What To Stock Up On In February

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Today’s the day, what to stock up on in February is here! If you missed my January Stock Up On article, here it is. This is a series I started in January this year in hopes my readers can be helped in one way or another. We’re all about saving money, right? One of the best ways to save money is to purchase those items you need or want when they are at their lowest price.

I love the idea of rock bottom, but sometimes even 30-40% off is awesome. If I can get 50% off the original price, I smile from ear to ear! Of course, we LOVE getting even more off, but I also want to be able to choose the exact thing I need or want. I don’t want to purchase something just because it’s on sale.

Please don’t put items on sale on a credit card just because the price is discounted. If you have to use a credit card you may not be able to afford it. Let’s be real here.

February is a short month but has some great potential to save 40-50% off food items you may eat every day.

Seasonal Food

February has some great buys on fruits and vegetables. You’ll want to look for avocados, bananas, carrots, cauliflower, kale, kiwi, celery, oranges, grapefruit, bok choy, green onions, lemons, potatoes, tomatoes, and papaya.

Breakfast Foods

February is National Hot Breakfast Month, so the sales will be awesome for all kinds of breakfast items. Watch for frozen waffles, pancakes, and breakfast sandwiches offered at really good prices. It’s also a great time to stock up on cold cereal or your favorite hot cereal boxes. This month may save you enough money (by stocking up) to get you through next February.


This is great month to watch for sales because it’s President’s Day month! You will see savings on furniture and possible tax savings. Some stores will pay the taxes on your purchase!

Keep in mind new “styles and colors” may be presented in the spring so stores want to unload last year’s furniture. They may have limited items because they are gearing up for new deliveries of furniture.

This is the month to look for the lowest prices on that couch you may have had your eye on. If you can save several hundred dollars, I call it a score purchase!

Chocolate and After Valentine’s Day

Well, because it’s Valentine’s month, we will see chocolate everywhere at the stores. I remember when my girls were little, I would stock up on Valentine’s Day cards after the holiday for the following year. Do you have great memories making those Valentine’s boxes for your kids?

I confess, sometimes they were a nightmare of sorts because one of my daughters wanted something way out of the ordinary to make and decorate. It’s so funny because now I see boxes you can buy for the kids to take to the school’s party. I’m too frugal, I would still make them, that’s how I roll.

Once February 15th hits, the prices are slashed big time on anything with a Valentine’s Day theme. You will see grocery carts up in the front of the store packed with leftover chocolate, decorations, cards, candy, clothes, heart necklaces, and charm bracelets. If you want to store chocolate in your food storage stash, this is one of the months to do it. If the chocolate has nuts, please freeze it.

Perfume & Cologne

Because this is the month to give perfume and cologne to your loved ones, check for savings and possible “bags” that you will get for free if you buy certain brands.


February 6th is National Frozen Yogurt Day so look for sales on your favorite yogurt brand. Just check the expiration dates and buy what your budget allows. Mark loves yogurt so I will buy two cases this month.

Snack Food

This is Super Bowl month so the stores are going to have many sales on potato chips, kettle chips (my favorite), soda, dips, Chex Mix, pretzels, cheese snacks, and just about anything you want to munch on while watching the game. Do you love watching the Super Bowl commercials, oh my gosh, I love them!!

Winter Clothing

This is a great month to stock up on winter clothing. You may find items marked down 75-80% because the stores need to clean out the stock because spring items will be shipped in very soon.

Be sure and look for boots, scarves, winter gloves, mittens, hats, parkas, jackets, sweaters, and sweatshirts.

Here’s the deal, if you find something at the store you want but they are out of the size you need, be sure and check the online option because the store needs to clear out their warehouses too!


In the month of February, the store managers realize people are still sick this month from colds and the flu. So, they have humidifiers on sale in several areas of their stores.

They are usually by the pharmacy section, but nowadays they may also be on display in the front of the store so you see them as you walk in the store or down one of the main isles on your way to the pharmacy or other high traffic spots.

Whether you need a warm vaporizer or a cool-mist humidifier, this is the month to watch for a great sale. I have to remind people to use them. When I deliver chicken soup to people I always ask, “do you have a humidifier?”

Nine times out of ten they say, “Oh yeah, I need to get it out of the closet.” I run mine 352 days of the year because I live in the desert where the air is extremely dry.

Canned Food

February is National Canned Food Month. They call it the “Souper” Bowl Sunday for canned food. Please watch your mailbox for those ad inserts because this is a great time to stock up on canned foods. You may see things like cream of chicken soup, tomato soup, chili beans, many other soups, canned pumpkin, fruit cocktail, canned pineapple, baked beans, and refried beans.

