Enjoying a Cup of Coffee as a Prepper

Enjoying a Cup of Coffee as a Prepper

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Coffee is one of the most popular beverages in the world. As a result, it’s probably not surprising to hear that many people take their coffee consumption seriously. Unfortunately, an emergency can strike at any time, and that can make it difficult to get a cup of joe when you need it most. However, with some advance preparation, you can still enjoy your favorite cup of coffee even in an emergency. Here are some tips on enjoying a cup of coffee as a prepper! In a survival situation, you may want to still enjoy a steaming cup of coffee, and that’s okay! I am guilty of wanting to have a cup of coffee, no matter what, it helps me think straight. My favorite instant coffee, Jacob’s Velvet 200g

Keeping Coffee Beans On Hand

The first piece of advice for enjoying your favorite cup of coffee even in an emergency is to keep some coffee beans on hand. If you grind the coffee beans before storing them, it means that you won’t have to go through the trouble of grinding your own beans later or fret about the freshness of store-bought ground coffee.

Keeping beans on hand also allows you to ensure that the quality of your brew remains consistent with each batch. All you need to do is keep a few bags stored in a cool and dry place so they remain fresh for as long as possible before use. Properly stored coffee beans, whether ground or not, means you can still create that perfect cup of coffee. 25 Brilliant Reasons to Store Coffee Filters

Having the ability to brew a pot of some emergency coffee helps to dampen the negative effects of the situation, boost your spirits, and makes your life feel more normal.

Enjoying a Cup of Coffee as a Prepper

Invest In A Portable Coffee Maker

A portable or travel coffee maker is another great way to ensure that you’re able to enjoy your favorite cup of joe even during an emergency situation. There are several brands available on the market today, and they range from simple pour-over devices which only require hot water and filter paper. Some people go top cabin with full-featured espresso machines that use capsules or pods, depending on your preference. With the right machine at hand, all you need is access to hot water, no electricity is required! Of course, this may not be the way a lot of people are enjoying a cup of coffee as a prepper, but it’s a good tip! 15 Uses for Coffee Grounds

Have A Reusable Alternative For Instant Coffee

Disasters strike but you still need your daily cup of Joe? For those looking for a more convenient alternative, having some packets or jars of instant coffee can come in handy during emergencies. However, if this option appeals more than attempting manual brewing, be sure not to opt for disposable single-use packets. They don’t tend to be very eco-friendly (and might not even satisfy taste buds). Instead, invest in reusable pouches which come equipped with filters built into them. These allow for multiple uses without compromising flavor integrity or adding excess waste. Instant coffee is such a great way for coffee drinkers to enjoy a morning cup of Joe, even when there’s an emergency! You can even use this coffee hack for enjoying cold coffee!

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Make Your Own Coffeemaker

Another interesting solution for enjoying a cup of joe during an emergency situation is by making your own “coffee maker” out of everyday items like bottles or cans. The process involves boiling water over an open flame (or hot plate) and then pouring it over grounds placed inside that container. Once enough time passes (usually around four minutes), then voila, you have brewed yourself a delicious drink! It doesn’t get much simpler than that now does it? For those who haven’t really taken long-term coffee storage seriously, there are ways for you to make your own coffee maker and still be a coffee-loving prepper.

Invest In A French Press

If space permits and/or funds allow for it, investing in a French press could also be beneficial when trying to enjoy coffee during times when electricity isn’t available or practical. They essentially operate like smaller versions of traditional floor models without the need for power. All you need is hot water and coarsely ground beans (something obtained from prepping ahead) and perfection awaits! If you have read enough survival scenarios, then you know that there are many good reasons to invest in a French press!

