What To Stock Up On In February

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Today’s the day, the topic of what to stock up on in February is here! If you missed my What To Stock Up On In January article, here it is. This is a series I started in January some years ago in hopes my readers can be helped in one way or another to stock up on needed items throughout the year. We’re all about saving money, right? One of the best ways to save money is to purchase those items you need or want when they are at their lowest price.

If you’re like me these days, it’s frustrating to see empty grocery shelves. I understand there are many reasons behind the shortages. But, either way, stock up when you can. Only purchase what your family will eat. Please stock up on water as a storage item as well, water is critical, my friends.

I love the idea of rock bottom prices, but sometimes even 30-40% off is awesome. If I can get 50% off the original price, I smile from ear to ear! Of course, we LOVE getting even more off, but I also want to be able to choose the exact thing I need or want. I don’t want to purchase something just because it’s on sale and may not have the features or quality I want.

Please don’t put items you buy on sale on a credit card just because the price is discounted. If you have to use a credit card you may not be able to afford it. Let’s be real here. If you are one of those lucky ones who can pay off the credit card each month and only use it to earn “points” for rewards later, I think that’s great, more power to you.

February is a short month but has some great potential to save 40-50% off food items you may eat every day during the month.

Please stock up on garden seeds, we must grow our own food. If you have a Farmer’s Market nearby, that’s awesome. I know many of you are freezing and dehydrating whatever you can. If you have learned the skill of canning food, that’s super!

This is where I buy my garden seeds: SeedsNow  If you need a way to store those seeds, this is what I use. Plastic Photo Container and Label Maker

What To Stock Up On In February

What To Stock Up On In February

Seasonal Food

Do you love buying fruits and vegetables in season as much as I do? They taste so good! I’ve been using these Lettuce Keepers so my produce stays fresher longer.

February Vegetables and Fruits

February has some great buys on fruits and vegetables.


You’ll want to look for avocados, bananas, carrots, cauliflower, kale, kiwi, celery, oranges, grapefruit, bok choy, green onions, lemons, potatoes, tomatoes, and papaya. Did you know you can freeze avocados? Yes, I do it all the time. Make sure the avocados are ripe, peeled, cut into chunks, pureed, or mashed. Place them in freezer bags, or better yet, use your FoodSaver. They will be good for 4-6 months in your freezer. Then you’re ready to make guacamole anytime you want some!

February Fruits in Season

Breakfast Foods

Sometimes the convenience of ready-made food works for a family on a busy schedule. Why not stock your freezer when they’re at the lowest price possible? I don’t like to eat processed foods, but there are times we need something easy and quick. Some stores will put their pancake mix on sale since they know families are hunkering down in the cold weather, and breakfast foods are always a favorite!

February Breakfast foods on sale

February is National Hot Breakfast Month, so the sales will be awesome for all kinds of breakfast items. Watch for frozen items like waffles, pancakes, and breakfast sandwiches offered at really good prices. You may also find sausage on sale at this time of year.

Cold Cereal

It’s also a great time to stock up on cold cereal or your favorite hot cereal varieties. This month’s purchases may save you enough money (by stocking up) to get you through next February.


This is a great month to watch for sales because it’s Presidents’ Day month! You will see savings on furniture and possible tax savings since some stores will pay the sales taxes on your purchase!

Remember, new “styles and colors” may be presented in the spring, so stores want to unload last year’s furniture inventory. They may have limited items because they are gearing up for new deliveries of furniture for the springtime sales.

This is the month to look for the lowest prices on that couch you may have had your eye on. If you can save several hundred dollars, I call it a “score” purchase!

Chocolate After Valentine’s Day

February Valentine's Day Candy

Well, because it’s Valentine’s month, we will see chocolate varieties everywhere at the stores. I remember when my girls were little, I would stock up on Valentine’s Day cards after the holiday for the following year as part of the stores holding a Valentine’s Day clearance.

Do you have great memories of making those Valentine’s boxes for your kids?

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I confess, sometimes they were a nightmare of sorts because one of my daughters wanted something way out of the ordinary to make and decorate.

