pick it up, but we can. It makes the area look so much nicer, right?

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8. Groups Mingling

Include everyone in the group conversation. Life is good if everyone contributes, not just one person.

9. Donate Blood

Our body has approximately 10 pints of blood. When one pint of blood is donated it can help save up to three people. If you are healthy you can donate blood every 56 days or every two months. About one in seven people entering a hospital will need blood. This is truly a way to spread kindness.

10. Money (one that’s not FREE)

If you are aware of someone in need of a few extra dollars, tape as many one-dollar bills together end to end and place them in an empty tissue box with the first one sticking out of the top of the box opening. They will love pulling them out of the box, I promise. If you know they’re home, ring the doorbell and leave the box on the porch. Life is good when we give anonymously. They may need those few dollars for gas or groceries. May God bless you for sharing.

Final Word

These affordable ways to spread kindness won’t cost you a thing or very little (the tissue box), and you will make a difference in this world. Being kind is one of the most important things you can do to help stop the spread of hate and bullying in the world. Just remember to be kind. Thanks for being prepared for the unexpected. May God bless this world, Linda

“Prepare our Family For Survival” by Linda Loosli

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