25 Brilliant Reasons to Store Coffee Filters

25 Brilliant Reasons to Store Coffee Filters

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For a majority of my readers out there, I’d be willing to bet that the coffee filters that are in your home are only used for their original purpose. While there’s certainly nothing wrong with that, you’d be missing out on the dozens of other ways you could be using them to make your life easier. Several ideas that I have listed below are downright clever, in my own humble opinion, and I think you can greatly benefit from them. These are 25 brilliant reasons for you to store coffee filters, other than making coffee.

25 Brilliant Reasons to Store Coffee Filters

25 Brilliant Reasons to Store Coffee Filters

1. Protect your Dinnerware

You can prevent damaging your dinner plates by adding coffee filters in between the plates as you stack them on your shelves. This will act as a buffer and will save your dinnerware from any chips or cracks.

2. Extend the Life of Your Blender

If you use your blender often, then chances are the rubber seal has seen better days. To get more uses out of it, line the inside of the lid with a coffee filter. This will help to create a tighter seal and will prevent any liquid from leaking out. The good thing, you can repeat the process a number of times and save repair or replacement costs in the short term.

3. Keep Your Drains Clear

Hair and soap can easily build up in your drains and cause them to become clogged. To help keep things flowing smoothly, place coffee filters over your drain before each shower. This will catch any hair before it has a chance to go down the drain. 3 Things That Will Happen After A Disaster Consider this step in the bathrooms used by those in the family with the longest hair. Most short hairs in the sink and shower go right down the drain, not always the case for longer strands of hair.

4. Make Your Own Dryer Sheets

You can save money and keep your clothes static-free by making your own dryer sheets. Simply take a coffee filter and add a few drops of essential oil. Then, toss it in the dryer with your wet clothes. The filter will help to absorb the moisture and the essential oils will leave your clothes smelling great. This step may not address the wrinkles, but so many clothes these days are manufactured as “wrinkle-free” that the key issue in the laundry is having the clothes come out smelling fresh and clean. You should be able to reuse the coffee filter multiple times before it needs to be discarded.

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5. Eliminate Streaks from Your Glasses

If you’re tired of dealing with streaks on your glasses, then coffee filters could be an easy solution. Simply wet a filter and run it over your glasses. The coffee filter will pick up any dust or streaks and will leave your glasses sparkling clean.

6. Clean Your Keyboard

Is your keyboard looking a little grimy? You can easily clean it with coffee filters. Just dampen the filter and run it over all of the keys. The coffee filter will pick up any dirt or dust and will leave your keyboard looking new. Don’t put too much moisture on the filter since liquids and keyboards don’t mix well!

7. Absorb Grease

Instead of using expensive paper towels the next time you’re needing to soak up some of the greases from your bacon or french fries, try using a coffee filter instead. Just throw it away when you’re done! 13 Ways to Use Bacon Grease

8. Keep Ice Cream Soft

If you store your ice cream in the freezer in a container with a coffee filter over the top, it will help to keep it from getting hard as a rock. Simply poke a few holes in the top of the container, place the coffee filter over it and replace the lid. 20 No-Churn Ice Cream Recipes

9. Make a Pesto Strainer

If you make your own pesto, chances are you don’t want any big chunks of basil leaves in it. To avoid this, place a coffee filter over the top of your blender or food processor while you’re blending the mixture. The coffee filter will strain out the big pieces while still letting all of the delicious pesto flavors through.

10. Make Your Own Flavored Coffee

You can easily make your own flavored coffee by adding a few drops of extract to a coffee filter and placing it in your coffee maker. The extract will flavor the coffee as it brews and you’ll have a delicious cup of flavored coffee without having to spend a fortune.

11. DIY Air Freshener

You can make your own air fresheners with coffee filters and essential oils. Simply add a few drops of oil to the filter and place it in the room that you want to freshen up. The coffee filter will absorb the oil and diffuse the scent into the air.

12. De-Grease Your Dishes

If you’re tired of dealing with greasy dishes, then coffee filters are the answer. Simply dampen a filter and run it over your dishes before you start washing them. The coffee filter will absorb the grease and will make washing your dishes a breeze.

13. Wrap Up Your Flowers

If you’re giving someone flowers, you can keep them fresh longer by wrapping the stems in a coffee filter. This will help to keep the moisture in and will prevent the flowers from drying out as quickly.

14. Eliminate Fruit Flies

To keep fruit flies away from your fruit bowl, place a coffee filter over the top. The little bugs will be able to get in, but they won’t be able to get back out. How To Catch Fruit Flies

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15. Make a DIY Aromatherapy Mask

For a quick and easy facial mask, mix together some oatmeal, honey, and milk. Then, place a coffee filter over your face and pour the mixture on top. The coffee filter will allow the mask to stay in place while still being able to breathe.

16. Use as a Spoon Rest

If you’re cooking something on the stove that splatters, like soup or sauce, place a coffee filter over the area where you’ll be setting your spoon down. This will help to keep your counter clean and will also make it easy to just throw away the coffee filter when you’re done.

17. Keep Your Car Windows Fog-Free

If you live in a cold climate, then you know the struggle of trying to keep your car windows from fogging up. The next time you get in your car, place a coffee filter over the vent. This will help to absorb moisture and will help to keep your windows fog-free.

18. Prevent Soil Erosion

If you have plants that are in danger of being washed away by heavy rains in a small garden area, place coffee filters over the soil. The coffee filter will help to absorb some of the water and will prevent the soil from eroding.