It’s so funny because now I see boxes you can buy for the kids to take to the school party. I’m too frugal, I would still make them, that’s how I roll.

February Valentine's Day Decor

Once February 15th hits, the prices are slashed big time on anything with a Valentine’s Day theme. You will see grocery carts up in the front of the store packed with leftover chocolate treats, decorations, cards, candy, clothes, heart necklaces, charm bracelets, and more. Stores like Walmart, Walgreens, and even online sales from Amazon will feature after-holiday sales just like they did at the end of the year for Christmas gifts.

Valentine's Day Cards

If you want to store chocolate in your food storage stash, this is one of the months to do it. If the chocolate has nuts, please freeze it to protect it from going rancid.

Perfume & Cologne

One of the upscale stores in my little town had a buy one get one bottle 1/2 price off men’s cologne deal. Great buy, right?

February Perfume and Cologne on sale

Because this is the month to give perfume and cologne to your loved ones, check for savings and possible “surprise bags” that you will get for free if you buy certain brands.


Isn’t it amazing all the yogurt flavors you can buy?

February Yogurt on sale

February 6th is National Frozen Yogurt Day, so look for sales on your favorite yogurt brand. Just check the expiration dates and buy what your budget allows. Mark loves yogurt, so I’ll buy two cases this month.

Snack Food

Bring on the chips and dips for the playoffs and Super Bowl! The March Madness college basketball season is just weeks away, so buy now and save for later.

February Chips for the Super Bowl

This is Super Bowl month, so the stores are going to have many sales on potato chips, kettle chips (my favorite), soda, dips, Chex Mix, pretzels, cheese snacks, and just about anything you want to munch on while watching the game, and for the rest of the month.

Do you love watching the Super Bowl commercials, oh my gosh, I love them!!

Winter Clothing

I checked out the local sporting goods stores in our little town and there are so many winter clothing items on sale.

February Winter Clothes on Sale

This is a great month to stock up on winter clothing. You may find items marked down 75-80% because the stores need to clean out the stock because spring items will be shipped in very soon.

Be sure and look for boots, scarves, winter gloves, mittens, hats, parkas, jackets, sweaters, and sweatshirts.

Here’s the deal, if you find something at the store you want but they are out of the size you need, be sure and check the online option because the store needs to clear out their warehouses too!


February Humidifiers on sale

In the month of February, the store managers realize people are still sick from colds and the flu. So, they have humidifiers on sale in several areas of their stores.

They are usually by the pharmacy section, but nowadays they may also be on display in the front of the store so you see them as you walk in the store, near the checkout stand, or down one of the main isles on your way to the pharmacy or other high traffic spots.

Whether you need a warm vaporizer or a cool mist humidifier, this is the month to watch for a great sale. I have to remind people to use them. When I deliver chicken soup to people I always ask, “Do you have a humidifier?”

Nine times out of ten they say, “Oh yeah, I need to get it out of the closet.” I run mine 365 days a year because I live in the desert where the air is extremely dry.

Canned Food

February Canned Goods

February is National Canned Food Month. They call it the “Souper” Bowl Sunday for canned food. Please watch your mailbox for those ad inserts because this is a great time to stock up on canned foods.

You may see things like cream of chicken soup, tomato soup, chili beans, many other soups, canned pumpkin, fruit cocktail, canned pineapple, baked beans, refried beans, and more.

Please note, canned foods typically last 1-2 years. Now, remember tomato products last only about 18 months because of their high acid content. Please discard any cans that have a dent or are bulging. My motto is “when in doubt, throw it out.”

Please be careful where you store your canned items. Please don’t store them in a hot garage, on the floor, or in a room that tends to get too much heat or too cold. Under a sink is not good because of the moisture that may accumulate there and possibly cause rust on the cans.

Asian Ingredients

February Asian Foods on sale

The Chinese New Year starts every February and lasts for several days, or some celebrate the entire month. So, this is a perfect time to stock up on soy sauce, rice vinegar, rice, ramen, canned chestnuts, bamboo shoots, Chinese sauces, and teriyaki sauce. Thanks to Sharona: Lunar New Year (not just for Chinese folks). It is based on the lunar calendar and starts on a different day each year. Most Asian and Buddhist communities will celebrate the first few days, while others celebrate an entire month.

