Cleaning Bathrooms

How To Love Cleaning Bathrooms

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I’m sharing why I love cleaning bathrooms with you today. It may seem odd, but I really love to clean MY bathrooms. It cuts down on bacteria, obviously, the bathrooms have who knows what in the toilets, the bathtubs, and the countertops, and don’t forget the light switches.

I have a definite routine for my bathrooms. My last home was very small and only had just 2 bathrooms, so keeping them clean was a breeze. Please stay well by keeping your bathroom(s) clean.

When I worked, I had someone clean my house every week for almost 20 years, it was awesome. Yes, I’m a perfectionist and I had to give instructions to the gal that worked for me. I had the same housekeeper for all those years and I loved her like a sister.

I had a large home with five bedrooms, four bathrooms, a dining room, a living room, a family room, and two kitchens. It was a great family home, but a few years ago, Mark and I decided to downsize. It’s been very hard for me to live in a tiny home because I love to entertain and I have had to adjust to a very SMALL home.


Update: as you know by now, we are downsizing again to northern Utah. We are building a smaller home with one bedroom and a large pantry. I wanted to be closer to family, so here we are. We are still waiting on the building approval from the city. Our new home will have 1 and 1/2 bathrooms.

But I am grateful I’ll have a home, regardless of what size it is. Since I’m semi-retired, my routine for cleaning bathrooms is every Sunday. Yes, it’s the Sabbath, but that day is my day to clean my bathrooms. What can I say, it works for me.

How To Love Cleaning Bathrooms

Cleaning Bathrooms:

The first thing I do is wash the toilets, I love to clean the toilet Mark and I use. I literally can clean my bathrooms in five minutes. Yep, five minutes. Here is the tool I use for the toilets: Don Aslett’s Complete Toilet Set and these are the brush replacements: Don Aslett’s Johnny Mop I buy this product when my bottles of cleaner get low: Safety Foam Toilet Bowl Cleaner 2 Pack

Next, I clean the bathtubs with this gadget as I can no longer kneel on my knees: Electric Spin Brush  Keep in mind if you can kneel, just use a good brush to clean the tub and keep up on the scrubbing because I only use this baby once a month.

I use Spic N-Span or whatever cleaner I have in the house. I’ve tried homemade cleaners using a baking soda mixture, and they don’t measure up to my scrub test when it comes to removing any mold or mildew. If you have a great recipe for one, let me know. Then I clean the countertops with disinfectant Clorox wipes and clean the windows with a good window cleaner like this one: Sprayway Glass Cleaner

I think you can buy this brand at Costco as well. If you want clean mirrors and clean windows don’t buy the old standby spray window cleaner brand. It leaves streaks and the windows look worse after you smear the dirt around. Just giving you the heads-up here.

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I kind of work my way out of the bathroom by cleaning the floors with my Clorox wipes. Yep, I have a small bathroom, this wouldn’t work if you have large bathrooms. I clean mine every week and therefore I can clean it in 5 minutes, literally.

Be Careful With Countertops

Every countertop can be washed or cleaned, but some can’t tolerate harsh chemicals. So, please research what you can use on your bathroom or kitchen countertops. Different countertops like granite, quartz, and marble require different cleaning products. I like using a microfiber cloth when cleaning the bathroom.

Towels, Hand Towels, and Wash Cloths

As you know, these are germ catchers. I use paper towels to dry my hands after using the bathroom. Please make it easy for a family member to hang up their bath towels to dry. We wash them weekly in hot water. We skipped the hand towels because I prefer to throw away paper towels.

After brushing our teeth, no one is wiping their mouth on the hanging hand towel. Does that make sense? Washcloths are generally washed daily. We place them in a bucket and they’re washed in the clothes washing machine every day, or every other day depending on who is home.

If you can install something to hang towels similar to this, it makes it easy to hang towels. My son-in-law made this for their home. He doesn’t sell them, just makes a bunch for extended family use. If you know a welder, you may be able to get someone to make one just like it.

I just found these on Amazon, 3 Pack Rustic Style Industrial Iron Pipe Coat Towel Holder They come in a set of three so you can hang as many as you want.

I grew up having to fold the bath towels into thirds and then hanging them over a long bar. It seemed like they never got dry overnight.

