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Unique Uses For Your Vacuum Sealer

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It’s all about using a vacuum sealer today to save money in the long run. Here’s the deal, sometimes you can save money if you buy in bulk. I’m not talking HUGE bulk, but rather larger bags of shredded cheese, or maybe larger cuts of meat. If you look at the cost per ounce of those smaller bags of cheese it is sometimes 50% higher per ounce compared to the larger bags, say at Costco.

This is why it’s great to have a freezer, even if it’s small if you only have one or two people in your family. The less you go to the store to shop, the less money you will spend on your grocery bill.

Vacuum Sealer Ideas

It’s all about removing the air from our food to help preserve it longer. Let’s get started using a vacuum sealer.


You can buy larger cuts of meat and cut them into the portions that you can use for your family size, or for a particular meal. I have taken a pork loin from Costco and cut it into eight chunks of meat for future meals. The vacuum sealer makes the meat stay frost free for several months. It’s also great when you can cut your own pork chops from a large pork loin and freeze them in single or multiple size packages of two or four.

If you find a really good sale on chicken, place the pieces in your desired portion size and freeze them. When I buy the bulk chicken at Costco I immediately separate the chicken breasts or tenderloins into meal size packages. They no longer have that freezer burn or a bag full of ice chunks in the bags.

Cheese-Fresh Vegetables

One of my favorite tips is separating shredded cheese into smaller bags. I can put the cheese in pint mason jars using the jar sealer or bags for the freezer. My favorite portion size for Mark and I is 2 cups per bag, or fill a pint jar. Do you ever buy those large bags of fresh broccoli from Costco and they go bad faster than you thought? Here again, take time to prep by dividing the large bag into 3 or 4 smaller bags. You are removing the air and therefore it will extend the life a few extra days.

Frozen Vegetables

I want you to think about this, you can save a lot of money when you buy organic frozen vegetables in bulk and then measure out what you will use for a meal into smaller bags and seal them. You then have smaller bags you can grab from your freezer. Yes, it takes a tiny bit of prep time, but you will never have to grab a big bag from the freezer again. Plus they will not have any ice chunks. It’s a win-win for me. I send Mark out to the freezer to get a bag of peas, corn, broccoli or whatever and he can see exactly where they are.

Fresh Vegetables-Refrigerator

Just so you know, a vacuum sealer is not just for the freezer. You can extend the life of fruits and vegetables if you wash them, pat them dry and seal them for storage in the refrigerator until you are ready to use them.


This is my favorite way to extend the life of my fresh spinach. All you do is wash the spinach and let it dry and pack it in mason jars, then seal it.

Six Days of Salads

I wrote a post several years ago about making six salads for use over six days. The salad dressing I store in separate containers. You place the tomatoes or mandarin oranges at the bottom of the jars and start layering. Get your chopping board out and start prepping. One secret you may not know is that you need to use a plastic lettuce knife to keep the lettuce from going brown on the edges. Here’s the one I have: Lettuce Knife (great for bread, cakes, and brownies, too)

Corn-Blanch-Freeze-Vacuum Sealer

After I blanch fresh corn, I freeze corn in vacuum sealer bags, no more ice chunks!

Vacuum Sealer

72-Hour Kit Supplies

I use my Food Saver to seal these bags filled with items for our 72-hour kits, as well as for guests who may visit. We put shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, shaver, tissues, a mini first aid kit, lip balm, a toothbrush and toothpaste, and a bar of soap in each bag. By using the sealer, I can place the “wet items” that may leak in their own sealed bag and then place all of the items in a gallon-size bag.

Vacuum Sealer


Please remember that nuts do not store very long on our pantry shelves. They have a lot of oil in them and therefore go rancid rather quickly. I place them in bags and seal them before putting them in the freezer. You can see I have walnuts, pecans, sliced almonds, and pine nuts in the picture below.

Vacuum Sealer

Leftover Holiday Candy

Most of us have leftover candy after some holidays, right? I like to stock up on seasonal candy after the holiday. I place the goodies in pint size jars and seal them. They are good for about a year if they last that long with 17 grandkids.

Are The Vacuum Sealer Bags Reusable?

Yes, the bags are washable and reusable. When you cut a bag that’s been sealed leave enough at the top of the bag so you can reuse it. You just need enough to be able to slip the top of the bag into the machine in order to seal it.

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Can I Use It To Seal Mylar Bags?

No, you cannot not, as far as I know.


Harry,  I buy rimfire ammo in a bulk bucket of 1400 rounds and I separate those out into quantities of 100 and vacuum seal them into small packs. That helps cut down on corrosion and you can stick one of those in your backpack or pocket without worrying about perspiration getting it wet. 

