Top 10 Uses of Activated Charcoal for Prepping

Top 10 Uses of Activated Charcoal for Prepping

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Today I’m sharing the top ten uses of activated charcoal for prepping. When you hear the word charcoal, chances are, it’s not too long before your mouth starts to salivate. That’s because you know just how good it makes your favorite grilling foods taste when you use it on the BBQ. I hate to break it to you, but I’m not talking about that kind of charcoal. This is the one I bought: Activated Charcoal

Believe it or not, activated charcoal is even better for you. For starters, it provides you with a healthier gut, along with healthier hair and skin.  Activated charcoal can work for countless different purposes, but I’ll stick with the most important ones that you need to know about. Here are 10 incredible uses of activated charcoal for prepping that give preppers even more of a reason why they should have it, along with their other prepping supplies.

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Please remember that I am not a doctor, nurse, or anyone in the medical field. Please check with your medical professional to see if this will be safe for you to use. It’s critical you do your own research to ensure it is safe with any medications you are taking and any health risks you may have. This is for general information only, my friends.

Top 10 Uses of Activated Charcoal for Prepping

1. Works in an Emergency to Remove Toxins

If you’ve already known about activated charcoal for a while now, then it’s probably for this reason. Activated charcoal is a natural remedy that can quickly remove many toxins from the body before it’s absorbed. This is one of the best uses of activated charcoal for prepping. 

So, if your child were to accidentally ingest substances like pesticides or a bottle of bleach, it may be appropriate to be used in those emergency situations to counteract the effects. Poison control also acknowledges that activated charcoal can be extremely helpful and lifesaving during a drug overdose.     

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2. Detox Our Bodies From Mold

Mold is also something that is quite harmful and toxic to our bodies and can cause a number of different health issues, such as vomiting, respiratory distress, and even depression. Mold can be found in older buildings or homes that may have a bad ventilation system or may have flooded in the past causing mold to grow in carpets, walls, and elsewhere.  

3. Reduces the Symptoms from a Hangover 

Activated charcoal can also help bring some relief following a hangover and can even be used to prevent one entirely if you take it ahead of time. That’s because activated charcoal works to remove the alcohol toxins from your bloodstream. This is not an excuse for you to drink however much you want, but for emergency purposes only and to help someone that’s experiencing alcohol poisoning, or is unconscious from it.    

4. Purifies Drinking Water 

Drinking water can be purified using a number of different methods. One of those is by using an activated charcoal filter to remove a number of toxins and may absorb some undesired solvents in your water. Not only will it clean your water, but you’ll notice an improvement in taste too. It is debated if it also removes fluoride. From my recent reading, I would have to say no.

5. Relieves Digestion Problems 

Do you ever experience gas or bloating after a meal? These digestion problems can be very uncomfortable and irritating if it’s something that takes place on a regular basis. If this happens to you frequently, consider using activated charcoal after your meals. 

It will work to attach the food elements that are causing the digestive problems and help you eliminate them in the bathroom easier. Some people even suggest that it helps treat diarrhea. Just remember that when you do take it, drink plenty of water so it is pushed through your system quickly.  

6. Cleanses Your Digestive System 

Not only does activated charcoal help with digestive problems, but it can also be used to cleanse your digestive system as well. By adding it to a healthier diet, along with following it up by drinking plenty of water afterward, (activated charcoal can cause dehydration) it will vastly improve your immune function as well as getting rid of the bad symptoms.  

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7. Teeth Whitener

Should you ever be faced with an emergency situation and toothpaste is unavailable to you, activated charcoal can also help to whiten your teeth. The charcoal somehow manages to attach itself to the molecules that cause the stain and helps brighten your teeth. It’s also an antibacterial and antifungal agent to help keep your entire mouth more healthy. 

Just be aware that it may not work on veneers or crowns. This also doesn’t mean that you should currently make the switch from how you normally care for your teeth, but it will hold you over if you’re in a pinch.  

