Gun Sales Surge to a Record High in 2020

Gun Sales Surge to a Record High in 2020

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There have been over 17 million gun sales in 2020 alone as gun sales surge. In fact, the National Shooting Sports Foundation has said that they have found 17.2 million background checks completed this year. This is up from 15.7 million in 2016. Firearm purchases have climbed each month since March. So, what is happening? 

Why is there a Gun Sales Surge?

There are several factors that have contributed to citizens using their rights and buying firearms and ammunition. But, why is there such a surge this year? Here are just a few of the reasons people have decided they need to buy a gun or two:

Gun Sales Surge to a Record High in 2020

Civil Unrest

The truth is that you just never know what is going to happen when large groups of people are unhappy with what is going on in their communities. In 2020 we have had civil unrest like we haven’t seen in years. With looting and rioting in the streets, people are afraid they may need to have something to protect themselves against looters and rioters. 

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In addition to looting and rioting, we have seen peaceful protests with government interference where rubber bullets and pepper spray have been used. Some people are fearful of the local government control of what we do, which is one of the reasons we citizens have our 2nd amendment rights in the first place. 

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The bottom line is that with civil unrest, we just aren’t sure if we will end up with martial law or have to defend our homes from looters. So, instead of leaving it in someone else’s hands, many people are taking it into their own hands to protect themselves if need be. 

Talks about Defunding the Police

There is a growing number of people who believe we can survive without police. In fact, they believe that we may be better off without them. So, their solution to end the police brutality and racial inequalities they see by defunding the police. Because we are hearing a lot about this, more guns are being bought. The truth is that if we don’t have the police to protect us then we will have to protect ourselves. 

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However, it is important to note that efforts to defund the police do not mean getting rid of law enforcement or police entirely. Instead, it would be reducing the police department budget and reallocating those funds to other areas such as education, public health, housing, mental health, etc. With this, police would not be expected to spend time responding and transporting people with mental illnesses, dealing with homelessness, or other areas that aren’t necessarily something criminal. 

Whether we get rid of police completely or just reallocate funds, many still wonder what that will look like and have questions such as:

  • Will there be less law enforcement?
  • Will crime rates go up?
  • Am I able to protect myself without calling the police?
  • Can I still call 911 for an emergency and get someone quickly?

This can be scary and many want to be prepared for the times when law enforcement may not be there to help during a dangerous situation! 

COVID-19 Pandemic

Others are concerned about personal protection and home defense as we continue dealing with a pandemic. With people out of work and no help in sight, what is going to happen when they have no money to buy food or other things they need? Stealing, looting, and break ins are just a few of the things that we worry about. Many are hoping for the best, but are buying guns and ammo to prepare for the worst. 

Gun Restrictions

Different leaders feel differently about guns. They may loosen or tighten restrictions depending on how they feel about them. Joe Biden has plans to tighten up those restrictions. With tighter restrictions, gun owners feel it could lead him to take away our 2nd amendment rights. To find out more about Joe Biden’s gun plan, visit his website, here. I am sharing this for you to read and learn a new perspective, not because I agree with this article. Let me make that clear. I NEVER talk politics, but I do believe in supporting the 2nd Amendment. Here are just a few of the ways Biden plans to end gun violence:

  • Hold gun manufacturers accountable 
  • Get war style weapons off the streets
  • Ban the manufacturing and sale of assault weapons
  • Regulate possession of existing assault weapons
  • Buy back assault weapons
  • Reduce stockpiling weapons
  • Keep guns out of dangerous peoples hands by requiring background checks for everyone
  • Keep guns out of the hands of people who are mentally unstable
  • Reverse the loophole that allows fugitives to have guns
  • End online sales of firearms
  • And more…
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With these restrictions, many are buying firearms before the situation changes and they may not be able to. Some are buying firearms for the first time. 

Gun Sales Surge: Should I Buy a Gun?

That choice is completely up to you. As a prepper, I would advise you to buy whatever you feel would be necessary to protect you and your family. In addition, a gun could be a good resource for hunting. Some people are against guns, and that is ok. However, I would advise learning self-defense or having another means of protection. If you don’t want to own or have a gun, there are other things you can get to protect yourself, which include:

Gun Sales Surge to a Record High in 2020


If you are having a hard time finding guns and ammo, that’s because there has been a huge surge this year. With that being said, if you plan to stock up on ammo, be sure to grab it when you see it available. Be sure to read up on what new gun laws may look like, and do what you need to do to keep yourself prepared. 

If you do have firearms in your home, remember to keep them in safe locked places away from children. They should also be stored empty of ammo so you have to take the physical step to load them before use. Talk to your family about firearm safety. Always go to a range or out to the country to practice shooting if you have never fired a weapon before or need a tuneup.

