101 Ways To Save Money Every Day

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I want to talk about 101 ways to save money every day. We all want to find some new ways to save a little or a lot of money. I talked about can openers on FaceBook one day by asking my readers “How Many Can Openers Do You Have?” I was thrilled when I received several of the comments about can openers, but one comment stuck out. The woman stated she had one, but she rarely opens any cans because she never buys food in cans. Alrighty, that’s awesome! I was eating a bowl of chili from a can with Ritz crackers at the time.

How to Save Money Every Day

I wish I could say I had just grated freshly picked carrots from my garden for my salad and topping them with tomatoes. Nope, I opened a can of chili without beans and enjoyed every bite with the crackers. My point on FaceBook was to make sure we all have 2-3 can openers at the very least. If you have food storage, you will need some can openers.

I looked in my pantry and decided to write a post about saving money, lots of money. There are several ways and here are a few ideas to get you started. Please get one or two can openers, trust me you will save money.

Seriously consider trying the items I’ve listed in this post. Be creative and stick to things you find work for your family.

101 Ways To Save Money

  1. Buy case lot sales of the foods you will eat during the year, or for after a disaster.
  2. Change your furnace filters often, it will save you money on furnace and A/C repairs and your monthly bills.
  3. Refinance your home to a lower interest rate before they go up again as expected.
  4. If you can afford it, refinance your home to a 15-year mortgage (it will save you tons of interest).
  5. Have a no shopping, no spending money weekend. It’s amazing how many free activities you can enjoy.
  6. Trade out paper napkins for cloth napkins.
  7. Trade out paper towels for thin cloth diapers, these are my favorite ones: Cloth Towels/Thin Diapers
  8. Don’t go grocery shopping if you are hungry, you will spend more money. Eat something before shopping.
  9. Make a grocery shopping list and stick to it. Impulse purchases can really affect a budget.
  10. Trade out your light bulbs to LED bulbs.
  11. Add insulation to your attic, it should help cut your utility bills.
  12. Wash your own windows on both the outside and inside your home. Be careful on that ladder!
  13. Wash your car at home. It takes some time, but unless it’s cold outside, it can be fun and you’ll take pride.
  14. Use Netflix and save money by staying out of the movie theaters.
  15. Go to the park with your kids with a meal you make yourself, not take-out.
  16. Watch for sales and stock up on toilet paper, shampoo, toothpaste and menstrual monthly needs.
  17. Skip the shampoo purchase and use baking soda and vinegar to wash and rinse your hair.
  18. Buy food in bulk and parcel it out in bags, freeze if appropriate, use a FoodSaver if available.
  19. Grow a garden. Yes, you can grow enough food for your family of 6 on a 1/4 acre of land for a year, I have done it.
  20. Learn to sew so you can make and mend clothes. This seems to be a lost art. You can do it.
  21. Learn to recycle thrift clothes to “new clothes,” my grandkids do this all the time.
  22. Learn to grind wheat.
  23. Learn to make bread from scratch. There’s nothing as tasty as a fresh slice of hot bread right out of the oven.
  24. Check your pantry and practice eating out of it one week, do not go to the grocery store during this time.
  25. Put your change you have in your pocket or purse in a jar, save money for a road trip.
  26. Check your cable bill and see where you can cut costs.
  27. Look at your cell phone bill and check to see what you could eliminate or consider changing plans.
  28. Never opt for the in-store credit card to save 10%, you may be tempted to buy something on sale next month and pay interest on said purchase for months to come. Try to pay off credit cards each month.
  29. Use leftovers to take to work for lunch tomorrow. Mark loved taking his lunch every day to work. We saved lots of $$$ over the years, and he ate more healthy foods too.
  30. Make your own baby food, I used a baby food grinder similar to this one: Baby Food Grinder
  31. Use cloth diapers, I raised my girls using them and they are still alive. Cloth Diapers or these are awesome as well Reusable Diapers
  32. Use public transportation, sometimes they have a monthly pass that will save you money. You’d be surprised how much that second car really costs. It’s more than just the car payment and gas. Think of the insurance and upkeep too.
  33. Eat out less and eat healthier at the same time.
  34. Skip the soda or iced drink runs (those $$$$ add up big time).
  35. Make your own birthday or holiday cards with colored cardstock, or buy them a local dollar type store.
  36. Make your own smoothies at home, they are cheaper and you know what is in that healthy snack.
  37. Buy second-hand toys, some at thrift stores look like new or rarely used.
  38. If you want to paint your house, do it yourself, you will save big bucks, practice makes perfect.
  39. Buy a large container of popcorn and pop it your self, usually, it’s cheaper than microwave popcorn.
  40. Check out the FREE museums in your city or where you travel.
  41. Check out movies at your local library.
  42. Check out books from the library instead of purchasing a book.
  43. Turn off the TV and read a book, you will save on your power bill.
  44. Make homemade gifts rather purchasing gifts.
  45. Cut your gift list dollar amount, less is better. I promise, kids need our time over expensive gifts.
  46. Sell whatever you have in your home that no longer gives you joy or happiness, we don’t need stuff.
