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20 Uses for Kitty Litter as a Prepper

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Kitty litter is not just for cats anymore! This versatile product can be an essential tool for preppers in various scenarios. From emergencies to everyday survival needs, kitty litter, or some use cat litter as the product name, can prove to be a valuable resource. I want to talk about 20 uses for kitty litter as a prepper. Why You Should Store Kitty Litter

20 Uses for Kitty Litter as a Prepper

20 Uses for Kitty Litter as a Prepper

1. Absorbent Material

Kitty litter’s primary function is to absorb moisture and odors, particularly in your cat’s litter box. As a prepper, having an ample supply of kitty litter can come in handy when dealing with spills or leaks in your garage floor, basement, or storage area.

2. Moisture Control

In humid environments, excess moisture can cause mold and mildew to grow. Placing containers of kitty litter in areas prone to dampness can help absorb moisture and reduce the risk of fungal growth. This is one of those really good uses for kitty litter as a prepper!

If you have a small space where you store some of your electronics. To help protect these devices from moisture in the air, place an open bag of kitty litter in that space and it will act as a dehumidifier. This is a hack all preppers need to learn and use. Kitty Litter

3. Fire Starter

Dry, clay-based kitty litter can work as an effective fire starter. Clay litter has absorbent properties that make it easy to ignite, allowing you to start a fire even with damp kindling. That means you for sure don’t want the smoker in your home to throw any burning cigarettes or butts into a litter box. 15 Different Ways to Make Fire Starters

Since kitty litter acts as a help in slippery and icy weather just like sand does, don’t try using kitty litter to douse grease fires like you would use sand. The kitty litter can make the fire worse!

4. Deodorizer

When hygiene becomes a challenge, kitty litter can act as a deodorizer for waste or musty smells. By sprinkling it over waste or storing it in ventilated containers, you can help control odors. Basic Oral Hygiene Tips Everyone Needs

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Consider putting some containers with kitty litter in the storage area with your camping gear. It can help to reduce that smoke and sweaty smell after a camping trip.

5. Traction Aid

During icy or slippery conditions, spreading a layer of cat litter can provide traction on sidewalks and driveways. The granules create friction, reducing the risk of accidents.

6. Pest Deterrent

Certain types of kitty litter contain ingredients that repel pests like ants, moles, mice, and other rodents. Sprinkle it strategically around your home, garage, or kid’s backyard tents, can help keep unwanted critters at bay. Keeping Pests Away from Food Storage

7. Portable Toilet

When access to bathroom plumbing is limited or non-existent, kitty litter can serve as a portable toilet solution. By lining a bucket or container with a trash bag and filling it with kitty litter, you can create a makeshift toilet that is easy to dispose of afterward. The litter helps with odors from the solid waste and urine. Emergency Car Toilet You Need In Your Vehicle

8. Emergency Insulation

In cold climates, kitty litter can be used as insulation for pipes or windows. By creating a barrier with kitty litter around vulnerable areas, you can help prevent freezing and heat loss. What to Use for Insulation to Stay Warm

9. Dust Suppression

Dry kitty litter can be sprinkled on dusty surfaces to suppress dust particles and make the area more dust-free. This can be particularly useful in arid environments or during construction projects. How to Prep for Industrial Disasters

10. Pet Waste Disposal

If you have pets, kitty litter is an excellent resource for managing pet waste. It can help absorb moisture and control odors, making cleanup more manageable. What to do With Your Pets in an Emergency

11. DIY Clay Pottery

With some creativity, kitty litter can be transformed into clay-like material for crafting. By mixing it with water and other ingredients, you can mold it into various shapes and bake it to create homemade pottery.

12. Emergency Water Filtration

Kitty litter can be used as a makeshift water filter in emergencies. By layering it in a container, pouring contaminated water through, and collecting the filtered water below, you can remove large particles and sediment. Strategies for Conserving Water in an Emergency

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You’ll want to run that water through an effective filtering system.