Hanging Bath Towels

Clean the Shower Doors or Curtain and Tiles

Most of the showers in our homes have had a swinging glass shower door or sliding glass shower doors. I would need to clean the water stains and soap scum from the door(s). We actually kept a small squeegee in the shower so we could clean the doors after each shower, much like you clean windows. If kept up each day, there wasn’t as much to clean during my weekly routine.

Where we are now has a shower rod and shower curtain. Periodically I’ll take down the shower curtain liners and through them in the washer with some bleach. The outer curtain doesn’t really get dirty very often, other than from the dust in the room, so I don’t clean it as often. I like linen material for my shower curtain liners rather than plastic shower curtains since I can more easily throw it in the washing machine to get it clean.

Cleaning the tiles is another matter. Unless your shower has a solid piece in the “shower surround,” you’re having to deal with a tile of some kind. The tiles themselves are generally pretty easy to wipe down, it’s the grout between the tiles that become the challenge. You can buy a commercial grout cleaner, but I’ve found that Comet or Soft Scrub usually does fine.

I take an old toothbrush to clean the grout where needed. The toothbrush can also get those nooks and crannies in the corners too. Sometimes I’ll also use the toothbrush to clean the shower soap dish or built-in soap shelf.

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Cleaning the Bathroom Sink, Mirror, and Cabinets

Although some bathrooms have the sink(s) made out of the same materials as the shower tiles or countertop tiles, most seem to be made of porcelain like your toilet and tub. Porcelain is pretty durable and can take most cleaners and stiff bristle brushes. I seldom have to use a scrub brush to clean my sinks since we try to wipe them out after our morning shave, toothbrushing, and makeup routine, sometimes a more diligent approach is needed.

I’ll often use the old toothbrush to clean around the top of the sink where it meets the edge of the countertop. I’ll use one of my microfiber cloths to wipe down the faucet handles, making sure I don’t use any gritty cleaners that could scratch the chrome fixtures.

I use the SpraWay Glass Cleaner to give me a streak-free look on the mirrors. I’m surprised how often water droplets, floss debris, and other mystery items show up on the mirror.

I’ll generally use one of my microfiber cloths to wipe down the cabinet fronts and sides. Mild soap or the window cleaner both work fine.

Stay Healthy-Keep Bathrooms Clean

The reason I’m talking about cleaning bathrooms today is that I have several, and I mean several, sick people in the neighborhood. No, it’s not from bathrooms that need to be cleaned, but I think clean bathrooms do help us stay healthy. Of course, we need to eat fruits and vegetables to keep our immune systems healthy as well.

This post is a friendly reminder to use a cleaner (I use Clorox or Lysol wipes) on door knobs, light switches, TV remotes, and countertops. And don’t forget to empty the bathroom garbage cans as needed. I use the small 4-gallon garbage bags in my bathroom. I replace them as needed, but at least once a week. You can buy them at your local supermarket or Amazon: Glad Garbage Small, White, 30 ct, 4 gallons (six boxes so you can stock them).

What is the importance of cleaning bathrooms every week?

Bacteria and viruses can survive for up to a week on our countertops, door knobs, light switches, and of course the toilets. Plus, keeping the shower curtain or glass doors clean, besides scrubbing the tub or shower, we have to keep up on the cleaning chores.

Can you get sick from cleaning the bathroom?

Yes, you can. Of course, you can get sick from bacteria or viruses even if you don’t clean the bathrooms. You must be careful not to inhale the “chemicals” you use to clean the areas in your bathroom. When in doubt, just clean the bathrooms.

In what order should I clean the bathroom?

  • Clear off the countertops
  • Wash the hand towels and bath towels
  • Sweep or vacuum the floor
  • Clean the tub or shower walls and floor, and the sink
  • Clean the toilet, lid, flush handle, and tank
  • Spray the window and wipe it down with streak-free cleaner
  • Wipe the countertops and shine the faucets
  • Clean the floor

From BDN: I clean for several of my friends from the dog club. In several of the houses, I use a 50/50 mixture of white vinegar and isopropyl alcohol as a Window cleaner, a laminate floor cleaner, and during cold/flu season as an all-purpose cleaner to wipe down door frames, handles, cupboard hardware, remote controls, computer keyboards, computer, and TV screens and telephones. It also cleans grime and disinfects the dog crates.