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Here’s the deal, every President’s Day you will see sales in most retail furniture stores on furniture, appliances, and mattresses. I realize mattresses are a big purchase. This is one purchase I always dread because of the price. Remember that they will last a long time if you care for them properly and have purchased good quality to start with.

The retailers know it’s a three-day weekend for some people, so shoppers have more time in the store to check out those high-priced mattresses.

You know the drill, you walk into the store and you want a mattress when the time has come to replace the one you have. You walk into the mattress area and you want to lay on the mattresses to make sure they are comfortable, right?

I get the giggles just thinking about laying on a mattress in front of dozens of people and the salesperson. And I don’t have my pillow with me, but we have to lay on it in order to see if the darn thing is comfortable.

Then you hop (not literally) from one mattress to another and go back to the “one” that we think is just right.

Then it’s the price, how much do we want to pay for a mattress? This one is tough because I know I’m going to have that mattress for years, yes, years.


This is the month that many retailers slash the price of their snowblowers because they need to unload snowblowers and snow shovels to get ready for barbecues and lawn furniture.

So, if you’re tired of shoveling all that snow, this may the month to check out the discounted snowblowers in the stores near you.

Tax Software

Watch for sales on software if you use it to do your taxes. April 15th is right around the corner, so you may as well save money on the tax software if you plan to use it.

High Tech and Entertainment

I just read an article that indicated the sales of desktop PCs and laptops is down from previous years. The computer chip market is still behind due to manufacturing and supply chain issues. You may be able to find some discounts on products from Apple, Microsoft, and others.

It could be the draw for fancy new TVs to watch the Super Bowl or other sports broadcasts this time of year, or people wanting to stay in out of the cold, but you can get some super deals on all sizes and types of televisions. I’m amazed at how low the prices are on those 55″ through 85″ models. If you’re in the market for the latest technology, check out places like Costco, Best Buy, Sam’s Club, and other big-box stores, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.


Besides sales at Christmas, Valentine’s Day is probably one of the biggest sales days for jewelry. If you are in the market for a nice item for that special person in your life, look into jewelry that may be on sale now that Valentine’s Day is past. Many stores will want to hold a Valentine’s Day clearance to reduce some inventory now that the holiday is past.

Over-The-Counter Medications

Even though we are seeing an uptick in flu this time of year, it won’t be long before those wintertime sicknesses are past history in most households. Many drugstores and other stores need to consider how much space to make for their medication inventory. Be aware, this year there is a shortage of Tynanol products for children, so if you see any on the shelf at your local store and have kids at home, consider buying them now.

What To Stock Up On Monthly:

Unique February Holidays

  • February 1: National Dark Chocolate Day
  • February 2: Groundhog Day
  • February 3: National Carrot Cake Day
  • February 5: National Chocolate Fondue Day
  • February 5: World Nutella Day
  • February 6: National Frozen Yogurt Day
  • February 7: National Bubble Gum Day
  • February 8: National Kite Flying Day
  • February 9: National Pizza Day
  • February 10: National Umbrella Day
  • February 12: National Plum Pudding Day
  • February 13: National Tortellini Day
  • February 13: Super Bowl Sunday
  • February 14: Valentine’s Day
  • February 16: National Almond Day
  • February 17: Random Acts of Kindness Day
  • February 20: National Love Your Pet Day
  • February 21: Presidents’ Day
  • February 21: National Sticky Bun Day
  • February 24: National Tortilla Chip Day
  • February 25: National Pancake Day
  • February 26: National Pistachio Day
  • February 27: National Chili Day
  • February 28: National Chocolate Souffle Day

In February, we also celebrate Black History Month and American Heart Month.

What To Stock Up On In February

Final Word

I hope you enjoy my monthly series like today, what to stock up on in February. Stayed tuned for March 1st for more good buys.

