Why You Should Stock Up on Precious Metals

Why You Should Stock Up on Precious Metals

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When it comes to prepping, it’s important to protect you and your family as much as you can. For starters, it’s good to have plenty of food, water, and supplies to see you through. But another way is to make sure that you do everything that you can so that your wealth doesn’t run dry immediately following a doomsday scenario. At that point, any cash that you have leftover in your wallet may no longer be worth enough to spit your chewing gum into. That’s something scary to think about. Let’s talk about why you should stock up on precious metals!

This is why it’s so critical of you to start stocking up and also investing in precious metals besides relying on cash for everything. It will also give you something that you can use in exchange for something that you desperately are in need of. So as you can see, it’s best to think ahead by investing in them sooner, rather than later. Here are other reasons why you should stock up on precious metals.  In case you missed this post, Gold: What You Need to Know

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“Prepare Your Family For Survival” by Linda Loosli

Why You Should Stock Up on Precious Metals

They Better Withstand Wear and Tear

The US dollar can only take so much of a beating and other wear and tear until it’s no longer spendable. Whether it’s been ripped, or nearly defaced to where it’s unrecognizable, most people and places won’t accept a bill in such condition. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about that so much with precious metals. Even if your precious metals take a rigorous beating, their value should still hold true. Just so you know, I have never had the means to invest in precious metals, but I know people who have. So, I can’t recommend where to buy them, my friends.

Why You Should Stock Up on Precious Metals

The Dollar Won’t Be Around Forever

This is something that most people don’t like to think about, and there are some who would say that this situation could never happen, but they may find out one day that they are sadly mistaken. The truth is, the world economy has been collapsing for some time now, and it’s only a matter of time before the dollar follows suit. What’s also alarming, is that there is no way to predict when it will occur. 

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Even if a major apocalyptic event were never to happen in our lifetime, there’s still the overwhelming likelihood that the value of the dollar could significantly plummet. Gold and silver have an intrinsic value much higher than paper currency, so the chances of them plummeting also are extremely low.    

To Protect Yourself Against Inflation

Silver and gold are both considered precious metals that have an inverse relationship to the value of the U.S dollar. They offer investors stability. When one is going up in value, the other one usually will move in the other direction. The more money that the central bank decides to make, they’re only devaluing each and every dollar that much more as it makes its way into circulation. So when the dollar is going down, the value of silver and gold continues to go up.    

Having silver and gold on hand would protect you from a major recession or other economic turbulence that may one day come our way. This would help you preserve your wealth instead of watching it all go up in smoke. 

Silver and Gold Will be Useful to Barter With 

Even if you were to wake up one day, only to discover that the U.S dollar no longer held any value, you’d still have precious metals that you could use to buy everything that you needed. As long as you had gotten your hands on some, that is.  That’s because silver and gold are something that every person considers valuable, regardless of the current state of the economy. 

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With Franklins, Washingtons, and Grants all littering the streets, people will begin bartering with their wedding rings, coins, bullion bars, and other precious jewelry and heirlooms, just for a bite to eat. So if you have plenty of precious metals that you’ve stocked up on, your family will not be hurting nearly as bad as some other families will be, should the economy collapse.   

Precious Metals are a Good Influencer

Precious metals are shiny and very beautiful, which makes them a good influencer. Yet this will work out in your favor. Have you ever watched a movie where someone presented a greedy person with gold or another precious metal, in the hopes to barter something in exchange for it? I have yet to see one where the person didn’t go for it. Your chances of trading and bartering with others will significantly go up when you flash someone something that’s shiny.  

There are Other Metals You Can Also Look Into

Silver and gold are indeed the most coveted metals that people tend to invest in, but those aren’t the only types of metals that are up for grabs. You could also look into stocking up on metals like platinum and palladium. These are considered industrial metals and not necessarily precious metals, but they too are worth looking into. 

