Everything You Need to Know about 5G Network

Everything You Need to Know about 5G Network

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There has been a lot of controversy about the new 5G network. So, I am going to break it down as best I can to share everything you need to know about 5G network. 

What is 5G Network?

5G network is the 5th generation mobile network. So, we had 1G, 2G, 3G, and 4G. 5G is a new global wireless standard developed after those. It enables a new kind of network that works by connecting virtually everyone and everything together. This includes machines, objects, and devices. 

5G is proposing to use 53-78 GHz wavelengths which is much higher than many of our studies. 

Why are We Switching to 5G?

The reason we are making the switch to 5G is because it is meant to deliver higher multi-Gbps peak data speeds, low latency, more reliability, massive network capacity, an increase in availability, and more uniform user experience. Basically we will have higher performance and improved efficiency to connect with new industries.

5G is meant to expand the mobile ecosystem into new realms. It will impact every industry, supposedly making safer transportation, remote healthcare, precision agriculture, digitized logistics, and more. 

Additionally, 5G is supposed to drive global growth with 13.2 trillion dollars of global economic output, 22.3 million new jobs, and 2.1 trillion dollars in GDP growth. 

When Will 5G Fully Effect the Global Economy?

The 5G network is already here! It may not be all over the globe yet, but 5G networks started launching earlier in 2019. Today, 5G has been deployed in 35 countries and counting. In fact, there is a much faster rollout and adoption than there was with the 4G network. 

Although we don’t know for sure when everyone will have 5G, it is predicted that the full economic effect will likely be realized across the globe by 2035. 

Will I Need a New Phone for 5G Network?

To be able to use 5G, you will need a phone that supports the 5G network. If you don’t have one, then you won’t be able to use 5G. However, that doesn’t mean you won’t still have access to use a phone with 4G. 

Is the 5G Network Dangerous to Our Health?

Everything You Need to Know about 5G Network

If you are in prepper groups, you have probably seen a lot of theories as to what 5G is capable of doing to us health wise. The reason people are concerned is because of the amount of radiation that we will be exposed to. We all know that high levels of radiation can be dangerous to us. In fact, the World Health Organization (WHO) classified radio frequency radiation as a possible 2B carcinogen back in 2011. 

Thousands of studies have linked low-level radiation exposure (much lower than 5G) to a long list of problems, including:

  • DNA single and double strand breaks oxidative damage
  • Disruption of cell metabolism
  • An increased blood brain barrier permeability
  • Reduction in melatonin
  • Disruption to brain glucose metabolism 
  • Creation of stress proteins
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So, what are some of the dangers that may be present with using 5G? Here are some of the concerns:

Concerns and studies found through the ECFSAPI website. This is a government website for API documentation. 

Skin Issues

One of the biggest concerns of the 5G network is how the new wavelengths will affect the skin. Dr. Ben-Ishai of Hebrew University has explained that our sweat ducts act like antennas when exposed to these wavelengths. This means we become more conductive.

Another study done in New York experimented with 60GHz waves and found that more than 90% of the transmitted power is absorbed through our epidermis. So, this means we could be looking at many skin diseases, cancer, and physical pain to our skin. 

Eye Problems

Way back in 1994, we found out that even the low level microwave radiation produced lens opacity in rats. Lens opacity is linked to the production of cataracts. Another experiment was done by the Medical Research Institute of Kanazawa Medical Facility.

It found that 60GHz can penetrate below the surface of the eye. In fact, a 2003 Chinese study found that rabbits had damage to the lens epithelial cells in just 8 hours after exposure. Lastly, a study in 2009 conducted by the College of Physicians and Surgeons in Pakistan said that EMFs emitted by a mobile phone can cause derangement of chicken embryo retinal differentiation. 

Heart Problems

Heart rate changes may also occur. 5G is proposing to use 53-78 GHz. A Russian study found that frequencies in that range impacted the heart rate variability in rats (basically a stressed heart). In another Russian study, they found arrhythmias in frogs whose skin was exposed to the MMWs.

Lower Immune System

If you think you already have a low immune system, 5G may not help. A study back in 2002 examined the effects of 42HGz (lower than 5G) microwave radiation exposure of healthy mice and found that it has a profound effect on the indices of nonspecific immunity. Basically, it prevents your body from protecting you from various bacterias, viruses, and pathogens. 

