The Best After Christmas Sales

The Best After Christmas Sales

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Today it’s all about the best after Christmas sales. Most people see sales signs in store windows before Christmas and assume they’re getting the best deal possible. Sure, you want to have gifts for your loved ones to open on that particular day, but did you know that the best sales usually come after Christmas?

If you won’t see some relatives until after Christmas, or if you were thinking about buying anything for yourself, wait until after the 25th. You might actually start your Christmas shopping for next year right now if the items aren’t the type that will be obsolete or go out of style. If you’re willing to wait, you can receive steep discounts on items that were just regular prices a few days before Christmas.

Some of your favorite stores might offer the best sales that you didn’t know about! In case you missed this post, Old-Fashioned Vintage Christmas Candy Recipes

The Best After Christmas Sales

The Best After Christmas Sales


Adidas has an annual end of the year sale that takes place right after Christmas and typically lasts until the beginning or middle of January. During the sale, you can get up to 50 percent off some of your favorite products, including t-shirts, shorts, hooded sweatshirts, sneakers, and even cologne! It’s worth it to visit an Adidas store or check out their website during this time to see which items you can get for the best prices.

American Eagle

If you regularly shop at American Eagle, wait until after Christmas to get your clothes. The store hosts a sale after Christmas that can help you save up to 30 percent off all jeans in different styles and sizes.

You can also get an additional 60 percent off all clearance items. Don’t hesitate to check that clearance section. It often consists of clothes that no longer fit with the season. If you buy them now, you can save money and wear the clothes when the weather changes!


Who doesn’t love a good Amazon deal? It’s common for different small businesses that sell through Amazon to offer sales after Christmas. However, Amazon itself typically provides at least 40 percent off their popular Echo Dot and Kindle products.

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Each year, they’re offering something neat at a deeply discounted rate. Make sure you’re browsing the site and comparing prices to determine when the prices for items are dropping. It’s how you’ll get to catch the best sale prices possible.


Get what you need from Walmart after Christmas. All stores typically have the same end-of-season clearance sale. During the clearance sale, you can save up to 70 percent on select items.

If you download the Walmart app, it’s easy to scan things through your phone while you’re browsing the store. Walmart is known to have lots of hidden clearance items, so you may end up pleasantly surprised over what you find at large discounted amounts.


Beauty gurus and makeup lovers can rejoice at Ulta’s after-Christmas special sale. The price for all holiday-themed items gets drastically reduced. You can also spot discounted prices on many standard products in the store, including shampoo, conditioner, foundation, beauty serums, and so much more.

If you’re looking to try new products, or want to stock up on some of your favorites, the best time to go to Ulta is right after Christmas. You can often pair the discounted deals with coupons to save even more.


Rush over to Target to check out their markdowns that take place the day after Christmas. All holiday items are half off starting December 26th. Five days after Christmas, those items often drop even further to a generous 70 percent off.

You can continue to go in-store to get the best deals on items, but Target may also offer great discounts on products available on their website after the holidays. If you’d like to stock up on holiday-themed products that you can use next year, it’s the perfect time to get them.

Best Buy

You might think going to Best Buy on Black Friday is the best way to get a great deal on all your electronic appliances, but that may not be true. While you can get some good deals on Black Friday, on many items the best sales take place after Christmas.

Best Buy is known to offer significant markdowns on smartwatches, televisions, laptops, and other electronic devices. If you need a new laptop, want to get a smartwatch, or are looking into getting a new television, wait until after Christmas.

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You can get what you need at a much lower rate. You can also visit the Best Buy Outlet for even better deals! 

Dollar General

If you have a Dollar General in your area, head over to the store to get steep discounts on holiday items. Christmas items are available at up to 70 percent off, which you can save and use for the holiday season the following year.

Besides getting discounts on Christmas items, you’ll notice markdowns on toys and bath sets that are typically gifted during the holiday season. Make sure you download the DG GO app on your phone and clip any coupons.

