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100 Non-Food Survival Items To Store Now

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Do you sometimes wonder what non-food survival items to store? I’m trying to put lists together for you that you can print off and then check off the ones you have or the ones you need to purchase. I decided to update this post today for some people who have not seen it. As a prepper, I’ve always stressed the need for bug-out bags or 72-hour kits, and those are nice for short-term challenges. We also need to think of longer-term issues and how we’ll deal with those. Where I buy my garden seeds: SeedsNow

Sometimes it’s a bit overwhelming to think about all the emergency preparedness stuff we need to have stockpiled. Well, let’s make this easy for you. I’m not going to address how many gallons of water you need or food storage items to stockpile because today it’s only about non-food survival items. The first time I posted this article I believe was in 2021. We must continue to stock up on those things that may be in short supply sooner than later. Note the word “now” in the title. Yes, now is the time!

100 Non-Food Survival Items To Store Now

We All Need to be Prepared

Here’s the deal, if you have an unforeseen emergency hit your community, lose income, become sick, or face other emergencies, if prepared, you can walk into your pantry and fix any meal you want to prepare. It all comes down to whether you’ve planned and set aside the foods you know your family will eat.

You’ll also have the other non-food items critical for your survival. You’ll have the toilet paper you need, the pasta or beans to stretch your budget. The key here is to be prepared before you need these items.

Everyone has different budgets, so I want you to realize you don’t have to go out and buy all of this today. No, you pick up a few extra items every time you go to the grocery store.

My motto is “one can at a time,” or one package of toilet paper each shopping day. If you haven’t purchased my book you may want to have it in your hands to be prepared for the next disaster. “Prepare Your Family For Survival” by Linda Loosli

100 Non-Food Survival Items To Store Now

Emergency Binder

Here is my emergency binder FREE printable Emergency Binder I printed mine on cardstock.

This binder includes the important documents that you’ll need if you can’t get to your safety deposit box or home safe.

Pictures of family and pets (you need at least two pictures in case you need to post one picture on a “Missing Board”), birth certificates, home and car titles, and so much more. Check it out!

First Aid Supplies

When it comes to emergency preparedness, the safety and well-being of family members become paramount. Having the right things so you can perform first aid, or just address a minor scrape or injury, makes all the difference. Most of us have at least a small first aid kit, but here are items to consider having stored to really cover the bases in a survival situation:

  1. Thermometer DIGITAL thermometer or REGULAR thermometer
  2. Bag Balm
  3. Shea Butter (thank you, Janet)
  4. Chapstick
  5. Isopropyl alcohol
  6. Hydrogen Peroxide
  7. Aspercreme
  8. Painkillers
  9. Fever reducers
  10. Cough syrup
  11. Anti-diarrhea medicine
  12. Medical scissors
  13. Cotton balls and Q-tips
  14. Bandaids
  15. Neosporin
  16. Gauze
  17. Non-latex gloves
  18. Splints
  19. N-95 masks
  20. Burn Salve
  21. Cough lozenges
  22. Silver
  23. Essential Oils
  24. Medical Handbook-a hard copy  Medical Handbook
  25. Prescription medications you take regularly
  26. Peppermint in capsules (for tummy aches)
  27. Antacids like Tums or Rolaids
  28. Activated Charcoal, This is the one I bought: Activated Charcoal. In case you missed this post, Top 10 Uses of Activated Charcoal for Prepping
  29. Safety Pins, all sizes
  30. Hot Water Bottle
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Personal Hygiene

It’s hard enough to deal with emergencies in the best of circumstances. Having some semblance of normalcy is important, not only for your safety and comfort but to help give you confidence and peace as you deal with the challenges around you. Having these personal hygiene items adds that special level of preparation to keep you clean and confident:

  1. Shaving cream
  2. Razors
  3. Tweezers, with a pointed edge for splinters
  4. Hand sanitizer
  5. Bars of handsoap
  6. Deodorant
  7. Shampoo
  8. Conditioner
  9. Brushes
  10. Combs
  11. Toilet paper
  12. Menstrual pads and other feminine hygiene products
  13. Dental floss
  14. Condoms
  15. Adult diapers
  16. Disposable adult underwear
  17. Feminine wash
  18. Toothbrushes and toothpaste
  19. Insect repellant and spray to kill bugs
  20. Shoe laces
  21. Hats for various seasons

Please note: you may want to put some baggies together with some personal hygiene products that you’re ready to barter with or share with people in the shelters. Trust me, they don’t have all the frills for people in the shelters. I have readers telling me this based on their personal experiences.