Could Affect Cell Growth

Another concern that scientists have is that the 5G network could change properties and activity of human cells. In a 2016 study, they showed that even at low intensities, E-coli and other bacteria had depressed their growth as well as changed properties and activity. Although it may be cool for those nasty bacteria cells not to grow, it would not be good for our human cells to not grow. 

Antibiotic Resistance

A study in Armenia suggested that the interaction of the waves in 5G with bacteria also altered their sensitivity to biologically active chemicals which include antibiotics. This means that by altering the bacteria with these waves, our antibiotics may not work as they once did to kill the bacteria. Thus, we will have antibiotic resistance in bacteria. 

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Unsafe Food

If 5G can affect humans and other animals, many are worried it could make our food unsafe as well. One of the features of 5G is that it is particularly susceptible to being absorbed by plants and rain. We consume plants as a food source, as do animals. Thus, it could leave us with food that is unsafe to eat. 

An example to think about is GMOs on steroids. Exposure to radio frequencies has led to leaves showing necrosis symptoms (death of plant cells). Basically the indications are that 5G will be more harmful to plants, perhaps more than to humans. 

Environmental Concerns

Did you know that in order for the whole globe to have 5G, it requires launching of rockets to deploy satellites for 5G? The satellites have a short lifespan which means we will need to send rockets and satellites up more often than we currently do. 

In addition to sending up more rockets, the new type of hydrocarbon rocket engine that is expected to power the fleet would emit black carbon into our atmosphere. Black carbon could cause significant changes in the global atmospheric circulation as well as the distribution of ozone and temperature, according to a 2010 Californian study. And, solid-state rocket exhaust also contains chlorine. Chlorine destroys the ozone

Disruption of our Natural Ecosystem

Radiation can have major effects all over our ecosystem. Even from what we already have, there have been reports of birds abandoning their nests, health issues like plumage deterioration, locomotion problems, and even death. Bird species being affected include House Sparrows, Rock Doves, White Storks, Collared Doves, and Magpies. 

But, it’s not just birds that have been affected by radiation. There is a declining bee population that is said to be linked to EMF radiation that reduces the egg-laying ability of the queen.

Keep in mind that many of these concerns have not been studied in depth. So, for now many of them are theories. Only time will tell. 

Who is Banning 5G Network?

There are actually many places around the globe that have said NO to 5G. They are citing health concerns as their reasoning. Here are just a few of the places that are trying to ban the 5G network:

  • UK
  • Ireland
  • Australia
  • Portland, Oregon
  • Russia
  • Netherlands
  • Many cities in California
  • Switzerland
  • District of Columbia
  • Italy

There are many cities and towns throughout Northern California that are issuing ordinances that would ban 5G. Additionally residents of Portland, Oregon do not want it either. For a full list and information, please go here

Final Word

We know the effects we have had with our current use of radiation, and we know it hasn’t been good for us or our environment. However, we don’t know the full negative effects of what could happen with 5G. Therefore, like always it is important to prepare for the worst and hope for the best! Many preppers are suggesting getting off-grid, if you can. The further you are from the radiation, the better your chances of not getting sick. 

Check out my guide: “Rural Versus Urban Prepping: How to Prepare” for more information on preparing for any SHTF scenario. What do you think about the 5G network? Are you concerned, or do you think it will be fine? Please keep prepping, stock what you can, and eat what you store. May God bless this world, Linda

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  1. Thank you for all you do. I’ve been receiving your newsletter for a while and it never ceases to enlighten me. Thanks for the beacon of hope that I can endure with knowledge.

  2. Meh I can’t take any the PNW says seriously. Shouldn’t they be destroying their phones anyway cause they are all outta statues by now? If it is true then let’s pump a 20G into the next zone.
    In 2011-2 4G was the evil of all evils and we were all gonna die of health issues. If you don’t remember google it.
    How bout limiting the use of the device and watch the sunset, sit on the porch and play with the grandkids.

