What To Stock Up On In September

What To Stock Up On In September

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Are you ready to hear what to stock up on in September? If you need to replenish your canned tomatoes or soups, this is the month! You may want to buy a bag or a bushel of apples to preserve for later. I love to update this post every year.

You can dehydrate some apples, make applesauce, or even apple pie filling. Who doesn’t love apple slices dipped in caramel? The list is neverending for apples.

The weather in September is usually not really cold early in the month, but could turn cold very quickly where many of us live. It’s a great month to stock up on foods we know we will use that are marked down drastically. What a great way to save us a lot of grocery money. I call it my stock up on soup ingredients month.

If you are looking to replace some of your camping supplies or garden tools, this is a great month to watch for sales.

What To Stock Up On In September

What To Stock Up On In September

Seasonal Produce


Apples will be priced at really low levels because the trucks are delivering the in-season apples right now! You may want to learn to dehydrate some apples if you haven’t done it before. They are one of the easiest fruits to do. Here is my post with pictures: How To Dehydrate Apples This is my favorite Apple Peeler/Slicer.

You may want to stock up on frozen apple pies because they will be marked down with coupons or online ads. If you love making applesauce, this is the time to make it with freshly picked apples. Apple butter and apple juice will be on sale.

If you want to buy apple-related products in jars or cartons, watch for markdowns galore. Watch your mailbox flyers for additional sales on everything made with apples.

Note that with some supply chain delivery issues and drought in sections of California, although prices will be lower this time of year, they MAY not be as low as we’ve seen in years past. Do some comparison shopping to see which store has them priced the best.

What To Stock Up On In September


Oh my gosh, the nectarines today were so beautiful, and when we cut into them they were so juicy and sweet! I love buying fruit in season.



I saw these beautiful avocados today and grabbed a few to eat on toast and some for sandwiches.

What To Stock Up On In September


It’s a great month to dehydrate onions and make onion powder, if you choose to do so. In case you missed this post, Dehydrating Onions and Make Onion Powder. These onions were beautiful today!! Remember that onions come in various colors, so get a variety and spice up that salad or casserole.

What To Stock Up On In September

Fresh Green Beans

Green Beans

If you were lucky enough to grow green beans this year, you know how delicious fresh green beans taste like. When our girls were young we had a huge garden and one whole section had bush beans. We had them with dinner just about every night, and also canned a bunch to eat throughout the winter months.

White Rice

Jasmine Rice

If you can afford it, please stock up on rice. White rice can be stored for 4-5 years, if stored in an airtight container in a cool dark location. Brown rice is only good for 5-6 months. I don’t store brown rice, it’s not worth it to me based on the short shelf life.

Pasta Boxes

Pasta Boxes

Please stock pasta, if your family likes it. Keep in mind that unopened packages have a shelf life of 2 years from the date of purchase. Also, note that Gluten-Free pasta has a very short shelf-life as well, depending on the ingredients. Store them in an airtight container or use your FoodSaver. If you use your FoodSaver or airtight containers it doesn’t change the shelf life. It’s 2 years from the date of purchase, or whatever the boxes state on the box ends.

Granola Bars

Granola Bars

Granola bars are a great snack or a quick breakfast on the run. Keep in mind, that they have a shelf life of 12 months or less. Please look at the boxes before you buy them. Yes, you can freeze them to extend the shelf-life, but using your FoodSaver will not extend the life of these products you store on your pantry shelves.

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Fresh Eggs

Fresh Eggs

Today, I stopped at the grocery store and was surprised to see the shelves for eggs almost empty. Those of you who have chickens are so lucky! In case you missed this post, How Long Are Eggs Good For? This has been a tough year for the egg supply. I try to pick up eggs in 5 dozen packages when I can. Costco often has them available that way, but they MAY limit how many packages you can buy.

Labor Day Snacks like Chips and Dips

Chips and Dips

This month is a great month to stock up on a few bags of chips and dips your family will enjoy! College football has started in a number of conferences, and preseason NFL football is already in full swing. We’ll soon be seeing MLB playoffs and the World Series, so don’t get caught short on treats. Stock up when you see these items on sale.

Don’t forget Labor Day is this weekend and we’ll be getting together with friends and family.

Stock Your Freezer

If you have room in your freezer, please stock your freezer with the frozen vegetables you see on clearance. You can always dehydrate them for soups and stews down the road.

