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Why You Need a Thermal Blanket for Emergencies

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When disaster strikes, the first few moments can be critical. A thermal blanket can be a lifesaver if you’re facing a natural disaster, a car breakdown in cold weather, or an unexpected overnight stay outdoors. Often overlooked, these compact and lightweight blankets offer immense benefits during emergencies. I have always stored thermal blankets for emergencies, and I think it’s time we all looked into it! Emergency Blankets Mylar Thermal

Why You Need a Thermal Blanket for Emergencies

What are thermal blankets?

Before exploring the benefits, it’s essential to understand thermal blankets. Also known as space blankets by NASA or emergency blankets, thermal blankets are simple in their construction. They are typically made from a thin sheet of plastic or polyester coated with a metallic reflective layer, usually aluminum.

This design reflects heat to the body, making these blankets incredibly efficient at retaining warmth. They are lightweight, compact, and can be folded into a minimal size, making them easy to carry in any emergency kit. Use them while on a hike, for climbers, when camping, and in extreme weather conditions, etc. They can be included in many multifunctional applications. Consider adding them as important rescue equipment for you and your family as you pack for that next outing.

1. Heat Retention and Hypothermia Prevention

One primary reason to keep a thermal blanket on hand is its ability to retain body heat since heat loss can become a serious issue. Hypothermia occurs when body temperature falls below the normal range and can set in quickly in cold environments. It is a leading cause of death in outdoor emergencies. A thermal blanket can reflect up to 90% of a person’s body heat back to them, which is crucial in preventing hypothermia.

In emergencies where traditional heat sources like fires or heaters are unavailable, such as car breakdowns in snowy conditions or when trapped outdoors unexpectedly, a thermal blanket provides an immediate rescue aid to conserve body warmth. This simple tool can make the difference between life and death, keeping you warm until help arrives. They can truly be considered rescue blankets in emergency situations!

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2. Compact and Lightweight

Emergency kits need to be practical and portable, and thermal blankets excel at this. They weigh just a few ounces and can be folded into a size smaller than a deck of cards, making them ideal additions to any emergency kit, whether for your home, car, or personal carry.

Because of their compact nature, thermal blankets don’t add significant weight or bulk to emergency supplies. You can carry several of them without any trouble, which is particularly useful for families or groups needing multiple blankets in an emergency.

3. How to Use Thermal Blankets

Thermal blankets are not just for warmth. Their versatility makes them indispensable in various emergency scenarios. Here are some of the ways you can use a thermal blanket:

  1. Shelter and Protection – A thermal blanket can create a makeshift emergency shelter tent. It can act as a barrier and insulation to protect against wind, rain, and snow, helping to maintain a stable body temperature and shield from the elements. We can cover our windows or doorways to reflect the heat or cold in our own homes. 7 Ways to Build a Survival Shelter You can also make a personal hood to protect your head from small debris and cold temperatures.
  2. Waterproofing and Ground Cover – Thermal blankets can create a dry surface in wet conditions, preventing the loss of body heat through conduction from cold, wet ground. They can also cover personal items to protect them from moisture. 14 Important Bugging In Essentials & Tips Due to their thin makeup, they provide much padding, so don’t plan on using them as a sleeping pad under your sleeping bag unless you don’t have other options.
  3. Signal for Help – The reflective surface of a thermal blanket can be used to increase visibility when trying to signal rescuers. In daylight, it can reflect sunlight, making it visible from a distance. At night, it can reflect torchlight or headlights, helping rescuers locate you more easily. Where to Stay Up to Date on Important Information About Emergency Prepping?
  4. First Aid Uses – In the event of an injury, thermal blankets can be used to keep an injured person warm, reducing the risk of shock. They can also be used as makeshift stretchers or splints. First Aid for Outdoor Adventures They are one item you should consider adding to your first aid kits.
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4. What’s the Cost of Thermal Blankets?

Thermal blankets are one of the most cost-effective items you can include in your emergency preparedness kit. They are inexpensive, often costing just a few dollars each. Given their potential to save lives and provide comfort in emergencies, they offer an exceptional return on investment.

When considering the cost versus the benefits, it becomes clear that the minimal expense of purchasing thermal blankets just adds to the benefits for critical use in emergencies. You don’t need to break the bank to equip your family and yourself with this essential piece of emergency gear. How To Use A Thermal Cooker

5. Durability and Reusability

Despite their thin and seemingly delicate structure, thermal blankets are surprisingly durable and don’t tear easily. They can withstand rough handling and can be reused multiple times if handled carefully. This durability ensures that you get extended use from each blanket, making them a reliable component of your emergency kit.

In long-term survival situations, where resources are limited, the reusability of a thermal blanket can be particularly advantageous. You can use it repeatedly for various purposes, ensuring you have continued access to warmth and protection. 40 Lost Homemaking Skills That Need to Be Refound

6. Psychological Comfort

In emergencies, maintaining a positive mental state is crucial for survival. The comfort provided by a thermal blanket goes beyond physical warmth. Knowing you have the means to stay warm can significantly reduce stress and anxiety, providing a psychological boost that helps you think clearly and make better decisions.

In crisis situations, small comforts can make a big difference. The sense of security offered by a thermal blanket can be calming and help keep morale high, which is essential for effective decision-making and survival. How to Be Tougher Mentally As a Prepper

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Final Word

Natural disasters can occur without warning, and having a thermal blanket can be a crucial part of disaster preparedness. Whether it’s an earthquake, hurricane, flood, or blizzard, having an emergency kit equipped with thermal blankets can help you respond more effectively. They work great when you need something to provide warmth and protection. You won’t always have a traditional shelter and heating may not be available. May God Bless this World, Linda

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  1. Selection of color in important if you need rescue or are in hiding. The orange is a good choice for being found. The eye is drawn to color, contrast and motion. An orange blanket with the orange package tied where the wind blows it will cover those.

  2. I always have a couple in my carry on backpack on a plane trip. If I ever got caught with the power out or spending the night in an airport then I would have one to lay down on to protect me from the dirty floor and one to cover me. I always make sure to have some snacks and protein bars for the same reason. I remember several scenarios with airports being shut, no power or food due to bad weather for several days (Denver anyone?). I also keep some in my car for multiple possible emergencies.

    1. Hi Kay, great tip for the airports, I’m going to add some to my suitcases, love it! Yes, we all have had issues at airports due to weather or power outages! Great idea! Linda

  3. I’ve got thermal blankets tucked here and there in various bags and packs and a little thermal bivvy bag I take along when going on a longer walk. It’s about the size of a soda can and very lightweight. I prefer it to just the blanket because you don’t have to hold it around yourself to keep warm, you can climb right in. I saw some thermal blankets recently that were camo on one side which would be handy if you need to be unseen for whatever reason. They were a bit heavier and pricier than the basic space blanket but could be worth it.

    1. Hi Alice, I love your comment, you truly understand the need of these handy blankets. They are lightweight and affordable. We never know when we may need one or two or more. I will check out the heavier thermal ones, great tip! Linda

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