If we buy things we need when they are priced at the lowest price possible, we can purchase preps we need to use after a disaster or unforeseen emergency. What other things have you found to be discounted during February each year? Please stay safe and stay well. May God bless this world, Linda

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  1. I, too, live in the desert & we do anything to keep a little moisture in the air. I open the dishwasher to let dishes air dry & the moisture to escape into the kitchen. My daughter live in Mississippi & they’re constantly fighting the humidity in the house. I also have a lot of house plants as that helps with moisture. Think I’ll check out a humidifier while they’re on sale. Thanks!

    1. Hi Cheri, this is a very good question. When I was raising my daughters the doctors always said to use a COOL humidifier. I grew up with a WARM vaporizer. I used a COOL humidifier for years. Now I use both types. I would ask your medical caretaker. I’m not sure why one may be better than the other. I use whatever makes me breathe easier or cough less. I hope this helps you, Linda

      1. The old style warm mist actually were pretty hot and you could be scalded if you got up close to the unit’s exhaust port. I’m assuming that more modern units don’t get that hot anymore….but I always worry that the warmer the water the more risk for stuff growing in it. So I always stick with cool mist humidifiers and am careful to sanitize them periodically….last thing I want is the humidifier spewing fungal spores into the air!

        1. HI DmWalsh, I have two cool mist humidifiers and warm ones. Yeah, the new ones do not even heat the water. Yeah, I gently bleach mine every Sunday. We do not need fungal spewing!! Linda

  2. Love this list, thanks!
    1 of our grocery stores has body wash on sale this week & with my coupons they come out to 3/$1.00. I’m stocking up for a year!
    I’m definitely going to be on the lookout for soup coupons & sales in February. We use a lot of the cream soups for cooking, & those darn things can be expensive!

    1. Hi Amy, wow, that is a good buy!! I live in Utah and we have case lot sales on many items about three times a year. I can get all my soup in one sweep when they have those. I need to go look for the body wash, now!! Thank you!! Linda

      1. The winter clothing is on sale here in Florida. I hardly ever see a sale on Emergency Essentials foods but they are having one now on #10 cans. So of course I got some. I buy in lots of 6 cans because that is the size of the shipping box and they are packed nice and tight. If you get only 4 or 5, they roll around in shipping and the cans are more likely to be dented or the box half torn up. I never have a problem since I figured that out.

        1. HI Angela, I like to buy cases as well. I always open the boxes to make sure they are what I paid for and place them on shelves or tape them up and label them. I love hearing you are stocking up. Winter clothes on sale are the best time to buy them!! I love it! Linda

  3. Did I do something wrong Linda? If so I am sorry. I appear to have been dropped from your list since I have not received the last two days. I apologize for anything I may have said wrong.

  4. Cereals may already be on sale…I was shocked to see Wheaties (aka breakfast of champions) was almost 15% off the regular price last weekend. I never see it go on sale, so I stocked up. 🙂 Fortunately we are known as regular food pantry donators so the cashiers at the market don’t look at us twice when we come with 10+ boxes of cereal to the registers. Of course I never mention which food pantry, mine or the town’s pantry. 😛

    And I love stocking up on chocolate right after the major candy holidays: Halloween, Valentines Day and Easter. I’ve lost track of how many chocolate bunnies I have at home right now. Thank goodness for mylar bags and O2 absorbers! I store those right next to my bag of Sweet tarts and bags of Pez. Got to be ready for any emergency. 😉

    Thanks for these articles!

    1. Hi DmWalsh, oh my gosh, we can never have too much chocolate, right! I need to stock up on chocolate bunnies!! I haven’t heard Pez or Sweet Tarts for years, I love it! Linda

      1. Sweet Tarts are my go-to travel candy. Very easy for the passenger to hand one to the driver without risking taking their eyes off the road. I get them in the wrapped tubes for longevity…the boxes aren’t air tight and go bad MUCH faster than the tubes…although the ones I store in mylar should be good for years.

        Yeah, I hadn’t thought of Pez for years then saw some at a dollar store, then on a (pre-COVID) road trip through Connecticut my wife and I stopped at their visitor center and brought home some of their mini-buckets of Pez. After that I had to buy more so I found that you can buy bulk 5 pound bags of Pez assortments on Amazon….