Beth, One use I have is homemade ice packs. A solution of water and rubbing alcohol sealed over the sink, then frozen has been a major lifesaver at times. (1 cup rubbing alcohol and 2 cups water)

Final Word

There is something awesome about working in the kitchen and saving money. A vacuum sealer is a great kitchen tool to preserve our food a few more days, months, or a few years in the freezer. Thanks for being prepared for the unexpected. May God bless this world, Linda

Salad in a Jar by Linda

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  1. I use my vacuum sealer after every trip to the grocery store or farmer’s market. I don’t know how I would or could live without it! Such a money saver.

    Back when my daughter was in grade school the school required parents to make up a bag with various things needed in an emergency. The school said to place the items in a ziplock bag but I used my vacuum sealer! It was sort of on the order of your 72 hour kit as above but included things like tissue, anti-bacterial hand cleaner, hard candy , granola bars, jerky; just to name a few. When she brought it home at the end of the year, we simply took the non-perishables out to save for the next year and she enjoyed the hard candies, granola bars, jerky, etc.

    When I dehydrate fruits and veggies, I package them in my vacuum sealer as well. This keeps things moisture free which is almost a necessity here in the Pacific Northwest!! Sometimes, as with dh potato slices, I don’t vacuum the air out – I just place the slices in the bag and seal. They stay very dry. I tried to vacuum seal pasta one time – did not work! The pasta just broke into pieces! So, if I need or want to do pasta, I don’t vacuum out the air!

    1. Hi Leanne, I love hearing you use yours all the time! It saves us so much money! Oh my gosh, I remember doing those bags for my grandkids! Thanks for the reminder! Linda

  2. Something else I recalled after sending that last reply~
    I use my vacuum sealer to seal the perishable items in my go bag so that I simply need to pull the bag out and replace the items if they are near expiration dates. I tried to use ziplock bags but they are too bulky as they cannot be compressed enough!

    1. If you don’t have a vacuum sealer that has a jar attachment , you can still seal jars . Buy the jar attachment kit that is sold separately for both small and large mouth jars . Then go to a place like harbor freight or a auto parts store and buy a brake bleeder it is a hand operated no electric gadget that when you attach it to the hose of the jar attachment with the proper lid sealer ( for small or large mouth) and a lid to a mason jar and squeeze the handle watching the pressure gage until it’s sales about 10 or15lbs. After practicing you will know.
      When it is sealed .

  3. Another use for the vacuum sealer and bug-out-bags. Pack your extra change of clothing, rolled up, in a bag. BIG space saver!

  4. Linda,
    You should have known a Texan would pipe up on this use for a vacuum sealer. LOL!! In addition to most of the uses noted in your post and the previous comments, I use vac-sealer to make ammunition packs. Particularly, rimfire ammo is often available in a bulk bucket of 1400 rounds. Pretty difficult to carry that on your person when out rabbit or squirrel hunting. So, I separate those out into quantities of 100 and vacuum seal them into small packs. That helps cut down on corrosion and you can stick one of those in your backpack or pocket without worrying about perspiration getting it wet. It’s hot here in Texas, remember.

    1. Hi Harry, oh my gosh, great comment! I went to a chili cook off the other day and I mentioned, my friend Harry from Texas said, chili should never have beans. Guess what???? There was one pot of chili without the beans. AND I was a judge and it was the best pot of chili EVER!! Great tip on the ammo, Texans know how to live! Linda

  5. Linda, great ideas as always. One use I have is home made ice packs. A solution of water and rubbing alcohol sealed over the sink, then frozen has been a major lifesaver at times.

  6. Can you help me with which food vacuum sealers to purchase. There’s only 2 adults, retired, in our home. Pointers and tibits would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Hi Dena, the only one I can recommend is a FoodSaver. Please look for one with an accessory hose. I put a link at the bottom of the post if you want to go back and look at that one. Let me know if this helps. I can walk you through how to use it. Linda

  7. I use mine to keep brown sugar fresh in quart canning jars. They sugar stays soft even after a year of being sealed. It is a great tool.

      1. I love all of your ideas. I will be using the packing clothes and that will save me space in my luggage. I will be using the veggies in jars. Especially, package salads. I also learned to do potatoes. Which at times I have to throw out quick. I will be using my food dehydrator more. Plus I love the recipe for chicken noodle soup. Thank you.

  8. Linda, I sealed nuts in my pint and quart jars and have been able to keep them on the shelf instead of using freezer space. Also like it that it’s in glass and not plastic. Love the ideas.

  9. I vacuum sealed several old books that belonged to my father and grandfather. I think they will be better preserved since not exposed to the air.

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