Easy-To-Make Turkey Soup

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This easy-to-make turkey soup can be assembled in about 15 minutes. Turn on your slow cooker, enjoy your day while dinner is cooking in the kitchen.

Most of us have leftover turkey, right? Of course, you can always chop the turkey after the holidays and make this soup later by freezing it.

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Typically, I boil the carcass for turkey soup, I didn’t this year. We all know when we see that beautiful turkey on the table we will have lots of leftovers, for soup, some casseroles, and turkey sandwiches.

The sandwiches have always been one of our leftover turkey favorites, but this year with a number of us in the household with colds, I felt the turkey soup was a better use of the flavorful meat. It disappeared in a day or two, so I was right on with that decision.

This weekend we decorated the house for Christmas, and it took longer than expected, so I wasn’t up to boiling the carcass. So the next best thing is broth for the soup.

These days I’m trying to simplify my life, so the carcass was tossed. Either way, I made a delicious pot of turkey soup for the family.

This soup is packed with vegetables and turkey and makes it the perfect comfort meal.

Items You May Need In The Kitchen

Easy To Make Turkey Soup

Easy-To-Make Turkey Soup

Step One

Gather the ingredients so you are ready to make the soup. I didn’t have turkey stock or broth, so I used chicken broth, it was still fabulous! I wish you could smell my kitchen right now, it’s heavenly!

Easy-To-Make Turkey Soup

Step Two

I like to chop all of the vegetables and cut up the turkey pieces into bite-size pieces and place them in the slow cooker. The smaller sizes make it easier to cook, and then easier to eat too.

Chop the Meat and Vegetables

Step Three

Add the chicken or turkey broth/stock and then sprinkle the seasonings on top. Place the lid on the slow cooker and turn it to high for about 5-6 hours or until the vegetables are cooked through.

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About 2 hours before you want to serve the soup, separate the Grandma’s noodles and stir into the soup. These noodles have become my favorite, particularly when I use them in a soup like this. Now is when I add the frozen peas as well.

Add the Seasonings

Finished Product

Oh my gosh, isn’t it wonderful when we can use up the leftover turkey? This soup is so good on a cold wintery day.

Easy-To-Make Turkey Soup

Easy To Make Turkey Soup Recipe

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Easy-To-Make Turkey Soup
Turkey Soup
Prep Time
15 mins
Cook Time
6 hrs
Total Time
6 hrs 15 mins
Course: Main Course
Cuisine: American
Servings: 8 people
Author: Linda Loosli
  • 3 cups cooked turkey, cut into bite-size pieces
  • 1 cup chopped celery
  • 1 cup chopped uncooked carrots
  • 1 cup chopped uncooked potatoes
  • 1 onion, chopped
  • 32 -ounces of Chicken broth
  • 1 teaspoon Sweet Basil
  • 1 teaspoon Dried Parsley
  • 2 Cloves of Garlic, optional
  • Salt and Pepper to Taste
  • 16 -ounce package of Grandma's Frozen Noodles (Separate the noodles, and add the noodles to the slow cooker, 1-2 hours before you serve the soup)
  • 1 cup Frozen peas (add 1-2 hours before serving)
  1. Grab a slow cooker and add the ingredients in the order shown above, except for Grandma's frozen noodles and the frozen peas. Turn the slow cooker to high for about 5-6 hours or until the vegetables are cooked through. Add the noodles and peas 1-2 hours before you serve the soup. Serve with crackers or homemade dinner rolls.

How do I store turkey soup?

Store the homemade turkey soup in an airtight container. It will stay good for 3 – 4 days.

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How long is raw turkey good in the refrigerator?

Poultry, as in turkey, if properly stored will be good for 1-2 days. Please store the turkey in the coldest part of your fridge.

How long is turkey good after you cook the turkey?

After you cook the turkey, it is safe to eat for 3-4 days if stored properly in your refrigerator.

Can I freeze turkey soup?

Absolutely, it tastes great after you freeze it. Please store it in an airtight container, it will stay good in the freezer for 3-4 months. When ready to eat it again, thaw the container inside your fridge.

Can I use a reduced-fat broth?

Yes, you can.

Can I add other vegetables to the soup?

Yes, you can. I have used corn, mushrooms, and green beans. Just about any vegetable will work, that’s why I love making soup.

Is it okay to sauté the vegetables before adding them to the slow cooker?

I typically sauté the various vegetables before throwing them in the soup pot. I was in a hurry this year so I didn’t. The added butter from doing that is a bonus for flavor.

What can I add to the turkey soup to give it more flavor?

I like simple recipes without a lot of extra spice, but I know my mother used to add bay leaves, dried thyme, dried oregano, and dried sage. Any of your favorite spices would work.

How can I make this soup thicker?

My favorite way to thicken my soup is by adding cream of chicken soup. Recently, a reader mentioned adding instant potatoes, why didn’t I think of that? Brilliant idea!!

Of course, you could use flour, cornstarch, lentils, or rice. Literally, just about anything will work.

What can I serve with this soup?

  • Dinner rolls
  • Tossed salad
  • Fruit Salad
  • Fresh fruit
  • Slices of cheese

Can I use a Dutch oven instead of a slow cooker?

I love Dutch ovens, you can simmer the soup on your stove instead of using a slow cooker. Either way, the soup is wonderful.

Final Word

Did you make some turkey soup this year? I love being able to grab the leftovers and make a pot of easy-to-make turkey soup, don’t you? It’s all about cooking from scratch.

Stay safe, stay well, and keep prepping. May God Bless this world, Linda

4 thoughts on “Easy-To-Make Turkey Soup

  • December 1, 2021 at 4:41 pm

    5 stars
    This is how my mom made her soup. She would put it on in the morning at low on her stove and cook it all day stirring it every couple hours.
    Now that I am married I make it like my husbands mother made it.
    A couple can’s of tomatoes blended really well (it’s almost like tomato soup)
    Carrots, Green beans, wax beans (my addition), corn either canned or frozen, broccoli, brussel sprouts , Frozen peas, cauliflower if I have it. No Celery or onion I make my own spice mix and I use that. (I will send what I use in my spice mix later). It makes a wonderful soup. I cook noodles-and or Rice separately and put what each person wants in the bottom of their bowls and add the hot soup. It makes a wonderful soup but I like making the soup like you do for coughs, colds or flu.

    • December 1, 2021 at 6:17 pm

      Hi Jackie, oh I love hearing how you make your soup! I really like how you cook the rice and noodles and have the people put what they want in their bowls and cover with the soup. Why didn’t I think of that? I LOVE it!! Linda. P.S. Thank you for the 5 stars, my sweet friend! Hugs!

  • December 4, 2021 at 4:35 pm

    I have this in my crock pot because I have been making candy all day and wanted dinner to be done without me worrying about it. Smells great!

    • December 4, 2021 at 5:00 pm

      Hi Cheryl, you’re making candy!! Oh my gosh, I love hearing this! I love it when dinner is cooking in the crock pot! Linda


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