100 Non-Food Survival Items To Store Now

Baby-Toddler Items

Many of us are past the baby stage, but for those of you with toddlers around, the following items for the little one will make all the difference during emergencies. You may want to store some in case family members visit and find they forgot an item or two, or you may feel the desire to be prepared in case you need to help your neighbors who have children:

  1. Baby wipes
  2. Diaper rash ointment
  3. Disposable diapers
  4. Cloth diapers
  5. Diaper pins
  6. Cloth diaper holders (rubber pants)

Kitchen Supplies

We spend so much of our time in the kitchen. I’ve always felt it’s the most important room in my house. We all must eat, and having the proper materials and “tools of the trade” to fix meals is especially important during an emergency. Read through the list and ask yourself, “Can I do without any of these things?”

  1. Paper towels – cleaning supplies
  2. Straws
  3. Paper plates
  4. Paper cups
  5. Plastic silverware – plastic utensils of all kinds
  6. Kitchen sink soap
  7. Dishrags – chlorine bleach
  8. Dishtowels
  9. Hot pads
  10. Soup Pot
  11. Griddle
  12. Cast iron frying pan
  13. Cast iron Dutch oven
  14. Matches (waterproof or regular)
  15. Pinecones (fuel source for fires)
  16. Lump Charcoal (also a fuel source)
  17. Briquettes, please store your briquettes without lighter fluid in air-tight containers, they will last indefinitely.
  18. Propane fuel
  19. Butane Stove
  20. Butane fuel
  21. A Thermos for hot drinks. Just add hot water and a tea bag. 40-ounce Thermos or 16-ounce Thermos
  22. We also need to consider alternate cooking devices in case our power goes out or we run out of fuel. I like the SunOven product if you live where the sun tends to shine most of the time.
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Pet Supplies

Mark and I have had dogs from very early in our marriage. They provide companionship and love all the time. I think they are especially supportive in times of emotional need. Be sure to have things that will make their lives safe and comfortable when an emergency affects your family.

Put your pet vaccination printout in a folder, you will need to show proof of vaccinations to go to some shelters. Keep in mind, most shelters will not accept animals, so make a plan that includes who you can live with. Yes, they may accept support animals. Most pet boarding facilities require proof of all state-required vaccinations.

  1. Collars
  2. Harnesses
  3. Leashes
  4. Pet dishes
  5. Poop bags
  6. Crates
  7. Pee pads
  8. Blankets
  9. Extra pet food

Miscellaneous Items

These items may not be used every day in your household, but they can sure come in handy during an emergency. There may be some that you feel are “overkill,” but be sure to think about the various challenges you could face and what you would need then:

  1. Large black garbage bags
  2. Kitty litter
  3. Emergency washing machine-Linda’s Emergency Washing Machines
  4. Emergency toilet-Linda’s Emergency Toilet Article
  5. Clothesline
  6. Clothespins
  7. I put together a portable kitchen in case I have to evacuate. Linda’s Portable Emergency Kitchen
  8. Rope/Paracord
  9. Ax
  10. Chainsaw or manual saw
  11. Knives
  12. Multi-task knives or tools
  13. Hand Toolsn – nails – screws
  14. Shovels
  15. Garden Tools
  16. Tent
  17. Small pieces of lumber to help make a shelter if needed
  18. Sewing Machine and/or sewing supplies such as thread, needles, and scissors.
  19. Colored Tape, red means needs immediate help, yellow means delay/not immediate, green means they are ok to wait for assistance, and black means death. Duct tape always comes in handy too.
  20. Chalk
  21. Fire Extinguisher
  22. Compass
  23. Flashlights and lanterns – solar or battery powered – extra batteries
  24. Phone Charger
  25. Hand-crank radio
  26. Water filter systems with extra filters
  27. CASH (small bills) – If we lose power cash talks and credit or debit cards will not work if the ATMs are shut down.
  28. Can openers, one is none two is one. In other words, have more than one.
  29. Gorilla Tape