Wheat is still in Short Supply

I went to Costco today to look for some buckets of my favorite Lehi Mills Wheat. It is still not available, so we must be patient. I know it’s hard, but start saving for a wheat grinder if you don’t have one. We’ll get wheat, but I’m not sure when. If you have that wheat grinder you can always trade grinding their wheat if they’ll share some with you.

So many people in the last couple of years rushed out and purchased wheat, wheat grinders, and flour, without any idea how to make bread. Check my archive for a number of posts outlining ways to use wheat and how to make my no-fail bread. There’s nothing like hot bread right out of the oven, especially with honey or your favorite jam.

Garden Seeds

I’m trying to expand my garden each year. I feel strongly we need to grow our own food, we can do it. If you have access to a Farmer’s Market, that is so awesome.

I purchase all of my garden seeds from this company: SeedsNow

Camping Supplies

Camp Stoves

As summer comes to an end and schools starting back up, family vacation time is drawing to a close. Stores need to clear out this summer-oriented gear, so watch for camping gear to go on sale. If you have had an eye on that tent you want, sleeping bags, lanterns, camp stoves, etc., this is the month to buy them.

Camping Coolers

You may want to give your family some camping equipment as gifts to use for vacations in the future, or some emergency prep efforts. If they have any coolers left, this is the month to buy one or two. This picture will remind all of us to stock up on flashlights and batteries. My sweet friend, Harry from Texas, sent me some C and D batteries because I mentioned I couldn’t find any. I’m so thankful for my readers, like Harry, who have blessed me in so many ways.

I was surprised to see folding chairs today at the store because I had heard there was a shortage of them.

Folding Chairs

Canned Soups

A couple of months each year you will see canned soups marked down. September is a great month to buy a case or two of your favorite cans of soup. My favorite cases to buy are cream of chicken and cream of mushroom. Here in Utah, many of the local stores have case lot sales. What a great way to increase your storage inventory.

Cans of Soup

If you can’t use a whole case, split the case with neighbors and you’ll all have some food storage, and you saved money along the way.

Canned Tomatoes

Canned Tomatoes

If you are low on canned tomatoes, this is the month to buy a case or two of diced tomatoes, tomato paste, or stewed tomatoes. Just think of all the soup, spaghetti, chili, and stews you can make. Watch for coupons to purchase green chilies too, you’ll love the savings!

Man, it feels good when I can make several meals from my pantry. With winter coming, get your slow cooker ready. Life is good when dinner is cooking in the kitchen, right?

Children’s Clothing

Children's Clothing

The department stores are clearing out the back-to-school kid’s clothing, so you may want to be ready to stock up on the sizes you will need in a few months. You will see summer clothes drastically reduced, but with limited supplies. The stores are getting ready to stock winter apparel like heavy coats, sweaters, hats, and gloves.

So it’s a great time to stock up on sandals for next year, if you can gauge the sizes you will need. Swimming suits will be priced down big time. It’s a great time to snag a few sizes for next summer. I have seen some summer clothing marked down to pennies on the dollar, literally.

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You may want to consider stocking up on items you can give as Christmas gifts or for birthday parties, who doesn’t love a new shirt or blouse?

Breakfast and Lunch Items

Keep an envelope with those coupons because you will save so much money. Typically, cold cereal is on sale this month, and sometimes you can buy one box and get one free, with coupons. Cereal is always on sale in September, if you have some coupons from your weekly mail delivery, I would use them and save even more.


The kids will be going back to school so you will see bargains on peanut butter and jelly for lunchtime. You will see frozen breakfast items like waffles, bagels, French toast sticks, and burritos on sale.

Frozen Breakfasts

Gardening Supplies

My favorite thing to do in September is to plant Daffodils or Tulips and wait for them to peek through the dirt in February or March. I love flowers!!

What To Stock Up On In September

Watch for the clearance prices on hoses, garden hand tools, garden gloves, grass clippers, seeds, potting soil, and pots, a lot of pots! Look around your home for damaged garden tools, and replace them now.

Gardening Supplies

The stores are gearing up for the holidays, as in Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas decorations. This is when I buy 10-12 garden glove sets for less than $1.00 each so I’ll be ready for some heavy-duty gardening next spring.

Grills and Meat

This is the month to replace your barbecue if you think it’s time for a newer model. The stores want to clear them out to make room for fireplace units and portable heaters.

