35 Tiny Important Items Every Prepper Needs

35 Tiny Important Items Every Prepper Needs

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You never know when a disaster will hit, so it’s essential to be prepared. Even if you can’t afford to buy all the big-ticket items you wish you had, there are plenty of tiny items every prepper needs to make life easier and safer in case of an emergency. In case you missed this post, Urban Survival Class: How to Make a Bug Out Lanyard

35 Tiny Important Items Every Prepper Needs

35 Tiny Items Every Prepper Needs

Preppers know that it’s not about having a lot of things, but having the right things. And when it comes to being prepared for any situation, those little items can make all the difference. Here are 35 tiny items every prepper needs:

#1 A Good Knife

A good knife is an essential tool for any prepper. It can be used for everything from self-defense to preparing food. Look for a knife with a comfortable grip and a blade that is easy to sharpen. A Good Knife I have always said we should buy right the first time. Having a quality knife is important. You don’t want to have one that could break when any significant pressure is applied.

#2 A Water Bottle

You can never have too much water, so it’s important to have a water bottle with you at all times. Look for one that is leak-proof and made of durable materials. A Water Bottle

#3 FireStarters

Firestarters can mean something to start a fire, but they can also mean items like kindling. It would help if you had fire starters like kindling that are easy to light. FireStarters 

#4 A First Aid Kit

A first aid kit is essential for any situation. Be sure to stock it with items like bandages, gauze, and antiseptic wipes. There are lots of choices when it comes to what is important to include. Do some research and make sure it will fill the needs of your family. A First Aid Kit

#5 A Flashlight

A flashlight is a must-have item for power outages and emergencies. Look for one that is bright, durable, and easy to use. You may also want to consider getting a solar flashlight as a backup in case you run out of batteries. I have a number of solar units that I keep charged up by placing them on a windowsill that gets lots of light. I’m ready to go all the time. A Flashlight

#6 A Radio

A radio is a crucial item for staying informed during an emergency. Look for a model that can receive both AM and FM signals. A solar-powered or hand-crank radio is great because you won’t have to rely on batteries. Consider getting one that can receive weather information. A Radio

#7 Batteries

Batteries are essential for powering your flashlight, radio, and other devices. Be sure to have plenty of spare batteries on hand. You can never have enough batteries. Batteries

#8 A Multi-Tool

A multi-tool is a handy item to have for any situation. It can be used for everything from opening cans to fixing broken items. Look for one that has a variety of tools and is easy to use. We have a son-in-law who carries his wherever he goes. It has come in handy so many times! A Multi-Tool

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#9 Duct Tape

Duct tape is an essential item for any prepper. It can be used for everything from repairing leaks to securing items. In fact, there are over 25 Ways to Use Duct Tape! Duct Tape

#10 A Whistle

A whistle is a handy item to have when needing to signal for help. Look for one that is loud and easy to use. A Whistle

#11 A Map

A map is an essential item for any prepper. Be sure to have a map of your immediate area and the surrounding areas that may be impacted by fire, flood, heavy winds, etc. A Map

#12 A Compass

A compass is a handy item to have for finding your way. Learn how to use it so it comes in handy BEFORE and AFTER you get lost. Look for one that is easy to read and use. If you don’t know how to use a compass, make sure you do some research. A Compass

#13 Matches

Matches are an essential item for starting a fire that you can use to cook, provide light, keep you warm, and use as a beacon to help those sent to find and rescue you. Be sure to store them in a waterproof container. Matches

#14 A Can Opener

A can opener is an essential item for any prepper. It can be used for opening food cans and other types of containers. Can Opener

#15 A Gas Shut-off Wrench

A gas shut-off wrench is a handy item to have in case of a gas leak or if you need to shut off the gas when a fire threatens your home. It can be used to turn off the gas supply to your home. Gas Shut-off Wrench

#16 A Crowbar

A crowbar is a handy item to have for breaking into locked areas where you need access to survive. It can also be used for prying open doors and windows. Crowbar

#17 A Hammer

A hammer is a handy item to have for various tasks, such as driving nails or breaking glass. It’s also good just to have around the house. A Hammer

#18 Pliers

Pliers are a handy item to have for gripping and holding items. They can also be used for twisting and turning objects. If you can, get a set with different types so you have a pair for anything that comes your way. Pliers