Final Word

Today I wanted to talk about cleaning bathrooms so we all stay well. I hope you are well and working slowly on being prepared, you will be glad you are! May God Bless this world, Linda

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  1. Instead of buying garbage bags to use in the bathroom, I use the plastic bags that my groceries are packed in. Saves money and works well for me.

    1. Hi Alice, you are so right, I use those as well. I started using reusable bags a few years ago so I don’t have the plastic ones from the stores like I used too. I still get some when I forget to take my reusable bags! Happy Monday! Linda

    2. My county no longer allows stores to use the plastic bags. AH – I miss them for the reason you specified! That being said, I choose to not use a bag in my little garbage can. It is easily emptied in my large garbage bin on a daily or every other day basis.

  2. I may look into that spin scrubber. I have a spin scrubber, that I need to bend over to use. That one sounds so much better. As with most other things, I make my own cleaning supplies. I use borax, citric acid, and baking soda equal parts of each by measure.

  3. I always have a pack of antibacterial wipes in my bathroom, and I encourage my family to use one on the toilet after they have used it. I also clean my bathroom once a week, and I feel that the wipes keep anything nasty at bay until I can give it a proper clean.

  4. I clean for several of my friends from dogclub. In several of the houses, I use a 50/50 mixture of white vinegar and isopropyl alcohol as Window cleaner, as a laminate floor cleaner and during cold/flu season as an all purpose cleaner to wipe down door frames, handles, cupboard hardware, remote controls, computer keyboards, computer and TV screens and telephones. It also cleans grime and disinfects the dog crates.

  5. Must be about 15 yrs. now that I have not scrubbed my tub/shower. I spray with Dow Bathroom Scubbing spray….you know, the can with the little scrubber on the front. I just spray after a few showers…not each time….I have city water and had well water for a while too. After the shower, I spray and just leave it. It washes down the next time I shower.

    For the sink, I just spray it and wipe and rinse whenever I feel it needs it.

    1. HI Sandra, I love the Dow Bathroom Scrubbing Spray! I love your comment!! I love having the freedom as you said from having to work too hard to keep our bathrooms clean! Freedom rocks! Thank you for your awesome comment! I love it! Linda

  6. Linda,
    I just have to share this, when my five kids were home growing up the way they knew that mom was upset or mad I would be in our bathrooms scrubbing and cleaning like a mad woman! My how time flies now I clean my toilets and bathrooms weekly no mad just like to have clean bathrooms. That’s what the kiddo’s always like to share with anyone that wants to listen to them. LOL

  7. Does Borax hurt squirrels and birds and dogs? I have a lot of them around our home and I don’t want to hurt them.

  8. Great tips Linda! I try to keep my bathroom super clean. Be sure your toilet lids are closed BEFORE you flush!! That nasty water can travel. Before I retired I refused to use the bathroom set aside for us office workers. The toilet, without a lid, was right next to the sink. Gross – wasn’t going to wash my hands with other people’s pee! I actually used the public bathroom- stalls with doors, sinks far away!! I know, I’m weird! 🙂

    1. Hi Beth, oh my gosh, you are so right about the lid needing to be down when flushed. NOW, every time I use a public bathroom toilet without a lid and the sink is right next to the toilet I will use my own hand sanitizer! You are not weird, thank you for this great tip! I love our forum!! Linda

  9. I live the City and have a septic tank/system, are the Don Aslett’s toilets products septic safe? I did not see this information and I would think if the products are septic safe they would have that information up front easy to see. After doing some digging I found finally found that the products are septic safe.