Please note, canned foods typically last 1-2 years. Now, remember tomato and oranges last only 18 months because of their high acid content. Please discard any cans than have a dent or are bulging. My motto is “when in doubt throw it out.”

Please be careful where you store your canned items. Please do not store them in a hot garage, on the floor, or in a room that with too much heat or too cold. Under a sink is not good because of the moisture that may accumulate there.

Asian Ingredients

The Chinese New Year starts every February 5th and lasts for several days. So, this is a perfect time to stock up on soy sauce, rice vinegar, rice, ramen, canned chestnuts, bamboo shoots, Chinese sauces, and teriyaki sauce.


Here’s the deal, every President’s Day you will see sales in most retail furniture stores on furniture, appliances, and mattresses. I realize mattresses are a big purchase. This is one purchase I always dread because of the price.

The retailers know it’s a three-day weekend for some people so therefore they have more time in the store to check out those high priced mattresses.

You know the drill, you walk into the store and you want a mattress when the time has come to replace the one you have. You walk into the mattress area and you want to lay on the mattresses to make sure they are comfortable, right?

I get the giggles just thinking about laying on a mattress in front of dozens of people and the salesperson. And I don’t have my pillow with me, but we have to lay on it in order to see if the darn thing is comfortable. Then you hop (not literally) from one mattress to another mattress and go back to the “one” that we think is just right.

Then it’s the price, how much do we want to pay for a mattress. This one is tough because I know I’m going to have that mattress for years, yes, years.


This is the month that retailers slash the price of the snowblowers because they need to unload snowblowers and snow shovels to get ready for barbecues and lawn furniture.

So if you are tired of shoveling all that snow this may the month to check out the discounted snowblowers in the stores near you.

Tax Software

Watch for sales on software if you use it to do your taxes. April 15th is right around the corner so you may as well save money on the software if you use it.

Final Word

I hope you enjoy my monthly series like today, what to stock up on in February. Stayed tuned for March 1st for more good buys. If we buy things we need when they are priced at the lowest price possible we can purchase preps we need to use after a disaster or unforeseen emergency. Please stay safe and stay well. May God bless this world, Linda

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4 thoughts on “What To Stock Up On In February

  • February 1, 2019 at 8:50 am

    I love the sales post Christmas! Three years ago, I was in a clothing store in early February and just happened to find an off white quilted jacket. I have been wearing it since and it was only $9.99 + tax. So, I figure I have my money’s worth! It is still in excellent condition and unless I gain or lose a whole lot of weight, I will be wearing it for a few more years!

    As for snack foods and chocolate – well, girlfriend, I wish you had not mentioned those! LOL. I AM trying to lose a few pounds (well a lot of pounds actually) so those WILL NOT be on my shopping list!

    Thanks for the heads up about Chinese New Year. I don’t generally think about this but I do love stir fries and other Asian inspired meals. So I will be picking up some of the ingredients to have on hand.

    Also, I am going to check out Ibotta – have you heard of it or had any experience with it? You scan and send in your receipts and I think then you get some sort of rebate. I think there are also some other techniques like that and I am going to look into them soon.

    • February 1, 2019 at 11:13 am

      Hi Leanne, I have heard about ibotta!! I need to get with it, I guess. I love your comments as always! Linda

  • February 1, 2019 at 9:19 am

    OH, Linda ~
    Something else that helps me save money is to know what stores have Senior discounts! I know not all of your readers are Seniors though.

    Walgreens has Senior Day (at least in my area) on the first Tuesday of each month and it can result in a HUGE savings. And, when I consider the points I rack up, even more savings. I always have this on my calendar! Other stores in my area have similar savings.

    I will relate a quick story about one of my saving trips: I needed or I should say wanted a new set of flannel sheets. A local store had a 15% off coupon for household goods. When I got there, the sheets were 50% off. When I got to the checkstand, I learned that not only did I get the original 50% off, then the 15% off with my coupon AND it was Senior day with an additional 20% off! I purchased the set of sheets for less than $15.00 for something that would originally have been over $50.00! Now, I did not need nor want more sheet sets but had I, I think I would have gotten another coupon and purchased more.

    Also, for your Senior readers, ALWAYS ALWAYS ask when checking out if the store has a Senior discount. Many stores do not automatically give the discount.

    • February 1, 2019 at 11:16 am

      Hi Leanne, oh I’m so glad you reminded me about this Senior Discount Day stuff! Almost every store gives a discount to seniors or veterans now! I love it! Linda


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