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How To Get Started With Food Storage

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People ask me all the time how to get started with food storage, I get it. It may seem overwhelming, expensive, you may even say where in the heck do I start? You may ask yourself what on earth should I buy? How much should I buy? How can I afford it? I get it. Here’s the deal, just start with a few cans and add a few more cans as your budget allows.

What is food storage?

The thing you must think about is what the future may bring you and your family. I feel a very urgent message in my heart I MUST share, Please get some food storage and store some water, today, not tomorrow. If you can order a few cans of this and a few cans of that and have it delivered to your home every month you will sleep better every night knowing you are prepared for whatever comes your way. It could be a job loss, income reduction, health issues, a disaster or unforeseen emergency. If you can only afford one or two cans of green beans or two bags of rice, that’s awesome!

I can still remember a young mother sending me an email and stating the area where she lived that week had roads closed because of the severe ice storms. She wondered what she was going to feed her family. I suggested she go to the neighbors, if possible, to see if they had food to spare. She said the neighbors lived too far away. I’m not sure what she did, but I can almost guarantee you when the roads were finally safe to travel on she stocked up on instant milk, cereal, pancake mix, canned meats, vegetables, and fruits.

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I truly believe God gives us a few chances, I guess you could say, to get prepared. Maybe this young mother and other families had a wake-up call based on some of our recent severe weather storms to be prepared even if it’s only for three days worth of meals. If you make food storage your life, as in using it every day, you will be prepared for most anything. Then store seven days, thirty days or more so you can feed your family and sleep at night knowing you made goals and followed through to help save your family.

Get Started With Food Storage

Here’s a PRINTABLE I hand out when I teach classes to people about food storage: Where do I start. I made this printable sheet so people could write down what they eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner. You fill in the lines what you eat for the different meals. Then you purchase those items needed to MAKE those meals. It’s actually fun to involve the whole family in choosing the different meals.

Breakfast Ideas:

Pancakes, cereal, waffles, biscuits, scrambled eggs, whole wheat cereal, toast, French toast, to name a few. So if you chose those items you can always make them from scratch if you have the necessary items to make them. If you have chickens, that’s awesome! If not, you can store eggs, these are the only ones I will purchase: Ova Easy Egg Crystals, 4.5 oz/Bag Now, when you look for food storage items, particularly online, in #10 cans compare the price, plus shipping per ounce to find the best price.

If you can store some instant milk and some cereal you are on your way to having one breakfast choice. Just remember, water is critical to store in containers because we need it to prepare meals and keep ourselves hydrated at the very minimum. We need water to make the instant milk and make the pancakes below. Here’s my recipe to make pancakes from scratch:

Homemade Pancakes by Food Storage Moms


  • 2 cups freshly ground hard white wheat flour or white enriched bread flour
  • 2 tablespoons baking powder
  • 1 teaspoon sea salt
  • 4 teaspoons honey
  • 4 eggs
  • 2-1/2 cups milk
  • 1/2 cup oil
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I place all the ingredients in a bowl and whisk it until blended. It will be a medium thick batter, or add more milk until you reach your preferred thickness. I use approximately 1/4 cup of batter for each pancake and cook each side until golden brown. Serve with maple syrup or caramel sauce.

Ready Made Pancake Mix

You can buy a #10 can or store the basic ingredients above to make them. Add some maple syrup to your stash and you are set.

Lunch  & Dinner Ideas:

Take your family to your local supermarket and let them choose a few items of canned food that you will eat today, but also after a disaster. If after a year you do not eat those cans and they are not expired donate them to your local food bank. I realize people do not want to eat processed food, but if the grocery store shelves are empty you may not have a choice.

Buy some canned meats and some small jars of mayonnaise and you have lunch. Store some crackers, or make them if you do not make bread. I love the chicken salad on crackers at Costco when they hand out those samples. Easy peasy lunch. Add some hot soup if you have a butane stove, lunch is ready in no time. My four daughters all received one of these for Christmas or birthday gifts: Camp Chef Butane 1 Burner Stove with Camping Cas

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