  47. Invite your friends over to play games or cards.
  48. Turn off all the lights in your home as you leave a room (I’m a crazy maniac over this).
  49. Install a programmable thermostat, lower the temperature when you need to, and raise it to save money when it needs to be raised (program the temps and times).
  50. Go walking or ride a bike over joining a monthly gym with a maintenance fee.
  51. Use cleaners of choice to clean your remotes and light switches to cut down on viruses and sickness.
  52. Buy low energy use appliances when you have to replace high-end appliances, check for power rebates when applicable.
  53. Keep your return air vents vacuumed and clean (it will save you on power bills). Shut vents in rooms not used.
  54. Vacuum safely around your freezers and refrigerators to keep the coils dust free.
  55. Keep your bathrooms clean and wash your hands a lot to cut down on sickness in your home.
  56. Check your car air filter, change it out as often as needed. It can save money based on better gas mileage.
  57. Stay out of the outlets or shopping malls unless you absolutely need something new to wear.
  58. Cut down your birthday giving list.
  59. Cut down the dollars you spend on holiday gifts, especially Christmas gifts, share your time over money.
  60. Visit your local city and county FREE events.
  61. Eat less meat, unless you raise your own animals and slaughter them.
  62. Get surge protectors. Our home recently got hit by lightning. Our house shook during a really bad electrical rain storm and we lost two TV’s and some pool equipment, among a few other things, totaling about $5000.00. I kept thinking I need to replace some of our surge protectors. If we had truly gotten hit by lightning those surge protectors would not have helped. But the items that had good surge protectors were okay. I was lazy and I didn’t switch them out. Expensive mistake.
  63. Cut down on expensive vacations.
  64. Set goals where you want to be moneywise in 5 years, home, car, different city or state.
  65. Eliminate one car if possible, you will save money on property taxes and maintenance fees.
  66. Exercise, eat healthily and take care of yourself, you are worth it.
  67. Make a budget, know what is coming in and what’s going out. Stick to your budget. Consider using envelopes with cash for haircuts, groceries, and entertainment, when the envelope is empty, you wait until next month.
  68. Save 10% of what you make and live on less.
  69. If you get a raise, live on your old salary, put the raise $$$$ in a savings account.
  70. Save money and buy a used car, pay cash for it.
  71. Setup an automatic payment of your salary in a savings account, you will not miss it, watch it grow.
  72. Setup all your bills on ACH automatic payment, they will never be late as long as you keep to your budget.
  73. Lower your water heater temp to 120 degrees and put it on vacation mode if you go out of town.
  74. Keep your car maintained when needed, check tire pressure and add window wash cleaner when needed.
  75. Evaluate your car insurance, home insurance, and health insurance, compare with other companies, you will save a lot of money for the exact coverage if you shop and compare (I look at line by line).
  76. Power strips, I use these on all lamps and small appliances in our two guest rooms, when our guests leave I turn all the strips to off.
  77. Stretch your haircuts a bit longer.
  78. Live on less than you make.
  79. Live in a smaller home.
  80. Clean out your closet and sell stuff on E-Bay or your local newspaper.  Consider anything you haven’t worn or used in the past few months.
  81. Declutter and donate the items before they are outdated, it may give you a tax deduction.
  82. Look for two for one purchase coupons for golfing or for eating out (coupons rock).
  83. Invest in your local discount cards that give you two for one meals or entertainment opportunities.
  84. Record your expenses and see where you can cut a few dollars.
  85. Buy fruits and vegetables in season, you will save money and they will taste better.
  86. Cut your landline, I went to a cable line for half the price of a regular landline.
  87. Dehydrate or freeze excess fruit or vegetables you can see that you will not be able to eat them right away.
  88. Insulate your water heater and strap it to the wall in case of an earthquake.
  89. Use fans in rooms you use the most instead of lowering the A/C.
  90. Close room doors and shut vents to cut down on utility bills.
  91. Wash clothes in cold water if possible.
  92. Considering canceling cable.
  93. Instead of using an electric or gas dryer, use a clothesline.
  94. Instead of dry cleaning your shirts, throw them in the regular laundry batch and then hand iron them.
  95. Check the octane required for your car, you may be able to get by with a lower octane at a cheaper price.
  96. Skip the pre-cut fruits, and veggies, you may save money by cutting them yourself.
  97. Skip the impulse buying at the grocery store, stress may make you purchase things you really don’t need.
  98. Grow your own herbs.
  99. Cancel magazine subscriptions if you don’t really have time to read them.
  100. Buy a refillable bottle instead of buying prepackaged water bottles. I highly recommend reverse osmosis, the water removes 99.9% of bacteria from the local water systems and saves on buying bottled water in the small or large containers.
  101. Polish your own shoes rather than having the shoe shine guy do it for you.
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Thanks again for being prepared for the unexpected. Let me know other ways you suggest saving money. We can cut the $$$$’s, money is money, let’s cut our expenses. May God bless this world.