What To Stock Up On In September

If you need ketchup, mustard, or relish, grab them while they’re marked down as well. Stock up on the ones you need now and in the future. It’s a great month for a neighborhood party with the hot dogs, hamburger patties, buns, and steaks marked down big time.

What To Stock Up On In September

You will see big clearance prices on bags of charcoal briquettes, it’s an awesome emergency fuel product! Please store them in airtight containers. I try to buy the briquettes without the chemicals since they will last indefinitely. How To Store Fuel

Personal Hygiene Products

Be sure and watch for online coupons, and mailers in your mailbox. You will see great buys on toothpaste, toothbrushes, razors, shampoo, and conditioner. This is the month I stock up on bars of soap, big time.

What To Stock Up On In September

Look for everything you may need in your home for emergencies as far as personal hygiene goes. Stock up when the prices are at their lowest.

What To Stock Up On In September

These items seem to last forever, literally. Hand sanitizer containers will be marked down so you may want to donate a few to your local school teacher’s stash. Let’s do our part by helping cut down the sickness this time of year.

If you can get the facial tissues cheap enough, donate a box or two to your favorite school or teacher. It will be so appreciated, I promise. Here again, stock your Home Pharmacy and emergency first aid kits.

What to Stock Up On Each Month:

Unique September Holidays Besides Labor Day

  • September 1: National Cherry Popover Day
  • September 2: VJ Day, WWII
  • September 3: Skyscraper Day
  • September 4: Bring Your Manners to Work Day
  • September 5: Cheese Pizza Day
  • September 6: Read a Book Day
  • September 7: National Salami Day
  • September 8: National Ampersand Day
  • September 9: Teddy Bear Day
  • September 10: Sewing Machine Day
  • September 11: 911 Remembrance
  • September 12: Chocolate Milk Shake Day
  • September 13: Fortune Cookie Day & Kids Take Over the Kitchen Day
  • September 14: International Crab Fest Day
  • September 15: Make a Hat Day
  • September 16: World and National Play-Doh Day
  • September 17: National Apple Dumpling Day
  • September 18: National Cheeseburger Day
  • September 19: International Talk Like A Pirate Day
  • September 20: National Pepperoni Pizza Day
  • September 21: World Gratitude Day
  • September 22: Elephant Appreciation Day
  • September 23: Checkers Day / Dogs in Politics Day
  • September 24: National Cherries Jubilee Day
  • September 25: National Comic Book Day
  • September 26: Johnny Appleseed Day
  • September 27: Crush a Can Day
  • September 28: National Public Lands Day
  • September 29: Confucius Day
  • September 30: National Mud Pack Day

Final Word

I hope you enjoyed my post today on what to stock up on in September. It’s all about buying the items we need when they are at bargain prices. Please keep prepping, we must do it. We can sleep at night knowing we are prepared for what comes our way. May God bless this world, Linda

Copyright Images: September Sunflowers AdobeStock_214570996 by Anna

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  1. I have that same apple peeler corer and find it to be a chore to use. Its not high enough to get something under it easily to catch the peels. I have to put it on the counter or table backwards and a bowl on the floor then of course turning the hand crank is awkward. It slips loose often as well. I don’t like that the slices are not adjustable and they are always a thin slice. I do like the speed I can get my apples done but not every thing else about it. It works great for slices for dehydrating and making apple butter but the slices are too thin for pies in my opinion. I usually buy 3-4 bushels of apples during apple season as the varieties I like become available so the name of the game is ease of use and how fast I can get things done.

    1. Hi Stephanie, wow, on the floor??? That’s not good, dang. I used to make canned sliced apples and it worked great. Now I use it for dehydrating my apples. I attached it to a wooden cutting board and it works great for me. But I don’t make pies, so I can see why you may want thicker slices. These are about 1/4 inch thick. If you find a better one, let me know. This is the one I have had for 15 years. I remember those days of 2-3 bushels. Now I only buy one bushel,Linda

  2. Since it is 3 weeks till September you can start looking for chili makings. Watch for
    chili beans and the spices over the next few weeks to stock up on.
    It’s funny you should mention Personal Hygiene items and watch for coupons. The other day
    I picked up some free New papers which always has coupons in them. I got home and looked
    through the coupons……SCORE. There was 50 cents off coupons on Suave deodorant. I ended up
    with 5 sets of coupons. I usually get the 97 cent size. I went to Walmart and got 5 deodorants for
    47 cents each. It was great. So for people don’t ” have time” or ” doesn’t think it works for them”
    just watch and it will work for you.