        And, yes, I do stock a number of tooth brushes, an assortment of toothpastes and a bunch of dental floss…. 😛

        1. Hi DMwalsh, 5 pounds of PEZ, now you’re talking! LOL! Of course, we stock toothbrushes, toothpaste, and dental floss because we need them after we enjoy our Sweet Tarts, Pez, and chocolate! LOL! Now I will be looking for the mini buckets! I Love it! Life is good! Linda

          1. The mini-buckets we got were a fill it yourself deal from the bulk dispensers at the visitor’s center. Never seen anything else like it before, and with all the COVID restrictions I’m willing to bet if they haven’t been removed, then they are empty and/or locked up. But I’m glad we got them as they are great conversation pieces even if they are just the size of a small flowerpot.
            Yep, I’m officially old, pining for the olden days, pre-pandemic. 😛

  5. I’m definitely looking into a humidifier. I haven’t got one so far because we sleep with our BR windows at least partially open so I’d be humidifying the outdoors. May be time to change that habit.

    Re veggies: Here in AZ lettuce, bell peppers and broccoli are so cheap I’d buy some if I wasn’t growing my own–lettuce and broccoli anyhow.

    1. Hi Ray, I wish those veggies were cheap here in So. Utah. Growing your own is always better anyway! Oh, the fresh air is awesome! I use mine year-round, with heat, A/C, even when the windows are open. I have to have the moisture, I actually bought one from Costco. It’s a little pricey, but well worth the money. I have a reverse osmosis system that I use it in. I love it! Linda

      1. Does it have both warm and cool mist? I don’t need the aromatherapy option as neither my wife nor I like scented anything (soap, detergent, etc.) with vanilla and bay leaf candles being the sole exceptions.

        What kind of reverse osmosis system do you have?

        1. Hi Ray, I never use the scented area. I just need the cool mist. It only does cool. My reverse osmosis system is under the sink, not the whole house. I use it for drinking, my humidifiers, cooking, and baking. If you are handy you could install one yourself. I saw them on Costco online. I have someone who cleans the tubes and replaces the filters once a year. I can’t see the brand name. It looks kind of like a propane tank with some filters next to it. You will never buy bottled water again, I love it! Linda

          1. Linda, thanks. We don’t buy bottled water (except for storage) as our tap water is fine to drink. It is a bit hard which is why I asked about your RO system. I’m considering one for the entire house. I use distilled water in my CPAP and I do buy that. Not sure if RO water would be okay in it or not.

  6. Hi Linda, I just re-submitted my email to be able to get your posts. I don’t know what happened, but when I was just reading a post about prepping, I suddenly realized that I hadn’t gotten any of your posts for nearly a month.
    Now that I’m re-subscribed I hope to hear from you soon. Think I’ll go back and look at all of your recent posts.

    1. Oh Suzanne, I wonder what is going on!!! You are the fourth person to tell me this. I never delete emails. If the email spot lets you put your email in and accepted it, then something is for sure wrong. It won’t take duplicate emails. I’m so glad you mentioned this. I better check out what is going on. I thought it was just one post that put the wrong time. Darn, please let me know tomorrow if you get the post. It is on Sauerkraut. I will watch for a comment from you. I write 7 days a week. Thank you for letting me know!! Linda

  7. Lunar New Year (not just for Chinese folk) does not “always start on February 5th” . It is based on the lunar calendar, and starts on a different day each year. This year it begins on February 12th. Most Asian & Buddhist communities will celebrate the first few days, while others celebrate an entire month.

