“The Food Storage Moms Emergency Binder Contents” by Linda

Important Documents Emergency Binder

I have been working hard on this binder to make it easier and more convenient for you to put your important documents together.  I have put it together with an instruction page that explains the reason what is needed in each tab section and why we need it.   It has 10 labeled tabs and the pages are all ready to fill in.  The pockets are there and ready for you to place all your important documents in. I have zippered pouches for passports, etc. Another pouch for small bills 1′s & 5′s in case we lose power and can only use cash.  No debit or credit cards can be used without power in most cases.  It also has sections to hold our Marriage Certificates, Birth Certificates, etc. Another one for Church Documents, School Documents, etc.  I put in a Picture Pouch in case we need to give, post or show a picture of a loved one if we become separated from them. There are too many items/pages to mention.You can just Grab and Go with this “Binder”  and feel secure you have your documents and information at your fingertips.

We no longer provide the full binder for purchase. The contents to fill out are on my home page. There is a picture of a purple book on the right-hand side to click and download for FREE. I have a list of items you may want to add to your binder included in the download. Thanks for wanting to be prepared for the unexpected. Blessings, Linda


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  1. I’m already a subscriber so how do I access your binder now that it’s attached to subscription?

    • Hi Sharon, you just open the banner and put in Foodstoragemoms. Let me know if that works. All my followers can open it. Linda

    • Sharon, it comes in all my emails to all my followers. Let me know if you have a problem. Linda

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    • Hi Lynn, please check your email to confirm your subscription, thanks so much! Linda

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    • Hi Allison, within the last half hour I was switching hosts so I have you on my newsletter now, thanks so much for asking to join! Linda

  4. subscribed but can not find the binder pages How do I find them? Barbara

    • Hi Barb, go to Food Storage Moms blog and there is a PURPLE binder picture on the right-hand side. Click the button below the picture that says: Download my FREE Emergency binder. It will download on your computer and you can print it. Let me know if you can see it. Thanks so much, Linda

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  6. Hi Linda, This is just about perfect! I would highly recommend keeping original passports, Birth Certificates and Marriage licenses in a safety deposit box at your bank, with copies in the binder. I also xerox my Drivers License, Medical and credit cards so if my wallet were stolen I have immediate info at hand. I also leave copies with my adult children so we can back each other up when traveling. Keeping a medical “resume” in your wallet/purse is very helpful when filling out the latest info at the doctor’s office and a copy could be stored here as well. Thanks for all you do! Wende

    • Hi Wende, after I worked at a bank for about 10 years, I closed my safety deposit box because I had to start paying for them after I quit. LOL! I remember a few times we were without power at the bank so I started storing all my important documents in my binder in my huge safe at home. We need to give our adult children as mush information as we feel comfortable because they will need it one day. Great idea for the medical “resume” in your purse, I love that! Linda

  7. Hello Linda,
    I am interested to see your Emergency Binder Contents.
    Thank you for the great idea !

    • Hi Tami, thank you so much, it’s nice to have all of our important documents in one place. Linda

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