A gun is great for protection, but if you don’t know how to safely use it, shoot it, or aim it, it won’t be much good to you in an emergency! Be safe my friends. May God Bless this world, Linda 

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  1. I no longer suggest “going out into the country side” for practice. Hitting someone with a wayward bullet would not be a good thing. Last year our out building was hit with a high powered rifle bullet. When investigated the hunters were found almost a mile away in the “forest”. They missed their deer and hit our wood shop. Lucky my husband was not in there!

    Ammo is very difficult to get. Make sure you know what type to buy. New owners rarely know what they are purchasing. The gunpowder and casing is not difficult- but the bullets themselves are in shortage.

    I am wondering , will the police now go into high volume gun areas and take away illegal guns? Or will they just center on people who own legally and use responsibly? I cannot wait to see Joe and his gang head into downtown Chicago.

    1. Hi Jan, oh my gosh!!!!! That is scary! And the hunters were not very smart and they were irresponsible. That is awful! I’m so glad your husband was not out there. I’m very concerned about our country right now. There’s a reason people have been stocking up with weapons and ammo. Let’s just pray they know how to use them safely. Linda

  2. Ohhh Linda finally rang the bell. Games on woo hoo

    I’m not sure who you are talking to about defunding the police but those I’ve spoken to and listened to in the movement mean exactly that. No Law Enforcement period. It’s pure silliness.
    What your quoting is the political answer that has come out of it. It’s an appease to please.

    The politicians wanting to remove guns obviously aren’t listening to the actions of The People because they bought 17 million of them this year alone that y’all know of. They obviously don’t want them removed irregardless of political affiliation. They want safety and security and if the government won’t give it to them they will exercise their 2nd. That’s kinda why the 2nd is there.

    Most gun stores here have 1-2 boxes of ammo to sell with the gun. If your looking at a semi automatic I can’t recommend it. I won’t even carry a semi until 500rds are put through it. That doesn’t mean it won’t work but your gambling. I know I lean harder on these things than most because I won’t carry a holster till 500-1K draws either but even a compromise isn’t less than 100rds you’ll be able to purchase. You must order it online and you’ll pay 2020 prices now. BTW they want online ammo sales gone too, like Kalifornia, so you can’t access it at all.

    I want everyone to have a gun. I want everyone to be confident in using it. I want everyone to carry it. It’s not a political statement, it’s not a fashion statement, it’s not manhood, it’s for you and those around you that you care about a safety.

    Actually I want you to have a “battery” of them. A rifle, shotgun and handgun just like I’ve got different tools in the toolbox this is the same.

    Y’all stay safe.

    1. Matt,
      Great comment. As a lifelong gun owner and retired hunter, I agree with everything that you said. Semi-autos can be finicky. I carry one but have put enough rounds through it to know it is dependable. I sometimes carry a revolver and speedloaders. Have practiced using them until i am comfortable with their use.
      Your comment about a “battery” including rifle, shotgun and handgun are spot on! Luckily, as an old guy, I have always kept a good stock of ammo for all my firearms. So, I have not been too impacted so far by the outrageous prices out there today. And, that is even if you can find what you need. I know people who are unable to find ammo at any price depending on which caliber they need.
      I have never been in law enforcement but have had many LEOs for friends through they years. Right now, we are good friends with our Sheriff as well as our local Constable. Worked for both of them in their election and re-election campaigns. Also, we have been through our county Citizen’s Sheriff’s Academy, something I highly recommend to folks if it is available in your county.
      Stay safe out there and retire as soon as you can. It is getting extremely hostile toward LEOs.

    2. Hi Matt, it’s so crazy if people think we can defund the police, who will you call??? Good grief if you have a really serious situation. I always watch the news, that’s the only place I see them talking about. Then they talk about having people who deal with mental health issues go to homes with family disputes?? WHAT are they thinking!! Good grief, they are not trained to do that. Thanks for the advice on the semi-automatics. OH MY GOSH! Wow, wow, wow. I sure hope people know what they bought and learn to use it before they have to use it. Thanks, Matt, great comment. Linda

      1. If we’re living in hell now, just wait till there are no peace officers. We will either defend what we have or go down. I don’t even want to think about it. But we have to. I’ve always wanted a 38 pistol. Don’t have one though. At 69 years old, I doubt I ever will. I used to have a 22 rifle, but lost it. I think my ex got it. Not sure what happened to it. I have shot guns before. And wasn’t too bad at it. I did out shoot a Marine. Of course, he was drunk at the time. LOL

    3. I always look forward to your comments and you sure didn’t disappoint! When I saw the topic, I knew it would be good.

      I grew up on a ranch, hunting and fishing, etc. I worked for the Dept. of Wildlife and was a certified Hunter Safety Instructor (a novelty for a secretary in the 80’s). I know how to shoot. That being said, could I shoot another human being? I sure hope I never have to find out! All this talk of defunding the police scares me. Alot of what’s going on in the world scares me! I think my husband and I have done what we can to protect ourselves but as I get older, I get more wimpy. We have guns and ammo (altho you can never have enough ammo); shotguns, rifles, (big and small) and several handguns. I have made sure they are all UNregistered; we will never buy new and have the govt know we have them. We are blessed to have a friend who’s a gunsmith. They are tucked safely away in a gun safe but I do realize we need to safely disperse them (and ammo) around the house instead of having them congregated in one area. So much to do and so many scenarios to consider. It’s mind boggling.