  10. Hi Linda, I have a bad back and can no longer kneel or squat without agony. I clean my bathroom (and the rest of the apartment) using 2 strategically placed folding chair. I keep a special pair of dishwashing gloves in the bathroom when I clean. I use an extending handle scrubber and brush, to clean the shower and surround, using Lysol All Purpose Antibacterial cleaner and a half filled dishpan of water, I use for only house cleaning.. I can clean the entire tub, and lower surround while sitting on the chair. Then stand to get the upper section. I also sit on it while cleaning the toilet. I use Lysol’s array of disinfectant cleaning products. An old fashioned toilet brush does most of the job, and that gets cleaned in the cleaner water after cleaning by adding a second dose of toilet cleaner and scrubbing and swishing it around until it is clean and fresh. Then I spray it with Lysol spray. I use a specific sponge and the Lysol spray cleaner,to clean the outside of the toilet, the seat, and the back. Then I leave it with a thorough spraying of Lysol. I keep antibacterial wipes on the top plus a basket to hold all brushes and combs neatly. I use the same Lysol cleaner to wipe down the counters and some Soft Scrub and Spray for the sink, backing (Dried on Toothpaste is such a pain!) and the soap dish. Then everything not bolted down gets stacked outside the door so I can sit on my chair with the dishpan, the Lysol cleaner and another sponge that stays with the dish pan to wash the floor. My bathroom is also very small and the floor plan is very convoluted, it’s difficult to get much of it with a mop, it’s too big.. Once it’s dried everything gets put away, except the rug and seat lid cover, they get washed and dried every other week or at least once a month, other weeks I take them out on the porch to shake and air before they go place. The final step is a thorough spraying of the ceiling, walls, and air then I leave while it does the work. When the rug and lid cover come back in later, they get sprayed too. I agree, at least once a week is best with touchups in between. I did a heavy stock up on Lysol cleaners and spray in early 2020, knowing the shelves would soon be stripped bare, as well as Purell hand sanitizer, Dial Soaps, mouthwash, and toothpaste, plus my denture cream and tablets. We are still working on the last of that now, and replacing what runs out as we go along. I did the same for the kitchen, including 2 gallons of Cider Vinegar, as well. Plus laundry detergent and Oxyclean. I tried that Lysol Laundry Sanitizer, but found it was no good for colors, I can’t recommend that product, it has bleach in it. A clean home is a healthy home you’ve got that right.

  11. Gdod morning all, I need suggestions. I have hard water. I have a hard mineral buildup in my toilet I can’t get rid of. My toilet is plastic. I’ve tried just about everything. Any suggestions?

    1. Pam,
      You may have a difficult time since your toilet is plastic. We are in the Texas Hill Country with hard water that builds up a limestone ring in the toilet bowl at the normal water level. Fortunately, we have ceramic toilets. There are two products that we have found will remove that ring with periodic use. One is called Vani-Sol toilet bowl cleaner and the other is Zep Acidic toilet bowl cleaner. They are both high acid and work great but I am afraid they could mar your plastic toilet. You might get some of one of these and try it in an inconspicuous spot and be ready to flush it down if it starts to mar the plastic. Of course, if that spot is not marred, you should be able to use the product. Sorry I can’t be more help.

  12. I love Sprayway glass cleaner! My father was a union glazier and that’s all he ever used… for over 40+ years. Its still around… Home Depot, Sam’s Club… I’ve never seen it at Costco tho.

    1. Hi Robbie, I just looked at Sam’s Club, they sell it. I could have bought it at Sam’s Club. I buy ten cans at a time, so I can’t remember for sure. Thank you for bringing that to my attention. It’s really the best window cleaner! Linda

  13. Rose red homestead has a youtube channel. She had an episode on sanitizing our homes. She recomends Steramine. It is a safe product for humand and animals for surface areas in your home.
    She has a great segment about all the cleaners, wipes etc.

  14. While we’re talking about toilets . . . I’ve heard that new Poopouri for smells really makes toilets hard to clean. I don’t know why people just don’t reach back and flush the toilet immediately after a bowel movement and then finish the job. It’s not like it’s costing anything to flush the toilet twice. That also prevents any feces from becoming airborne from flushing since my bottom is preventing it ;-). I also don’t have problems with smells or have to use air fresheners. yea!

    It’s such a game changer since disinfectant wipes became available! It sure made cleaning bathrooms much easier and more hygienic than sprays & washing cloths. I do have a gallon of disinfectant concentrate in case of emergency like the pandemic where you couldn’t get wipes.