19. Make a Biodegradable Scrubber

When you need a little extra scrubbing power, reach for a coffee filter. Just dampen the filter and use it to scrub away at any dirty surface. The coffee filter will do a great job of cleaning and it can just be thrown away when you’re done.

20. Clean Your Makeup Brushes

To clean your makeup brushes, simply wet a coffee filter and run it over the bristles. The coffee filter will pick up any dirt or makeup and will leave your brushes looking new. Those brushes can prove to be a little expensive, so this should save you some money in the long run.

21. Protect Your Delicate Clothes

If you have any delicate clothes that you need to wash by hand, place them in a sink with a coffee filter over the top. This will help to prevent the clothes from getting tangled up and will also protect them from any sharp objects that might be in the sink. 12 Quick & Easy Tips for Washing Clothes

22. Wrap Up Fragile Items

If you’re packing up something fragile for a move or for storage, wrap it up in coffee filters. The coffee filters will provide a bit of padding and will help to keep the item from getting damaged.

23. Make a Portable Snack

If you’re looking for a quick and easy snack on the go, try this: take a coffee filter and fill it with your favorite trail mix. Then, just fold up the top of the filter and you’re good to go.

24. Make DIY Potpourri

For a quick and easy potpourri, mix together some dried lavender, dried rosemary, and a few drops of essential oil. Then, place the mixture in a coffee filter and tie it up. You can use this potpourri to freshen up your home, car, or office.

25. Sprout Seeds

Hoping to get a head start with your garden next year? Sprout your seeds in a coffee filter. Just place the seeds in the filter and fold them up. Then, moisten the filter and put it in a sunny spot. Coffee filters will provide drainage and will help to keep the seeds moist. 16 Unbelievable Facts About Chia Seeds

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Final Word

So there you have it, folks! The next time you reach for a coffee filter, think outside the brewing process box and put it to use in one of these other creative ways. You may be surprised at just how useful these little pieces of paper can be, and by using these ideas you may save some money too. May God Bless this world, Linda

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      1. 2 liters would make more sense. That would put me on bout the same traveling bathroom schedule as the wife lol

  1. I use a coffee filter to line my small waste baskets; bedroom, bathroom, living room, etc.

    Just turn the filter inside out and push down into the waste basket. The fluted edges will turn up to fit the shape of the waste container. When you empty the basket, the filter stays in place until you wish to replace it also.

  2. Linda:

    I have another really neat way of using coffee filters. When I was a young bride many moons ago (52 years ago to be accurate 53 years on July 8th) I kept trying to make my husbands favorite meals that his grandmother taught me to make. I kept getting told that they didn’t taste like his Grandmothers dishes and I finally asked her what I was doing wrong and she asked me what I was using for shortening/oil and I told her and she told me Jackie you have to stop thinking like a Yankee Stop using shortening/oil and get you a big bucket of lard. Since I was making bacon each morning she said the fat from the bacon was better than the lard. Now I take coffee filters and filter my bacon grease before putting it in the refrigerator, I make biscuits with it and us the bacon fat for other thing and I don’t have to buy lard either.

    1. HI Jackie, oh my gosh, my mother had lard in the frig all the time. I never think to buy it. Not sure I would use it but she always said it made the best pie!! Bacon fat is awesome! Great comment, my friend! Linda

  3. Your husband’s grandmother was a very smart woman! Bacon drippings, lard, tallow, butter and coconut oil too, are very healthy fats we’re learning! My father came across the studies of Dr. Weston A. Price done back in the ’20’s and’ 30’s. Fascinating! I began rendering my own tallow and lard, saving the bacon drippings,
    and one year asked for a cow for Christmas for the raw milk, cream and homemade butter! Noticeable improvements to our family’s health and foods tasted wonderful! I’ve always been so thankful to my dad for sharing what he learned about with the Weston A. Price Foundation.

    1. Hi Tana, wow, I love hearing this! I remember when beef tasted really good and then for a couple of years I couldn’t eat it because of the taste. THEN I learned about good beef, grass-fed, etc. I only buy grass-fed organic beef now. Yes, it is more expensive but it tastes better. You are so lucky you were able to get a cow for Christmas!! I totally get it! Love this! Linda

  4. My water filter cartridges are not cheap. So in case of disaster and I have to filter less than the cleanest of water I have coffee filters to run that water through before it goes through my more expensive filter taking the biggest stuff out and hopefully making my more expensive filter cartridges last longer.

  5. Coffee filters are also excellent disposable bowls for snacks like popcorn – and much cheaper than disposable bowls! Thank you for all your articles – I learn so much and am working on being prepared!

    1. We have been doing this for so long, I didn’t even think about it. Popcorn, chips, pretzels, peanuts…. it saves on running the dishwasher, which saves on soap, water and electricity, all for pennies.

  6. I use coffee filters to cover things in the microwave. They help contain splatters. They are much cheaper than paper towels. For my coffee, I use a permanent filter so I only keep paper coffee filters for the types of things you’ve mentioned.

  7. I keep a supply on hand in case I ever have to purify some murky looking water. It makes a great pre-filter to run the water through before it can be poured into that expensive water purifier. The murkiness of the water can clog those expensive elements pretty quickly and helps to extend their useful life.

  8. When the pandemic started our rides in the country we used coffee filters in the place of napkins when eating fast food in the car. As my husband unwrap the sandwich, I take hold of them with the coffee filters. Less grease than the wrappers, easier to hold and no mess in my husbands car…..which would lead to a penalty worse than death!!!

  9. Strain used paint thinner thru a coffee filter. Not suitable for mixing with paint to thin, but great for cleaning brushes, etc.

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