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20 Reasons Why We Need Aluminum Foil

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I have 20 reasons why we need aluminum foil, this would be the minimum number of reasons why I store it. I think I take my boxes of foil for granted. I panic when I’m down to my last box in the pantry. We all know we use aluminum foil for different things around the house, camping, and in the garage. I buy the smaller boxes as well as the larger heavy-duty aluminum foil boxes. Please send me your reasons why you store foil and I will add them to my list. Thank you in advance.

Here’s the deal, we can do so many things with those boxes whether large or small. It’s a fairly inexpensive item to store, but is so versatile I can’t be without it! Aluminum Foil Heavy-Duty and Regular Aluminum Foil.

I’m updating this post from August 2016, how time flies! I like to share old posts when I have improved the quality of information. Thank for you following my blog all these years. We have a great community of people.

0 Reasons Why We Need Aluminum Foil P

20 Aluminum Foil Ideas:

1. I use it to cover casseroles. We all know some recipes call for a cover whereas others, say to bake uncovered.

2. If I wrap my baking pan with foil and spray vegetable oil to bake fish in the oven, the clean-up is so much easier.

Foil Dinners

3. We love to make “foil dinners” (meat, onions, potatoes, and garlic) for the oven, barbecue, or fire pit. Do you love the smell of the barbecue baking your individual meals? I sure do!

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4. Foil works great in a Dutch Oven with those sticky meals that are hard to clean out Lodge Camp Dutch Oven, 6 Qt. Make a “covering” of foil in the shape of the Dutch Oven.

5. Those tin foil rabbit ears STILL work. Yes, we laugh about it, but they still work if you don’t have cable.

6. Foil makes a perfect drop cloth for craft painting and then toss it. The throw-away cloth ones are great but if I just need a small piece of aluminum foil, why waste money on a piece of fabric that’s made to be used for painting?

7. Make a makeshift pan for a fire pit from a few layers of heavy-duty foil in a pan shape, and use large sticks or hot dog sticks covered with foil as handles.

8. Perfect to place a piece of foil below those cherry or other fruit pies baking in the oven to catch any drips.

9. Kids love to make different shapes by molding the foil (after a disaster this would be a great diversion for kids).

10. Sharpen scissors by folding several pieces together and start cutting.

Barbecue Drip Drawer

11. Line your barbecue grease drip drawer and replace it often to avoid fire flare-ups. Sometimes people forget to clean out that BBQ drawer and then have flareups that can burn your house down. Please check those often to keep your barbecue safe to use.

12. Line the paint roller trays and remove by gathering the corners and toss when dry-no need to buy the expensive throwaway paint trays.

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13. Pie crust protector-no more burnt crust edges. If you have a pair of scissors available, cut a few pieces to keep the pie edges from overbaking.

14. Makes a great makeshift funnel.

15. Scrub your pots at the campfire with a wad of aluminum foil, it really does work and it’s disposable.

Use for Painting

16. Cover the doorknobs while painting a door to protect them from paint drips.

17. Makeshift pan for a grill.

18. If you do not have waterproof matches, cover the ones you have with foil and protect them from a rainstorm or other moisture.

19. Makeshift reflector to catch the sunshine for photographs.

20. Fireplace-place a large sheet or two of foil on the floor of the fireplace to gather up the ashes after they cool and are ready to discard. I used to have a log holder that kept the burning logs off the foil.

The next time you see aluminum foil, grab an extra box…large or small, you’ll be glad you did!

Dutch Oven Cooking

Final Word

I hope you enjoyed my post today on 20 reasons we need aluminum foil. It’s the simple things in life that make our life easier. May God Bless this world, Linda

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  1. We carry it when we fish. Little butter, onion and the dish wrapped then tossed on fire coals cooks it right up.
    And then of course we all know we gotta have it to line our ballcaps and cowboy hats cause we are “crazy” “paranoid” and “conspiracy theorist” lol lol

    1. Dang, Matt,
      You beat me to it on the hats and caps. But, in reality, we probably need to make a quadruple layer hat and line it with lead with the way things are going. Snicker

  2. Linda,

    And let’s not forget wrapping our celery in it to keep it preserved in the fridge longer.

    Also useful for baked potatoes in camp fire coals. But I used it for baking fresh caught fish too–just like Matt said.

    And now we’re insulting my tinfoil hat???

    1. HI Ray, oh my gosh, we all have a tinfoil hat right? Now I have the giggles all over again, Life is good with humor!! Oh that celery trick is the best, I forgot to add that one and of course baked potatoes. Linda

  3. I have used aluminum foil to cover windows to keep sunlight out for a day sleeper. It works great and no light comes in and nothing is seen from outside. Good to know if you need to Bug in. I have several rolls and will be getting more before too long. Heavy duty is best for Windows. Although the regular works too.

  4. Wrapping a head of lettuce or a stalk of celery in foil will keep it fresh literally for WEEKS! Typically, I slice off maybe 1/4 inch on the bottom of celery, cover that with a damp papertowel, and wrap. For lettuce, I hit the core on the counter so I can remove it, then put a damp papertowel there, and wrap.

  5. we used it in scouting a lot when i was younger. wrap up some food in foil, toss it on the fire and then go play for an hr. it always tasted great or maybe we were just hungry.
    sam’s has 500ft x 24 ” of heavy duty foil for about 30 dollars. 500ft is almost longer than two football fields. so many uses.

    1. HI Scout, oh, I love the heavy duty foil from Sam’s! It’s larger and stronger. I love those tinfoil dinners, my mouth is watering, they sound so good!! Linda

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