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How to Connect with Like-Minded Emergency Preppers

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In today’s world, being prepared for emergencies is more crucial than ever. Whether it’s natural disasters, economic instability, or other unforeseen events like losing your job, having a network of like-minded individuals can be invaluable. If you’re looking to connect with fellow emergency preppers, you’re in the right place. I want to talk about how to connect with like-minded emergency preppers.

How to Connect with Like-Minded Emergency Preppers

Join Online Communities and Forums

The internet is a great resource for connecting with people who share your interests, and emergency preparedness is no exception. There are numerous online communities and survival forums dedicated to prepping, where members share tips, advice, and resources.

Websites like Reddit (r/preppers), survivalist forums, and specialized prepper websites offer a lot of information and opportunities to meet with other preppers. Joining a prepper community allows you to learn from experienced individuals, exchange ideas, and potentially meet local preppers and like-minded people in your area. A World Without Technology: A Glimpse into the Unplugged Life

Attend Prepper Meetups and Events

Many cities and towns have prepper groups that regularly organize meetups, workshops, and events with like-minded preppers. These gatherings provide an excellent opportunity for meeting people, including fellow preppers face-to-face, sharing knowledge, and establishing connections. Thriving with Less: How to Get By With Less

Check online platforms like or social media groups like Facebook for prepper groups in your area. Keep an eye out for survival expos, preparedness fairs, and workshops hosted by local organizations or businesses. These events often feature presentations, demonstrations, and networking opportunities with other emergency preppers rather than strangers you hope will connect.

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Participate in Training Courses and Workshops

Intensifying your emergency preparedness skills not only increases your self-reliance but also provides opportunities to meet other preppers. I would consider enrolling in survival training courses, first aid workshops, visiting a shooting range, or attending wilderness survival programs. Good preppers are folks who love learning new things from experts, including good preppers. All these courses help you develop more self-sufficiency so you’re ready for the next disaster scenario.

Not only will you gain valuable skills and knowledge, but you’ll also connect with a group of people who share your commitment to preparedness and your lifestyle. Look for reputable organizations, outdoor schools, or community centers that offer emergency training in your area. Building relationships with fellow students and instructors can lead to connections that last a lifetime. Navigating Life-Changing Emergencies: A Guide to Facing an Emergency

Utilize Social Media and Online Platforms

Social media platforms offer another avenue for connecting with preppers from around the world. Join Facebook groups, follow prepper accounts on Twitter, or talk with prepping communities on Instagram.

These platforms allow you to interact with many different prepping individuals with survival skills, share insights, and collaborate on preparedness projects. Consider joining online forums dedicated to specific aspects of prepping, such as food preservation and food storage, off-grid living, medical emergencies, or self-defense. You don’t have to join groups that take things to the extreme, but you want a survival community where it’s more than just hobbies.

When you participate in these online communities, you can expand your network and make meaningful connections with other preppers. Emergency Preparedness in the New Year Consider getting your own family and close friends more involved too.

Volunteer with Disaster Relief Organizations

Volunteering with disaster relief organizations not only allows you to make a positive impact in your community but also introduces you to fellow preppers with a shared commitment to helping others in case of emergencies. Look for local chapters of organizations like the Red Cross, CERT (Community Emergency Response Team), or disaster relief NGOs.

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Working with these groups will prompt you to stockpile worthwhile items, make purchases of survival gear a priority, and help you feel an affinity for the survival community and get valuable input from others.

Participating in training exercises, outreach events, and disaster response efforts, you’ll have the opportunity to work with other volunteers and build relationships. Disaster Organizations: Can You Depend On Them?

Organize Local Prepper Meetings and Workshops

If you’re unable to find existing prepper groups or events in your area, consider taking the initiative to organize your own. Start by reaching out to friends, neighbors, or co-workers who may share an interest in emergency preparedness. Use social media, community bulletin boards, or local newspapers to promote your meetings or workshops.

Topics could range from basic preparedness principles to more advanced skills like foraging, self-defense, or alternative energy sources. When you create a platform for like-minded individuals to gather and share knowledge, you can create a sense of community among local preppers. Safety Tips for Preppers: Ensuring Preparedness in Any Situation

More Tips

Final Word

Building a network of fellow emergency preppers is so important for developing your emergency preparedness plans so you can take action. Remember that preparedness is different for everyone. I believe that having a supportive network can make all the difference when it comes to facing these challenges and emergencies. Do you plan on connecting with like-minded emergency preppers? I’d love to know how you connect! May God Bless this World, Linda

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  1. Go slow. Don’t be quick to jump in, give out information, use OPSEC, check for their values now especially because many “preppers” are from different communities with different values.
    Being “military” or “law enforcement” doesn’t mean anything anymore because of lack of standards.

    1. Hi Matt, I totally agree. I am a bit of a loner because of what I see going on in the world and right here in the US. I’m busy writing everyday and rarely go out, so most people do not know me. And that’s okay with me. I enjoy my online friends through my blog, we think alike. Lack of standards, you nailed it. Linda

    2. You nailed it, Matt,
      Being so close to the southern border as we are, we have to use OPSEC to a great degree. The state of the country has really messed things up for those of us who diligently prepare for disasters of many sorts that could occur. While our financial resources are adequate currently, we cannot provide for a mass of folks especially with Bidenflation continuing at a horrid pace. While we plan to bug-in, we do have alternatives if we are forced to bug out. While not being as good as having a personally owned and ready bug-out location, they are better than nothing.