100 Budget Meals by Linda

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  1. Linda, my best money saving advice? Stay home! Once you set foot in WalMart (our only retailer in this small town) for just one thing you will leave with at least 2 bags. Also, our heat/ac guy told me that closing off vents to some rooms was harder on your unit. I wouldn’t argue the point; just passing that along. Maybe you can find out more on that. Those are some great tips – thank you.

  2. I knew about half of the ways but you enlightened me to many I would not have thought of.. Thank you,now will get to saving much more…

      1. yes…I have my storage foods and and 11 blue 50 gal barrels of water for humans, creatures and plants. , one full bedroom of shelves of food and needs, about a doz detergent for washing clothes and 5 big containers of alcohol for cleaning. Always llearning and you give great ideas,

          1. Lived here in the Calif. desert since the sixties. went thru the earthquakes in 1992 and 1999, Tore my old house apart so moved into a 5th wheel with the creatures and was able to sell the place as is for enough to buy a home in town with piped water and an AC and heat that was on a thermostat… Heaven for what I had lived in for 35 years but it was what I could afford, Now I live near town and still have my hens and my storage, sometimes take a week of just eating out of the pantry and the freezers.. Have to collar the roosters, have 2 in the kitchen, tiny little Mille Flour banties.. so precious and I have been adjusting their collar for a few days, and they still let out a cocka dodo skuak… so have to tighten it a bit more as the neck had to fill up with a bubble of air to make the crow.. They are undernourished, their breast bone sticks out with no meat for about an inch in. have them eating well now. I am just not up to doing all I should have a lot of pain in back and knees, but feel I still have time left for another season of growing my tomatoes and the grapes, figs and pomegranates. such a joy to see what we can grow and enjoy.. and I love the hints and articles here.. always a new idea or old that I haven’t heard for a long time..

          2. Hi, Jeanne, wow you have been through two earthquakes, we could learn a lot from you. I love your comment because I can tell you are self-reliant, you know how to survive and take care of yourselves and your chickens. I love your comment I feel I still have time for another season of growing tomatoes, grapes, figs and pomegranates. You are such a good example to the world to store food and to have a garden. May God bless you to have many more gardens and have less pain in your back and knees. Hugs, Linda

  3. I’d love to take advantage of a case lot sale.
    But I’ve never lived somewhere that stores have them.
    They seem to be unique to Utah (and some parts of Idaho).

    1. Hi K, you know I totally get what you are saying about the case lot sales. I went to help my daughter when she moved into her house in Arizona. I could not find anything I REALLY needed. They only had these tiny containers, so I had to buy like ten of them to get the job done I came to do there. I tried to buy flour to make some cinnamon rolls for a brunch they were having. I had to go to two stores to get some good bread flour, they only sold it in 5-pound bags. I guess all you can do is buy stuff when and if they have a sale for like 10 cans for….? This has got to be frustrating. Linda

      1. Not frustrating, because I’ve never lived in Utah or Idaho, so I kind of don’t even know what I’m missing. Most stores will let you DIY a case lot sale and sell you the plastic wrapped case before they open it when they have a really good deal on something, but you definitely look like “the crazy lady buying up all the green beans” lol. Luckily we’ve got Costco and Sams clubs and they usually have good deals. They also don’t even comment on what you buy unless it’s to say “those are really good” or something.

