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9 Creative Uses for Tennis Balls

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Tennis balls are not just for the tennis court anymore! These little yellow spheres have a multitude of uses beyond their intended purpose. From household hacks to fun DIY projects, there are many creative uses for tennis balls that you may not have considered before. When I get to a point where I need a walker, I will also add tennis balls to the bottom of it, that is a right of passage! You can also check out this post 21+ Uses for Magnets that I recently wrote. It’s wonderful to keep these items around so that we can have them when we need them!

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Why do people like tennis balls?

There are many reasons why people like tennis balls. They are just an inexpensive thing you can have around your house that is multi-purpose. I have a bunch of tennis balls that I keep for use around my house. Tennis Balls

1. Massage Ball After Tennis

Tennis balls can be a great tool for self-massage. Their size and firmness make them ideal for targeting sore muscles and relieving tension. Simply roll the ball against your body, applying gentle pressure to massage away any knots or tightness.

You can place two tennis balls inside a sock and tie a knot to secure them. Lie on the floor with the sock under your back, and roll side to side. The balls will provide a gentle massage, targeting any knots or tightness in your muscles, particularly to relieve lower back pain. Fitness for Survival

Sometimes we have soreness in our upper legs or calf muscles. Try applying some pressure to the sore area using a tennis ball to roll against the muscle to see if you can get the tightness to soften and go away.

2. Pet Toy

Pets love the playful bounce and texture of tennis balls. Give your furry friend some exercise and entertainment by using tennis balls as toys. They are perfect dog toys for games of fetch and can keep your pet occupied for hours. What to do With Your Pets in an Emergency

3. Foot Massager

Give yourself a soothing foot massage by rolling a tennis ball under your feet. This can help relieve tension and discomfort, especially after a long day of standing or walking. Quick And Easy Way To Get Rid Of Stinky Shoes Simply find a comfortable chair where your feet can naturally reach the ground. Place the tennis ball on the floor and then roll the bottom of your feet against the ball to help take that tension away. No matter what your favorite sport or exercise routine is, consider taking some tennis balls in your gym bag so you can put them to use right after that game or exercise period

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4. Wall Protector

Prevent damage to your walls from doorknobs and other objects by attaching tennis balls to them. Cut a small slit into the ball and slide it onto the protruding object. You can also place them on the floor next to the wall where your door meets the floor moldings to protect the molding from the door if pushed too far open. The softness of the ball will act as a buffer, protecting your walls and moldings from unsightly dents and marks. 16 Hacks for Repurposing Old Household Items

5. Jar Opener

Struggling to open a stubborn jar lid? Grab a tennis ball for some extra grip! Place the ball over the lid and twist. The rubbery texture of the ball provides a non-slip surface, making it easier to get a good grip and open even the most stubborn jars. 14 Clever Uses for Mason Jars You may need to place a little moisture on the surface of the ball if that will give you more grip.

6. Dryer Sheet Alternative

If you’ve run out of dryer sheets, don’t worry! Toss a couple of clean tennis balls into your dryer with your clothes. As the ball tumbles around, it helps to fluff and separate the garments, reducing static cling and wrinkles. 9 New Ways for Using Laundry Baskets The tennis balls won’t make the fabric as soft as you may like, but they do eliminate possible challenges from too much fabric softener used over time.

7. Chair Leg Protector

Prevent your chair legs from scratching or damaging your floors by adding some tennis balls to their bottoms. Cut a small slit into each ball and slide them onto the legs of your chairs. This is one of the simple tricks that will make moving your furniture smoother and protect your floors from unnecessary wear and tear. Survival Tips that Could Save Your Life

8. Stress Ball Substitute

Feeling stressed or anxious? Squeeze a tennis ball in the palm of your hand! The soft, flexible texture of a tennis ball makes it an excellent stress-relief tool. Give it a good squeeze whenever you need to release tension and improve your mood. Managing the Mental Stress of Prepping This technique can also add strength to your grip.

9. Plant Pot Drainage

Improve the drainage of your potted plants by placing a few tennis balls at the bottom of the planter pot before adding soil. The ball will create space for excess water to drain out, preventing root rot and promoting healthier plant growth. 10 Great Reasons To Try Raised Bed Gardening You’ll need to make sure the planter has some drain holes at the bottom or this won’t work.

