You Need This Much Water To Store For Survival

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You need this much water to store for survival, this is an updated post about the one thing we cannot survive without. Yep, it’s all about water. It is vital we learn the amounts we need to store to sustain life. Many times in natural disasters the electricity goes down and we are unable to access water via our kitchen faucets, etc. Sometimes the water is contaminated from flooding and cross-contamination from sewage. You will need water for a minimum of three days. If we don’t have water, we will not be able to use many of the freeze dried or dehydrated food we plan to eat every day in these kinds of situations. Some garden hoses have lead in them, so be sure use a lead-free hose to fill your containers. There are numerous containers available in which to store water; use a container that works for you and your family.


The big difference between storing water with bleach (that now has different chemicals than years ago) and this other product available, is the fact that Water Preserver only has to be rotated every five years. I’m just giving you the heads up here, it’s the ONLY one I use, period. It’s approved by the EPA. 55 Gallon Water Preserver Concentrate 5 Year Emergency Disaster Preparedness, Survival Kits, Emergency Water Storage, Earthquake, Hurricane, SafetyPlease note the American Red Cross recommends one gallon per person per day. I get thirsty just typing that statement. I have to have more than that to feel safe and secure. It’s who I am. Here is the statement by the American Red Cross: American Red Cross please check out page 7 in this pamphlet.

How much water to store:

  • 1 gallon per day per person to stay hydrated. If you live in a HOT area you might need more.
  • 4 gallons per day, per person, allows for personal hygiene, washing of dishes, etc.
  • 5 to12 gallons per day would be needed for a conventional toilet
  • 1/2 to two gallons for a pour flush latrine

Storing water-boiling water for use:

  • Boil filtered and settled water vigorously for one minute (at altitudes above one mile, boil for three minutes).
  • To improve the flat taste of boiled water, aerate it by pouring it back and forth from one container to another and allow it to stand for a few hours, or add a pinch of salt for each quart or liter of water boiled.

Storing water-bleaching/purifying water:

  • Information from Clorox: “When boiling water for 1 minute is not possible in an emergency situation, you can disinfect your drinking water with Clorox®Regular-Bleach as follows:
  • Remove suspended particles by filtering or letting particles settle to the bottom.
  • Pour off clear water into a clean container.
  • Add 8 drops of Clorox® Regular-Bleach (not scented or Clorox® Plus® bleaches) to one gallon of water (2 drops to 1 quart). For cloudy water, use 16 drops per gallon of water (4 drops to 1 quart).
  • Allow the treated water to stand for 30 minutes. Water should have a slight bleach odor. If not, repeat and wait another 15 minutes. The treated water can then be made palatable by pouring it between clean containers several times”.
  • Clorox: Clorox Website

Water Preserver (rotate every 5 years):

55 Gallon Water Preserver Concentrate 5 Year Emergency Disaster Preparedness, Survival Kits, Emergency Water Storage, Earthquake, Hurricane, Safety

  • Water Preserver is recommended by Top Emergency Professionals
  • It is approved by the EPA

Big Berkey:

Berkey Big BK4X2 Countertop Water Filter System with 2 Black Berkey Elements and 2 Fluoride Filters

  • According to the instructions you can Purify 12,000 gallons before replacing the Elements.
  • It stands about 8.5″ Deep X 19.25″ High (13″ when nestled inside of each other for storage)
  • It is made of stainless steel and can purify approximately 190 gallons a day

Berkey Sport Bottle:

Berkey Sport Bottle Portable Water Purifier

  • Size of a water bottle (great for 72-hour kit):
  • The Berkey Sport-Bottle has a 50-year shelf life. Refill Capacity: 22-ounce bottles
  • Water from any source: 160 refills
  • Water from Municipal Water: 640 refills

Storing water-WaterBrick Water Container :

WaterBrick 1833-0001 Stackable Water and Food Storage Container, 3.5 gal of Liquid, 27 lb of Dry Food Products, Blue

Water Storage Containers – WaterBrick – 8 Pack Blue

WaterBrick WB-0001 Ventless Spigot Assembly, Fits Both WaterBrick Water Container Sizes, Blue/White/Red

  • Dimensions: 9″ X 18″ X 6″
  • Each container holds 3.5 gallons
  • These are stackable; 16 will fit under a queen-sized bed (56 gallons total)
  • They stack/interlock for easy storage as well, yet you can easily grab one and go.
  • Add 1/2 teaspoon of Water Preserver to store for five years, rotate water every five years.

Storing water-Emergency Purified Drinking Water:

Datrex Emergency Survival Water Pouch (Pack of 64), 125ml

  • This is an envelope size “bag” of water that lasts 5 years. It’s a perfect size for 72-hour kits.
  • These are U.S. Coast Guard approved and have a little over 4 ounces in each packet
  • These have a shelf life of 5 years

My Favorite Canned Water:

Blue Can – Premium Emergency Drinking Water

These might seem expensive at first glance, but they last 50 years. The water does not need to be filtered. Place a box once a month under your bed. You’ll be glad you did!

Canned Water:

Case of Canned Drinking Water (12 cans)

  • Comes in a can and has a shelf life of 30 years.
  • This water will survive severe conditions of extreme cold and intense heat for 30+ years.
  • For complete details of testing and processing information:

Thanks again for being prepared for the unexpected. May God bless your family for doing what you can afford to do to protect your family. Trust me, the government will not be there to help all the people, they do not have the means to help all of us. We are responsible for our survival, no one else. Please do not depend on your neighbors to have all the water, food or skills to help you. YOU must be prepared for whatever comes your way. We need to store water and lots of it.

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5 thoughts on “You Need This Much Water To Store For Survival

  • September 25, 2016 at 9:31 am

    Excellent article Linda! I didn’t know about the water preserver. I put it on my wish list. Have a blessed day.

    • September 26, 2016 at 7:34 am

      Hi Gayle, I’m glad you liked the article about water storage. I love the fact that I can rotate the water every 5 years over every six months. Thank you for stopping by, Linda

  • September 25, 2016 at 11:12 am

    we bought a bottle of water treatment last year. The bottle had an expiration date of about 6 months. we did use it before the 6 months, but I was wondering if we didn’t use it by that time, would it still be effective ? My next question is, wouldn’t we need to store a larger amount of water for a newborn ? How many extra gallons would you recommend ?

  • September 26, 2016 at 7:28 am

    “.. garden hoses have lead in them..”
    Anything made in china needs to be suspect…for lead…and cheap construction.

    “..that now has different chemicals..”
    sodium hypochlorite, AKA: bleach, in various concentrations like 5% for home use or 15% for industrial uses…
    don’t buy anything else, just bleach.

    • September 26, 2016 at 12:27 pm

      Hi VocalPatriot, thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment about lead hoses and bleach. Linda


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