20 Common Kitchen Tools You Need

20 Common Kitchen Tools You Need

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Maybe you’re a first-time homeowner, or just heading out on your own for the first time. You might feel that you’re entering uncharted territory, and it’s quite possible that you aren’t aware of everything that you’re going to need. You’ll love these 20 common kitchen tools you need to stock up on right now. 

Common Kitchen Tools You Need 

That’s especially true for tools and gadgets that you need around the kitchen. Fortunately for you, I’m here to help you with a number of them. These are 20 Common kitchen tools that everyone needs to have in their kitchen. 

1. Timer

I must confess, I use a timer to remind me to turn the hose off outside. It’s my all around kitchen/garden timer.

20 Common Kitchen Tools You Need

It’s difficult to keep track of cooking times when you have a million other things running through your mind any given day of the week. If for whatever reason your stove or microwave doesn’t come with a timer, it will be important that you get yourself one, unless your family likes everything extra toasty or crispy.  

2. Mixing Bowls

Make sure that you have a number of mixing bowls, most preferably metal or glass ones. They come clean easier and are a necessity when you are mixing a delicious cake batter, tossing salads, or whipping up a topping. I love stainless steel bowls because I can wash them by hand or put them in the dishwasher. This is a great set: Mixing Bowls

3. Cutting Board

Having a cutting board in your kitchen will not only keep your countertops and table surfaces pristine and unscathed, but it also allows for a quick and easy cleanup. A cutting board is also friendlier by keeping your knife blade sharp too since the cutting board surface is relatively soft! Bamboo Cutting Board I highly recommend two cutting boards, one for meat/fish and another one for fruit and vegetables.

4. Kitchen Shears

Kitchen shears are another common kitchen tool you don’t want to be caught without in your kitchen. They’re great for cutting open food packaging, slicing and dicing veggies, along with trimming away undesirable fat from meat. It’s best if you purchase a set of shears that you can easily disassemble so that you’re able to clean them properly.  These are the ones I have had for years: Pampered Chef Kitchen Shears

5. Cast Iron Skillet

Cast Iron Skillets

Not too many of your kitchen tools will last a lifetime like a cast-iron skillet will. They can handle extremely hot temperatures, while retaining a lot of the heat for longer periods of time than almost any other skillet. Not to mention that they also have a nonstick surface that’s ideal for searing meats, scalloping potatoes, and caramelizing your favorite veggies. While a cast-iron skillet may appear to cost you a small fortune, it’s one of those kitchen investments you can’t afford to go without.  Cast Iron Cooking Set or Cast Iron Griddle

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6. Sheet Pans

It becomes almost next to impossible to bake your grandmother’s famous sugar cookie recipe or to throw a pizza in the oven without one or two sheet pans at your disposal. You can even line them with foil for easy cleanup. Check out these amazing sheet pan recipes that will feed the whole family. Oh my gosh, I think of cookie sheets and I think of cookies like I need to make some right now. My Favorite Cookie Sheets

7. Colander

A colander is nice to have in order to drain boiling foods and pasta, along with using one to rinse off fruits and veggies. I have several sizes I use every single day. This is a great Stainless Steel Colander Set

8. Immersion Blender 

You’ll have no trouble parting ways with your traditional standup blender once you’ve made the switch to an immersion blender. It will save you a whole lot of room in your kitchen, while it’s even easier to use. An immersion blender can blend all your favorite smoothies, soups, or mixing salad dressings or creamy pesto. 

9. Baking Dish 

Serving a hearty meal or whipping up a delicious casserole requires a dish that’s not only spacious, but versatile too. That’s where a baking dish comes in. Make sure that you get one that’s at least 9 by 13-inch and is similar in color to your other dishes. These are perfect for lasagna or baking a cake: Stainless Steel Baking Pan

10. Dutch Oven

Ceramic Dutch Oven by Lodge

Like the cast-iron skillet, the dutch oven is one item that every homeowner should have, but will also cost you a bit more money. It’s best to go with one that’s at least 5 to 6 quarts, perfect for feeding an entire family, plus some. It works just like a slow cooker where it can be left to stew over the stove for a number of hours, used in the place of a saucepan, or even placed in the oven. 

Just remember those “Cute Colored Ceramic” Dutch Ovens (shown above) are not suited to cook outside over a fire. This picture is of my sourdough bread rising. How To Make A Sourdough Starter + Bread

I highly recommend buying Dutch Ovens with a lid that have a lip on top like this one: 6-Quart Lodge Dutch Oven

11. Metal Tongs

Metal tongs can be a life-saver for your fingers and a safer way of turning over meat and checking a meal that’s roasting in the oven. 

12. Whisk

A metal whisk is ideal for mixing baking ingredients, whipping up eggs, and making just the right batter for homemade pizza dough. They come in all different shapes and sizes so get the one that best fits your preference. 

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13. Chef’s Knife

A chef’s knife is another common kitchen tool that you’ll be using a lot. Stainless steel is the way to go, and be sure that you get one that you feel comfortable with, neither too heavy nor too flimsy.  If you have a chance to go to Costco watch for their Roadshows on “Cutco Knives”, they are my favorite. I always say buy right the first time. They have them a lot cheaper at the roadshows at Costco. Here are the ones I have: Cutco Bread Knife, Cutco Cheese/Tomato Slicer, and this one for chopping Cutco Santoku

14. Bottle Opener and Can Opener

A bottle opener is another kitchen gadget that allows you to open wine bottles and other types of bottles in your home. Even if you’re not interested in drinking alcoholic beverages but enjoy a swig of root beer every now and then, a bottle opener will come in handy to open old fashioned root beer bottles that are still used today.