What are some other uses for used tennis balls?

10. Position Your Vehicle in the Garage

Do you struggle figuring how far to pull your car or truck into your garage so you can close the garage door and still have room to maneuver in the garage? For years, DIY specialists have had the answer to that issue using tennis balls. It’s really a pretty simple fix.

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Affix a tennis ball to some small rope, twine, or even some strong fishing line. Get out a short ladder or tall stepping stool and set them up near the front of where you want to park in the garage. As someone pulls the vehicle into the garage, position yourself so you can hang the tennis ball from the garage ceiling in a spot where the handing ball hits the vehicle windshield at the perfect position for parking. Now each time you enter the garage you pull the vehicle so it gently touches the tennis ball and stop there. Easy peasy!

Other small regular balls could also work, but the size and weight of tennis balls help fill the bill.

11. Clean Up Scuff Marks from Floors and Walls with Tennis Balls

If you need a different tool to clean those scuff marks from tile or wood floors, consider using a tennis ball. Kids with soft soles on their shoes are known to leave floor scuffs and marks as they play and prance around the house. Take a tennis ball and cut a small slit using a sharp knife or some scissors. Push the end of a broomstick or mop handle into the new hole to affix the ball. Now, depending on the type of floor and what needs to be removed, you can use the soft “bristles” of the tennis ball to clean those scuff marks.

I suggest trying this cleaning approach in an area that isn’t as visible to make sure the cleaning solution and ball don’t remove paint or protective floor covering where the test takes place. Don’t expect black marks from magic markers or a permanent marker to just disappear, probably won’t happen.

12. Use Tennis Balls to Make Christmas Ornaments and Wreaths

In most cases, a Christmas ornament is simply a ball with decorations and a means to hang it. I’ve never done it, but DIY crafters are skilled at taking tennis balls and surrounding the ball with paint, fabric, or crochet yarn to make them have a holiday flair. You can also add the ornaments to a Christmas wreath to give it a unique feel at a very inexpensive cost.

More “Uses For” Posts

What can you make out of old tennis balls?

There are plenty of creative and practical uses for old tennis balls and we’ve tried to highlight a number of them! One option is to repurpose them as a handy tool for opening stubborn jar lids. The rubbery texture and grip of a tennis ball can provide the perfect amount of traction to twist off those tight lids.

Another idea is to cut a small slit in the tennis ball and use it as a playful and protective cover for the feet of chairs or table legs. This can help prevent scratches on hardwood floors or noise from furniture scraping against the ground. I mean there are many other uses for old tennis balls but these are some of my favorites!

What does Wimbledon do with their old balls?

At the end of the game, these balls are collected. Sometimes the Wimbledon balls are sold to fans. Other times, they are given to various charities!

Final Word

Tennis balls are versatile and can be repurposed in numerous ways. These creative uses not only save you money but also add a touch of fun and innovation to your daily life. Go ahead give these ideas a try and discover how great it is to keep a few tennis balls around. May God Bless this World, Linda

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  1. I’ve been using wool dryer balls (white wool covered tennis ball) you can buy especially for the dryer for the last 3-4 years. I love them! It has saved the expense of buying dryer sheets, reduces wrinkles, and keeps everything fluffed up so it dries faster. I love them! There are a lot of options on Amazon.

  2. Baseball practice: Poked a hole through one and tied it into my fishing pole. Hang it in front of the kid learning to bat. When they hit it you just reel it back so you ain’t chasing balls.

  3. Hi Linda,
    Interesting ideas!! A word of caution regarding tennis balls for the dogs – large dogs can actually choke on them! Personal experience! I buy “special” balls for my current Great Dane – they look like a tennis ball but are larger. Our last Great Dane almost died playing with a regular tennis ball- scared me to death!

  4. Actual tennis balls (balls made specifically for the game) are not a good toy for your dog. I know everyone uses them (I did too) but actual tennis balls have chemicals in them (to keep the bounce) that your dog should not have. It is better to use balls specifically made for dogs from reputable companies.

    1. Hi Debbie, that’s good to know. I worry more about the rawhide sticks, I had a dog or two choke on them. Now I just buy KONG toys. I have one Shih Tzu, and she likes Bully Sticks. Yes, we must be careful, thank you, Linda

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