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Vegetables That Grow In The Shade

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Did you know there are vegetables that grow in the shade? There’s actually quite a few, as a matter of fact. I believe it’s critical we learn to garden as soon as possible.

Here’s the deal, if you are new to gardening, that’s okay. Or if you are not interested in growing any of your food, that’s okay too.

If you have been watching the news you are probably aware of the storms in recent years that have ravaged areas where so much of our food is produced.

That means there will probably be some of the basic food items we eat every day that will escalate in price. One of the items will be meat. we’ve seen that already happening.

I would recommend stocking up on meat as soon as your budget allows. By the end of the year I’m afraid meat prices could double or triple. They have to rise to meet supply and demand.

Vegetables That Grow In The Shade

Vegetables That Grow In The Shade

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Vegetables That Grow In The Shade

If you want more information on growing any of the vegetables I have listed below, please check out the “What to Plant Each Month” posts listed at the end of this post. I walk you through how to plant all of them. Plus, I have the pH levels needed for each vegetable listed below in those posts.

My biggest fear is how the vegetables are being grown around the country. I don’t know about you, but I’m am really tired of hearing about different foods being recalled almost EVERY week. Good grief!

One week it is spinach, the next week it is chicken or salad greens. Then the FDA announces fruit is contaminated. Are you like me and think twice before you pick up some lettuce?

This is why I feel strongly about raising our own food. Do you want to put to work much of your yard to grow your food? We all have areas that are shady or maybe have partial sunlight during the day.

Some of these vegetables will require some sunlight, but at least we can grow something in those “darker” areas of our yard. It could be a side yard, or either front or back of our home. This is where I buy my seeds for the garden. SeedsNow

Vegetables That Grow In The Shade

I like to list things in alphabetical order, so here we go. These are just a few of the vegetables you can plant in the shade. There are more, but this gives you an idea of how many work with less sunshine as you plan your planting for the season.

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1. Asparagus

Fresh Asparagus in a basket

I may have mentioned I just planted 40 crown asparagus roots. I have never planted it before and I’m super excited! They are two-year male sprouts and they will produce for 20 years, if properly cared for.

If you think about it, you plant the crowns in the dirt and wait for it to grow.

We hopefully can harvest some next year if my dog, Bailey, stops digging in the soil. Yes, it does need some sunshine, but will thrive with less.

2. Basil

Basil in a Pot

I love basil, it actually grows like a weed. Be prepared because it spreads out. We have grown basil for 20 years and it’s one of the easiest plants you can grow from seed. It will thrive in the shade and don’t need sunshine all day long.

If you can think of a spot in your yard that could start producing food, you may want to try growing basil there. It’s a wonderful addition to your homegrown tomatoes with some fresh Mozzarella.

3. Bush Beans

Bush Green beans

You may think that bush beans need full sun, but they don’t. What’s nice is the leaves are actually protecting the beans from being overheated, so to speak. These are really easy to grow, and very easy to can using a pressure canner.

4. Beets

Beets in the garden

I love beets, so I plant them every year. Just think about it, they are root vegetables, as in below ground level. They can survive with very little sunshine. They are super easy to plant, grow, and harvest.

5. Broccoli

Broccoli growing in the garden

The great thing about broccoli is that it’s a cool season vegetable. It can grow very well with less sunshine than you may think. It will do very well in the shade, so try it if you have room.

Please remember, it’s all about growing our own food, we can do this!

6. Cabbage

Cabbage growing in the garden

Cabbage loves cooler weather, and shade fills that need. You can grow it with partial shade and harvest it in the summer, if you work it right.

You typically plant cabbage in the fall, but hey, why not try growing it in spring and harvest it before the heat is sweltering.

7. Carrots

Carrots in the garden

Carrots are a root, so they grow in the ground or in a pot, whatever you have. They will thrive very well in little to no sunshine because they prefer cool weather. The shade fills that need.