    1. Hi June, oh my goodness, I love finding coupons to buy the necessities!! Total SCORE!! One year I got like 20 tubes of Colgate’s toothpaste the big size for 50 cents! Cereal is another one I like using coupons for as well. I buy that shampoo and conditioner with coupons! LOVE it!

  3. Thank you for the information on keeping us prepared. I look forward to every post. I was going to order the freeze dried diced onions, potatoes and carrots from Thrive. Lots of reviews on the carrots stated they were to small and disintegrated when soups etc were made. Did you run into that problem and if so could you suggest another company? I really appreciate the time, effort and research to keep us informed.

    1. Hi Sue, I buy dehydrated carrots for that very reason. I figure I’m going to add them to soup so dehydrated carrots work. I tend to order dehydrated potatoes as well. Here’s my thinking, they do not last as long as freeze-dried, they are cheaper, and I use them often. The thing with freeze-dried is that you can eat them right out the can. I make soup with carrots and potatoes. You may want to look at Honeyville Grain. These are the two companies I buy from. I do not buy meals as I can cook from scratch as I’m sure you can as well. Linda

    2. Sue: Azure Standard sells diced/cubed small organic carrots in 5# boxes as well as cubed organic potatoes and diced onions. You can either freeze-dry them or dehydrate them for later use. I have several mylar bags full of diced organic carrots left from last year at this time, and they should last me at least another 20+years, since they were “put up” properly. 🙂

      LINDA, ET AL. I already processed all of my nectarines in August, as they are not in season here anymore (Central NY), but PLUMS are what we stock up on in September, as they are still ripening. I was going to order organic ones from Azure, but everyone else had the same idea and they went O/S, so off to my elderly orchardist friend’s place again! I know he has a bumper crop of my favorites this year!

      1. HI Joyce, oh my gosh, you are blessed to have an orchard nearby with plums!! They you for sharing the items available through Azure Standard, I have a few friends that order regularly from them. Linda

        1. Well, these are the only conventional fruits that we eat, grown by an elderly orchardist who used to work at the NYS Geneva Fruit Testing Station. I am headed down to see him either Weds. or Thursday this week to buy 1 more 8 quart basket, but after that, I am scaling WAAAAAY back on prepping for this Fall. We are still scrambling to figure out what to do with all of the wonderful, plump blackberries with no place left in the freezer! Have been giving a lot of quarts to friends and now have called my no so well off friend to please take away all these gall-darned tomatoes. Our garden out did itself this year with all of the rain we’ve had!! We are buried alive over here! I just wish some of your readers could come here and take my extra produce AWAY!!

          1. HI Joyce, oh if I lived closer, I would come over and knock on your door! You are blessed to have the rain and all the extra produce! I love hearing this, but you know that! Life is good when we can produce some of our own food, YES!!! Linda

          2. UPDATE: The friend I mentioned came yesterday and took away a 1/2 bushel produce box of the extra tomatoes plus another entire medium-sized box. THANK GOD! We cannot possibly use that many tomatoes under any circumstances! Blackberries are fast being given away, too, now that I know they are EXTREMELY high in oxalates. No wonder my kidneys have been hurting so badly!! It was quite a shock to find that about 70% of the “superfoods” listed in every nutrition book online are actually so high in OXALATES, they can cause kidney stones and they also destroy the membrane linings of your cells. This results in tons of misery for people who cannot process them well, like me. I just heard about and bought a new book on how to recover and resolve oxalate poisoning! Here you go:
            https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0BTTRPMBT/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o05_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1. This issue is waaaay worth considering if you live with mysteriously chronic pains all over. I am so excited to have learned about this researcher!!

    1. Hi Harry, I’m so thankful to you and your wife for being so kind to me and others in your path. God works in mysterious ways. I’m very grateful for our friendship! Linda

    2. Harry, don’t blush! You are awesome and should be glad that you can help a fellow prepper! That makes you my HERO!
      Oh, and that’s what us Texicans do.

