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How To Use A Nebulizer When The Power Is Out

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This is a topic that really concerns me, how to use a nebulizer when the power is out. If you or someone you know has mentioned nebulizers and what will they do when they lose power, this is a very frightening thought or feeling. I was up in Salt Lake City, Utah recently, and when I’m up there I like to stop by the Goal Zero facility in Bluffdale, Utah, and visit with the staff. I like to see all the new things available, and I love their customer service and employees.

They go above and beyond to help me with my questions. I really like to know the ins and outs of how things work.  I wanted to try out my Goal Zero YETI 400 solar power source with some young girls who use a nebulizer, Jenna, and Avery who are sisters. Check out a YouTube for you as well so you can see how the solar power source works. Jenna is 11 years old and has had asthma since she was a baby. Avery is 5 years old and has asthma as well. Elaine, their mother mentioned to me how concerned she is if the power goes out, so I asked her if I could show her how to use some solar power from a Goal Zero YETI 400 with her nebulizers.

How To Use A Nebulizer

This is Jenna above with her mouthpiece attached to the nebulizer which is being powered using zero electricity, just solar power from the Goal Zero YETI 400.

I asked their mother, Elaine, to explain how a nebulizer works:

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“My girls use a nebulizer whenever their asthma flares up, or when they have any respiratory problems restricting their breathing. This could be something as simple as a mild cold, but for someone with asthma, it can quickly turn into pneumonia because their lungs just aren’t as strong and can’t clear out the obstructions. The nebulizer works by delivering liquid medication (Albuterol is what we use) in vapor form directly into their lungs and it helps open up the airways so they can cough easier and breathe more naturally. When we need it, it takes about 10 minutes to disperse the medicine and is repeated every 4 hours. We typically are doing this every 4 hours for a few days when we are doing it.”

This is Avery using her mouthpiece with the nebulizer. All solar power from the Goal Zero YETI 400! Here is the nebulizer using only solar power in action:

Nebulizer- What To Do When You Lose Power | via

If you have concerns about powering CPAPs check this out: CPAP’s and Sleep Apnea post by Food Storage Moms

Final Word

You need to keep these power sources charged all the time because then they are ready to be used when needed in a power outage. You use a nebulizer when you need it, right? So please keep them charged and purchase solar panels to recharge them when we lose power for extended periods of time. Please check your wattage because every nebulizer uses different power amounts.

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  1. Good tip Linda. I don’t know anyone who uses a nebulizer, but I know several people that use cpap machines. Do you think this would work for the full night to power a cpap machine?

    Guess what I just made? I had your chunky monkey pancakes when I got home from work. They were sooooooo good!

    Have a great day and try to stay cool. It’s supposed to be in the 90’s here, so I know it’s going to be really hot down there. Hugs, Mare

    1. Hi Mare, yes I’m sharing a post about CPAP’s tomorrow., My son-in-law slept using only the Goal Zero YETI 400 for 8-1/2 hours worth of blissful sleep! He keeps his charged all the time in case of a power outage. It is very hot here! Hugs! Linda

  2. This is an informative article. The solar yeti is over $600. I just bought an electronic nebulizer for $80 on healthy preparedness websight. I believe it’s a much more cost effective approach than the solar. Just want to let people know there are other options as well.

    1. Hi Amy, the Goal Zero Yeti is a solar generator to “power” any nebulizer or CPAP when the power is out. It is not a nebulizer. Thanks for the tip, this post is for people to be ready if the power goes out and the equipment will not work without electricity. Linda

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