using a cpap machine when there is no power

How To Use Your CPAP When The Power Is Out

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Have you wondered how to use your CPAP when the power is out? Well, I am pretty excited today to report some very positive results using the new Goal Zero YETI 400!  I was so lucky to go meet with some awesome employees at the Goal Zero headquarters located in Bluffdale, Utah. I have been very concerned for some of my friends, family members and neighbors who use a CPAP machine at night for sleep apnea issues.

How to Use Your CPAP When the Power is Out

Here’s the deal, I needed to check to see which solar powered unit from Goal Zero would work for the people that need a source of power if we lose power in our communities. I am totally excited to tell you this new Goal Zero YETI 400 works like a champ with my son-in-law’s CPAP….even if it has a humidifier. I learned that when a CPAP has a humidifier it uses more power than one without the humidifier. Here are some pictures of Nate, my son-in-law using his CPAP with a humidifier built into the machine.

I have heard from people about family members who could die without their CPAP’s if the power went out. The anxiety of someone not being able to breathe would be unbearable.

CPAP Worked With Goal Zero:

My son-in-law reported to me that it worked great for the entire night he slept, which was 8-1/2 hours, using only this solar power source! Goal Zero Yeti 400 Solar Generator Kit w/Nomad 20 Solar Panel

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His machine uses 90 watts of power. I hope this post shows the world what options they have for people with sleep apnea! Check the wattage on your machines. This is such a relief to me knowing that if Nate goes camping or his home loses power….he will be okay. If Nate is camping he will have the choice of taking his Goal Zero 27 Nomad Solar Panel, the Goal Zero Boulder 30 Solar Panels to catch the sun rays during the day, or even the Goal Zero 12V car charger and he will be good to go at night! Love it!

Alternative Power For Your CPAP Users:

Below there is a video I made showing a CPAP machine that helps people who have sleep apnea, or other lung/breathing conditions, to sleep at night. It must have electricity to run or a solar power source. I highly recommend the GOAL ZERO YETI 400. This could save my son-in-law’s life, and possibly someone you know if there is a power outage.

I have had several readers email me asking what can be used for those friends and family members who depend on a CPAP that requires electricity to breathe at night if we should lose power. Again, check out the YouTube below so you can see how easy it is to use the Goal Zero YETI 400:

Thanks so much to Goal Zero for showing me the ins and outs of powering a CPAP so I could share the information with our readers!

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  1. Thanks for the post and the video, Linda! Great information and something for me to consider getting, since both of my brothers use cpap machines. Have a great day! Hugs, Mare

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