    1. Hi Janet, did you see Smith’s has a case lot sale that starts today? If you are still here in Southern Utah grab what you can. We still need to get together! Linda

        1. Janet:

          Where in Ohio are you? I was born and raised in Parma Hts. Ohio which is a suburb of Ohio. Married a Tennessee Mountain Boy and we ended up in New Mexico. Go figure. All we have is dessert

  4. Linda, good suggestion about gardening gloves. I have not been a regular user in my garden , but I recently got blood poisining from working in my garden and spent 3 days in the hospital. I will not forget them anymore! Please make sure to wear them. We don’t know what bacteria we may come in contact with. i washed my hands and put on Tea tree oil which shouldh’ve been enough, but wasn’t. In less than 2 days I was in the hospital. Had a great surgeon and doctor. We never know! Be safe!!!! All healing well and didn’t lose my finger.

    1. Hi Cheryl, whoa!! I need to hear more about this! Oh my goodness! I always wear garden gloves and cannot convince my husband to wear them. Please tell me more. Linda

      1. They aren’t sure what bacteria it was , but it effects the soft tssue and bones. It spreads fast. Jim Henson of the Muppets died in 24 hrs. with it. I know I was in trouble when I got up on Monday AM with red streaks running down my left arml Went to the doctor, he called the Hospital and the EM and also the surgeon. By 6:00 I was in surgery. The surgeon thought he might have to take off part of my left middle finger, but everything healed well. Saw the surgeon yesterday and he said all was healing well and no more surgery was needed.I am a Master Gardener and have taught this for over 40 years. This was unexected, but a very good lesson. Gloves are cheap considering the alternative.

        1. Hi Cheryl, oh my gosh!!! I am so glad you are okay! I always wear gloves, but today I pulled some weeds in my garden box BEFORE I learned about your ordeal!! Oh my gosh! You know I tell my husband all the time to wear gloves when he works in the yard. He won’t listen to me. He better NOW! LOL! I’m so blessed I hardly have to buy them anymore because companies send them to me to try and write about them. So glad the surgery went well and it’s healing. What an ordeal! I love hearing you’re a Master Gardener! I want to get my certification. I’ve been gardening for over 50 years, but I can always learn more. Thanks for sharing your injury. Linda

      2. My daughter got infected with one of the types of acinetobacter from a thorn in a bunch of fence row debris she picked up with bare hands. It caused her finger to swell, turn red, and get hot and painful. Her primary care physician put her on antibiotics that didnt work. My daughter showed her finger to a doctor friend who happened to be a veteran, and he suspected acinetobacter right off because many soldiers coming to Ramstein AFB with wounds received in the middle east were infected with it. Dirt from IEDs and other explosives got in wounds. The strain she got comes from soil. The doctor friend got her in to see an infectious disease doctor right away and after blood tests, it was confirmed. She had to be in the hospital for a week with intravenous antibiotics. Then she was released with a pic line in her arm and got antibiotics for 3 more weeks. It can give you sepsis and kill you. Since then, everyone in our family wears heavy gardening gloves. We live in Florida.

        1. HI Angela, oh thank you for sharing your story. I never work in the soil without gloves, acinetobacter is one of the biggest threats to our body. She was blessed to have someone recognize what she had. Plus, the fact, that they knew how to treat it, it gives me chills just thinking how lucky you were to have a doctor (veteran) what was needed to treat it. It’s bad stuff. I’m so glasd she survived, she was truly one of the lucky ones. Thanks again for sharing, Linda

  5. Our local grocery had gala apples 3 pound bag for .97. (I have the same peeler). I make my own apple butter. I am going to try making apple pie filling this week as we use a lot of it all year long. I also buy a lot of canned tomato soup, cream of chicken and cream of mushroom soup. I found a cream of jalapeno soup . Can’t wait to try that one. I make my own bone broths, even though I have several jars of bouillon. I love cooking from scratch. We don’t use canned chicken noodle soup. I make my own. I put dried noodles,dried celery,carrots,onions and other spices in jars,then just add water when ready to make the soup. You can add dried chicken to the jar or add canned chicken when ready to make the soup.( I have printed recipes out for meals in jars). I have also canned my own soups,just add rice or noodles when ready to eat them. I ordered rechargeable batteries I found on sale. I also found some school supplies on sale. ( I have 2 grandkids in High school). I am always on the watch for ‘sale’ items. The more I can do to be prepared, the better off we are. Thank you for keeping us informed. God Bless you and yours.

    1. Judy P.: Would you be so kind as to share some of your soup recipes or meals-in-a-jar recipes, please?
      Unfortunately, I do not see ANY “Case lot sales” this year! BUMMER!!