8. Deodorant

Say you’re facing a doomsday scenario and you forgot your deodorant. Now that’s one stinky situation you’re dealing with. Charcoal has a way of absorbing smells and harmful gases. It can also help with controlling humidity and absorbing moisture. This makes it an ideal candidate when up against your underarms, smelly shoes, or help with odors in your refrigerator. It’s also helpful when using to get rid of odors caused by trimethylamine, or “fish odor syndrome.” 

9. Skin Infections 

Activated charcoal has an antibacterial effect on the skin, while removing any harmful microbes that can come from wounds. By using it as a powder, many medical practitioners treat skin infections with its use. They can even be found commercially. 

Outside of skin infections, it’s said that it can cleanse acne and pores by removing the dirt, while leaving your face feeling fresh. For a finishing touch, use it to scrub off dead skin as well. 

10. Treats Insect Bites

Insect bites can be extremely uncomfortable and cause a lot of irritation on your skin. By applying activated charcoal over the irritated area, it will bring a soothing effect and take away some of the discomforts. All you need is a ½ teaspoon of it with 1 tablespoon of coconut oil to create a mixture. You can then apply it every 30 minutes until the pain and irritation go away. 

Top 10 Uses of Activated Charcoal for Prepping

Final Word

Activated charcoal is said to be a safe substance for most individuals, but it may cause a number of side effects in some people. The most common of these is vomiting, constipation, and nausea. Although I mentioned that activated charcoal can be given to people that are unconscious, it’s not recommended because there’s a chance that it can travel into their lungs. How do you use activated charcoal for prepping? May God Bless this world, Linda. 

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  1. I have a bottle of Activated Charcoal in my 1st aid kit. You never know when it’ll be needed. I got this several years ago. Luckily, I haven’t had to use it. I did know about it for toxins. About 48 years ago, my daughter go into the medicine cabinet. She ate a bottle of children’s meds. She got her stomach pumped and they pumped in activated charcoal in to absorb the rest of the meds. She thought it was candy. Needless to say, no more meds went in the medicine cabinet. We don’t have one in this house.

  2. Linda, I don’t know if it removes fluoride. Could you please check that out and advise please. You need a reverse osmosis water filter with a membrane to remove fluoride so not sure. Ordinary filters don’t remove fluoride. I really enjoy your posts thank you very much. Sharon from Australia

  3. Hi Linda,

    As I mentioned yesterday, activated charcoal a great tool in the medicine chest, but it is not effective against all poisons. It is not effective against petroleum, alcohol, acid, lye, or corrosive poisons. It will not work in a hangover or alcohol poisoning, and it will not work for a child who drinks bleach. It is effective for many organic poisons and drug overdoses such as morphine, opium, aspirin, and acetaminophen. It also works for some forms of food poisoning. Because activated charcoal does not enter the bloodstream, it must be taken relatively quickly after the poison is ingested.

    Here are some references for you. Because I believe your site screens for bad links, I’m removing the h t t p s colon at the beginning of each reference and replacing each slash with a space. pubmed 11307928 health-library hn-5203004#hn-5203004-how-it-works pmc articles PMC1676641 pdf bmj00002-0006.pdf
    Sam Coffman, The Herbal Medic, p 323-325.

    1. Hi Jennifer, I didn’t see your comment yesterday??? Not sure. I wrote this post because I had a neighbor (74 years old) attempt suicide. I thought it would be good for my readers to stock. Thank you, Linda

      1. Activated charcoal is a fabulous item to stock. I have four 4-gallon buckets of it for my family. But it has to be used correctly, and we have to recognize what it can and cannot do.

  4. I take about a gram and a half of activated charcoal every other day on an empty stomach with a glass of filtered water. I do this to prevent a buildup of toxins, like residues on fruits and veggies. I buy organic produce but you never know for sure. It is insurance.

  5. Linda, I started stocking this after our German Shepherd ate a slice of raisin bread, which is is toxic to dogs. Last time we took her to the ER (for something different) it cost $750, so we tried charcoal first. She recovered before we could take her in, so now we don’t go anywhere without it!

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