Along with the deep discounts, you can use the coupons to save more money. If you shop at Dollar General on Saturday, you can also save $5 on any purchase of $25 or more.

Why It Makes Sense to Shop After Christmas Instead of Before

No matter how much money you have, there’s nothing wrong with saving more of it. If you could get the same item at a drastically reduced price, would you still want to pay the initial total cost? Definitely not!

If you’re going to see loved ones after Christmas instead of on the 25th, you’re going to have the perfect chance to get gifts for the family at lower prices. Who wouldn’t want to save big while still handing out gifts to loved ones?

Another thing to check out is whether your favorite store has a “price matching” policy. Many stores don’t want to lose your business, so they’ll match the price at a competing store. Just be sure to take the advertisement or coupon with you to verify the lower price.

Final Word

Who doesn’t love to get a good deal? When you’re shopping at some of your favorite stores, you may like to find items on sale or use a few coupons to save money. Another good way to save significant time is to shop right after Christmas.

Stores often look to get rid of their inventory, so they start lowering the price of different items to get them off the shelves to make room for new inventory. Lots of stores offer these deep discounts, including the ones mentioned above.

Which stores would you like to go to after Christmas to get the best deals? May God Bless this world, Linda

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    1. Hi Matt, I totally agree. I wrote this about 2 months ago, I know there will be sales but nothing like the last few years. I hope people realize “things” are not as important as memories. And safety. My 2 cents. Linda

  1. I have never been to a Black Friday sale. I’ve heard about fights too many times. My daughter went to one in Mississippi one year and there was a knifing. I’ll stay home and be safe. LOL

    I have bought gifts all year before, but now I don’t. We’ve cut back on our gift giving.

    1. Hi Deborah, we have 17 grandkids, when Mark retired we had to tell the grandkids we could no longer give Christmas gifts (except those under 10 or so). We will help throughout the year where we can but we would rather have memories with them. We give money to them on birthdays through Venmo. They get to an age where we have no idea what to get them. There is nothing on a Black Friday sale that I will stand in line for. I’m glad your daughter was okay. No reduction in price item is worth it to me to fight crowds. I would rather pay full price and order it in my jammies online. LOL! Linda

      1. We have 11 grands and 3 great-grands. It’s pretty hard to buy for the older ones, so we’ve been giving them money. We did get the youngest grandson a tool kit since he’s working on redoing his truck for when he gets his license. In a couple of years.

        I’m not going to go to the Black Friday sales either. I’d rather shop online as well. LOL it’s been going on the second year since I was in a Walmart. I’ve gotten to where I don’t want to go shopping.

          1. Linda, he loved it. We try to give gifts that they need. Some of what they want, if it’s reasonable. I really like giving books as gifts, if I know what they like to read. I love books.

  2. I love the after Christmas sales! Before Christmas is for gifts – after Christmas is to get Christmas supplies for next year and clothes for me. But now I don’t need as much of either as I used to so I’ve scaled way back. No more buying clothes for work!

    Bath & Body Works has a great sale after Christmas both in the store and online. I love to buy online – nice selection, no crowds plus free shipping with a minimum purchase.

    1. Hi Kay, I totally agree, I would rather buy online and stay away from crowds. Yay, for no more buying clothes for work! Love it! Linda. P.S. I need to remember the Bath & Body Works sale (online for me! LOL)

  3. Agreed, Matt. I don’t think we will see the after Christmas sales like we used to. Merchandise that might be left over may get a small discount but I think due to the supply chain backlog the stores will not be holding sales as they try to recoup what could be a not so good Christmas season for them. DH was in Menard’s (like Lowe’s or Home Depot) last week and he said the Christmas displays, supplies (lights, ornaments,etc.) were VERY sparse. He was talking with one of the managers there, they really weren’t sure they were going to get too much more before Christmas. At least that’s what Corporate was indicating to the managers. Me, I’ve been buying a little here and there all year as I’ve always done over the years but I am afraid that when the grands get their lists done we won’t be able to get something they really, REALLY want. “Santa” has tried to get at least one of the things the kids want from their lists to open when they come here for Christmas over the years. The 2 older grands know it’s Mom and Dad, Gma,Gpa but it still makes them happy that Santa remembered to bring something for them. In years past, our sons have had THE “Santa” gift sent here for the kids to open but I’m not so sure about this year.