      1. Hi Harry, I worry about how close you are to the border for the safety who live near it. I pray for the border patrol, I did hear Texas ordered the National Guard to come and stop the people coming over. Now we have measles out break, stay safe, you are more than prepared my sweet frined. Linda

  2. I used to teach classes, started a CERT group in my community, was active in a master gardener group, and an online prep group. The last 10 years I changed to an OPSEC mindset. The SHTF is too close (or in progress) now for all these people who plan to “come to your house” when you try to teach them. I’m too old for CERT now, the online & master gardener groups are no longer active, and my church community no longer teaches classes so things naturally died out.

    The one thing is my garden is unfortunately visible (unless I want to put up a fence and shade it) and not a normal thing in my community so I get questions from people wanting to learn so I offer any help I can. The more people with gardens the better. I figure that garden is well known as it has been there for almost 30 years and doesn’t have a chance if people are hungry except for the electric fence around it to protect it from deer. But I also got rid of most of my lawn and my whole yard now has beautiful soil that can grow food amongst my beautiful roses, etc. So I’m known as a gardener but NOT a prepper. From there I’ve figured out who the preppers are as they are almost always gardeners.

    1. Hi Kay, you are so right we are getting older and CERT is not in my pocket anymore either. Your garden sounds awesome, I will not have a very big garden where I live now, but if I have 4 raised gardens 4 by 6 feet, I can produce enough for our family. Roses, oh my gosh, I forgot you have the beautiful roses! Being known as a Master Gardener is awesome! I always wanted to take that class, bravo, my sweet friend.I bet your soil is the best!! Thank goodness for the electric fence to keep the deer out. Great comment, Linda

  3. That’s why I have stopped saying anything about prepping especially to acquaintances. I do small things for my Daughter and Granddaughter to make sure they are prepared. Since they don’t watch the news or especially the weather, I try to text them daily to let them know what they may need to do. It’s a shame that people are quick to say that nothing is going to happen, and then they are calling you asking what to do because something happened. I am getting ready for possible summer blackouts by checking my flashlights, lanterns and batteries. I have 2 Church friends that are listening and getting ready. Thanks for all you do to keep us up to date and ready for whatever. Have a great weekend and God bless us all.

    1. HI Mildred, thank you for your kind words, my sweet friend. I’m glad you mentioned you quit sending out text messages to those who do not understand what’s going on. Then they run to you for information. I have been mocked and made fun of, guess what, I have my friends that follow my blog, they get it. My family not so much, well, it’s their loss. No one listens to podcasts, the news or whatever about what’s going on in the world, DUH!?! God bless all of us! Linda

  4. We have neighbors who have prepped and of course, our kids. We prefer to keep the group small and are quiet about what we have. We do have a garden and husband helps people get started in that area. One of our neighbors is retired military and another is currently in law enforcement. They are quality people and very knowledgeable.

  5. My worse nightmare. All I have saved and stored going in the trash when I die.
    I have one person I asked to take care of things/only person I know, and I met him when I learned his wife was sick(she died not long after)…I have a manila envelope with all info inside and one thing I need to be sure to tell him after I get this notified… not let anyone throw away this food….find an Amish family and let them load up their wagons.
    I am using 2013 canned goods still and they are fine.
    I really never asked him about storing foods…I guess I should.

    1. HI JayJay, I pray the food will be given to those in need. So many are oging to food banks these days. More and more are EBT food stamps, I don’t know how people can buy groceries for large families. Stay well and stay safe my friend, Linda

  6. I would love to find a group on line at first here in north central minnesota I have been prepping for about 10 yrs I did meet with one group but they were so hard core I now stay away from them thank you

    1. HI Steve, our group right here are really good preppers, some have more skills because of their lifetime careers, but you will not find a better group than right here. Let’s see who is close to your location. Hard core does not work for me either. We have some strong skilled members here. Good luck, my friend. Linda

  7. No one I know preps, not the way I do. My one sister and Dad do some. I want to find a group to mutually support each other, where we all bring different skills and assets to the table. I feel rather alone, as no one watches alternative news or researches to see what’s truly going on. Nowhere to bug out to, they’ll want to come here lol but I’m looking for land in the country, I live in a small town of 5,000 but way more urban than I want lol. I have a massive garden for such a tiny yard, I do canning and dehydrating, I enjoy foraging and making tinctures and teas. I’m a former soldier and enjoy all my freedom sticks and have lots of seeds for them! But what I don’t have is a squad…….

    1. HI Trail-Chic42, I love that term, squad. We all need what you want. Unfortunately, many do not realize what is going on in the world. I’m petrified right now, my home after 2-1/2 years is still not finished. Hopefully, Memorial Day, but I have no idea. You may want to check out Homesteading Group Conferences. I can’t think off the top of my head where you can go. I will be my own Neighborhood Block Captain. Where I live I will be on my own, my husband is on board but not as much as I am. If that makes sense. Most people will perish, I can almost guarantee it. I am not a doom and gloom blogger but I do know the facts. No one will deliver food, water, or any items needed for survival. It’s a known fact. Your garden alone may save your life. I feel strongly with your skills there is a squad or team looking for someone just like you. We must be able to bring somehing to the table as you mentioned. Linda

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