Final Word

Sometimes we have to see these non-food survival items many times before it clicks in our head that, oh, I need this or that. I want you to think of the many things you may use every day, or just occasionally, that you would miss during an emergency.

What if you can’t leave your home for days, weeks, or maybe even months? Do you have some fever-reducing medication if you need it today?

What about a bad headache, do you have what you need in your home this very minute to get rid of the pain?

Each of us and our families have different needs. Please read through this list and consider, under each category, what may be different for your family and then add it to the list, or even delete it when it doesn’t apply to you. Thanks for being prepared for the unexpected. May God bless this world, Linda

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  1. Add black pepper or black pepper essential oil to stop bleeding. Works right away! Also tea tree (maleluca oil) works on many bacterial infections that neosporin does not. I also keep temperin, for temporary tooth filing or cap glue, along with clove oil for toothache pain. Nice binder! Great advice!

    1. Hi Jeni, I love your comment! I have never purchased black pepper essential oil, I will now! Thank you for the tips! I have Tea Tree Oil, but will look for Temperin! Thank you so much! Linda

  2. When I first started prepping my concern for family was utmost on my mind. One of the first things I did was prepare an emergency health bag for each family. It was an extra large ziplock bag and each bag took care of a family of four. Some of the items included… toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, razor, deodorant, aspirin, floss, cortaid, Neosporin, bandaids, playing cards, note paper and pens. So much more but I have forgotten. Yes, made a bag for hubby and me. If the kids needed to leave immediately and land here, I could hand them the bag. It would be a nice for them to have new items.

    1. Hi Marcia, you had a great idea when you put those bags together. I have about ten bags filled with similar items in my hall closet in case people have to move here after a disaster. Great idea, Marcia!! I have just personal hygiene stuff but I want to add cards, Neosporin, band-aids, note cards, and pens. Awesome comment, thanks for sharing!! Linda

  3. I have a question about something else will putting tuna pouches in Mylar bags extend their shelf life thank you

  4. Linda, I have a Treadle sewing machine that I got at a garage sale for $40. It needed cleaning, oiling and a new belt, plus a bobbin wheel, but it works great. Best buy ever! It will go to a grandson when I’m gone. He made money while in the Marines by sewing for others. I need to set it up and practice sewing one it. A Treadle was the first machine I ever sewed on.

    1. Hi Deborah, oh my goodness, what a great buy!! SQUEAL! My daughter has my treadle sewing machine. Life is so good when we have options! Your grandson will love it! He was smart making money by sewing for others. I LOVE hearing this. Linda

      1. Right now the same grandson is in Kuwait working for a private security firm. He’s making good money. This is his second year there. He’s wanting to buy some land for later on. He’s a smart one for sure. He was discharged as a Corporal.

  5. Under Personal Hygiene did I miss Tooth brush and toothpaste? For the ladies Feminine Wash, works great
    for me.

    1. Hi June, thank you, my friend!! That’s why we have this forum to help add the items we all need. How did I forget a toothbrush and toothpaste?? LOL! I added those two and the feminine wash, thank you so much!! Linda

  6. Linda:

    As a Messianic Jew (A Jew who is a believer in YESHUA JESUS I am stocking up not just for myself and family but come the Rapture there will be millions of people who find themselves without anything, On top of having all my Bible and Bible Study books in one place that is easy to see maybe someone will pick up a book and find YESHUA during the dark time that is to come

    1. Hi Jackie, that is a great thought, we must all have some religious affiliation in order to survive. Great idea! Let’s all pray for peace and the leaders of our country. And the world, Linda

  7. Linda, this list is very helpful. Thank you!
    I have peppermint in capsule form for tummy aches. And a supply of basic herbs. A few over the counter medicines too. Just bought a bunch of disposable gloves. My feeling has been to get extras now, since supplies are sporadic lately.

