Silver: What You Need to Know

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Silver is one of those precious metals that’s not only easy on the eyes but something you should have your hands on if we were ever to face difficult times. One day paper money may no longer hold any value, but silver will never be worthless. If you’re thinking about investing in silver in the near future, there are a few things that you need to consider. You certainly don’t want to get ripped off by the scammers who are out there. Let’s check out silver: what you need to know. 

Silver: What You Need to Know


Several people have discovered that silver has a number of health benefits for you as well. This may be one of the reasons why our eating utensils were once made from metal. Here’s more on silver and everything else you need to know about it. In case you missed this post, Gold: What You Need to Know

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Fun Facts About Silver 

Ancient peoples first began mining and separating silver from lead as early as 3000 B.C in what is now modern-day Turkey. They fashioned it into their jewelry, ornaments, and eating utensils. Silver has been said to have antibacterial and germ-killing properties, which is why at one point it was used to make the silverware we use to eat. 

  • Pure silver is actually the best conductor of electricity, more than any other metal, but it’s not used as often for obvious reasons. It’s expensive.  
  • Once it’s been used, silver is not typically recycled as gold is. When electronics and TVs that have silver parts in them are used up, they usually find their way into landfills to be buried. 
  • In 1913, silver was traded for $2.64/oz. Years later in 1980, silver was inflated to its highest level of $49.45/oz. As of today, there’s been a major drop in trade value, at $24.22/oz. As far as the US Debt Clock is concerned, silver should be valued at around $599/oz at this point.  

Health Benefits of Silver 

As strange as this sounds, silver has a number of health benefits (and it’s safe for you to do so) when you consume it properly. No, I’m not telling you to sit down and start taking a bite out of a huge chunk of it, but you can take it in a supplement form. It provides your immune system with a boost by assisting it to keep you healthy. Please check with your medical professional to be sure any medications you are taking will work with structured silver.

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Please keep in mind, I am not a doctor, or a nurse, or anyone in the medical field. Just to be clear, silver does not CURE any disease. I use it whenever I feel drained or I have been around sick people. I have used “My Doctor Suggests” for many years. The FDA has taken down its website. They are working on getting the company reopened. The FDA Halts My Doctor Suggests I LOVE LOVE LOVE their honey cough lozenges, I sure hope they start selling them again.

Doctors have discovered that applying silver directly to a wound helps to kill off any disease that’s causing the infection around the wound. It also allows skin tissue to grow back and repair itself more quickly. Silver may help soothe sinus infections and may help soothe the effects of the common cold or flu. 

People that have used antibiotics too often in the past have come to discover that those diseases and infections they’re fighting have created an immunity to them. We need to be aware that some dairy products and animal products are loaded with antibiotics and hormones, and therefore possibly current antibiotics are not working with our bodies now like they used to. Please do your research, you must.

Knowing the Different Types of Silver

If you’ve already made up your mind and are thinking about investing in silver, you’ve already made a great decision, but you need to know what your best options are for investing. Here’s a look at a few different types of silver that you can get your hands on.

Silver Bullion Bars

Silver bullion bars are a cheaper way of investing in silver, which makes it a great option for those that are just starting out. Here’s an investor’s guide to purchasing silver bullion bars that make the most sense for you. Investors who purchase silver bullion bars don’t tend to collect them for too long, and eventually, sell them when the price of silver goes up. 

Silver Rounds

If you’re first starting out you may not know the difference between silver coins and silver rounds. To clarify, silver rounds are the same as silver coins, where the only difference between them is that they are not legal tender. Silver rounds are made by private manufacturers instead of by the government, which makes them cheaper to get your hands on, and a greater value to you. Just keep in mind that shipping costs are one of the expenses that you should expect when investing in them.  

Silver Coins

Silver coins are a great way for you to get started investing, where certain coins out there are quite expensive, while others are much more affordable. Buying your silver this way is all about the craftsmanship and the detail. Check out which silver coins may be your best option to invest in.  

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Scrap Silver

Scrap silver may not be the way to go if you’re first starting out with investing, but it does hold great value. That’s because a novice may not know how much they are getting for the money that they’ve spent, while an expert could easily identify whether they’re a good deal or not. Scrap silver consists of silver coins and jewelry, but it’s important that you do your research before you purchase it, about what it’s worth in your area, and where it came from. 

Junk Silver

Junk silver is silver coinage (like quarters and dimes) that doesn’t hold any value other than the bullion value that it contains. It’s not seen as a highly collectible item, but its premium is rather low compared to most other silver bullions, making it still worth the investment. Junk silver is easy to get your hands-on and can be sold by the roll. 

What Happens to Silver If the Dollar Collapses?

If at some point the U.S dollar were to one day collapse, the price and demand of silver would go through the roof. Our paper money would be useless, but silver would still hold even more value. The United States, along with every other country, would begin buying up the silver for their reserves in order to make newly minted coins. 

