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Why You Need To Have A First Aid Kit For Kids

Today it’s all about why you need to have a first aid kit for kids, grandkids, etc. I don’t know about you, but it seems whenever I have my kids or grandkids here someone gets hurt. It might be a scratch, a bee sting or a cut. Sometimes the kids have a fever or a cough. We are pretty lucky they do not get sick often but it’s nice to know I have “stuff” in the cupboard to soothe or comfort them. I also use essential oils big time and Silver Solution from My Doctor Suggests. I realize every family is different and may or may not use certain products, I get it. I just want you to rotate what you do have in your cupboards for cold or flu symptoms and have them available if all your local stores and pharmacies are closed. Or if you have to be evacuated, put this item on your “to grab list” for such emergencies should they arise.

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