  8. Great list! In my case, I stock extra wood as well as kindling. Might not be bad for people who have a grill to keep wood on hand, as well as briquets. Yes, wood can be used in a grill too. There’s a lot of people selling cut wood this time of year and it can be relatively cheap. A cord (4x8x4) runs about $150 or $225 for a double load in MN. That’s a lot of cooking with a grill and wood is easier/safer to store than briquets. (Um, we don’t have termites, but this might be a concern in some areas.)

    1. Hi Wendy, great tip, I wish the cords were that cheap here. Although, I don’t have a fireplace anymore! LOL! I say stock whatever fuel you can store. We have termites here in Southern Utah, I hear, I haven’t seen any but my pest control guy told me our county does. There is nothing better than an open fire in a fire pit or a wood-burning stove, love the smell! Linda

  9. Great post, Linda.
    Something that I do: I use an electric toothbrush and my dental hygienist knows this. She always asks if I want the free toothbrush, tooth paste and floss that they normally give out after a dental appointment. I always tell her YES! I have saved something like 40 toothbrushes over the years!! I have given some out in my hygiene bags to homeless persons but I also still have a ton! They are in barter bags.

    One thing that I will say about the “Adult Diapers” – stock some if you will but get the disposable underwear type mostly! I have a friend currently who is down with stress fractures in her back. She is in a great deal of pain but, she is capable of pulling up the underwear but not capable of putting on the diaper. She is not being cared for full-time, although that is probably coming soon and she feels very uncomfortable having one of her friends (me and 2 other female friends) trying to put one of those diapers on her. Now, the diapers may have uses other than what the intended use is but, think about it!!

    1. Hi Leanne, oh this is a great comment. I have a lot of elderly neighbors, I’m 71, I guess I’m elderly! LOL! I’m going to add that statement to the post. The underwear kind, thank you!! Linda

  10. Great list.
    Please add a very important item, listed under pets. Any and all of your animal’s will need a LOT of food. Store that food in large plastic trash can’s. If possible, store a minimum of one year’s worth. They need water too.
    Watch out for mice because given a chance, mice will destroy everything they can get to.
    Store snicker’s candy bars. Here where I live, mice can not resist snicker’s candy bars. Put a little bit on a mouse trap.
    A mouse killing cat is worth it’s weight in gold. It is estimated that for mouse a cat kill’s, that cat has saved you at least $100.00 in damages to your home, and the risk to your health, and replacing everything the mice have destroyed.

    1. Hi Mae, oh I hear you on the cat!! I love it, I’m adding the pet food to the list!! I got the giggles over the Snickers candy bar, that’s my all-time favorite one! I will have to try that in mouse traps!! I love it! Linda

  11. For thermometers, just want to remind folks that electronic thermometers are super convenient and quick, old fashioned thermometers are a great backup in case your fancy unit gets damaged or has dead batteries.

    Also, didn’t see activated charcoal or antacids on your list. Activated charcoal can be very useful in some types of poisonings and a bunch of other cases. Handy to have some on hand just in case. Antacids are my go-to solution for upset stomach, especially since I get the peppermint flavored Rolaids brand tablets. Between the mint and the acid absorption it usually settles things right down.

    Another great item to have is a thermos. Depending on how wide the mouth is it could just be great for keeping hot beverages hot longer, or could be great to keep soup hot for hours. I have a one liter thermos that I put boiling water into first thing in the morning and toss in a tea bag. That gives me a nice hot beverage for hours even in winter temperatures.