    1. Hi Kay, well we don’t want to use a product that makes it harder to clean the toilet! Skip the Poopouri! LOL! I love the disinfectant wipes, it really was a game-changer!! Linda

  15. I am like MaryAnn Coy – I cannot get on my knees to really easily get the tub/shower enclosure nor the corners of the floors deep cleaned. I think we all adapt to these sorts of issues, though. For example, I also have an extendable scrubber for the shower, long tongs to hold the cleaning cloths and to reach the highest spots on my mirrors. I don’t have a window in my bathroom so that is not an issue. I also have a can of air in the bathroom to blow out the ceiling vent that gets so dusty! I make sure that I blow that out regularly BEFORE I get anything wet!

    All of that said, Linda, you are NOT going to convince me to “love cleaning my bathroom”!!! I am almost 70 years old and it just ain’t gonna happen!! LOL!

  16. Linda, I just saw it for the first time in Home Depot, about $4 a can. I’ve been buying it in a 3pack of cans from Sam’s Club but it was more…can’t remember exactly what it was tho. It was around in the 1950’s when I was a child (gasp! I’m showing my age!) and that’s all my father would use in his line of work. He did houses, businesses and cars…I have fond memories of the smell of that glass cleaner…hahaha! I used to use “that other popular” brand but I’ve thrown it all out. It’s horrible, won’t clean the glass and it streaks. Ick! Sprayway Glass Cleaner for me all the way…woo hoo!

  17. Since New York State has outlawed plastic single use grocery bags, we use the plastic bags from the produce section to line our two bathroom garbage cans. They work just as good, and fold small for storage.

    1. I’ve asked stores I regularly shop at for the “end rolls” of their produce plastic bags when they are very low and they have always given them to me. yea! I use them for a myriad of things instead of Saran Wrap with a twist tie – which I also keep and reuse from my produce bags.

      1. Thanks for your idea Kay, it would be a lot easier then unrolling 5 or 6 at a time. I like the idea for replacing Saran wrap. Any idea to save money. Stay safe

  18. Instead of paper towels to dry my hands, I use a clean washcloth. I picked up a couple packs of white washcloths about 15 years ago to use for this purpose. I keep them folded in a drawer in the bathrooms and we put them in a dry bucket under the sink. I toss them in whenever I wash towels. They really last a long time, mine are starting to show some wear but are nowhere near needing replaced. When my youngest was in scouts, they went to a local climbing gym and I was pleasantly surprised to find that they use washcloths in their public bathrooms. They have a large crate of them on the counter between the sinks and a metal hamper for everyone to drop in the used ones.

    We don’t use a liner in our bathroom trash cans, we just empty them into the large city cart and then spray with Lysol before putting back into the bathroom. If it’s dirty or dusty, I use an antibacterial wipe to wipe it out.

    I am with Leanne, there is no way you will ever convince me to love cleaning a bathroom. I really hate cleaning anything and the bathroom is the worst of all. I have yet to convince my husband that he should do it half the time.

    1. Hi Topaz, I love hearing about how the Scouts had a crate of washcloths in their public bathrooms! That is awesome! I have been cleaning something my whole life. My mom was a single mom and I helped clean houses to earn extra money. Hopefully your husband will help clean the bathrooms half the time, I love it, fingers crossed. Linda

  19. I have to laugh, I love cleaning my bathrooms too. However I no longer can get down on the hands and knees to scrub floors.So I have a steam cleaner that I use in the baths for the floors. When I was growing up we lived in a colonial . My 2 sisters and I were responsible for the downstairs bath and my brothers were responsible for the upstairs bath. Mom had us scrubbing the tile floor with Lava soap and a scrub brush and until I couldn’t get down on the floor, I did my bathrooms that way. My aunt, her sister, said she would rather clean tubs than toilets. I’m the opposite I would rather clean toilets than the tub LOL.

    1. Hi Kathy, oh my gosh, I remember always washing the floors by hand. Yeah, I had a mop I’m sure but it didn’t get the edges or whatever. I would rather clean toilets than a tub any day! LOL! Scrubbing tile floors is rough!! Linda

  20. Linda:

    I will have to pass this on to my loving husband and daughter and son who do all the cleaning in out home ( am not able to do it due to most of the chemicals in cleaners) They keep our house Spick and Span.

    Ain’t I the lucky one.

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