This would also lead to the collapse of the Central Bank and countries would no longer trade with countries that used “fake money.” This may be closer on the horizon than what we might expect. The time to invest in silver may be right for you at this time. But first, research and research again.  

Final Word

Not only is silver one of those precious metals that are extremely valuable, but taking it in supplement form has many health benefits for you. Won’t you consider not only investing in silver but allowing it to improve your overall health as well? 

Here are the “Ten Commandments” for purchasing silver and gold, along with other important information that may answer some of your other questions. If you’ve been investing in silver for some time now, do you have any tips or insight for the first-time investor?  Be careful with your hard-earned money, research before you invest in ANYTHING. May God bless this world, Linda

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10 thoughts on “Silver: What You Need to Know

  • August 19, 2020 at 7:27 am

    Ok so y’all help me out. There’s a lot of smart folks on here. I’m a simple guy with a lot of questions. The dollar collapses tomorrow but you need food. I’ve got chickens.
    So you bring me silver to pay. What’s the ratio?
    Where would that determination come from?
    There’s about 100 types of silver coin and many partial silver coins like we used to have in quarters. How do I learn them or have a reference handy?
    I don’t think I’d have to worry bout bullion cause I ain’t got anything worthwhile that I’m gonna part with.
    Now to test them. I need a magnifying glass, bleach and Neodymium Magnets if I’m understanding this right?
    What’s y’all plan for this barter/payment?
    I guess these are enough questions for now cause I dunno the difference in a maple leaf or a panda opposed to a liberty eagle.

    • August 19, 2020 at 7:48 am

      Hi Matt, this is why I stock food, not silver or gold. I need to feed my family. I just did the research but I know a lot of people want to buy silver or gold. I know a lot of people who stock it over food. I’m just simple, I store food. Linda

    • August 19, 2020 at 7:58 am

      You have the chickens, so you set the rate and if things are really bad you might consider not taking silver at all and instead bartering for food, seasonings, or even labor.
      My preps are mainly food related since you can’t eat silver. But once I had a comfortable supply of food, I started picking up junk silver to give myself flexibility after things have settled down post event. But to make things easier on me and any trading partner, I stick with American coins: half dollars and quarters where the date is easy to read, and Mercury dimes which are easily identified by the designs and don’t require a readable date.
      This of course ignores the medical preparations of silver, although I tend to shy away from them since I’ve seen pictures of folks turned blue by using too much over a long period of time. So I’ve stuck with traditional medicine, OTC products and fish antibiotics. Probably silly of me to ignore silver solutions, but it can be hard to overcome some feelings….

      • August 19, 2020 at 8:07 am

        Hi DmWalsh, I only use structured silver which is different than colloidal silver. I have seen the blue/gray people as well and it never goes away. I hear you on that one. Linda

      • August 19, 2020 at 10:57 am

        I appreciate the feedback. I’ve asked these questions since 85. I went through the oil and bank collapse in Oklahoma in 83, the market and housing crash in 07 and was in the army and went to various places. Not once did I see PMs come into play except one man who fled the country.
        I always checking to see if I’m missing something but being the simple guy I am I think it’s best I stick with simple bartering.
        I don’t do the colloidal silver med either. I’ve used silver meds on burns though.

  • August 19, 2020 at 7:34 am

    Where could one Purchase legitimate silver?

    • August 19, 2020 at 7:46 am

      H Michaelle, I can only share my research, I cannot recommend a company because of the liability. I’m so sorry. I just do the research, Linda

    • August 19, 2020 at 9:09 am

      In the pre-Covid days I used to go to local coin shows and check around the dealers to see who had junk silver available. But I always made sure to check the spot price of silver before heading out to the show so I could figure out how much of a premium the dealer wanted. If it was close to what I could get with an online purchase (figuring in shipping and credit card fees….) then I’d make a deal. Of course, I only would buy with cash in person to avoid any fees and I only gave my contact info to folks I trusted so they could let me know when they’d be at the various local shows.
      There are online merchants, but I’m leery of recommending them since one time I got a delivery via the USPS and the mailman knew I was getting precious metals….not a warm fuzzy feeling for OpSec. Small heavy packages even with obscured sending info are pretty obvious. Sigh.

  • August 25, 2020 at 12:06 pm

    Great article! I also invest in precious metals (mainly gold) more so for financial security than for bartering purposes. However, instead of investing in precious metals physically why not invest in them within the stock market? I chose to invest in the companies who actually mine out the gold and silver, and reinvest my earned dividends back into that fund. Just a different way of doing it but essentially serves the same purpose.

    • August 25, 2020 at 1:30 pm

      Hi Ravenna, I say do whatever you feel comfortable doing with your hard-earned money. Great comment, Linda


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