15 Ways to Survive a Depression

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I have 15 ways to survive a depression today. We must be ready, my friends. The ‘Great Depression’ that struck the heart of America in the 1930s was crippling, to say the least. A countless number of  Americans lost their jobs, homes, loved ones, everything you and I often take for granted today.

While we would naively like to believe that this could never happen again, we would only be fooling ourselves. Things that happen in history have a tendency of repeating themselves because we choose to sweep the past under a rug. 

So ask yourself, “Am I prepared if the economy were to crash again?” If the answer is no, what are you going to do about it? Learning from the last economic collapse, here are 15 ways to help you and your loved ones survive during devastating times.  

How to Survive a Depression

1. Work Multiple Jobs

The last time America suffered economic depression, it’s estimated that over 13 million hard-working men and women lost their jobs.

They found themselves having to seek out multiple jobs to make ends meet. Unfortunately, the same would happen if an economic crisis were to sneak up on us again. 

Having more than one source of income would help you stay ahead when rough times came. You could even start now. Consider picking up a part-time job that you actually enjoy.

If you were to lose your full-time job in a depression, hopefully, that part-time job will still be there. Consider getting trained in something new so you’re prepared to take on a different job, if necessary.

2. Control Your Spending Now/Avoid Debt

Another financial way of surviving an unforeseeable depression would be by controlling your spending habits and stop taking on more debt now.

During an economic collapse, not only will you be hurting, but the banks will be suffering as well. The banks won’t care about your predicament.

They’ll be much quicker about liquidating any collateral that they can get out of you, even if you’ve missed just one payment. 

If you have credit card debt, student loan debt, monthly home mortgage or car payments, get them paid off as quickly as you can.

While you’re doing this, don’t take on any more debt. Save that extra money, so that when times become hard, you have finances to fall back on.  

3. Unity Through Community

Having a community, like friends, family, or a church body, will be a huge blessing and relief during a depression. Not only can everyone pitch in and help each other with their financial and basic needs, but they are also able to protect one another from people that have lost their minds.

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Trying to go solo in a crisis drastically increases the likelihood of your family not surviving the roughest seasons. 

4. Stretch Your Meals/Supplies

While it might be uncomfortable, and not what you’re used to, you’ll have to learn how to ration your food and supplies during tough times. Cutting back on your consumption and not allowing anything to go to waste will be paramount. 

When supplies can no longer serve the function of what they were originally intended for, is there another purpose you can use them for? Waste nothing. 

5. Prepare Mentally Beforehand

It’s going to be extremely hard for wealthy people to cope with their change in status when their whole world comes crashing down. It’s going to be challenging for the middle-class and struggling citizens to keep their heads on straight during this time.

You have to mentally prepare yourself that your family will keep fighting no matter what. Learn to be the more stoic person now, so that you can battle through anything.   

6. Invest in other Currency/Gold

When the value of the US currency comes crashing down, how are you going to be able to afford anything? Choosing to invest in other currencies now, will prove rewarding when the dollar becomes unstable or nearly useless. Owning gold or silver will be invaluable in a crisis. Do your homework and make sure you are investing in areas and products that have a reasonable risk.

7. A Plan for Shelter

What are you going to do when the bank has taken everything you own, even the home you’ve lived in for so many years? You have to have a back-up plan. Do you own a tent or better yet, a family that would take you in? 

8.Clean Water

While you might be able to survive for a while without food, your body will only sustain itself for just a couple of days without water. When a crisis hits, store shelves will already be wiped out of stock on gallons and bottled water.

Don’t be caught in this predicament. Plan ahead of time, and begin stocking up on water now. It would also be wise to have several water filters on hand to keep your water pure. 

9. Canned and Storable Foods 

Most families only have enough canned and storable food in their pantries that would last their family for a few weeks or less.

Plan ahead of time by stocking up on these items so you don’t have to head to the grocery store while it’s being ransacked and looted. 

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10. Stockpile Medication 

Another luxury that would vanish in an economic meltdown, would be healthcare. Go the extra mile now and stockpile any medications that you think would prove vital for your family during hard times, especially those you take on a regular basis. If shelf life is an issue, consider how best to store the prescriptions for a longer period. 

11. Stockpile Goods

Prepping your home with goods and supplies that are imperative for everyday life will be a huge weight taken off of you. This includes items like toilet paper, toothpaste, trash bags, and shoes. Just imagine living without those basic necessities for a long period of time.  

12. Warm Clothing

You also never know when this type of calamity might happen and the effects that it might have. If you find yourself without a home in the middle of winter, what then? Make sure that you have plenty of warm and dry clothing for the long season. 

13. Learn to Hunt/Garden

Learning to hunt and garden will prove priceless during a collapse. Unfortunately, hunting would only be a solution for a short period of time, with all the hunters roaming about, but a garden would be a godsend. 

14. Ax or Other Tools

How will you keep your family warm if you have no shelter? Having an ax and also tools can help you cut down wood to start a fire. Multi-tools will also be imperative to have to help with basic survival skills. 

15. Self-Defense

The question is not a matter of if, but when will the next depression happen? Have you taken the proper precautions in coming up with self-defense?

While you might have wishful thinking and try and see only the good in people, crime will run rampant during this time.

Calling 911 for an emergency will be a joke. Owning a firearm or other form of protection might very well save your family member’s lives.   

Final Word

These are 15 ways you can prepare and survive if depression were to ever strike again. Wall Street, interest rates, banking system crash in the United States are all a possibility. It’s a good idea to be prepared in the short term, and long term.

Are you prepared for this scenario? What other ways have you prepared to survive this type of event? To survive the great depression again, you’d need these tips. May God bless this world, Linda

“Prepare Your Family For Survival” by Linda

4 thoughts on “15 Ways to Survive a Depression

  • September 26, 2019 at 8:40 am

    I like that you mentioned “other currency/gold.” I’ve read quite a few articles on keeping silver and/or gold on hand for use when the stuff hits the fan. There are a lot of trolls out there who disparage keeping precious metals on hand. However, I guess that they don’t know that long before paper money was used, coins made of silver and hold were the “coin of the realm.” I can’t afford gold, but you can bet that I will start getting some silver rounds to keep on hand.

    • September 26, 2019 at 9:00 am

      Hi Karl, I’m in the same boat, gold is not in my budget. I do believe we will need more than just paper money. I also believe some of us will have to barter with skills. I expect things to get crazy, especially those that are not prepared at all. Great comment, Linda

  • September 26, 2019 at 10:53 pm

    I haven’t done any research on this subject, but it’s possible that if one takes the D.I.Y approach in lieu of having the money to purchase gold or silver coins, that you could melt down any scrap metals, from jewelry, hardware, electronic devices, aluminum cans, brass items, etc., into your own homemade coins or ingots.

    I speculate that various materials will be of value in a depression or apocalypse. Those things we take for granted will or might be valued for what can be made with them. Of course this applies to items that we can barter and trade such as hard to make items and things like medicine, medicinal herbs, firewood, ammunition and so on. And despite logic or practicality, people often seek out luxuries such as cigarettes, pipe tobacco, alcohol, candy (Good chocolate) and makeup.

    • September 27, 2019 at 7:27 am

      Hi Frank, great comment. I totally agree with you on the bartering items. Two things stuck out to make, good chocolate, I love good chocolate. I got the giggles on makeup, first because I rarely wear any. But I do know some people who must wear makeup and they look nice. Great comment as always, makes us think about a lot of bartering items. Linda


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