8. Cauliflower

Cauliflower Growing

Cauliflower will do very well in partial shade, or very little sunshine. Some plants like cauliflower prefer cooler weather so therefore you can plant it where it has limited sunshine.

9. Chives

Chives or Green Onions

These work very well when grown in shady locations. We have grown them for years and I use them in my recipes when freshly picked. I also freeze some, but dehydrate even more of them. Dehydrating Green Onions

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10. Garlic

Garlic growing

If you missed my post on growing garlic you may want to go check it out. Garlic grows very well in partial sunshine because it’s a root, as in the ground. They also do well in raised garden beds, and even in pots. Yes, you can do this! Planting Garlic

11. Kale

Kale in an organic garden

If you love to make juice with Kale, why not grow your own? I love freshly picked YOUNG kale, stir-fried with a little oil. Yummy! You can grow it in the shade because it prefers cooler weather compared to the hot summer heat.

It has so many important vitamins our bodies can really use. Grab some seeds and get them planted. You will love it!

12. Lettuce

Lettuce seedlings

Oh my gosh, I love growing my own lettuce. Remember to grab a good pair of scissors to cut the leaves off for that next salad. Lettuce loves cool weather and the shade makes it possible to grow more of our own food.

13. Mint

Mint or Peppermint on a board

When you decide to plant mint, make sure you want it where you plant it. It spreads like crazy. And be ready to make some tea and cold drinks with fresh mint.

14. Peas

Peas in a white bowl

Peas can easily be grown in partial shade. It’s so fun to grow because there is something about the first vegetable of the season sprouting and peaking through the earth. Who doesn’t love peas and shelling them as a family, right?

15. Potatoes

Digging potatoes

I think I have mentioned I grow Gold Yukon potatoes. I’ve used some pots that are about 20-inches tall and 18-inches in diameter. They are roots and will do very well in partial shade.

They are so easy to grow. Once you plant potatoes it’s so hard to bake a store-bought potato. Fresh potatoes are so moist and fluffy when you bake them, compared to store purchased ones.

16. Radishes

Vegetables That Grow In The Shade

Here again, these are root plants. They grow in the ground and can thrive with less sunshine compared to other plants. You can grow these in the ground, raised garden beds, or pots.

17. Spinach

Vegetables That Grow In The Shade

Spinach is so easy to grow, you practically just sprinkle the seeds and you have a bowl full of spinach very soon. Just kidding, but it will thrive in partial shade or very little sunshine.

They love cool weather, so the shade keeps the plants cooler. You cut the leaves and they keep on growing back.

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Vegetables That Grow In The Shade

Final Word

I hope today’s post gets you excited about having a garden in the ground, in raised garden beds, or in pots on your balcony or patio. It’s awesome to know about all the vegetables you can grow in the shade. May God bless this world. Linda

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  1. Thanks so much for your “What To Plant” lists, Linda. I’m going to copy each month onto an index card and pull that month’s card every 1st day of that month so I’ll be sure to plant everything on your list.

  2. My garden is practically full sun, so I have to plan things like lettuce (which “bolts” and goes to seed when it feels the heat) in the shade of trellised crops like pole beans, peas, and (yes) squash. Basil is planted between the tomatoes (might as well keep good friends together!)

    For Roxanne (and others, of course!) you might want to check motherearthnews dot com for gardening info–I get an e-mail from them every couple of weeks, personalized planting reminder telling what to plant indoors, outdoors, sow, transplant, etc., for my zip code. Lots of other gardening resources there, too. Another good source is “square foot gardening.”

    Also a comment, unrelated to shade, for those new to gardening. If you’re new to it, don’t let enthusiasm run away with you. Choose a few crops you know you already like, and are fairly easy to grow. Maybe the equivalent of 2-3 eight-by-four-foot raised beds. More than that, and you may feel overwhelmed and give up. You can add another bed or row the next year, and try another couple of new crops. Gives you time to acclimate!

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