  8. Here in 2022 I’m going to have to say food is top of the list. Our food security is withering away with empty shelves, triple fertilizer prices, double gas etc.
    Most canning supplies have caught up here so nows the time

    1. Hi Matt, you are so right. I heard orange juice is going to be in short supply. I don’t buy a lot of it, but now I want it more than ever. LOL! I guess this year is the worst year for oranges in 75 years. And that’s only one product. I can do without orange juice. Then I hear eggs and milk are scooped up at the grocery stores as they are filled only partially. Food really is becoming scarce. We’ve talked about stocking up, well I sure hope people have!! Great comment! Linda

  9. Cool mist humidifiers are the best at preventing winter sinus problems. Our mucus membranes (eyes, nose, mouth) need to stay moist in order to function well. If your eyes are itchy, throat rough and scratchy and your nose is bleeding, consider increasing the humidity in your home. (Of course, it could always be a cold or something, but consistently it could possibly be due to dry air. I am not trying to give anyone medical advice! : ) We use only distilled water in our room sized cool mist humidifiers as any other type of water can increase mineral build up and ruin it. We clean it with white vinegar once a week by swishing some around the reservoir and giving it a thorough rinse with tap water. Then I use a few cotton swabs dipped in vinegar to scrub around all the little parts on the base to prevent icky orange slime form developing. Hope this is helpful! We also like to stock up on cute cupcake liners and decorations post-Valentines. My sweet daughter loves to bake and she gets excited to use anything pink, haha!

    1. Hi Steff, I totally agree with you! I use “cool mist” year-round. I also use my reverse osmosis water in it. I will have to try the vinegar cleaning tip! Thank you! I use bleach. You and I both are not giving medical advice, we are sharing what works for us, that’s awesome! Oh, the pink cupcake holders!! I raised 4 daughters, I totally get it. It’s so fun. I’m making Valentine cookies, I bet your daughter loves to bake them! Linda

  10. We live in Western New York, a half hour drive from the Peace Bridge or the Niagara Falls Rainbow Bridge. Right now the Canadian truckers are leading a Freedom Convy fighting the mask and vaccine mandates . Every day 250 MILLION POUNDS of products are NOT crossing the border between our two countries. Milk is over $4,15 a gallon and sliced ham is $9,00 a pound. Campbell cream of Chicken soup (a staple around here) that was $1,00 a can is now $2.19. Campbell broccoli cheese soup is nowhere to be found. DOLLAR TREE IS NOW DOLLAR and a quarter. We haven’t been out for over two weeks because of snow and minus 10 wind chill. Thank God for our pantry.

    1. Hi Chris, this is so crazy, right??? It’s so frustrating for everyone. Thank goodness we have a stocked pantry. My worry is next year and the year after. God help us all. Thank you for sharing!! Stay warm, Linda

      1. Here we are Linda, “Another year older and deeper in debt”….. we have a Walmart pick up order for today….. they are out of milk and butter…..not a big deal for us because it was just for backup. They do have orange juice, but the price is double.
        We are getting a new mattress delivered tomorrow. We usually go for extra firm, but the problems with my knees and hips call for a softener pillow top. We are also getting a shorter boxspring because mattresses are so high now. Mattresses are ridiculously expensive…..

        1. HI Chris, oh my gosh, out of milk and butter. YIKES! Walmart, not you! Orange juice is twice the price!! We gave all our furniture away in Southern Utah because I didn’t want to have to pay to store it. I keep looking at the prices of mattresses and box springs, stoves, refrigerators, etc. Thankfully we gave away all of our “stuff” to family and friends since we are now going on 16 months of living in a bedroom. IF the PERMIT ever goes through we will need very little furniture. But it will be costing a whole lot more. Oh well. I just want a house. LOL! I hope your mattress works those are the hardest ones to choose. Linda

  11. To go along with your recommended Lettuce Keeper, here’s another that’s been working well for me. My salad greens come mostly from the grocery store in winter, in the clear plastic boxes. When I get one home, I dump out the greens in a bowl, then put a doubled piece of paper towel in the bottom of the plastic box–then the greens go back in, with another doubled paper towel on top. The paper towel absorbs condensation, and the greens stay good much longer–no nasty slimy bits!

    I had to smile this past month–I came down with the Wuhan right after my husband went off to the hospital with a stroke (improving in rehab now). Everyone kept asking if I needed anything… No, thanks, I’m well stocked! (I think I did finally ask someone to get me some OJ.)