Take Advantage Of Natural Resources

For those who find themselves in an emergency where they need to brew their own coffee without access to electricity, taking advantage of natural resources can be a great solution. One option is solar energy. If you have access to direct sunlight, you can use the power of the sun to heat up water for your favorite cup of joe. You can also put coffee grounds over a campfire using the same premise. The key here is not to let it boil, but rather just get your desired temperature. I’m sure there’s an achievable temp that would allow you to enjoy the full flavor profile of your favorite beans. 9 Ways to Stay Warm Without Electricity

Buy & Use Tea Bags From the Grocery Store

Another potential workaround when trying to get your fix during emergencies is tea bags. While this isn’t strictly “coffee” per se, tea bags made from coffee grounds are definitely close enough (and even offer some variety depending on type/brand). All one needs to do is use boiling hot water and add the right amount of tea bags into the mix, Voila! Instant caffeine rush awaits! Just remember, don’t let them steep too long, or else bitterness will ensue! So, if you’re a true coffee lover, you may find that using tea bags as a type of coffee is your way of enjoying emergency survival coffee.

You can buy bulk teas at Costco and Sam’s Club, and green teas are my favorite! 24 Essential Homestead Skills You Need to Master

Prep And Store Grounds, Long-Term Storage

Finally, and probably most importantly, it pays off greatly if one prepares ahead by pre-grounding their coffee beans before emergencies arise. This ensures that all you need for brewing is ready and waiting for that moment when you need it most. To make sure ground coffee stays fresh for as long as possible, storing them in airtight containers and keeping them away from light sources and any moisture tends to work best. This is a great way to store coffee for future use and ensure longer shelf life! This is one of the best ways for enjoying a cup of coffee as a prepper, in an emergency situation.

Is coffee a perishable item?

Yes, it is. You’ll find that coffee beans will start losing their freshness as soon as you roast them. As it loses its freshness, the natural flavors you love will begin to go away, making it less enjoyable. Like other perishable foods, the sooner you use those beans, the better the quality of the coffee.

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One thing to consider would be to store green coffee beans and then roast and grind them when it’s time to brew the coffee for drinking.

What’s the best coffee for prepping?

When it comes to food storage issues for your coffee, consider the following:

  • Your ground coffee beans, if stored in air-tight containers can last up to about five years.
  • If you have whole roasted coffee beans, they should last up to two years past their “use-by date” if left in the unopened container.
  • Instant coffee may be your best choice for longer-term storage since it can last 10 years if still in the original unopened package. I’ve been told that instant coffee still takes ok even after 10 years.
  • Green coffee beans are also a good choice since they should last five years when unopened.

Is enjoying coffee wrong as the world burns around you?

Right now as Americans, there’s a lot of talk in families, schools, neighborhoods, and even the government about the struggles people are going through mentally and financially. Not too many things feel like “normal” after the past few years with lockdowns, at-home school and work, and the challenges of inflation. When the world seems to be crumbling around us, sometimes it’s nice to just sit back and enjoy the simple things of life that we may have taken for granted, and that includes a hot cup of coffee.

Are there any health benefits and/or challenges from drinking coffee?

Most coffee drinkers like the alert feelings they get from an early morning cup. Studies have shown there may be some benefits based on how much you consume and the lifestyle you pursue:

  • The caffeine in coffee is considered a stimulant of the central nervous system, and as such can provide a higher level of energy.
  • Could possibly reduce the risk of developing Parkinson’s disease, and may protect against brain disorders like Alzheimer’s disease.
  • The ability of coffee to preserve the beta cell functions in your pancreas could help in the production of insulin needed to prevent type 2 diabetes.
  • Consumption of coffee on a regular basis may lower your risk of depression.
  • If weight is an issue with you, coffee may be able to alter how you store fat and also help strengthen digestive health, both important elements
  • in managing your weight.
  • Coffee may be your liver’s friend since it can lower the levels of scarring in the liver and reduce the risk of liver cancer.
  • Although the stimulation effects of drinking coffee could increase blood pressure, it has been shown to reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke.
  • Drinking coffee has been tied to living longer. It has also been shown to improve athleticism in many people.