  4. I agree about the supply of Christmas items this year. However, maybe it will make people realize that Christmas isn’t really about the gifts, but about family, be it large or small. I miss the Christmas seasons from when I was a kid when shopping/supplies were not put out until after Thanksgiving. Now it has become too commercialized and the all mighty dollar. I haven’t bought gifts in years. I hand make what I give be it something I’ve crocheted, knitted, something for the kitchen, etc. When I did buy gifts, I bought throughout the year. Christmas is my favorite time of year, or it used to be. I loved the sounds, how people were always happy, the lights and tree. Anymore, since I’m alone, it’s just another day but I try to make it as festive as I can. May everyone have a Happy Holiday Season. May everyone be safe and may you enjoy family and friends.

    1. Hi Pam, oh I hear you about the Christmas season, I wish people would just enjoy each other, share memories, laugh, and cook together in the kitchen. I haven’t bought gifts in years, life goes on and I feel my family, and grandkids have more than enough “stuff”. I wish Christmas would not be so commercialized as well. It seems like now before Halloween hits, we are hearing Christmas songs in the store! LOL! It’s been like that for years. I love homemade gifts by the way. They are treasures. Keep it up! Linda

    2. Pam, I know what you mean about Christmas. It’s not what it used to be. I like to make gifts to give as well. I’ve made bath products for several years now for the ladies. They guys usually get baked goods.

  5. This year is going to be different for sure. I do have a Lego set already for my youngest grandson. I will be coming up with various ways to disguise cash. One grandson who likes to cook, will be getting a cash pizza……dollar bills with the end rolled to look like the crust and fanned out in a pizza box. The older grandchildren will be getting gift cards for their favorite restaurants or cash towards something bigger they are saving for. This will save money on wrapping paper, Over the last 40 years we have come to see so many gifts end up at people’s garage sales. Adding clutter to our homes is not my goal. Often for grown children’s anniversary or birthday, we give trees. Apple, pear, or pine. Raspberry or strawberry plants that will live long after we are gone.

    1. Oh, Chris, this is the best idea ever! I love creativity when making gifts disguised, LOVE IT! Adding clutter to my home or theirs is not my goal either! I love the idea of the trees! Or raspberry or strawberry plants, oh my gosh, this is the best idea, EVER! What’s so fun is the one grandson will always remember the “cash pizza”, this makes me smile! Thanks for sharing some great ideas! Linda

  6. My daughter has been doing her Christmas shopping every week when she does our Grocery Shopping. I will buy what I can on Amazon. I bought her a tin of Oreo cookies covered with white chocolate from amazon last year and will try to get her some again this year. But will buy packages if I can get them at Walmart. She loved them and said it was her favorite Christmas gift because I hadn’t asked her if she wanted it. I will order clothing next month or will look in Walmart when we have appointments at VA in Alberque next month. I am not even asking the kids what they want this year. They need clothing so that will be what they get. We just can’t afford a lot this year. I think a lot of people are in this situation. In fact my husband said that he was glad we didn’t have young children or grandchildren with all that was going on now.

    1. Hi Jackie, you know it is such a sad time for our country and the world right now. BUT, it’s the little things like Oreos covered with white chocolate that make all the difference. I cannot afford to give presents that’s how my life is and I’m fine with it. Would I like to give more, absolutely!! I think your idea of clothing and real necessities is the best idea. May God Bless us all, Linda

  7. ARGH!! Christmas comes earlier and earlier every year – even from you, Linda!!

    My family is more about celebrating Christmas as the birth of Christ and not so much on the gift exchanges. For birthdays, however, we celebrate those really big!!

