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23 Reasons Why You Should Store Zip Ties For Survival

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I have 23 reasons why you should store Zip ties for survival. I recently visited a local hardware store right here in St. George, Utah. The store has just about everything a handy person might want. I was looking for an emergency orange cone and some Zip-ties. While waiting in line to pay for my Zip-ties, I asked the clerk to tell me: “What can you do with Zip-ties”? He started telling me a few ways to use Zip-ties, and before I knew it the guy behind me added a few more ideas. Of course, then I started laughing because the guy behind me quickly added, “You need some longer ones to tackle someone to Zip-tie their hands in case of a break-in”. Oh goodness, I was thinking of using some for emergency issues, but quickly realized I really did need some longer ones. Topzone® Assorted Color Nylon Cable Zip Ties Self Locking, 250-Piece

Before you know it, I am now looking for longer ones at the store. Stronger ones, yep I found some. I bought them and then here comes a guy who is a retired Marine. I swear, those handsome Marines never give up their Marine haircut. He proceeded to show me how to put the Zip-ties on someone. THEN he shows me how you get out of them. Yep, I now know how to get out of them if my hands are Zip-tied in front of me or behind me. What a great night at the store. I just love it when people share their knowledge with me. These Zip-ties come in so many colors, lengths, widths, and weights. I felt like I was in a candy store, I wanted every size they sold!! Please let me know if your store zip ties and all the ways you have used them.

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Store Zip Ties

1. Use one for shoes with broken shoelaces in a pinch until you can purchase regular shoelaces-slip through the eyelet holes-pull through, but not too tight

2. Flower arranging, keeps the flowers upright, tighten the branches ever so lightly

3. Use small ones to hold a button in place until you can sew it on in an emergency

4. Replace a missing zipper pull, look at all the colors you can choose from, WooHoo

5. Jewelry clasp is broken, keep some tiny Zip-ties in your purse to repair your favorite necklace in a pinch

6. Use larger ones to secure milk cartons together to keep them from shifting

7. Secure wire fencing to posts to keep the critters out of your backyard

8. Secure Christmas lights to bushes, easy peasy

9. Secure cables attached to your desktop and carefully tighten them with a Zip-tie to secure them together

10. Tents can be secured with Zip-ties to keep the flaps from flapping

11. The small ones are wonderful to use as a tag holder on gifts

12. Awesome for temporary ponytails for swimming

13. Use them to hang decorations from a small nail

14. Weave some together to make a small basket-great craft for kids who are old enough to make items with them

15. Use a certain color on your keys to hang them on your key holder board to distinguish one key from another

16. Great to secure a Zip-tie with tools to a peg board

17. Use one that will secure your pant leg when riding your bike or to keep bugs or mosquitoes off your legs and pants out of the chain

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18. Handcuffs or ankle cuffs (only for use in dangerous situations)

19. Wind up and drain your garden hoses and Zip-tie them to securely store them for the winter

20. These are great to secure rain downspouts as a temporary fix until the heat makes them too brittle, then you have to replace them

21. Use to keep a tent or small sleeping bag rolled up while transporting

22. They can help secure vines and other plants to a trestle

23. In a pinch can substitute for a worn-out watch band

Please keep in mind the different Zip-ties that are reusable (I didn’t buy those), and these that come in so many sizes for so many different uses. Let’s be prepared for the unexpected. Let me know if you store zip ties, thank you!

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  1. We raise turkey’s for meat. When transporting to a local processor we ziptie their legs together as we catch them and place them in the back of the pickup. This actually calms them down and our very humane processor said she’s going to recommend the practice to all of her customers as the birds are easier to handle (think safety for birds and humans). We use zip ties all over our farm and wonder how farmers ever got along without zipties and bungee cords. The reusable zipties are great for temporary fence gate latches, too.

    1. HI Debbie, I’m going to add this to my post, this is a great comment! I thank you from the bottom of my heart! I wondered how people used reusable zip ties, great tip! Hugs! Linda

  2. My husband once used zip ties to make a child safety leash for our 3-4 year old son while they were hiking around Zions National park. Waterproof, safe, and my son loved all the different colors that were used. They kept getting comments on what a good idea it was!

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