Silicone Bowl Covers

The Best Reusable Silicone Bowl Covers

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Have you often thought about how much we could really use some reusable silicone bowl covers? I know I have. Yes, I have plastic wrap, but it doesn’t stay as tight and secure as I would like it. Recently, I was contacted about doing a review on these awesome reusable California Houseware Silicone Bowl Covers, and I jumped on it. The company even offered two sets for two readers, what’s not to love, right?

So, I started thinking about how easy these would work on all of my bowls and they will stack neatly inside of one another. You can see through the lids which I love and they do not slip like plastic wrap.

Please remember this review is my opinion and I want you know I do not recommend something I will not use myself.

Silicone Bowl Covers

The picture below I put together for a party tonight. Look how nice the silicone bowl cover fits all the different size bowls. The large bowl is full of tortilla chips, the medium bowl has grated cheese, and the small bowl has some salsa. I’m also taking the jar to the party because I want to make sure I bring plenty of salsa.

Silicone Bowl Covers

Here’s the deal with cans of fruit, if you put plastic wrap on a bowl, it drips, these do not drip. Yay, for silicone bowl covers!

Silicone Bowl Covers

This is one of my larger bowls and it stretched really well over the diameter of it.

Silicone Bowl Covers

Mark and I are taking white chili to the party tonight along with the chips and salsa. You can see how nice the Mozzarella cheese is viewable through the cover.

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Silicone Bowl Covers

Another nice tidbit is that the small silicone bowl covers will fit on our regular mouth mason jars! Woohoo! Who loves some M & M peanuts?

Silicone Bowl Covers

I’m so excited to have a giveaway today. There will be two winners and they will each win one set of 7 pieces of these silicone bowl covers. You can buy some here on Amazon: California Houseware

Silicone Bowl Covers

I quote their website:

“✓ YOU GET – The stretching lids have enough elastic, allowing you to have a secure cover for a variety of shapes and sizes from small to extra-large for your different, even rectangular containers

❶ Special XL size 9.5” to14”
❷ 7.9” to 11”
❸ 6.5” to 9”
❹ 5.9” to 8”
❺ 4.7” to 6”
❻ 3.7” to 5”
❼ 2.8” to 4”

They’re even stackable.

These silicone lids are circular in shape but stretchy and pliable enough, seals snugly round and even odd-shaped and rectangle items.

Tips on how to use them:

1. Keep the surface dry before you put these silicone cover lids on.
2. Place half of the lid over one edge of the container. Start on the side closest to your body.
3. Stretch the other half of the lid away from you, inching your way around the bowl.
4. Stretch, then press the top of the lid while pulling the tabs to create a vacuum seal.
5. Pull the sides to ensure a perfect fit.” End of quote.

Giveaway Rules for Silicone Bowl Covers

Please leave a comment if you live in one of the 48 US Contiguous states and two winners will be chosen.

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This California Houseware Silicone Bowl Covers giveaway (value $15.35 each set) is open to any resident who is 18 years of age or older who lives in one of the 48 US Contiguous States. This giveaway starts today, Wednesday, October 31, 2018,  at 12:00 am (MDT) and ends on Wednesday, November 7th, 2018, at 5:00 pm (MDT). The winner will be notified by email and will have 24 hours to respond. If we do not hear back from the said winner in the designated time period of 24 hours we will choose another winner and they will have 24 hours to respond from the time the notification email is sent. Please check your SPAM email folders. Good luck to everyone! Let’s be prepared for the unexpected!

CONTEST IS OVER: Leanne and Janet are the winners. Please check your emails. Thanks again for entering!!!

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  1. These are so awesome, didn’t know they existed until now, would be amazing to win. Have learned much from Food Storage Moms. Thank you.

  2. Broken, plastic bowl covers are one of my many frustrations in the kitchen.

    I assume they can be purchased. Very long contest, I must admit (almost a year).

    1. Hi John, the contest is only a week, thanks for letting me know about the typo! LOL! I changed it to Nov. 7th, 2018. I had eye surgery and I tell you this is not fun trying to type with one. Thanks for your patience! Linda

  3. My husand is a saran wrap freak. This would really help me save the environment from his personal destruction!
    PS- I Love This site….Happy Halloween!

  4. I could use them. It’s such a pain fighting through all the bowls and lids. Why don’t any of the lids in the drawer fit the bowls? Are there gremlins in my kitchen?

  5. Would love to win these. I’m pretty good at keeping my bowl covers and where I can find them but everyone has containers that don’t have covers.

  6. Hi Linda, I would love to win these also! You may also want to change the entry rules a bit as you have this ending before it starts, I think the ending month should be November… thanks for all your great posts!