13. Garden Soil Amendment

Certain types of litter, such as those made from natural materials like wood or corn, can be used as a soil amendment. The litter can help improve drainage and moisture retention in garden beds. 12 Budget-Friendly Beautiful Garden Tips

14. Grease Absorber

Spilled grease or oil can be challenging to clean up. Kitty litter, with its absorbent properties, can quickly soak up the spill, making it easier to handle and dispose of properly. If caught early enough, there may not even be any grease spots or a stain left. 13 Ways to Use Bacon Grease

15. Ice Cooler

When refrigeration is not available, using kitty litter as an ice cooler can help preserve perishable items. By placing ice packs or frozen items in a sealed container surrounded by kitty litter, you can extend their shelf life. How to Make Ice in an Emergency

16. Shoe Deodorizer

After a long day of survival activities, shoes can become smelly. Placing some kitty litter inside an old sock, some sachets, or fabric bags and leaving them in your shoes overnight can help absorb moisture and odors. Quick And Easy Way To Get Rid Of Stinky Shoes

17. Cleaning Tool

Kitty litter’s coarse texture makes it useful for scrubbing surfaces like greasy pots or dirty tools. Its absorbent properties also make it effective for cleaning up spills and absorbing liquids. 20 Items For Emergency Cleaning Buckets

18. Pet Bedding

In emergencies, providing comfortable bedding for your pets is essential. Kitty litter, particularly those made from natural materials, can be used as a temporary bedding solution to keep your pets cozy. You may want to put the litter in an old pillowcase so your pet can comfortably snuggle up. How to Keep Your Pet From Getting Stressed in Emergencies

19. Humidity Indicator

Some types of kitty litter change color when they absorb moisture. By placing a small amount in a sealed container or bag, you can monitor humidity levels in your storage area.

20. Noise Dampener

In situations where maintaining silence is crucial, kitty litter can be used to dampen sound. Filling buckets or containers with kitty litter and placing them strategically around the area can help absorb and muffle noise, creating a quieter environment.

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Final Word

What are your favorite uses for kitty litter? Kitty litter is a great resource that can be beneficial for preppers in many situations. From its absorbent properties to its ability to control odors and provide traction, kitty litter proves to be more than just a cat accessory. Stockpiling a plentiful supply of kitty litter, preppers can ensure they have a valuable tool at their disposal. May God Bless this World, Linda

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    1. Hi Matt, oh good one, thank you. We had to fill many sand bags when we had 500 year storms in Southern Utah. I don’t miss those at all. We had two in 10 years. Great tip! Linda

  1. My suggestion is to goe Tia grain&feed store, or a farm/ranch supply store. Look for plain generic clay litter. It’s far less expensive purchase than those brand name fancy clumping litters. Works perfectly for traction, or any other purposes even for oil, gas, antifreeze, or other chemical spills in the driveway or garage, as an absorbent, so it can then be packaged well and placed out of reach of children and pets until it can be disposed of at a biohazard disposal. Then simply clean the area well with a chemical removing agent, to remove the stain It absorbs water ant odors. If you use it in sand bags, you could spread it and the bags out on large tarps to dry after use. Then bag it back up and store until needed again. Or for another use. It can be used to fill draft snakes or door stops, or smaller bags of it can be used as a damp rid type product. My Father used to buy 100 lb bags for our multi cat litter boxes, and other uses. It works to absorb vomit, urine, diarrhea, grease spills in the kitchen, slosh over spills by sinks and tubs, laundry machine leakage, and to sop up water after, basement flooding and other accidents and emergencies to help make major household cleanups. The cheaper you can buy the product, the better. No need to spent extra money for useless scenting and deodorants for inflated prices. If you can save money and get the uses you need without extras it’s worth it. If you only need a small bag for traction. Buy the least fancy or expensive brand you can find. Janitorial supply agencies might be a source for plain clay litter. Some mechanics use it for cleaning up spills too. You could enquire where they source it from too.

  2. Always good to know all the household uses of kitty litter, in addition to those Prepper uses. My Father used to get it at a local feed store, then later at Agway. I used to get it at the Agway store in Waltham, MA as well.

  3. I’ve used kitty litter mostly to absorb oil drips in my garage and as a traction enhancer. Most of the litters we used when we had cats would have added to the dust problem instead of reducing it. And I’d think long and hard before using any kitty litter to filter water. Plain old sand wouldn’t have all the chemicals in litter. And you for sure wouldn’t want to use any litter for that purpose that had any scent agents in it.

    I like the tip to get it in huge bags at a feed store, but since we have an abundance of sand hereabouts I’ll stick with that for use in sandbags.

    Love the shoe deodorizer tip.

    And just because I’m curious, what kind of litter is useful as a noise damper? Any litter I’ve ever walked on was crunchy noisy.

    1. Hi Ray, it’s in my storage unit! I will try and remind myself to let you know. LOL! Hopefully, people have water filters, that would be the best solution. Or store clean water with Water preserver. Linda

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