Why You Should Stock Up on Precious Metals 

Final Word

I’m sure there are many of you out there who don’t think that precious metals are something that you can afford to invest in. I get it. Yet I’d still strongly encourage you to get your hands on what you can afford over the next few months, or even years, so that you have something to use as a backup if SHTF. You’ll be glad that you did. Do you have any experience with precious metals that you could share with us? Maybe there are other commodities that you would suggest we consider and discuss. Please pass them on. Thanks, and may God Bless this world, Linda

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  1. Great post, Linda! Wish we had the finances to invest, too…..but at least we have food, water & necessities covered!

    Another possibility is “junk silver” or US coins minted before 1978. A $10 roll of 1964 & older quarters is 90% silver has approx. 7 oz of silver per roll. US quarters dated 1965 – 1978 are 40% silver. A $10 roll of 1965 – 1978 quarters has approximately 2 oz. of silver per roll.

    We check our pocket change & set aside any pre 1978 dimes or quarters. We have also been saving old pennies & nickels for the copper & nickel metals…. the new ones feel like plastic in comparison.

    A lot of folks also look for sterling silver items. Things like jewelry, candlesticks, flatware, serving trays, vases, etc., can sometimes be found at yard & estate sales or even thrift stores. SS means sterling silver, which is over 90% silver content, items described or marked SP are silver plated & have very little silver in them.

    I have come across 1 or 2 sterling silver serving spoons mixed in with miscellaneous kitchen serving things, mainly at yard sales.

      1. Matt, what I did was resell the spoons to a smelter for the silver content. I’d found these spoons several years ago at a time when the cash I received was greatly appreciated & used to pay a bill for a family member.

    1. Quarters minted after 1964 have NO silver in them. Same with dimes. If they have the copper clad sandwiched in them there is no silver. I believe you are confusing 1965-1970 half dollars which are 40% silver. Now is the time to save nickels and pure copper pennies.

  2. I’m trying to wrap my head around it. I’ve heard and read this since the 80s but still ain’t there.
    I understand inflation and hedging. Tangibles make sense for some of that. I’ve certainly seen it during the 90s Brady Bill too. I’m trying to get the other stuff. So y’all chime in and help me out.

    So SHTF it’s all Mad Max and you come to me with a silver coin, bar or palladium (not building catalytic converters anytime soon) and say I want to buy your chickens.
    How do I know it’s real? I’m a simple man and I wouldn’t know a maple leaf from a kuggerand.
    What’s it worth? How to find out in SHTF.
    I know what a chicken, AR mag, bag of rice, a bottle of vinegar, brick of AAs is worth from day to day. It’s worth what I say cause I’ve got it and they don’t as well as I eat, use or need it.

    I’ve got a few silver spoons and dunno why or what to do with them nor why anyone would want them cause it’s good times and no one wants them. So all that glitters …

    In the military the only folks I’ve ever seen use PMs were those who escaped the country/area. We used to buy their jewelry, while deployed, cause it was cheap from those left behind. But where are we gonna go if it falls here? China? Not likely
    Maybe buy a boat or something I dunno?

    Then there’s the fact that the government can seize or buy at deflated prices then outlawed it which happened in the 30s here as lasted till the 70s. I think Australia went through it to in the 50s.
    With King Biden signing unchallenged paperwork at an alarming rate I can see it happening rather quickly.

    Then finally ok I’m ready to buy gold. There’s a ton of scam “you pay and we hold your gold” things out there. Even if it’s not a scam it doesn’t help in SHTF cause it ain’t in my hand. I want to give you money and you give me a reasonable amount of gold in exchange. Who do you recommend?

    1. Hi Matt, I wrote this today because I see it all over the internet. For me, it’s never been what I wanted or could see the need. I have friends stocking precious metals, and now cryptocurrency/bitcoin or whatever. Call me old fashioned, if I can’t eat, drink it, or use it I don’t need it. I can’t afford to lose any money either. I’m anxious to hear from those who buy it. I’m good with the preps and food I have. Linda

      1. Apparently there’s a National silver shortage. Many sellers have shutdown until Sunday night once markets open.

          1. Yep, I guess the internet folks who ran up GameStop and Bed, Bath & Beyond have now set their sights on silver. The website that I’ve used the most for PMs actually sent an alert that silver prices are shooting up and is getting hard to find. So I think we’re past the time to acquire silver at retail prices and just wait for things to settle back down.
            It will be interesting if it reaches the heights of the Hunt brothers market manipulation back in 1980, but I fear that too many retail “investors” will get hit badly when the prices drop after the manipulation stops.
            All that said, I have very little silver compared to my other preps. Food, water, medicine, etc are a much higher priority. My stash of PMs is just in case there is a long term breakdown of the dollar and I expect it wouldn’t be useful until things have settled down after a few years.

