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How a Power Washer Can Help With Your Emergency Prepping

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When it comes to emergency preparedness, so many tools and supplies can be invaluable in ensuring your safety and well-being. One such tool that often goes overlooked is a power washer. While it may not seem like an obvious choice for emergency prepping, a power washer can be quite useful in a variety of situations.

The flow rate of the power washer and its pump is rated by pounds per square inch (PSI) and that can determine how effective it is. The types of nozzles used also control the flow pattern when a project is executed. For tough stains or grime, usually higher pressure is desired. For more delicate surfaces, a low-pressure approach may be used instead as you apply more caution to the work.

Let’s talk about a how power washer can help with your emergency prepping.

How a Power Washer Can Help With Your Emergency Prepping

What is power washing?

Power washing, or pressure washing, is the process of using a high-pressure water spray to clean surfaces. That might include such things as buildings, concrete or asphalt driveways and sidewalks, decks, and more. The high-pressure water stream effectively removes dirt, grime, mold, mildew, and other contaminants from the surface.

Crisis Laundry Management

During a crisis, access to clean water and sanitation facilities may be limited. This can make it difficult to maintain proper hygiene and cleanliness, especially when it comes to laundry. However, with a power washer, you can effectively clean your clothes even without access to a washing machine.

Using the pressure from the power washer, you can remove dirt, grime, and stains from your clothes, ensuring they remain clean and wearable. 10 Creative Ways to Wash Laundry with No Electricity

The types of fabrics to be cleaned will determine the nozzle options since you don’t want to damage the laundry pieces. Most power washers have as one of their unit components or accessories a small tank for soap or chemicals. Again, the type of fabric will influence how you approach the cleaning solutions.

Make sure you protect your yard and property by having the water runoff from the activity directed away from lawns and gardens so plants aren’t damaged. You also want to keep young children and pets away from any standing water that may contain these dangerous liquids.

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Cleaning and Disinfecting Surfaces

In times of emergency, it is crucial to maintain a clean and sanitary environment to prevent the spread of diseases and infection. A power washer can be a valuable tool for cleaning and disinfecting surfaces such as floors, walls, and outdoor areas. The high-pressure water stream can effectively remove dirt, debris, and contaminants, helping to create a safer and more hygienic space. 20 Items For Emergency Cleaning Buckets

Water Source Contamination

In the event of a disaster or emergency, your water supply may become contaminated or unavailable. This can pose a significant challenge when it comes to finding clean water for drinking, cooking, and sanitation purposes. Please rotate your bleach (unscented preferably), you will need it.

A power washer can help by allowing you to “push” the contaminated water/sewage to a place where the wastewater can evaporate. You want that location to be one where the water doesn’t go into local rivers or other water sources through a storm drain. Safe Drinking Water in Emergency Preparedness

Emergency Sanitation

Maintaining proper sanitation practices is essential during emergencies to prevent the spread of diseases. A power washer can assist in this regard by providing a high-pressure water stream. That stream of water can be used for cleaning and disinfecting toilets, showers, and other sanitation facilities. The soap or other cleaning solution used should be designed for use on tile, porcelain, or other hard surfaces.

This can help ensure a clean and hygienic environment, reducing the risk of illness and contamination. 35 Essential Personal Hygiene Products You Need to Stock

Outdoor Survival

During emergencies, you may find yourself in a situation where you need to spend extended periods outdoors. Whether you are camping or seeking shelter outside, a power washer can come in handy for various outdoor survival tasks.

You can use it to clean cooking utensils, wash your cooking grill, wash vegetables and fruits, or even create makeshift showers. A power washer makes a valuable tool for maintaining cleanliness and hygiene in outdoor settings. How to Use Old Clothing for Emergency Preparedness

Can power washing be used for other purposes?

Aside from cleaning, power washing can serve other purposes, such as prepping surfaces for painting or staining, removing old paint or graffiti, and restoring the appearance of outdoor spaces. It can also be used for cleaning vehicles, boats, and outdoor furniture.

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How often should I power wash?

The frequency of power washing depends on various factors, including the type of surface, location, weather conditions, and level of dirt or grime buildup. Some surfaces may require regular power washing, such as annually or bi-annually, while others may only need it every few years.

Can I power wash my property?

Yes, power washing can be done as a DIY project if you have the necessary equipment and knowledge. However, it’s crucial to follow safety instructions and guidelines by using the appropriate techniques to prevent damage or injury. If you’re unsure, it’s best to hire a professional power washing service.

Just like we discussed regarding cleaning fabrics, pressure washer use requires some planning based on the surface to be cleaned and the location on the property. A gas-powered pressure washer can be used just about anywhere. An electric unit will require a properly grounded outlet and circuit breaker to prevent electric shock. Any power cord used as an extension cord should be rated to handle the power needed for the washer.

Are there some safety tips to be followed when using a power washer?

We’ve talked about the balance to be considered regarding the types of surfaces and the pressure used. When it comes to personal safety, it is recommended you wear long pants, close-toed shoes, and safety glasses to protect your body tissue from wounds.

You should also check out whatever hose you use connected to the nozzle to make sure it qualifies as a high-pressure hose so it doesn’t burst. Look for wear and tear, including cracks in the hose. Also, test out the unit’s trigger to make sure it is functioning well and doesn’t stick or inadvertently become activated or kick back when you pull the trigger.

More Tips

Final Word

A power washer may not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about emergency prepping. It can be a valuable asset in ensuring your safety and well-being when used properly with safety in mind. From crisis laundry management to outdoor survival tasks, the high-pressure water stream provided by a power washer can help you maintain cleanliness, hygiene, and functionality in times of need.

So, consider adding a power washer to your emergency preparedness kit and learn how a power washer can help with emergency prepping for any situation that comes your way. May God Bless this World, Linda

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    1. Hi Deborah, what’s nice about a power washer, it keeps your house cleaner (outside), and the deck as well. It’s all about maintenance. Clean is wonderful and uses less water than a hose (I think). Linda

  1. Our water district doesn’t allow power washers at any time unless you use your own captured rainwater. I’m not set up with a large tank yet though. A lot of these things can be done manually but I also use my pump up camping shower to help rinse soapy water off the balcony. It’s not a very strong stream but it’s steady enough to get the job done and uses minimal water. I can use leftover laundry rinse water as long as I run some clean water through afterwards.

    1. Hi Alice, thanks for the tip on your water district not allowing power washers. I was not aware of that, thank you. We used ours twice a year in Southern Utah because the red dirt was everywhere, we used it only when company was coming so we could sit on our chairs outside when the weTher was good. Otherwise you would be sitting on red dirt, a light film, but gritty. Linda

  2. My husband considers himself a power washer pro. If he can’t clean it with a power washer, it isn’t worth having. Sidewalk, siding, windows, cars, patio furniture, awnings, ME, if I would stand still long enough. He has even washed down kids, which beats trying to get them to clean up the bathroom after a bath.
    Power washers can even be brought to a party…. Ask my best friend who brought out the power washer after the kids ran out of water balloons…… hey, anything to keep the kids clean….

    1. Hi Chris, oh this is the best comment ever. I wish Mark would use our power washer more often. The red sand on the chairs outside never bothered him to sit on. I love all your ideas on how to use one! Thank you! Linda

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