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Why a Boat is an Essential Tool for Survival

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In the realm of prepping, being prepared for any scenario is the name of the game. As preppers, we should focus on stockpiling supplies and fortifying their homes. One often overlooked asset that can be a game-changer during a survival situation is a boat.

I’m not suggesting we all go out and buy a boat. What I’ll outline is how boats can aid in efforts to weather storms and provide safety for families. Getting to know neighbors can provide vital information about who has access to a boat and whether they are willing to use it to support survival efforts for others. Boats are very common in some locations and less accessible or useable in others. Consider your particular location and situation and apply the tips in today’s post as they relate to you.

Of course, boats come in sorts of shapes and sizes. A lifeboat or life raft is often referred to when it comes to rescue operations. In real life, even a canoe can be your best bet for survival if the currents aren’t too strong or the waves to large. Each situation is different and calls for knowledge and training to do what’s right.

Let’s talk about why a boat is an essential tool for survival. Plano Tackle Box

Why a Boat is an Essential Tool for Survival

Why a Boat is an Essential Tool for Survival

Mobility and Evacuation

Mobility and evacuation strategies in times of crisis can be the key to survival. Whether you’re facing a natural disaster, civil unrest, or a widespread pandemic, boats are often your best option. Being able to evacuate quickly and efficiently can make the crucial difference between safety and danger. A boat provides a unique advantage by offering a mode of transportation not hindered by roadblocks, traffic jams, or infrastructure damage. What You Need in Your Evacuation Shelter Bags

In times of severe thunderstorms and related flooding, safety and caution should always be considered. It may prove too dangerous to use a boat in high water situations. If you’re unfamiliar with boat operation and necessary safety precautions, have someone else more experienced help decide steps to be taken.

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In a flood or other natural disaster, a boat allows preppers to navigate through waterlogged areas and reach higher ground. In situations where roads are impassable or unsafe, a boat can serve as a reliable means of escape, providing a lifeline to isolated or remote locations. Navigating Emergency Preparedness with Oxygen

Resource Acquisition and Fishing

Resource acquisition and fishing are two core tenets of prepping and self-sufficiency in water-based emergencies. A boat can play a pivotal role in securing essential resources, particularly in scenarios where land-based options are limited.

With access to water bodies such as lakes, rivers, and the ocean, preppers can leverage their boats to get to safe ground and hopefully find food rations and other supplies needed. It may also provide access to fishable waters, an excellent source of sustenance (see next section). Beginners Guide to Fishing: 6 Amazing Tips and Tricks

Fishing Abilities

Fishing from a boat provides a wider range of options, allowing preppers to explore different fishing grounds and adapt to changing conditions. Moreover, a boat facilitates the use of specialized fishing techniques that might not be feasible from the shore. Utilizing water, preppers can ensure a renewable food source during extended periods of crisis. Take Your Kids Fishing: 11 Amazing Reasons Why

Water Filtration and Purification

Water is a fundamental element of survival, and preppers understand the importance of having access to clean, potable water. A boat provides a means to transport water and can also serve as a platform for survival gear like water filtration and purification systems. Preppers can install portable water treatment devices on their boats, ensuring a constant supply of safe drinking water. The Best Portable Water Filtration Unit

Coastal or Riverine Areas

In coastal or riverine areas, where saltwater intrusion might be a concern, boats equipped with desalination units can convert seawater into freshwater. This technology expands the potential range of viable locations for preppers, making islands or coastal regions more accessible and sustainable for long-term survival. Flooding: Everything You Need to Know

Desalination as a water source certainly has its pros and cons. It takes high-tech and expensive equipment to provide much volume of potable water. New technologies have made it more cost-effective and reliable for smaller volumes of water to at least get you through the initial phases of the emergency.

Bug-Out Location Access

A well-thought-out bug-out plan is a cornerstone of prepping. While many preppers focus on securing a remote cabin or underground shelter, a boat can provide unique access to otherwise isolated bug-out locations. Whether it’s an island retreat, a secluded lakeside cabin, or a hidden riverside refuge, a boat can be the key to reaching these safe havens quickly and discreetly. 15 Reasons Why You Do Not Want To Bug Out

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In the event of civil unrest or a collapse of societal order, navigating waterways can help preppers avoid populated areas and potential danger zones. A boat allows for an approach to bug-out locations, reducing the risk of encountering hostile individuals or groups during the evacuation process.

Of course, if you do decide to bug out, you’ll need to plan ahead and have a dry bag with needed essentials. That dry bag can carry things like a first aid kit, small toolbox, flares for distress signal use. It should also include waterproof bags with waterproof matches, electronics like a satellite phone, a whistle, important documents like passports, medical information, and other identification papers.

Community Building and Trade Prepping

Community building and trade prepping is not just an individual endeavor its also about building resilient communities. A boat can serve as a vital tool for connecting prepper communities, facilitating trade, sharing resources, and creating a team you can trust. In times of crisis, a boat enables preppers to transport goods and supplies between communities, strengthening bonds and enhancing collective resilience. How to Make a Community in Your Neighborhood

A boat can be a mobile base for collaborative efforts, such as search and rescue operations with local responders, the US Coast Guard, or perform medical outreach. By establishing a water-based community hub, preppers can pool their skills and resources to address challenges. The issues are hand may be beyond the capacity of individual survivalists so a group approach best serves all those affected.

More Tips

Final Word

In the intricate tapestry of prepping, a boat emerges as a versatile and indispensable tool that enhances mobility, resource acquisition, and community resilience. While land-based preparations are essential, incorporating a boat into your prepping strategy can elevate your level of preparedness to new heights. As the saying goes, “It’s better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.” A boat just may be a man’s best friend when it comes to prepping. May God Bless this World, Linda

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  1. They can definitely be a good tool for the right job providing it’s the right one. Bow fishing, trotlines and trolling are good methods to use to fish vs traditional sporting rods.

    1. HI Matt, fishing is fun to teach kids in a boat or in waders. We can catch fish a block over without a boat. but my husband likes going out in a boat to a certain area in Southern Utah. Fly fishing he enjoyed in Florida, life is good if you can fish for your favorite fish! Linda

      1. Yup
        The Achilles heel to them is the larger they are the more limited the docking areas so anyone bad will know where your going. Also your exposed on the water

        1. HI Matt, you are so right. We have friends with blowup boats in Southern Utah with small motors for fishing. I had no idea people could buy a blowup boat and add a small motor to fish around in the lake. Linda

          1. Yes we had Zodiacs in the military and some rapid inflatable solutions that allowed for launch about anywhere.
            They also make folding boats that will fit on the roof of most SUVs or crossovers.

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