      I agree with you…EVERYONE needs to be armed. I just hope if they do, they’ll get the education and training to go along with it. Nothing worse than idiots with guns!

        1. I’m not sure why people think you can buy firearms online… you cannot buy a firearm on line and have it shipped to you… it needs to go to an FFL dealer where you go and have a background check then pick it up! We already have laws about that. Same with “Gun show loopholes” What loopholes?

          1. Hi Dave, I agree with you, you can buy online but it has to be sent to an FFL dealer is my understanding. In Utah, I know I have my concealed weapon permit, so my background check was pretty slick at the dealership where I picked my first one up. I never believe in loopholes, it would have to be illegal, but what do I know. Great comment, Linda

  3. Great info Linda! I was at a large gun and knife show yesterday. Completely packed. Three vendors selling ammo at inflated prices. One brought several pallets of mixed ammo, had people standing 40+ deep in line waiting to pay any price for ammo! Shows you how unprepared people really are. Prepping is a mindset, preparing ahead of time not just an impulsive buy.
    (stay safe)

  4. Linda, thanks for the link to Biden’s official plan to rob us of our 2A rights. I forwarded it to hubby & sons so they are forewarned of what’s coming…

  5. Ah- there is a lot more to defunding the police than just cutting the budget! Seattle is a good example of that. Seattle politicians are working toward an easy defense for the homeless and poverty stricken – they want to let poor people off if they steal, trespass, squat, etc. In other words if some homeless person broke into a store or ho.e and stole food or whatever, it would be a misdemeanor. Even stealing stuff to sell is ok.

    But I would bet money that if someone breaks in (homes or stores) and the owner of that home/store shot the thief, there would be he** to pay.

    As for guns, what scares me-how many of those people “know” how to really use the firearms? I’ve been shooting my entire adult life but when I purchased a new hand gun, I spent many many hours at the range. Blew though more ammo than I currently have on hand now. I wanted to make sure I knew the gun and ammo forwards and backwards. Knowing how to shoot isn’t the only thing one needs to know! One needs to slso be proficient in caring for it to kerp it in top shape.

    Enough of my rant!!

    1. Hi Leanne, it’s not a rant. I worry about everything you talked about. I sometimes wonder if I had a certain last name if I would get off from murdering someone. I’m NOT saying I would ever kill someone except in self-defense. You almost have to follow the money. Our judicial system certainly has some issues. If I had done what Ted Kennedy did in Chappaquiddick Island, Mass. in 1969, I would be in prison. And that is the only one I will talk about today. I worry about our future and mostly our grandkids future. Stay safe, Linda

    2. Everyone with a gun needs to know about safety! I treat any gun as if it’s loaded. I have a friend who got shot by her husband with an “unloaded” gun. My son shot a hole in my wall with an “unloaded” gun. He was 4 at the time. His father left one in the chamber. I have only been more angry once after that. Needless to say, I threw the gun on him. He was in bed sleeping. The father, not the son.
      Oh, and alcohol and guns just don’t go together! EVER!

  6. Three generations of LEO has taught me there is a lot more to the job. My son put his life on the line to disarm a man determined to kill himself and my son. As a 911 dispatcher, my daughter has said a mental or medical support personnel won’t step foot on site until the police have secured it. Just take one look at what Deblasio has done to NYC after Gulliani cleaned it up. I fear it is going to get way worse before it gets better. God help us thru the next 4 years.

    1. Hi Chris, I agree, we need our policemen to protect us but we need to protect them as well. Whatever gear they need, it should be given to them. We cannot afford to cut corners where their protection is required. I don’t know what the answer is but cutting costs or defunding the police is not the right thing to do. It’s pure stupidity. I pray every day for the police, fireman, and hospital workers. Yes, indeed, we need God to get us through the next 4 years. Linda

  7. I feel people have lost confidence and trust in their elected leaders who have somehow taken to the belief that by creating more laws and more restrictions that greater safety will be achieved as only the wealthiest and better educated people will have firearms and those types of people, their peers can afford private armed security teams, electronic alarm systems and to live in gated communities.

    Their goal as they have stated yet fail to admit, is to take all the guns away and not let us own them anymore. This is scary since it would put the citizenry at a terrible disadvantage and leave us vulnerable to criminals and a corrupt and oppressive government.

