12 Practical Stocking Stuffers for Preppers

12 Practical Stocking Stuffers for Preppers

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Today, I’m sharing 12 practical stocking stuffers for preppers or family members. It’s simply hard to believe, but Christmas is once again just around the corner! If you’re struggling with what to get your loved ones as gifts, just know that you’re not alone.

But if they happen to be a person that knows the importance of preparing for emergency situations, your task will be much easier than you originally thought. 

That’s because there are countless prepping items that make for wonderful Christmas gifts. These are awesome stocking stuffer gifts to get that special prepper in your life. Nowadays, shipping is taking longer, so please be prepared and do your shopping early for those on your nice. I feel like these are some of the best stocking stuffer ideas for you to consider. These may not fit the description of a “classic stocking stuffer,” but they still will satisfy the folks in your circle who want to be prepared.

Sometimes we just need to stay clear of tech stuff that all kids, particularly teens, want. Do you know what I mean? These may be some unique stocking stuffers, but several are great for those who love outdoor activities as well. On Christmas eve you’ll be filling those stockings with good stuff so in the morning every member of your family will be checking their own stocking and be surprised and glad they received items they can use every single day.

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12 Practical Stocking Stuffers for Preppers

12 Practical Stocking Stuffers for Preppers

Multitool Hatchet Gift Set

Looking for an awesome stocking stuffer for the prepper on your list this year? How about a multitool hatchet gift set? From collecting kindling to chopping down small trees, it has everything you need to stay prepared in any emergency situation.

This set includes a folding knife, survival whistle, fire starter, and more all packed into a compact carrying case that makes it easy to store in a pack or carry with you anywhere.

So if you want to help the prepper in your life get ready for those emergency situations, be sure to pick up this handy multitool hatchet gift set today! Multitool Hatchet Set

Multitool Pocket Knife

If you’re afraid that a multitool hatchet may come across as a bit extreme, a multitool pocket knife may be the more ideal versatile gift for that special someone in your life.  This multipurpose tool includes a variety of different tools, such as pliers, screwdrivers, and knives.

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Whether you need to fix something around the house or make an emergency repair while out camping or for that hiker friend, this trusty little tool will help you get the job done quickly and easily. Multitool Pocket Knife

LifeStraw Personal Water Bottle

Another great stocking stuffer idea for preppers is a LifeStraw personal water bottle. This handy device lets you filter and it purifies your own water no matter where you go, making it perfect for camping trips, hiking excursions, or emergency situations. Made from high-quality materials and featuring advanced filtration technology, the LifeStraw is a must-have for any serious prepper. Lifestraw Water Bottle

LED Beanie Hat

This stylish knit hat features bright LED lights in the brim so your loved one can stay visible and safe while outdoors. Whether they’re hiking at night or walking home after work in the dark, this handy beanie has got them covered. So if you want to help ensure the safety of the preppers in your life, be sure to pick up a LED beanie today and be that special Santa your loved ones appreciate! LED Beanie Hat

Tactical Pen

This handy device is perfect for writing in the field, and it also features a built-in knife, glass breaker, and fire starter to help you stay prepared in any situation. Whether you want to protect yourself from danger or just write down some notes during your next camping trip, this tactical pen has everything you need.

So if you’re looking to get an awesome stocking stuffer for your favorite prepper this year, be sure to check out this tactical pen today! Tactical Pen

Vacuum Sealed Food Storage Containers/Bags

If you really want to spoil the prepper on your list this Christmas, why not get them some vacuum-sealed food storage containers? These handy containers use a special pressurized seal to keep your food fresh for months at a time, allowing you to store large amounts of dry foods or perishables without worrying about spoilage. Talk about having something magic in their inventory!

With so many sizes available, these containers are perfect for storing just about anything, making them the ultimate stocking stuffer for preppers and outdoors enthusiasts alike. If they have a FoodSaver, these would make a great gift to add to their stash. FoodSaver Containers and FoodSaver Bags

LED Flashlight Gloves

These innovative gloves feature LED lights on the knuckles and thumb so you can work with your hands while staying safe. Whether you’re walking at night, taking a late-night stroll with your dog, or just getting things done around the house after dark, these gloves have got you covered. Besides being very practical, this is like finding fun in your stocking! LED Flashlight Gloves

Emergency Thermal Blanket

An essential piece of emergency gear is an emergency thermal blanket. This compact and lightweight blanket help keep you warm in the event of a disaster or other emergency by reflecting your body heat back to you. So if you’re looking for an extra-special gift for that special prepper in your life, be sure to pick up an emergency thermal blanket today. We think we might want a hot drink in a mug on those cold nights, but this blanket really does the “let’s keep warm” trick better than anything I can think of. Emergency Thermal Blankets

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Survival Gear and Equipment Gift Set

Looking for a truly special stocking stuffer this Christmas? Why not get your loved one a survival gear and equipment gift set? This set includes everything they need to stay prepared for almost any disaster, from first aid kits and food rations to emergency tools and flashlights.