    1. Hi Jan, you are so nice, someone told me and I quickly changed it. I had eye surgery and it’s so hard to type with only one eye. Thank you so much for letting me know! Linda

  7. Since I never win the plastic wrap fight and it comes out all wonky I would love these covers.
    What a great invention!

  8. I commented but it hasn’t been added to the list. Where did it go?
    As I said in the first one I am a loser in the wrapping with plastic wrap
    skills. Would love a set of covers. What a wonderful invention!

    1. Hi Bebe, yes you are in, no worries, thanks for entering! I have to approve each comment because every once in a while people say things that are not acceptable for my readers to see or me for that matter. lol! All is good, Linda

  9. I have moved from plastic storage containers to glass with snap on lids (you know the kind) and I admit that the lids are kind of a pain to clean. These covers would be very helpful. Thanks for passing on the give-a-way. I knew it would be popular!

  10. Looks like a good product, I ordered a set on Amazon. They are offering a coupon giving a little over
    $2.00 off.
    When I win the free set, will give it to my kids.
    Maybe it will encourage them to start saving and eating leftovers ??? :).

    1. Hi Janet, yes they are available on Amazon. A reader even said they have a $2.00 coupon off. I had to type in California Houseware (no S). I love these! They have a 15% off coupon. Linda

  11. Happy Halloween and thank you for showing us something that is pretty unique. These would be a great earth saver as the amount of Saran Wrap and foil we use to cover our take away bowls would ring the earth.
    I would love to try these as it sounds a lot better than another lap full of jello.
    P. S. Hope the eye heals quickly

  12. I would love to have some of these! I’m so tired of the covers I have where the “elastic” gives out after the first use. Something like this would be so nice to have!

  13. These are new to me! I have been suffering through a roll of plastic wrap with a faulty tear strip. Very frustrating! These silicone covers would be awesome to win!

  14. These sound great! Saves money and reduces disposable plastic wrap useage.
    I’d like to try these!
    Thanks for your review.

  15. These would be perfect for me. I live in a rural area and hate to drive into town to shop for non reusable items. Is there a link to purchase these?

  16. Thank you for an in depth review. I am definitely interested in anything reusable and budget friendly.

  17. I am learning so much. These covers will be great for the bowls that have lost their covers or cracked/melted.

  18. I’m so glad you did this post. I’ve been seeing the silicone bowl covers and was wondering if they were any good. After seeing your post I’m convinced they are worth having in my kitchen. Thank you for the post and the giveaway!

  19. I have a small selection of glass bowls with silicone lids, but they’re all small. I’d love to use these on my larger bowls that have no lids.

  20. The small one seems ideal for covering leftover canned dog food (my dog only eats 1/2 can per day), but are they easy enough for people with arthritis, etc. to use?

  21. Hi Linda. I’ve seen these kids in green, but never white. I like the white ones better! Hope your eye heals quickly and wishing you an uneventful winter!

    1. HI Laura, yeah I would like white ones better too! Thanks for wishing my eyes heal. This has been a bit of a rough year. My other eye will be operated on Nov. 6th. I had cataracts and they put lenses in one eye and the doctor had to put two stents in each eye to relieve my Glaucoma pressure. I am seeing double so it’s really hard to type but I hope that improves. LOL! It’s hard to type with one eye. Thanks for commenting, you are so nice. Thank you, Linda

  22. Hi Linda, these would be great to have. Love reading your news letters, I think it’s the only reason I check my emails every day, lol. Thanks for all the great recipes and tips you share, I have them saved in a folder for easy access.

  23. These covers look great! Always looking for ways to keep smells inside their own bowls and am trying to get away from using so much plastic. Hope I win.

  24. These look fantastic. So much better than plastic wrap! I have been printing all of your posts, reading them & saving them for help in an emergency. Thank you so much for your knowledge & sharing it.

  25. Sounds like a wonderful invention. I want to try these and maybe purchase more sets for Christmas gifts for my daughters.

  26. What amazing timing! I ran out of plastic wrap tonight. As I was writing it on my shopping list I thought how nice it would be to have some bowl covers. I could save money on plastic wrap. I wish they made them in a rectangular shape too.

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  27. Thank you for reaching us about these handy covers. I now am sold on wanting them in my kitchen arsenal. I hope I win.

  28. I’m in my 50s and I remember my grandma used to have some bowl covers that were much like shower caps…plastic with elastic around the edge.

    These bowl covers brought back that memory for me.

  29. I have a set of these bowl covers and enjoy using them. However, I have yet to find an efficient way to store them when not in use. I’m currently keeping them nested in a plastic bag, but they stick to the bag and to each other, and when I go to grab one I have to take the entire nested arrangement out of the bag and find the one I want. Just wondering how other people deal with them.

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