#19 A Hacksaw

A hacksaw is a handy item to have for cutting through various materials, particularly metal. You may also need it to cut pieces of wood or other items. A Hacksaw

#20 Rope

A rope is a handy item to have for various tasks, such as tying down items or climbing. Be sure to choose a rope that is made of durable materials. Rope

#21 A Shovel

A shovel is a handy item to have for various tasks, such as digging holes, clearing snow, freeing a stuck vehicle, preparing a spot for shelter, and more. Look for one that is durable, lightweight, and easy to use. A Shovel

#22 A Lantern

A lantern is a handy item to have for providing light in dark areas. Look for one that is bright and easy to use. They come in a variety of styles with different power sources. Lantern

#23 A Mirror

A mirror is a handy item to have for signaling for help or checking your outward condition, like your face or head, if you’ve had an accident. It can also be used to help you start a fire. Look for one that is durable, has a protective frame, and is easy to use. A Mirror

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#24 First-aid Book

A first-aid book is a handy item to have for reference in case of an emergency. Be sure to choose a book that has practical and proven treatment ideas and is easy to understand and use. First Aid Book

#25 A Tool Kit

A tool kit is a handy item to have for various tasks, such as fixing broken items or building things. Look for a kit that has a variety of tools and is easy to use. A Tool Kit

#26 Water Purification Tablets

Water purification tablets are an essential item for any prepper. They can be used to purify water in case you are out camping and need to purify your water, have a flood and the water available is questionable, or you have some other water emergency. Water Preserver

#27 Bleach

Bleach is a handy item to have for disinfecting and cleaning. But, did you know that bleach is also good to have for purifying water? For every gallon of water you are purifying, you would add 1/8 teaspoon of bleach. Find out Everything You Need to Know About Bleach, here

#28 A Fire Extinguisher

A fire extinguisher is an essential item for any prepper. Of course, it can be used to put out fires in case of an emergency, but you need to consider the different kinds of fires that you could face in your home. It would be smart to have one that deals with chemical fires, one for electrical fires, and one for grease fires. I suggest putting one in the kitchen, the garage, and close to bedrooms in case of a house fire. They may be more important than a gun! Fire Extinguisher (Note: these are not tiny)

#29 Candles

Candles are a handy item to have for providing light in dark areas. Be sure to choose candles that are made of durable materials and burn for a long time. Be sure to use caution when putting candles to use! Candles

#30 A LifeStraw

A LifeStraw is an essential item for any prepper. It can be used to filter water in case of a water emergency. Another option is the Berkey Sport Bottle

#31 Survival Gloves

Survival gloves are a handy item to have for protecting your hands while working on tasks. Look for gloves that are made of durable materials, have the proper size for your hands, and provide the ability to grip things. Survival Gloves

#32 Tactical Boots

Tactical boots are a handy item to have for providing protection and support while walking or working. Look for boots that are made of durable materials and are comfortable to wear. Some people really like boots with a steel toe feature. Tactical Boots

#33 Solar Charger

A solar charger is a handy item to have for charging electronic devices. Look for a charger that is easy to use and compatible with your devices. You may have to get some different adaptors based on the devices you plan to plug into it. Solar Charger

#34 Ferro Rod Striker

A Ferro rod striker is a handy item to have for starting a fire. It can also be used for striking a light in the dark. Ferro Rod Striker

#35 Paracord

Paracord is a handy item to have for various tasks, such as tying down items or climbing. Be sure to choose a paracord that is made of durable materials. Paracord

More Items Every Prepper Needs:

Final Word

Preppers are always preparing for the worst, but what about the small things? In this blog post, we’ve outlined some of the tiny items that every prepper needs. From tactical boots to a fire starter, these everyday objects could save your life in an emergency. Let me know in the comments below which of these items you plan on adding to your survival kit! May God Bless this world, Linda

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  1. WOW Linda! I have almost all of these. I need some boots though. I’m so excited that I have most of these. Thank you so much for all you do to help us prepare for the worst.

    1. Hi Deborah, thank you for your kind words, my friend! I love hearing all you need are the boots. I need boots too, although I couldn’t walk very far in them!! LOL! Linda

  2. Everyone has fire starter. Go clean out your dryer lint lol.
    That’s not a bad stater list. I woulda added personal protection as in firearm because you only own what you can defend.