      Thanks kindly,

      Joyce E. Stotts
      Newark, NY 14513

  6. I am blessed with a apple tree. I do make applesauce and can it but I also make apple dumpling and
    freeze them . In the winter when I want a nice warm treat I grab a few out of the freezer and bake them up in a thick sauce and eat. Even better with ice cream on them. I do peel all mine by hand. Same way with my dishwasher and bread maker….all by hand. It seems to help my arthritis at times.

    1. Hi June, oh my gosh, my mouth is watering over the apple dumplings! I love hearing you have an apple tree! There is nothing better than having a homemade apple dish of any kind! Arthritis is not fun! Linda

  7. Hope this helps you convince your husband.I have gardened over 50 yrs.too, but only got my MG certification 40 yrs. ago.How nice you get gloves for free to try. I wear a small, so it is hard to find my size.
    Take care!

      1. HI, LINDA: YES, I appreciated learning about all the medicinal herb seeds that can be purchased at “SEEDS NOW”! Thank you very much for that….SO MUCH CHEAPER THAN FROM BURPEE AND OTHERS!! I just placed a sizeable order for herbs that I used to grow but have petered out over the years. Watch out for LemonBalm, though. I did not order that one,c ause it has taken over the space under a decorate flowering crab tree and is smothering a lot of other things out!!
        Thanks again. You are the greatest, and I am SO HAPPY I found your website!

        Best, Joyce E. Stotts, Certified Natural Health Professional since 2006. Newark, NY

  8. Linda, our local Smith’s has case lot sales 3-4 times per year. Re: Apple Peeler/Corer. Mine sits tall enough I can set a large bowl under where the peeled, cored and spiralized apples come out. My wife makes the best pie crust I’ve ever tasted so we make a lot of apple pies. Our machine spiralizes the apples into 3 /16″ thick pieces which, when broken up, are perfect for pies.

    I love your what to buy articles. Regarding gloves in the garden–consider me a convert as working around my rebar and chicken wire garden fences I often look like I lost a fight with a bobcat.

    1. Hi Ray, oh my gosh, “you look like you lost a fight with a bobcat”!!! Oh, I bet you have the best pies ever! I need to practice more on pie crust making!!! Linda

  9. This past weekend, our son and son-in-law moved our upright freezer from the basement to the garage. Now I can see exactly what we have without relying on my husband, who ALWAYS says the freezer is full, THANKS to you and your so informative readers, our pantry is in much better shape than this time last year. I will be shopping for meat and frozen vegetables and fruits.

    1. LOL Chris, my hubby and youngest daughter always say the large basement chest freezer is full, yet they can’t find anything in it to make for dinner. I am mobility challenged and cannot go down the steps, so I rely on them telling me what is in there. Our upright freezer hasn’t been reliable for a couple years and the replacement arrives next Saturday! Even better, it is going in the kitchen where I can access it. Yay!!! I can fill it with the things we need and I will always know what is in it. I need to get hubby to inventory the chest freezer this week so we’ll know what we have and what needs to be moved upstairs.

      1. Topaz, I am so glad you are getting a new freezer in the kitchen where it is handiest. We gave our son our old upright freezer, with no guarantee on how long it will last. The new one is slightly bigger, and I was able to organize it better. Like you, stairs are not my friend. I haven’t been in our basement in a year. I have to rely on my husband to keep it orderly, although when we downsized we got rid of so much, that it shouldn’t be a problem. Our grandsons do bring over their outgrown toys and stuffed animals for safe keeping, because otherwise they know their mom will toss them!!!……lol….. I love the safe and secure feeling the comes with a freezer and pantry ready for the coming winter. Stay safe and healthy.

        1. Hi Chris, I hear you on the basement stairs! Our new house will be on one floor like the home we sold. We’re living with our daughter and her family until the home gets built and I dread having to go down the stairs to her food storage room. So I rarely do! I send the grandkids! Life is good! Linda

          1. Linda, Please tell us there has been progress on your new homes construction. Have you asked your electrician about pre-wiring for a generator?

  10. Hi Linda,
    Loved your article. When I read the comments about that lovely apple peeler, decided that I had to respond. I have this exact same peeler. when I just want to peel apples for pies, etc., I simply remove the “thingy” on the end of the rod that is there to slice the apples, Just undo the wing nut and the apple is peeled beautifully and you can slice it however you want. Hope that this helps you all.