    I agree with everyone that Christmas will be different this year with “supply chain” issues. BUT, that means that we can remake Christmas! At least the gift giving part. Perhaps I will give small gifts but then include some sort of memory making “gift”! I am thinking of making a large gift basket for my grandkids – 10, 8, 7, and 3. I think I will include some crafting materials and suggestions, perhaps a chocolate chip cookie mix in a jar, or cookie cutters and sugar cookie mix in a jar (or both), possibly a science project or two!! It could be endless. And I might find something to do with the kids and parents – lunch out or brought in, a snowball fight if there is snow. Or I could get some white yarn and make large white balls like pompoms and have indoor snow ball fights!! And, I already have the things to make some of my candy recipes to give as a gift.

    As for after Christmas sales, I am not very big on those. I don’t send out cards – postage is way too expensive and I tend to use paper bags to wrap gifts because paper bags are completely recyclable. We don’t do fancy for the most part in my family. As for gifts, I might, if I see something I know the kids would like and I can afford, I might purchase for 2022 birthdays but I generally just put money aside each year to spend on birthday gifts.

    1. Hi Leanne, oh my gosh, it’s funny you would mention your candy recipes, they are the best!! Things will be different this year, and I want people to plan for it. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your idea about the white yarn and making snowballs!!! Best idea ever! I bet your grandkids would love those baskets made by you!! Great idea! I just checked and it’s 70 days until Christmas, wow, it will be here before we know it. Linda

  8. For several years when money was tight for my kids and we wanted the grandies to have something they wanted, we made the gift mandatorily from a Thrift Store. No more than 10 bucks TOPS. Somehow, we came up with some really great stuff for each other. They crack me up, as I continue to use that handled ice bucket to hold my spatulas, etc. We spent a lot of time casing several thrift stores in town and the town over. One was the biggest I have ever seen! I bought a lot of educational stuff when I was teaching pre school years ago. Great for chachkies. There was an entire bookshelf full of those purses made of organza or something, with a night light in the middle? They had all come to live at Superior Thrift in Stockton. There were over 25. Mine might have been in there……….lol. We try to keep it goofy and light hearted. We haven’t done that in a few years, and the kids are spread out. The grand children think we’re entertaining.

    I buy through the year at some really silly stores that have great gag gifts as well. All mine is pretty much done.

    1. Hi Julie, oh that sounds like so much fun! The kids would have a ball!! I used to love giving educational stuff to the little ones. Nothing was electronic and they would spend hours flipping through the books and working on the awesome puzzles geared for their age. Life is good when we are pretty much done with shopping! Love it, Linda

  9. I stopped “doing” Black Friday a very long time ago. I agree with you, Linda-nothing is worth getting up that early in the morning! It’s not fun, stupid weird hours and it’s just no longer the same. We have over 20 grandkids between us and 2 great grandkids on my side and the only ones we have gifts for are those under 12. That makes 3 grands and 2 greats, however! our condundrum is that all of them have birthdays in Feb/Mar! So, in order to get the best selection, we purchase for those birthdays before Christmas. Luckily, all of the kids like pj’s and clothes so that helps out the parents, too. We have warned everyone that we have to scale back this year and going forward, for sure. Everyone understands. I made everyone a quilt last year; some got them for Christmas, some for birthdays. They also get a kick out of getting special pillowcases, too. The adults get money for both Christmas and birthdays. We are a blended family and unfortunately, only the kids and gkids/ggkids are on my side of the family that have a relationship with us. In order to keep track of everything, Excel is my best friend this time of year!

    1. Hi Robbie, your quilts would be the best gift EVER! They are pieced, sewed, and quilted by their grandma! Homemade gifts are the best. It’s all about memories! Life is good! Linda

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