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30 Acts of Kindness You Can Start Today

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In a world where negativity surrounds our airwaves, trolling is a comment on online posts, and people can be just plain mean, we really need to focus on two words – be kind. Kind words are one thing, but truly being kind in your daily actions can make a huge difference in your life and the lives of others. Therefore, I am sharing 30 acts of kindness you can start today. Let’s make a difference in someone’s life whenever we can.

30 Acts Of Kindness

1. Hold the door open for a stranger.

2. Allow someone to go in front of you in line in a store.

3. Visit an elderly home to read stories, share cards, or just share conversation.

4. Donate books to a school or library.

5. Write a letter or email to a friend you haven’t talked to in a while.

6. Donate clothes or toiletries to those in need.

7. Leave high value coupons on items at the store.

8. Write positive sticky notes to leave in restroom stalls.

9. Invite a coworker or classmate to each lunch with you.

10. Bring a meal to a neighbor, just because.

11. Pay for the coffee or food for someone in the drive-thru line behind you.

12. Mow your neighbor’s lawn.

13. Shovel your neighbor’s driveway and walk.

14. Pick up the trash at a park, school, or in the neighborhood.

15. Plant flowers (with permission) at a school or public park.

16. Donate to a charity that is important to a friend (in their name).

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17. Give an authentic compliment to a stranger.

18. Offer to babysit for new parents or veteran parents that need a night out.

19. Volunteer at the local pet shelter.

20. Call or visit with a manager at a store or restaurant to give kudos to an employee.

21. Pay off a student’s negative lunch balance at a school.


22. Volunteer to read at story time at your local library or help your local civic clubs.

23. Take family photos for friends or neighbors.

24. Leave social media messages of kindness for friends.

25. Send someone a handmade gift, just because.

26. Call (not text) a friend or relative that lives out of state just to say hello.

27. Write a list of great things about yourself, this is being kind to you.

28. Tip the total of your bill.

29. Write a thank you letter to a former teacher or mentor.

30. Walk a neighbor’s dog.


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Final Word

These are just 30 simple things you can do in 30 days to make a difference in the world. A simple act of kindness can cause a ripple effect. If you’ve ever been in a drive-thru where someone paid for your coffee or meal, what did you automatically do? You probably paid for the person behind you. One act of kindness, in turn, causes another. It doesn’t have to be financial, however.

Simply smiling at a stranger or telling someone they’re doing a great job can give them great feelings as a result of your kindness. It’s amazing how much a few short words or actions can impact someone’s day. Keep a kindness calendar close by to record what you do each day to show kindness, empathy, and generosity towards others. You can make a difference with these 30 acts of kindness. You may have other acts of kindness that better suit you. Write them down, you can start today!

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  1. What a lovely post! Since I already keep a journal/calendar, I will start tracking my acts of kindness. I’m imagining what the world would be like if everyone followed your suggestion…

    1. Hi Roxanne, I would love a world with more kindness. Good idea about writing down your acts of kindness. I pray people will be kind to one another. Linda

  2. At Christmas time I put a $1.25 (.25 for taxes) in an envelope when I go to the dollar store. I Write on it, “You can use this to buy something for your self or another”. Merry Christmas! “. I give it to a child or an adult. You could do this any time, of course!

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