15. Food Processor

Food processors are another excellent tool that can take all the heavy mixing and cutting work off your shoulders, whether you’re having to knead bread dough, beat a cake batter, slice, dice, chop, or puree almost any type of food that you can think of. 

16. Silicone Spatula

Silicone spatulas are great for mixing and scraping all the ingredients from the edge of a mixing bowl. They also work great while whipping up a creamy frosting or other sweet toppings. Skip the rubber, and make the decision to go with silicone, so that your spatula doesn’t begin to melt under extreme heat.  

17. Metal Spatula 

Not only will you need silicone spatulas, but a good metal one too. That way you can use it when sauteeing sizzling meats, roasting vegetables, or simply flipping fluffy buttermilk pancakes. 

18. Stock or Soup Pot

20 Common Kitchen Tools You Need

Some people would argue that a stockpot is not an essential kitchen tool, but I’d be willing to argue on that one. Stockpots are something you’ll need, especially during the winter if you enjoy making chili, soups, broths, or even jams and jellies. In case you missed this post How To Cook Quinoa and Store It (I used a pot similar to this one).

19. Measuring Cups and Spoons

Baking and cooking become a whole lot harder if you don’t have a good set of measuring cups and spoons to help you follow your favorite recipes’ directions. 

20. Instant Read Thermometer

Last, but still very important, is having an instant-read thermometer that can ensure that every meat that leaves your oven is properly cooked. Here’s more info on food-safe temperatures that you should be aware of. 

Final Word

These are 20 common kitchen tools that will make your life a whole lot easier when you are preparing or cooking. What are some other common kitchen tools that you’d have a hard time living without? What do you think about these common kitchen tools you need? The more we cook from scratch the better off we will be. Please keep prepping. May God bless this world, Linda

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  1. Good morning, Linda. This is so helpful – thank you. I especially appreciate it when you recommend particular items and include links to those products (eg. stainless steel colanders). Could you please share your recommendation for a chef’s knife and kitchen shears? Thank you.

    1. Hi Deborah, I will go add the links, thank you for asking. If you have a Costco nearby watch for their Roadshow On “Cutco Knives” I buy the cheese slicer I think they call it. It’s cheaper than buying them online at Cutco. You can have paper-thin slices of tomatoes for those BLT’S. Be careful with buying ceramic knives. They snap easily and cannot be sharpened. I used to teach at Kitchen stores with fancy knives. I have two really good knives. One Cutco for my bread (serrated) and Cutco chopper and Cutco cheese slicer. I have some kitchen shears that I purchased from Pampered Chef years ago and they are still going strong. You will choke at the prices of the knives, but trust me you will love them. Linda

  2. Hi Linda, My husband’s favorite kitchen tool is the salad spinner. He loves it! I think mine is my bosch mixer. It is not a tool, but it’s the best. I have worn out one over 27 years. Very durable and long lasting. 35 years later, I am now on my second one.

    1. Hi Sharon, oh yes, the Bosch bread mixer! We can’t be without one of those! I’m on my third, but I’ve been married for 50 years! LOL!
      The salad spinner is the best! I know my lettuce is a lot cleaner than I bought it! Linda

  3. Great list, but I would add two cutting boards. One for meat and fish, and a second one for vegetables and fruits. For me, it’s easier and faster to have boards rather than constantly washing and worrying about cross contamination. I wrote FISH on the fish side of the board just be safe.

  4. Linda ~
    I have everything except a food processor! My immersion blender does have an attachment (bowl and blade) that works as a food processor but is very small! I don’t plan to purchase any more kitchen tools in the near future. I have been doing well with what I have.

    As for cutting boards, I have several. Some from Pampered Chef that I “won” at a party – they are well used but I did like Linda did – wrote on the mat what it was for. I don’t eat fish or seafood due to an allergy (anaphylactic allergy) so mine are labeled Beef, Pork, Poultry, Fruit/Vegetables. I also have an Olive wood cutting board that my daughter gave me from a trip to Italy. It is ONLY used for fruits and vegetables.

    As to timers – I have 4! One like the one pictured on this post, my microwave timer, oven timer and my phone timer! I can have 4 things being timed at any given time.

    I have glass measuring cups for liquids and stainless steel for dry ingredients. My measuring spoons are also stainless steel.

    I also do not have an enamel dutch oven but I do have 2 cast iron camp dutch ovens with the legs and flanged lid so I can bake bread, pies and cakes when I am camping! I would like to note that I have had several of these dutch ovens in the past – I have had Camp Chef, Stansport and Lodge. By far, Lodge is the best quality for the money! Camp Chef and Stansport are less expensive and work well IF you line them sufficiently but I never was able to get them properly seasoned. Lodge cast iron is the only brand I will purchase – dutch ovens, skillets, etc. If I am going to spend that kind of money on cast iron, I want the best!

    1. Hi Leanne, I wrote this list to give people an idea of where to start stocking a kitchen. I just barely bought a food processor but only because I started making my own dog food and my arthritic hands are not the best anymore. I’m glad you mentioned Lodge cast iron. I write about Lodge cast iron only because that’s all I have. I only bought the red Lodge Ceramic Dutch oven to make pictures for my blog. It’s fun when you make a big pot of soup or chili and have people over. Of course, that’s been a long since we did that! Life is so good when our kitchen has the tools we need to cook from scratch. Stay well and stay safe, Linda

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