        1. Hi K, you are right about that, I remember now, needing a case of something and Albertsons let me order a couple of cases that they would let me pick up when the order came. I like that store. Thank goodness for Costco and Sams clubs. We don’t have a Sams here but we do up north about 4 hours away. When I visit my daughter she picks up the two items I can’t get at Costco. Life is good with those cases of green beans and other food items on the pantry shelves. Good job! Keep storing food and water. Linda

  4. I save tons of $$ by using the tip of making a food budget and the one on making a list and sticking to it. BUT, I can still over spend if I don’t have a MENU! To me, a menu for the week is essential to saving on the food budget.

  5. When I was Very strapped for money years ago, I made it a point to only shop in Albertsons.  I could buy everything from makeup to melons.  That way if they didn’t sell it, I didn’t need it.  Sometimes an item may cost  a little more than Walmart..but all impulse shopping goes out the window when you limit your exposure to temptations.

  6. I have had an Excalibutr Dehydrator for about 40 years, could not live without it. actually this is my second one as my son got a truckload of onions and I gave him mine so he could do 2 loads at a time, and I found another one for a hundred Dollars.. I did loads of tomatoes, sliced thin and sprinkled with basil and some with Italian seasoning, like crisp potato chips and so tasty, do beef jerky most of the time and also hamburger rocks. they soften up in the spaghetti sauce to be like fresh meat Kids love the dried little marshmallows.. a great treat and not too bad for them..Have dried scrambled eggs too.. along with just about every fruit and veggie that could handle drying… such fun… My great, great grandson loves the dried marshmallows, he things it is a special treat that only gma can make…

    1. Hi Jeanne, I love my Excalibur dehydrator, it is so awesome! I used to have a big gold one years ago, not sure the brand.I have got to try the sliced tomatoes with basil and Italian seasoning. I love snacks like that. I usually have mine going 24/7 during my garden harvest time. My grandkids love it too! Isn’t being a grandma, the best thing ever? Life is good when we love them and teach them skills at the same time. You are amazing! Linda

  7. Oh on the chickens in the kitchen, they are in a small cage because they were supposed to have low crow, these little beauties let loose with a blast, so if the neighbors heard it outside they could complain so I have had them in a little cage and about every hour they let out with a muffled crow, will try them with the tiny black Silkies in the morning… if they can’t be heard still Have 3 big hens that still lay, nothing like fresh eggs..Have them in their own area..

    1. Hi Jeanne, I’m glad you have figured out to how chickens and fresh eggs. We can’t have them in our neighborhood. Yet people can have 5 barking dogs, I think that many dogs barking and outside all day long is so much worse than a few chickens. But the laws are so inconsistent it’s ridiculous. I hope you can keep them, they are a source of food for you. Good job! Linda

  8. Do love dehydrating food, I make my own spices, Chile? just go get fresh peppers and slice thin and dry, bell peppers are great too as are onions. Having jars of seasoning and so easy to take some and put them thru the blender on high so it is just equal to powder; flavor you can never get from store bought…I put some of the jerky in the blender and whip it, till it is fluff, and then put some beef jerky fluff mixed into the dogs food, they love it, the smell is there and they get the bits on their tongue..My family have dehydrators, 3 out of 4 and my one great grand daughter has a simple little round plastic one. and my great great grandson comes looking for the goodies I have dried when he comes to visit…Much better treats done at home, yogurt leathers go over big. No one knows they are eating healthier

  9. Consolidate trips. We plan to shop on one day (helps to know your stores’ ‘best-seals days), or plan trips to coincide with kid’s lessons or other medical/dental appointments. It is , otherwise, such an easy habit to get into to just ‘jump in the car’ and go. With the price of gas going up again, every time the car’s engine starts it means money! I really try to keep my shopping list on my phone so I’m more likely to stick to it and not need an isolated “dash” to the store! I’m not perfect, but it helps.

    1. Hi Karen, I love your comment! I also try to limit my trips into town using more gas than I need to use. I totally agree with consolidate your trips! Great comment! Linda

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