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When You Go Hiking Make Your Contact List For Survival

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When you go hiking make your contact list for survival to add to your first aid kit. Have you ever wondered what to put in a first aid kit for day hiking? We are coming into the season of hiking! When you are five miles down a trail it is a bit late to get a blister or small splinter and NOT be prepared. A well-stocked first-aid kit could save your day ( and maybe lives as well).  But many hikers don’t even think about band-aids, let alone anything else!! Here in Southern Utah, we have the most beautiful mountains, lakes, and hiking areas. Here’s the deal, people have gotten hurt and some have not had any identification with them, let alone any medical concern tags. Some are very prepared, but the few that are not impede the search and rescue teams we have here to help those in need.

I wrote this post a few years ago and I need to update it for you. Some people have been critically hurt with no way to contact family members or friends. Please, take a few minutes and add my PRINTABLE contact list below to your backpacks or EDC bags (everyday carry bags). Many people buy pre-made first aid kits, but many are very bulky and likely to be left at home. You can make your own light, useful kit yourself. I made this printable for you below, but I am starting with a few of the items you might need on a typical day hike.

Emergency Contact List

Emergency Hiking List

If you have a first aid kit, that is great. But if you don’t, here are a few ideas to get you started with that first aid kit for day hiking. Start with some bandages and pieces of gauze in several different sizes. Grab some moleskin ( this helps to prevent blisters and protects wounds ). Also, pain relievers, a small flat packet of antibiotic gel, sharp-pointed tweezers, and latex-free gloves. Sunblock, a multi-task tool, and a small flashlight (or flashlight app on your phone) can be very useful! You can purchase all these items online or at your local stores.

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The cost is really minimal because any extra you have can be put in your car or home first-aid kit. But take it easy as your kit should only weigh about 6 ounces, about the weight of your phone. Taking the time to prepare can give you peace of mind and help you have a fabulous day!! This picture of my stuff probably weighs a little more than the suggested 6 ounces, but you get the jest of the idea. Obviously, the sunblock tube is too large to haul but could be used for several people.

Look in your local area for great hikes to take with your family, friends, animals (where acceptable), neighbors, or co-workers. I have included a printable for emergency information that you can fill out and put in your kit, OR laminate and put a hole in it and grab a ring to put on your backpack. Hopefully, you will never need it, but if you do, VOILA, you are even more prepared!!  Enjoy nature at its finest! If you think of something else you would add to your first aid kit for day hiking, let me know and I will add it to this list. Have a fabulous and safe day!!

contact list

Here is the PRINTABLE for the List for Hiking. Please print it out and fill in the information and have it available so people can help you in case you become hurt on your hike.


Roxy mentioned this on FaceBook: Leave a copy in your vehicle along with a copy of your itinerary with maps of where you’re planning to go and a current picture of yourself. Let someone know when you should be checking in and where you parked so if you miss that they’ll be able to quickly dispatch help….

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 Utah State Parks I just Googled “Utah State Parks” because I live in Utah. Be sure and Google your state and see the parks available in your area.

National Parks  Get an annual pass, a pass for military and senior citizens. Some rules apply. But these are a great way to take a road trip!

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