    1. Hi Rhonda, oh my gosh, I’m glad your husband is improving!! You got the Wuhan?? Dang!! Isn’t it wonderful to know we are well stocked and can take care of ourselves? OJ would be fun to have when you’re at home sick! Glad you’re better! Great tip on the lettuce and various greens! I love it! Linda

  12. Hi Linda
    I have been using many of your recipes . I saw Feb. Ist is national sticky bun day. Do you have a recipe? Thank you !

    1. Hi Nancy, oh my gosh, I love sticky buns!! I had a friend that I kept meaning to get her sticky buns recipe. I never got it and then I saw her obituary. For years I enjoyed her homemade sticky buns! I think I will try and get it from her kids!! If I can find them on social media. Stay tuned! Great idea! Linda

  13. HI Linda:

    we have a old fashioned humidifier but use it only when we really need it. Of course my husband, daughter and I all use a Cpap machine so we get somewhat of a humidifying effect each night. My daughter bought one of those machines that clean the Cpap each day. When you have sinus problems you can’t take things in a carefree manner. I also have a machine in my office and our bedroom that cleans the air. I wish I had one for the whole house but the bedroom and office helps us a whole lot. Living in the Dessert of New Mexico you have a lot of dust all around you and because I have asthma it helps me a whole lot.

    1. Hi Jackie, I would love a whole-house humidifier. The desert just about killed me with the dry air. Up north the air is polluted, so I can’t win! LOL! The house isn’t polluted but the news tells people to stay inside because of the poor air quality where I live now. Crazy, huh? Linda

  14. Looking over this list, cannot say that I stock up on much here!! As a single person, I cannot purchase a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables in “stocking up” quantities! So, to lessen the risk of waste in fresh, I purchase as I need them. I also don’t stock up on after valentines day candy!! or game day snacks – they just go to “waist”!!! LOL!
    I do purchase canned goods though. I went to the grocery store 2 days ago and was amazed – so many things not stocked on the shelves!! But, what I needed/wanted was pretty full. When I walked out, I had spent a total of $107 and change but purchase $169 and change worth of food. Not sure how many people who read your blog are on fixed incomes like I am but I save by meal planning, knowing what I have in the cupboard (I go through the cupboard when planning my meals), I use the store’s coupon app to save as much as I can and I also use Ibotta – a mobile app for saving money. I don’t always save as much as I did this last trip though! Sometimes the combination of the store app and Ibotta app only comes to 50 cents or a dollar, other times, up to $60! Then, when you have “saved” $20 on Ibotta, you can trade in for gift cards.

    Some other things we need to look at for “stocking up”: sales at JoAnn Fabric, crafting items there as well as fabric and other stores like Michael’s crafts. I get coupons for both and can save quite a bit on the things I need to make gifts or things I want/need.

    1. Hi Leanne, oh I love coupons! I need to sign up for Ibotta, I have heard of that before. Thanks for the reminder. I’m lucky we have case lot sales here, that’s where I save the most money on canned goods. I do not know how people feed their families these days. The prices are crazy! Linda

  15. Linda, I don’t envy your need to shop once the new home is ready…… Refrigerator…..$2200.(nothing fancy). New mattress……$2400., upright freezer 15cf……$1000. I have been reworking our budget and the numbers are just not cooperating. Property Taxes…..$5000. (2 bedroom ranch) HOA ……$3000. natural gas, up 25%, electric up 30%…… Forgot stocking up, the basics eat up the budget.

    1. HI Chris, oh I have been checking the ads for prices, yikes! You are so right, forget the basics! I was just reworking our budget last night, and the prices of everything are out of sight. Crazy times, Linda

  16. I never pass up items on sale, reduced or anything on clearance. We have to take advantage of good deals. For example I saw some caps for just under $3.00. I didn’t really like them, but they were okay and functional. Other caps were $5.00.

    I see things like that and wish I could just buy them and keep them to trade, give as gifts or give to others if they needed the item.

  17. Ouch….yikes…..please let me go!!!! That is my pennies screaming for mercy…… Our shopping this month is limited. Our county taxes are due in two weeks $2000. HOA fees are due $300. Fortunately, other than milk and fresh produce, we don’t need anything.

    FYI…. Check with your local AARP for free tax filing, and you don’t even need to join AARP. they do excellent work.

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