    1. Hi Suzanne, thank you for sharing the apple peeler trick. I have to have an apple peeler for making apple sauce, I wish I could say I for my apple pies! I never was good at the pie crust. It’s funny because my granddaughter lived with us for a year to go to school here in Southern Utah. Well, for school they had a pie-making contest! I found a recipe online, and she made the most beautiful pie and it tasted delicious! Her first time making a pie! I may try making a peach pie, peaches are in season here. Thanks again, Linda

  11. Linda:

    I have this article from 1019 and it was 8 pages. The one I downloaded was 22 pages. You sure do like to update them don’t you.

  12. If anyone is looking for good canning books go to MeWe and get a account. Then you can go through the Survivalist sites on there and you will be surprised what you can find. You can click on my link as to be approved on my site but tell me you got the info from Linda’s site so I will know who you are. The Link is : (www) mewe.com/i/jackieschlageter

    They also have canning and cooking groups there that you can find great recipes at.


  13. Your post brought on a discussion this morning over breakfast and the news. With our budget in mind, the debate came down to priorities…… A new firearm and ammunition or new bras….. Let’s face it, these old girls are not going to hold themselves up…. The winner, with his son and grandsons in tow is headed for the firearms store and then the gun range. The gossip on the news is massive discounts on everything but I admit to not seeing it. We are set for winter on non-food items, but water and food need so boosting.

    1. Hi Chris, I hear you on the massive discounts, I have not seen any yet. I just ordered instant milk (25-year storage life). Thrive Life had a very good sale! It was half-price thank goodness. Linda

  14. I wish we had case lot sales here but we don’t. I have store-bought canned goods plus what I can from our garden and what we buy from local farmers. I’m keeping my eyes open for sales and have become well-acquainted with a woman who works at Braum’s. She lets me know when they mark different items down. The best thing is that husband surprised me with a smaller size deep freeze and I’m excited to get it filled up.

  15. Avocados:

    It really IS true! If you cover them with water in a glass container and store them in the fridge, they will last a l-o-n-g time! Maybe not forever, but sure a lot longer than they do otherwise! 🙂

  16. Every time I read your posts, I learn something new. Since I started read in the summer of 2020, our pantry, our freezer and our home are in better condition for what ever the future brings our way. We downsized 7 years ago. Now we are both mobility challenged. We get done what we need to, it just takes longer. Keeping our pantry stocked is easier with curbside pickups. Winter is coming and I need to be ready. Thank you for your valuable time and wisdom.

    1. Hi Chris, thank you for you kind words, my sweet friend! I’m not as mobile as I used to be, but like you we can still get stuff done one way or another. Keep stocking, we will be prepared for what comes our way! Linda

  17. You mentioned that we need to store white rice, Excellent idea because China had a bad crop this year and is buying up all the rice it can get from other counties, besides wheat. That means some of our rice will go to them. Prices will go up so it is a good idea to store some if you can. Stored properly it will last for years. That is only for white rice because the brown rice won’t store as long. Storing extra rice and wheat is always a good idea along with plenty of water.

    1. Hi Cheryl, oh you nailed it my friend! We must stock up on wheat and white rice. Hopefully those who stock up hard white wheat (my favorite kind) will have a wheat grinder or a very strong blender that can do a small cup at a time. Yes, the hand crank ones are fine, I have one, but man it’s going to be hard grind wheat by hand. We must teach people how to make bread, biscuits, and tortillas. Water is a big concern for me right now. BIG NAMES and COUNTRIES are buying up farmland. I have heard wells are going dry and aquifers are not as full as they used to be. In other words, those that bought lanmd with aquifers nearby may be surprised when they learn they are no longer viable. The water has dried up. Linda

  18. Hi Linda:

    I got a good idea from one of those commercials on TV for Survival foods. They send their foods in the plastic containers and although theirs are sturdier I am going to buy some really sturdy black containers and fill them with my food stockpile half way and then fill them the rest of the way with my books and other things that I put in the barn and put those boxes up on the second floor at the back. Right now I have Hormel Compleats in 2 of the boxes and they stay out of the way. I pay my son and his wife with the meals when they help me clean up rooms that need cleaning. Of course my daughter in Love’s foot has a boot on but she should be out pretty soon. With just the 2 of them they can make a meal with instant potatoes and one of those meals for each and a vegetable and they have a good meal.

    1. Hi Jackie, what a great idea! It’s a bonus to have then help you organize each room and make meals for themselves. Great idea! Please note most black containers are NOT food safe, but if your food is in airtight containers, I would hope that would be sufficient. Linda

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