    I know you don’t like to discuss politics, but Biden is a rat and he has a lot of company. These idealistic, yet ungrateful and stupid people are determined to destroy and undermine what the founding fathers of this country built and to turn the Unites States into another Venezuela or worse. We all know that many of these participants will find themselves without a place to sit at the table when the new ruling class and regime take over. And thus they will fight among themselves and realize all too late what a dumb thing they have done all in the pursuit of greed and power. As they say, there is no honor among thieves.

    I’m not a really religious person or a church goer, but I do believe that evil corrupts and degrades humans who practice and welcome it. And we may see it happen for ourselves. Hopefully all of us who are good natured, pure of heart, decent, loyal and patriotic people will survive and come through to experience a positive ending once these people start to fight among themselves and their plans for a new world order or whatever they have devised will implode on itself and end all this nonsense. And then after they have destroyed themselves, we can right the wrongs, repair, heal and rebuild the country.

    1. Frank, so many have lost confidence in our government officials. All of them. I’ve said for many years that you can tell a politician is lying because they are talking. I’ve gotten to where I don’t trust any of them. Too many are too greedy. And most have loads of money, unlike the rest of us who pay the bills.

      1. Hi Deborah, I wonder how the Governor of California would feel if they stopped his paycheck? Thousands of families are suffering because restaurants, bars, cafes, etc. cannot open. They have ZERO INCOME. I better stop, Linda

          1. Hi Deborah, I totally agree about the Senate, Congress, and Governors. I was hoping Trump would clean house, not sure what the next few weeks or months will bring. God help us, Linda

        1. Linda, I agree. This is the scariest time in a long time. The last scariest time was 9-11. Before that, the bay of pigs, but I wasn’t old enough to realize what was going on.

          1. Hi Deborah, yeah I don’t remember the bay of pigs, either. I do remember the riots around the Vietnam War. People were against it, it was bad. I lived in Las Vegas, NV. Linda

    2. Hi Frank, I typically don’t like to talk politics but I have to agree with you on Biden. I never ask friends or family who they voted for but this year, I opened up a can of worms so to speak. Some people and family did not vote for Trump because they didn’t like his Tweets. I would then say, but what about all the good things he has done for the last 4 years? Then I would name several of them. They had no idea. WHAT??? Oh my gosh! Several said they voted “something” and then I said, so in other words, you didn’t vote. Most have no idea what the new world order is!!!! Our founding fathers would be so disgusted with what’s going on right now. I sure hope we survive this mess, Frank. I could go on and on. God help us! Linda

  8. If President Trump had done NOTHING for the next 4 years he still deserved all our votes. President Trump brought home the remains of 55 servicemen from North Korea, giving those families closer and peace. NOT ONE other president can take credit for that, not Eisenhower, Kennedy or Regan…….Too bad the lamestream media played that down.

  9. I’ve lived in Texas all my life. Within 50 or so miles from where I was born. LOL We didn’t have the riots and such where I lived. I know and knew many boys who went there. Some came home, some didn’t. I did support the boys, and still do. If I see a veteran or someone in the military, I always thank them. It is my privilege to do so. I am thankful for them.

  10. Wow! Linda this post really opened the proverbial “can of worms” – oh wait, the “can of worms” is open in Washington DC and Washington State. I cannot say to other states but…

    I am NOT going to say anything about the elections other than I am praying a lot more than I used to!! I am very concerned.

    So, my husband was in Vietnam. I had to wake him up from across the room! He would come up fighting if I so much as touched him while he was asleep. He freaked out if a car/truck backfired. It was really frightening the first time I saw that. I had to wonder what He** he went through – I cannot imagine.

    I also thank our veterans when I see them. What I have noticed, however, is that most of the Vietnam vets I have come across do not wear anything that relates to Vietnam – my husband wouldn’t. Probably because when he came home (long before I knew him as he was 14 years older than I) he was spit on, cursed, etc. He just was tired of that so he wouldn’t announce to the world that he had served there.

    Praying for all who read and respond to your posts – all of the above!! For those who are praying people, please pray for me as well. Keep your storehouses full! We may need our preps more than ever before!

    1. Hi Leanne, oh I remember the attitude of people (not me) but people concerning the negative attitude towards those that served in Vietnam. I had friends that were embarrassed they had to serve and angry as well. I’m not sure how they feel now. The Vietnam War brought on a lot of contention. I vaguely remember that the soldiers were shamed for serving and yet they had to. Back then they didn’t have a choice. They were drafted, some were okay to be drafted, some were not. I’m grateful to all military who protect our Country. I was so young I can’t remember everything but it was like we didn’t talk about the Vietnam War. I agree we must stock our homes. I’m praying harder today than any day in my life that I can remember. I am extremely concerned, stay safe, my friend!! Linda

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