Whether you want to help them prepare for the next natural disaster, or just keep them safe during everyday life, this set has got you covered. First Aid Kits

Culinary Couture Black Meat Claws

Most preppers tend to enjoy eating a lot of meat. And trust me, no disaster of any type is going to get in the way of that approach to meal prep if you use this gift. This clever tool can help you shred pork, chicken, and other meat with ease. We all like those sweet treats for the holidays, but in tough times, we need some protein to help keep us full and healthy.

So if you’re looking for an awesome stocking stuffer that any serious prepper will love, be sure to check out these meat claws today! Culinary Couture Black Meat Claws

Burt’s Bees Holiday Gift Set

If you’re searching for an awesome gift that is perfect for both preppers and non-preppers alike, be sure to check out the Burt’s Bees holiday gift set. Featuring a variety of different skincare and beauty products, this collection is perfect for soothing tired muscles, pampering dry skin, and promoting a healthy glow.

This one may not seem at all like a prepping item, but if you’re ever exposed to the sun during a survival situation, you’ll need chapstick to keep your lips moist and other treatments to keep the skin protected. Burt’s Bee Holiday Gift Set

Card/Board Games

When there’s no longer electricity to keep your loved ones entertained following an emergency, any type of card game that keeps them calm and provides inspiration to hang in there will be a wonderful gift to have to help pass the time. Board Games Get some games that the whole family can play together. If you choose some games for road trips, that’s even better!

What percent of American children hang a stocking for Christmas?

According to Field Agent, and I quote, “94% of households hang and fill stockings at Christmastime”.

What traditionally goes in a Christmas stocking?

Most have an orange, nuts, candy, candy canes, a few small toys, or personal items like socks and underwear. I tend to lean toward gift cards.

Final Word

I hope you enjoyed my post on 12 practical stocking stuffers for preppers or families. These prepping items will make for great Christmas stocking stuffers for your loved ones this year and they won’t break the bank.

Whether you’re shopping for a prepper, outdoor enthusiast, or just someone who likes to be prepared for anything, these products are sure to please! Which of these stocking stuffer ideas do you think sounds the most appealing? Let me know in the comments! May God Bless this world, Linda

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  1. I love the Lighted Gloves idea! This article does remind me of years ago I opened a gift to find a fire extinguisher. Everyone went silent. Um, my house had burnt up the year before. I laughed and said I needed it! Our gift giving was Steal a Gift at that time. Like, we all brought a wrapped gift, took a number, then chose a gift, opened it. The next person could then Steal from previously opened gifts or open a new one. The person who has a gift stolen then gets to either steal or open new. I’d had 3 gifts stolen already! This fire extinguisher I wanted to Keep. I dared anybody to Steal it, lol! Many years later I used it to put out a clothes dryer fire!

    1. Hi Wendy, oh I LOVE LOVE LOVE your comment! I love playing that game! I bet the fire extinguisher was the best gift ever!! Wow, a clothes dryer fire would be scary!! I had someone come and professionally clean out my dryer vents. I’m glad I had mine cleaned! Yikes! Linda

  2. We do stockings every year, DH and I put gas cards in my Sons and DIL’s stockings, the kids get different things, this year Grandma is doing goofy socks for them along with the candy and fruit. My DH’s grand aunt hand knit stockings for all her grand nieces and nephews (our boys and their cousins) with their names on them one year. Son2 says it isn’t Christmas until they go up. My DH’s family draws names for those 18 and older. It came about because of economics when DH was younger. We draw at Thanksgiving and have a really fun time as you can’t get yourself or your spouse. OH and if you get the same name 2 years in a row , can’t get that name either, one of my BIL’s got my name 3 years in a row and I got his the same 3 years in a row, so MIL put that in place that year after we jokingly gave each other our lists.To save time BIL said, LOL

  3. I used to like Burt’s Bees products, until the original company was bought out by one of the mega-corporations… May I suggest also looking into Badger Balm products? From a quick look at the Burt’s link, I think Badger (at badgerbalm.com) has very similar ones (and many more!) It’s right here in N.H., is B Corp, and most, if not all, products are organic. I have a Badger lip balm in my pocket at all times–often a tin of original Badger Balm hand cream–and a lavender-and-bergamot Sleep Balm on my bedside table!

    1. Hi Linda.. I just wanted to tell you I love all your helpful ideas for preparedness.. I have been getting your emails for about 4 years now and you never disappoint.. Thank you for Everything.. I’m putting together a house Emergency kit for all 3 of my children an their family’s Could you please recommend a Go to first aid book to add to it .Do you have one with your first aid kit ? Thank you . Bless you for sharing an caring

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