          2. Linda, the GameStop story is crazy, but it was inevitable with Hedge Funds willing to short stocks beyond rationality (how they can short more shares than exist is insane.) Hopefully the beating some funds took will inject some sanity back into the markets, but I’m not going to hold my breath. Of course I’m not closing out my stock market account either. Not sure what that says about me. 😛

          3. Hi DmWalsh, I know all about hedge funds, I used to own my own mortgage company. Some of my investors (where I brokered loans) played games, and it bit them in the butt. I’m so glad I no longer have two computers staring me in the face, one for making loans and the other watching the market. The stress level is not worth it. I love blogging and making friends through my website. The market will go up and down, just hang on for the ride. Linda

  3. You have done a nice job explaining. I have bought and sold precious metals overseas but not in the US.
    Personally, this is one area I cannot compete in. What I can get is not worth much in melt value and can be taken from me. This is a whole different ball game these days. In the third world things are still easily traded. In Asia rings are 22 k gold. Chains are 99 silver or 22k gold. High melt value. Silver coins are nice and Maybe trading with the richest guy in town, but I still come back to skills. Have skills. They are far more valuable then gold or silver. Being a broker of skills ( knowing your community) is also important.
    It is an interesting world, isn’t it?

  4. Gardening skills, along with seeds, fertilizers, and tools will prove to be some of the most valuable and important things you can possibly have in your possession!

    And don’t rely on being able to use manure and compost when SHTF because animals will quickly be killed for food. Also, there is not enough compost available even today to feed 10% of the population.

    There is a complete balanced fertilizer out there, with all of the nutrition plants need. It’s called Mittleider Magic.

    And for goodness sake, learn to grow and eat sprouts and micro-greens! They can be grown is only a few days, they are insanely nutritious, and you grow them right on your kitchen counter 🙂

    1. It may very well outpace gold this year by far. It’s still more in reach than other PMs for most. For now

  5. I’ve know about precious metals, etc. for quite some time. We have church member friends who swear by it and have all kinds. Me, I’m sooo overly cautious about this that it scares the pants off me. So I’m choosing to stick my head in the sand and ignore it. It may be the wrong thing to do but I’m old and set in my ways and just can’t make this leap. On the other hand, I do have my mother’s silver, some silver from our family in Norway…is it worth anything? Who knows. I do, however, have quite a bit of jewelry that I think could be melted down if necessary. I know it’s not “solid”, most jewelry isn’t because it would be too soft, etc. However, it does have some value, as do the stones. Hopefully, if it ever comes down to it, it’ll help.

    I don’t trust people very easily. I was always taught if it’s too good to be true, its a scam. There are too many evil people out there ready to take advantage of people. Linda, I think you’re very wise not to refer anyone in this matter. Waaay too much liability! Your blog, on the other hand, isn’t given as the be-all and end-all of everything; it’s very healthy, wise advise, certainly meant to educate and inform. People have choices to accept or not. I would certainly caution people about thoroughly vetting whomever they choose to do business with in the precious metals department.

    1. Hi Robbie, I have to agree with you. That’s why I stated I have never bought any because I didn’t have the means or desire to buy them. If it sounds too good to be true it’s probably a scam is my motto too!!! I totally agree people must be careful, there are way too many crooks out there. Stay safe, Linda

  6. Everyone has to do what is best for them and their families. I do know people who would get rolls of dimes and half dollars at the bank, and then go thru them for silver coins. I doublt that would prove worth the effort anymore. Numismatics aside, anyone collecting coins, gold or silver would be best to keep it to themselves. I was always very open, expecting others to be open and honest, society now has taught me otherwise.