    Thanks for these lists, great reminders of things to get while we can since it’s hard to tell what’s going to happen with the way the supply chain disruptions have been going. Be safe out there.

    1. Hi DMWalsh, great comment as always. I added antacids, the activated charcoal (I had written about that before), and the thermometers. I will add the thermos, that’s another good one. Isn’t it great we have such a great forum, here? Thank you so much, Linda

  12. I have a question. I’m not familiar what bag balm or shea butter is used for. I used shea butter when I was pregnant 50 years ago but how is it used for prepping purposes?

    1. HI Francis Pope, I use Bag Balm and Shea butter for really dry skin and it goes really far, you don’t need much if you have cuts on your fingertips it softens them. It’s great for dry lips, dry elbows, I could go on and on. Linda

    2. Bag balm was created specifically for treating the udder and teats of a milk animal (cows, goats, sheep). It helps keep cracks and infection at bay. My dad always had cracked fingers and hands during the winter months and said that the only thing that saved his sanity was using bag balm on the cows which also covered his hands!! It has lanolin in it.

      Shea butter is an emollient and moisturizer. It is the fat from the shea tree nut. I primarily use it as a base for homemade cosmetics like lotions and moisturizers.

  13. Linda,
    Great reminder as usual. As things continue to spiral totally out of control, I hope folks reading this list are well on their way to having these things on hand. The time draws near when we will be needing many of them. While Pat and I do not have every single item, we have the vast majority covered. And, a few categories do not apply to us. For instance, we have no pets. I do keep a moderate supply of dog food on hand as most of my immediate neighbors have dogs. And, I use it to augment food for a couple of neighborhood gray foxes.
    As usual, keep up the great work. I just wish more people would listen and get prepared. Too many are in la la land.

    1. HI Harry, oh I totally agree with you about so many people are in la la land. I like to share these lists for those who need to think about what to stock, if even one family reads it and does something, I will be grateful. So many of these items will disappear off the shelves within 24 hours after a grid down. Great comment, Linda

  14. There are a few items missing, the list is good but needs expanded upon: Seeds ( you will need to grow your own food) Shoelaces all sizes, safety pins, coffee filters (many uses) manual can opener, hats for both seasons and I would also add salt and lots of it, for cooking and for preserving meat.

    1. HI Becky, great items to add, I have several lists throughout my blog, these are probably on several other lists, but yes indeed they are needed! Thank you for the reminder. Linda

      1. Linda,
        I know I have seen Beckie’s suggestions on other lists of yours. On the shoelace suggestion, you do have paracord on your list. Paracord can be used to make any length of shoelace that is way stronger than any commercial shoelace. Of course, paracord has hundreds of other uses and I would recommend having a couple of 1000′ rolls of it on hand. Fantastic stuff. Another suggestion either to replace or augment your duct tape suggestion is Gorilla Tape. It is way stronger than regular duct tape. And for one more, for batteries, Sam’s Club has their Member’s Mark brand of alkaline batteries in all sizes with a guaranteed shelf life of at least ten years.

        1. HI Harry, I love the batteries from Sam’s Club! I need to buy more paracord, you can never have enough. Thanks for the reminder on Gorilla Tape, I’m going to order some today. Adding that to the list, thank you, my friend! Linda

  15. Linda, I do see batteries on your list, but, I almost think they should have their own category. Thanks to your articles, I have an entire case of batteries, including an extra rechargeable battery for my scooter since I can no longer walk.
    We also have over 50 glowsticks from the dollar store. They are great for along the floor in the hallway, in case of a power outage and safe for kids. We also give them out at Halloween. The kids think their just for fun, but I see them as an extra safety measure.

    1. HI Chris, oh yes, batteries and extra rechargeable ones are needed as well! I want to hand glow sticks out for Halloween, what a awesome idea! Great ieda to line the hallways, I love it. Linda

  16. I think an old fashioned rubber hot water bottle would be a comforting item to have. Especially nice if you’re in a colder climate or under stressful conditions.
    Great article and comments!

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