    1. Hi Matt, you know I’ve been thinking about our kids and grandkids a lot lately. I’m concerned with all the electronics they use, their cell phones, gaming units, IPods, IPads, etc. Whatever they may be. I remember calling friends in the morning with a phone, you know with a really long cord hooked to the wall, so you could do the dishes at the same time? The 5G may give us more speed, or whatever but it really is taking REAL communication away from one another. I miss “talking” to friends, not texting. I guess I’m rambling, this was way before COVID. I guess I’m really showing my age now. LOL! I’m glad you mentioned “sit on the porch” and play with the grandkids, I LOVE LOVE LOVE that thought! Linda

  3. Learning about radio frequencies to get my Ham license the biggest thing I noticed is that the 5 G system crosses over into the microwave levels, although not high powered like your kitchen microwave the phone is not shielded from buzzing you with microwaves.
    Also because they are lower powered there needs to be transmitters and repeaters everywhere!
    From what I have read it was being pushed out with out the usual years of impact studies… makes me suspicious of the motives.
    Just some thoughts

    1. Hi Bruce, I totally agree with you. I kept reading studies on the 5G and I researched like crazy. Great comment! A great reminder to me to get my Ham Radio license, I have had the book for years. Thanks again, Linda

  4. I am against 5G. It does indeed issue health issues. For years now I have been having headaches, burning of head and ears and at times my blood pressure goes up. No I am not imagining things. I can not speak on a cell or voice phone but for a few minutes when my symptoms begins. I work on my pc without wi-fi which has 4G and at times it does the same thing. My tablet requires the wi-fi except playing for some games. I have seen men working on cell towers with some type of suits to prevent radiation. I even put the phones about six inches away from me but still have the problems. If you do not have these problems, thats good. I have bought books to educate myself about cell towers. They have built a 5G tower right down the road from me and I am not looking forward to when they switch it on. Just want folks to realize the dangers of these phones.

    1. Hi Judy, thanks for your comment. I’m very concerned with 5G, I have researched and researched about it. I wrote this to make people aware of the possible dangers. Some guy left a rude comment on Facebook about my article. I am not a 5G network specialist. My point to let people like you aware of the dangers and that it’s not in our heads. Well, it is because we get headaches. You know what I’m saying. There are for sure dangers in the cell towers, no one is going to broadcast the dangers. It’s all about speed, money, and greed. When I was an active real estate agent, I would point out to people the electrical poles (large grids) in neighborhoods and I would suggest they really think about buying “that property”. It’s all about being informed. Great comment, Linda

  5. You are correct about the money and greed and perhaps speed. I also have learned that 5G can track your whereabouts. If you stand close to people, it can not track but further than 5 ft. it can. Do you catch my drift? People need to speak up about their concerns about 5G but people do not educate themselves about this 5G. We need to voice our concerns to FCC. Thank you for responding

  6. An interesting read which is linked to this topic is “The Invisible Rainbow: A History of Electricity and Life” by Arthur Firstenberg. While he *may* be linking a whole lot of conditions to electricity and radio that are coincidental, it can equally be said that the effects of those waves have not been thoroughly tested for safety. This is, unfortunately, especially true with 5G. It’s so easy for corporations now to be allowed to ram through a “product” whose effects are not known–and they’ll even block attempts to have safety tests, or to hold back and avoid its deployment.

    Going back to Firstenberg’s book, I guess my observation would be that we are now subjected to so many chemical, physical, and yes, electrical/magnetic/radio effects that we simply don’t know what the cumulative effects may be, or when our immune systems and health will be overwhelmed. The “Precautionary Principle” has been actively thrust away by the powerful global corporations and the politicians and governments they have bought.

    As for me–I will *never* have any “smart” appliance in my house. If I have to end up buying off-grid or hand appliances from Lehman’s or similar source, so be it!

    1. Hi Rhonda, oh how I love your comment!!! I will never have a smart appliance. Wait, I have a Smart TV, that was Mark’s choice. Oh my gosh, my dream is to go visit Lehman’s Store!!! I drool over the catalogs!! I bought my fire pit from them and my wooden foldable clothes dryer, like my mom used to have! Back to the 5G, I worry about the effects of it as well as chemicals in the air. We were healthier when we were younger without all this stuff, I think. Life is still good, Linda

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