    1. Hi Chris, it really is sad that we used to expect people to be honest and fair. It’s quite sad that people get tricked into trusting people because they are members of their church or they are friends or family. I have seen people lose thousands of dollars because they “trusted” this person or that person. We must always be careful and trust our gut. Linda

  7. Remember the lessons from the Bosnian civil war: two 9mm cartridges for food…

    Unfortunately the ammunition shortage has made these commodities a bit too scarce to jump on the stocking up bandwagon. Only a trickle is available.

    The gun store where I work opens at 10:00 AM. The line starts at 08:30. 1 box per caliber per household. It’s gone by 10:30.

    Manufacturers of ammunition are reported to be running 24/7; also reported a month ago, Federal was backlogged $3 billion in orders. Yes, $3 BILLION.

    Primers & powder have dried up, but just in case you find the right combinations of them, keep your brass.

    We can expect the situation to get worse.

    1. Hi Gary, wow, thank you for your comment! I’ve heard ammo is in short supply and if you can even get it’s sooooo expensive. I can’t even imagine being backlogged $3 BILLION!! Those employees who manufacture ammunition must be exhausted, but I’m glad they have a job. Thank you for sharing your experience, I believe it will get worse as well. WOW! Thank you, Linda

  8. One problem with gold is that it’s so valuable, it’s almost unusable. You can buy a one ounce gold coin for about $2000 right now, but what are you going to do with it if common currency goes out of circulation? Trade it for a few chickens or a pig? How would the seller make change, so to speak? You can buy smaller gold coins, e.g., quarter- or half-ounce coins, but you’ll be buying them at a rate equal to about $2,200-2,500 per ounce. Probably better to stick with silver, roughly $20/ounce these days. Much easier to spend, but now carrying it and storing it become more problematic. Not easy questions.

    1. Hi Randy, I love your comment. I really want people to think about what they are stocking. Your perspective will help many people! Thank you so much! Life is going to get crazy sooner than later. Great comment! Linda

  9. Linda, I don’t have much in the way of precious metals but when I did get some I bought them from Provident Metals in Texas. They proved reputable, in that they delivered what I ordered in a timely fashion. I’ll post a link at the end of my comments. While I personally think seeds, ammo, tools and other such items will prove more useful if TSHTF I have seen fit to put a small amount into gold and silver coins.

    I think most of us can afford so called “junk” silver. As mentioned above these are either pre-1964 coins that are 90% silver or 65-78 coins that are 40% silver. I honestly am not certain how useful they may be, but silver, like gold, has never been valued at zero. As I write this the current price of silver bullion is $26.65 per ounce. At that rate a 90% silver quarter or nickel (since both weigh .18 ounces according to my kitchen scale) would contain roughly .162 ounces of silver and be valued at almost $4.32, ($4.3173) excluding any possible collector’s value.

    I mostly recommend people buy collectible gold coins with a rating of MS-69 or better still MS-70. These coins in my experience have never done anything but appreciate in value–regardless of what the price of gold was doing. Also, because they are “collectibles” they are not as likely to be seized by the Feds when and if they get around to outlawing private ownership of gold like good old FDR did almost 100 years ago. Back then, people were required to turn over their gold coins to banks in exchange for paper dollars. There were serious penalties and even jail time for “hoarding” gold.

    The advantage of collectible gold or silver coins is they are treated like works of art, which they are. They will never be worth nothing and even if a future Federal Government declares that our current paper dollars must be exchanged for some “new” type of dollar before becoming worthless, collectible gold and silver will maintain their value and under most circumstances will appreciate in value. They are, in my very non-professional opinion, a sound investment. As with any investment you make you need to weigh your options carefully while realizing that you are on your own.


    1. Hi Ray, we had friends ask us to invest with them, and Mark and I didn’t feel we had the money to risk. It is what is but I have skills worth so much more than gold or silver. Life is good in so many areas! Linda

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