The downside to coffee consumption includes an increased incidence of headaches, including migraines, in some people. It also has been known to cause jitteriness, increased heart rate, anxiety, and even panic attacks in some coffee drinkers. Finally, some individuals experience inflammation from drinking coffee which can cause more challenges in people with joint pain and gastrointestinal issues.

We all need to monitor our intake of coffee and use moderation. That particularly applies to pregnant women, those who are breastfeeding, young children and adolescents, and also anyone with serious health conditions.

Final Word

As you can see, there are many ways one can prepare ahead in order to enjoy their favorite cup o’ joe even during emergencies, provided they have access to ingredients like hot water or a heat source respectively! From investing in portable/travel brewers all the way up to making homemade machines out of everyday objects. Whatever fits both budget & lifestyle should suffice when figuring out how to make that next cup!

Having some prepper-friendly coffee cups is your best bet! How do other coffee snobs plan on storing their coffee for long-term storage? If you have a secret to storing coffee with a long shelf life, let me know in the comments! May God Bless this world, Linda (a coffee enthusiast)

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  1. We have several ways stored to be able to make a cup of coffee when the SHTF. While they may not be our everyday choice, after many, many years of drinking coffee for breakfast, I get a headache without my regular two cups every morning. I suppose that means I am an addict. LOL!!!

  2. My husband says he gets a headache without coffee. I always think to myself that If SHTF coffee might be the last thing I think about… WHO KNOWS! I imagine the world burning around them and people would still be in line for Starbucks LOL

  3. I can’t imagine getting up without my cup of joe. I have two French presses, and even have beans that I can roast. Unroasted beans last a long time.

  4. Handy tips. I don’t drink coffee, only tea, but I like to have coffee on hand for guests. I have both drip and French press pots but keeping the actual ground coffee or beans from getting stale before a guest requires it has been a nuisance. Especially since the number of coffee drinking guests has become so few and far between now that I live in a more rural location. People don’t “just drop by” like they used to.

    1. Hi Alice, oh I love tea as well. It is sad for me that people do not drop by like they used to. It is so nice to have some coffee or tea handy for guests, love it! Linda

  5. Great post, Linda. We all need our indulgences when stressed.
    We have ground coffee, coffee pods, and instant coffee. The instant coffee is in a jar and som is individual packages. I also have sugar free coffee creamer, and plain coffee creamer. And a stock of herbal teas, and regular tea as well. We have a couple of stove top percolators as well. One is a Corning ware ones that was my mothers. One is a tin one. We’ve used both when we didn’t have power. I don’t often drink hot coffee, but do love a good cup of tea. Mostly Chai tea latte. It’s so good. If you like it, there is a recipe online for an instant version. Not sure where, just Google it.

    1. HI Deborah, My grandson drinks Chai Tea, it’s not my favorite but so many people drink it! I like some Starbucks chocolate syrup in mine with a little milk. For some reason, that chocolate is the best on earth! The bottle says Starbucks chocolate and comes with a pump! LOL! Life is good! Linda

  6. I absolutely love coffee! Thank you SOOO much for explaining how to keep coffee beans. I LOVE the fresh grind; the smell itself is satisfying! AND I didn’t know that ground coffee could last that long after being ground. All the tips were so helpful. I always heard otherwise. But I tell ya’, in a SHTF situation, coffee is coffee and I will take whatever I can! This was a feel-good subject and you made all us coffee drinkers day today! Thanks again Linda 🙂

  7. Hi Linda, I am glad to hear that ground coffee can last 5 years. I started buying that up a year ago. I have a cedar chest full of mostly Folgers, and a few other brands. I always buy the coffee in the markdown cart, It will be good for bartering. I have 3 cat litter buckets of various teas. I love coffee, hot and iced.
    I have flavored coffee syrups too, that is my splurge. The only thing is there is no way to store half and half. Half and half is my favorite. I have a container of powdered creamer for the desperate times, lol.
    Blessings and hugs,
    Jackie Perkins

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