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How To Cook Kamut Grain And Love It

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This is an updated post about how to cook Kamut Grain and love it!  Do you even know what Kamut is? Kamut is a big, thin oval-shaped buttery grain. It’s an ancient wheat that was re-introduced to the modern market by a Montana farmer by the name of Bob Quinn. The name Kamut has actually been trademarked to assure that every bit is grown organically. I was first introduced to Kamut by Chef Brad at one of his classes where he showed the class how to use a pressure cooker. He taught the class about all the different grains and how to use them. I was glued to his every move showing the many ways to use grain. Kamut is one of my very favorite grains! I make it ahead of time and I can make the best salads at the last minute. I make enough Kamut in the pressure cooker and then refrigerate it for about three days in quart mason jars. I use mason jars for everything.

I was contacted by Kamut International Ltd. a couple of years ago when I wrote a post about their Kamut Grain! They appreciated the step-by-step tutorial I have below showing how to pressure cook Kamut. Please check out this website about this Fabulous Grain.

How To Cook Kamut Grain:

Here’s the deal…you can boil it in a big pot of water and it will take about an hour to cook. It will take longer to cook than rice would take. It has a chewy texture and is fabulous in salads. You can also buy Kamut Flakes to make your own granola or pancakes.

Kamut Grain

I actually cooked this Kamut in a pressure cooker. Yes, I am learning to cook so many grains since taking those three classes from Chef Brad. Grains are such a great food storage item. The grains can really stretch a food budget as well. I did a post about how to use a pressure complete with FREE printables, it’s at the bottom of this post. You will use the same directions as rice but just cook it a little longer and use different water amounts. Easy peasy, and so versatile!

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1.  Use 1 cup Kamut to 2 cups water. Place the water and Kamut Grain in the pressure cooker. Put the lid on the pressure cooker and lock it in place. Move the button on top to PRESSURE.

2. Push the HIGH button and push until you see 30 (minutes).

3. Push Start.

4. When the “buzzer” goes off wait for about 2-3 minutes and cover the PRESSURE button with a washcloth to keep from getting burned while releasing the steam. Drain the water, if any, and it is ready to serve or store in the refrigerator until ready to use.

This is what it looks like after cooking:

Kamut Grain

This Organic Kamut is perfect as a side dish or fabulous mixed with other grains and drizzled with your favorite Balsamic Vinegar and Fused Flavored Olive Oil.

Okay, now this is the best part of all, all the items you can add to this fabulous Kamut Grain (after cooking, add your favorite olive oil and vinegar):

  1. eat as cooked as a side dish
  2. dried cranberries
  3. freeze-dried grapes
  4. olives, green or black
  5. chopped celery
  6. chopped onions
  7. cucumbers cut into bite-size pieces
  8. grated cheese
  9. grated carrots
  10. Pomegranates
  11. chopped nuts of choice
  12. chickpeas (cooked)
  13. wheat berries (cooked)
  14. chopped apples
  15. Mandarin oranges
  16. spinach
  17. kale
  18. lettuce (all varieties)
  19. avocado
  20. parsley
  21. bell peppers (all colors)
  22. black beans (cooked)
  23. blueberries
  24. strawberries

Now, this list is just the beginning of all the food items you can add to this yummy chewy golden Kamut Grain! Once you try cooking some you will be hooked. I love it!

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  1. Thank you Linda, you have inspired me to try this out in the pressure cooker! I use my grains to make flour and yet have never tried cooking them as a cereal.

    1. Hi Susan, I use my pressure cooker all the time! I make all kinds of salads with grains! I need to branch out and start grinding other grains besides hard white whole wheat berries! Linda

  2. Howdy 🙂 how would one go about cooking porridge with Kamut flour in a pressure cooker? I am thinking kamut flour, green Khorog resins, Medjool dates, a pinch of clove and ginger? can you offer any advice on this and the same method but using Amaranth ?

    1. Hi Luin, I would look at the pressure cooker instructions that came with your pressure cooker. There are too many variables. You may want to look at the website that is your brand pressure cooker. Linda

  3. Hi! I used a package of Bob’s Red Mill Kamut, and after following your instructions (30 minutes on manual), I had to cook for an additional 10. That being said, I loved finding a recipe that required no pre-soaking. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Corrie, I just bought some more Kamut. I had trouble finding it. I finally found some at Nuts (.com). Yay! I’m so glad you tried making it! Linda

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