  3. Tweezers, paraffin , clear fishing line, quilting thread, dental floss…. scissors in multiple kinds and styles…bandage scissors, sharp scissors, kitchen and multipurpose common glues. all of these will have multiple uses.

  4. Sounds like you need to find some better advertisers, Linda. Personal protection is critical, a natural right under God, and guaranteed under the Constitution. Being uncomfortable with firearms is one thing, but demanding that you can’t even discuss the option of having them here, of all places? A person might wonder if these particular companies might be trying to get more information from this site than they have a bona fide need for. Just saying… Be safe out there.

    1. Hi Terry, I wish it was that easy. One blogger was shut down, literally. It’s sad but we depend on the money to keep our blog running which is not cheap. Great comment, Terry. Linda

  5. Well I will have to do without the dryer lint. As I said before I have a Solar Dryer aka a clothes line.
    But many of the things you listed I will have to buy for the family.
    Thanks for the list.

  6. Excellent list and I have saved it.
    When we first moved to Arizona 8 years ago, I called our gas company to ask where to find
    a shut-off wrench. I was told we aren’t allowed to shut off the gas. We need to call them and
    they will come take care of it. What if there are a thousand homes in an area that need to shut
    off their gas…might take a while! I guess they would shut of the main but I still found it to be an
    unsatisfactory answer.
    Thanks for all the wonderful information and help you give us, Linda

    1. Hi Lynn, thank you for your kind words, my friend. WOW, we were told the same thing about shutting off the gas. It’s not an everyday occurrence for sure. When Mark and I took the CERT classes they explained why we needed to know how to turn it off. BUT, not how to turn it back on. We would need the gas company to do that. We were instructed to ONLY turn off the gas if we were in a dangerous situation. I love having the tool just in case. Linda

  7. It is better to have the tool and never need it- than to have something go wrong… like an electrical issue-that could spark an explosion-and it be vital for self and loved ones. Having the ability to shut off gas can save lives and houses!
    when we moved to our present home, it had one outlet for gas, we needed to add the gas hot water, gas dryer,and stove… . we turned off gas, unhooked every pipe to meter installed every outlet, tested every connection and every shut off valve in the system- and turned it back on.
    IF you have never fitted pipes- i would not suggest it. No we did not ask permission.

    1. Hi d, I love reading your comment! I totally agree, we need the 4-in-one tool! Good job, I’m sure you saved money by doing it yourself, bravo! I love it! Linda

  8. This is a great list! For Christmas every year I give my family members (including me!) some sort of survival gear. One year it was a tool to turn off both gas and water. Another year it was first aid kits for all the cars. Last year, it was a Leatherman like multi-tool for each household. This year it is going to be a car fire extingusher and a “fix-a-flat” can.

    Some of these items will make the list for either stocking stuffers this year or gifts next year.

  9. In following your list, I checked with my son and my son in law about the multi tools. (I am always looking for gift ideas) Both have one, and my son in law used one to cut thru a barbed wire fence while chasing a burglar. My husband found a battery powered radio at a garage sale. It’s retro and looks like the back end of a 57 Chevy……so he’s happy, and I get to cross one more item off my list. As far as candles, I find jar candles are safer, which is why I have 40!! Solar charger is next on my list.
    Stay safe everyone.

  10. Every one of these items is practical, necessary & easy to obtain. There is nothing trendy or ‘cool’ or ‘in’ on the list. There is no hype, no fear-mongering. I truly appreciate the down-to-earth way you present your information.
    Thank you so much for your work –

  11. Re. matches, you can waterproof them by dipping the ends in melted wax. The wax will break off when you strike them, and underneath, the match will be dry. If you can get them, strike anywhere matches are best for this because you don’t need to worry about a striker.

    Therere some shovels out there that are sort of giant multitools. I have one that folds down into a pouch with a shoulder strap. It incorporates a shovel, hoe, saw, ax, bottle opener, and more just in the shovel part, and then each segment of the handle contains something. One has a knife that can be screwed onto the end of a segment to make a longer knife. One has a good sized ferro rod, and one is empty, but has a compass and flashlight on the end of the handle. The segments could be used to carry a lot more, like a fishing kit, first aid, water purifiers etc.

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